Chapter - 56 Episode 55 of The Emperor's Return of the Clock.

Teatime at the Clock Tower

Instead of the wind mixed with salt and waves, the summer petal-colored wind, which bloomed splendidly with ripe fruits, began to get closer.

The royal family, who returned to the palace, went back to their daily lives.

The emperor had not enough to have three bodies to deal with the delayed political affairs and to examine the empress' condition every day.

"I want to use one body for political affairs, and I want to throw the Imperial Code at the heads of the people who want to do something that doesn't work, and I want to use the rest of my love."

The empress had a hard time drinking even water for a while due to severe morning sickness.

Unlike the increasingly heavy body, looking at the dry body, the emperor shook it by the collar of innocent doctors, and even at 4 a.m., when he heard that he wanted to eat something mixed with the empress' sleep talking, he would come down to the imperial kitchen and turn it upside down.

Knowing the cause of depression and heavy spirit, the empress slapped the lower abdomen, which was about to be noticeable little by little, with her fingertips so that it did not hurt as when she hit Leonhardt's hip.

While not seeing her for a while, her body and mind grew so big that the maid-in-law wept secretly as she returned.

When she first entered the palace, the lady, who was shaking and sitting still like a doll, now smiles like a white bird and goes around well, and the way she expresses her feelings has become quite natural.

The moment I saw Bailey, her face, dignity, and all behind her, and her smiling face, hugging her rich and soft fur, were now so vivid and lovely that even empty words could not be called a doll.

And above all, what happened in the sea seemed to be Elizabeth and Leonhardt, fresh lemons and half-cooked green apples between the two.

Is that so? I guess so, the ladies-in-law whispered with a pleased look at Leonhardt and Elizabeth, the spring when the last cold snap had not come, as the seasons were already running toward the middle of summer.

With everyone back in place like that, Leonhardt alone had a serious look on his face.

The first thing he did after returning to the Imperial Palace was to check the ciphers, aiming for the time zone when everyone fell asleep except for the minimum number of workers.

X-Month, the death of my mother.

Apparently that's what the code said.

But my mother did not die. Rather, I have an unscheduled younger brother.

How should I take this. Leonhardt first drew an arrow next to the sentence that his mother died and recorded that his brother was born.

Come to think of it, there was one more future that changed.

Eventually, he became a sod master.

I am proud of myself that I succeeded in awakening with the desire to protect Elizabeth's smile, but I was worried about whether I could handle this power properly.

Leonhardt, who put the ciphertext back in, went to bed and lay down.

Until yesterday, there was no sound of waves coming from outside the window, so I felt empty.

'How the hell did my mother endure this emptiness...?’

Roll this way, roll that way. Leonhardt, who had not been able to sleep for a long time and rolled around on a wide bed, eventually got up from his seat and headed to the place where he had finished grinding souvenirs he had brought from the beach.

Most of them were treasures for a child, such as shells, conch shells, and small pieces of coral, but among them, an exceptionally large conch was spotted.I brought it because I was curious about the sound of waves in the snag, is it true?

Leonhardt carefully lifted the hermit pole, closed his eyes tightly, and put his ears together.

It was an incomplete sound, perhaps because it did not completely capture the sound of waves, but the buzzing sound of the ears was not bad.

Leonhardt, who brought the horn to his bed, slowly arranged what he had to do today and brought it to his ears until he fell asleep.

The next day, Elizabeth and Leonhardt headed for the clock tower and the building of the Imperial Knights.

"I'll go to the clock tower in a little while."

Leonhardt now naturally kissed Elizabeth on the forehead and headed to the building.

He had long, well-dried seaweed on his arm.

When the maidens who recognized the value of seaweed asked if it was prepared for their mother, they had a hard time covering it up.

When I saw Albert, I tried to make a fight for it, but I was so moved by his gift that I was already moved to change the subject of loyalty to his son, not his father, that I almost got dragged away on charges of treason.

"Hmmm... hmmm, Your Highness, do you have anything to say to me?"

"Well, I think you've already said everything and delivered everything."

Albert began to grumble with a look of impatience to compete with him.

"Do you want to compete with me?"

Albert smiled and nodded up and down.

"Awakening to protect my beloved lover... I can't wait to see how it sounds to the people."

"There's a good-mouthed minstrel, so let me hear it. But if there is anyone who defames Lizzie, you may cut me on the spot with my name."

Albert looked down at Leonhardt, who had become much more mature without seeing him for a while, and headed to the parade with a look of admiration.

Knights began to gather one by one when they heard that the Crown Prince, who returned as a sod master after saying that he was going to the beach, and that the Knights of the Knights were fighting.

Leonhardt still strutted his arms to control the swaying sword.

"Your Highness, do not try to suppress it, but let it flow naturally."

Albert advised, looking at Leonhardt frowning in front of the sword.

His sword ran wild as it came from his pure desire and anger to protect Elizabeth. It seemed necessary to calm down a little to deal with aggressive swords.

