Chapter - 57 Episode 56 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

Leónhardt, who came out of Mimi's Brunne's room, was speechless for a moment at the sight of five chimes, dorandoran, and cute scenery.


Elizabeth, who was sitting opposite him, was the first to notice Leonhardt's existence and beckoned.

"A crazy cat-like witch in a blue dress, plus a white, red boy like a rabbit? Can I pick up a hat somewhere?"

Leonhardt muttered to himself and plopped down on the chair that Mimiar dropped him off at the corner of the ceiling.

Mimir introduced the boy by popping a sugar cube into the teacup.

"This is Ilysis Eldirjan von Perian. He's my student."

"Ils, your pupil?"

At Mimir's words Leonhardt was literally stunned to the point of spouting tea.

"I... see the little sun of the Empire….”

Ilysis was overwhelmed by the euphoria of Leonhardt, who suddenly abbreviated his name.

Leonhardt chose to swallow hot tea instead of spitting it out to protect the crown prince's dignity.

Elizabeth, who was looking at the ceiling of her mouth, was worried because it was hot enough to ripen, but Leonhardt tried hard to endure the hot pain and turned his head toward Ilysis.