"If it were as easy as you say, I would not be doing this…?”

I can't believe you let the sword slip. I'm good at talking. Leonhardt grumbled and followed Albert faithfully.

When I put the sword's tip on the floor and spilled it, my arm felt a little lighter.

"Oh, my lord! I didn't mean to turn the floor upside down!"

However, contrary to the expectation that it would be absorbed into the ground, his sword tore through the floor of the arsenal like a thousand branches.

"I don't know if I'm going to die fighting. I know how precious my life is, so I'll have to postpone it a little bit."

The knights, who were shoveling the floor of the mess, stared at Albert and Leonhardt with regret.

"Letting the sword slip away. I think it's a good word, but why don't you tell me how?”

"How do I know that? I'm not even a sod master. I was just saying.""What?"

"I'm kidding. In fact, I've been investigating how the Sword Masters trained in the past since the day I heard the report that your Highness had awakened."

"With the feeling of abandoning the desire to cut through the water and cut down the mountain, cutting the needle vertically and punching a hole in the middle of the coin… I was impressed by the phrase.”

Leonhardt groaned and rested his chin on the table.

Albert gave him a new assignment, offering him a glass of cold water.

"I'm sure it works, so I'll keep it on the record. Your Highness will have to participate in the winter preparation drill from tomorrow."

"The firewood... what? Sir, just in case, it's summer."

"I know. But, Sire, wouldn't excessive use of the sword help control the blackness because it would leave only burnt ashes, not firewood? The firewood made like that will be distributed to the people in the name of your majesty when winter comes. It's time for you to do your crown princely work."

"I'm sure you have a point… If you feel like you're passing the hassle on to me under the guise of training, is it just me?"

"For the sake of the people, for the warm winter of the people."

Albert said with his own expression, "I can't spit on my smiling face.

Leonhardt shook his head when he saw Albert and said, "I brought seaweed for nothing."

After leaving the Daeryunjang, he was headed for the clock tower.

An unscheduled brother was born. This meant that the future was now completely changing.

What if the child born was a younger brother, and lumber more suited to the throne than Leonhardt?

Stabbing the father's heart beyond the level of brothers fighting and fighting in the imperial family was just a vicious rumor and a history book for the people, but it was a completely different weight for Prince Leonhardt, who may be the party involved.

In the worst case scenario, he had to consider becoming a prince of waste.

And if that happens, what about Elizabeth? No, if I don't become an empress, I might be able to live more freely. But if the Duke of Elysium tries again....

Leonhardt's steps toward the clock tower accelerated.

Leonhardt was able to easily reach the clock tower thanks to the pre-received cooker's magical arrangement of a ship.

Then, at once, Leonhardt headed to the top of the clock tower, suddenly found Mimi's Brunne.

"What, Lizzie brought me a souvenir, but are you empty-handed?"

Mimir, who was about to start a tea time at his sudden appearance, raised his eyes like a cat and talked.

There was a box full of chocolate shaped like clams and sea horses on the table between Mimir and Elizabeth.

"Do you want a seat?"

Mimiir encouraged Leonhardt as a courtesy. But Leonhardt shook his head and headed to Mimi's Brunne's lab.

"Shall we save Leon's share?”

"I'd appreciate it. When Mimiir tries to feed him something strange, he knocks the table over, Lizzy."

"Am I crazy? You would do that to Lizzie, not to your highness?

"Mimir, that attempted assassination of the Imperial family....”

Leonhardt grinned and opened the door to Mimi's Brunne's lab.

The room where the owner of the clock tower lived was still a mess.

While the ceiling and floor were reversed and it was difficult to move, Leonhardt felt his vision circling and closed his eyes for a moment.

"What brings you here today?"

Mimi's Brune, who was relaxing reading on the ceiling, or on the floor on the ceiling, enjoying the sunshine coming through the windows of the roof, said.Leonhardt bit his lips, agonized for a while, and then sat down, noticing the presence of a chair that tapped behind his thigh.

"…Mimis Brune, if you have returned time from the distant future to the past, and the man who should not have been in the future is still alive and the man who should have been gone… Can we say that's the same future anymore?"

Mimi's Brune lifted her eyes, almost buried in white eyebrows, and stared at Leonhardt, who looked distraught.

"If I say it's not the same future, does it mean that the future I decided to go back to no longer exist?"

"…can you explain in simpler words?”

Leonhardt desperately racked his brains to understand Mimi's Brunne.

Mimi's Brune smiled and offered him a cup of tea, sweeping down his long beard.

"It's kind of a crossroads, so to speak. Depending on which side of the crossroads the wagon is bound to move, the remaining road will disappear forever, and the other road will be forgotten by those who ran in the past. It's a bit of an exaggeration, but a new landscape will take its place."

"Now I understand. That's what it was....”

"Your Highness, carefully. You have to be careful about everything. Second chances are harder to come by than first."

Mimi's Brune smiled with a loving look and turned Leonhardt's vision upside down again.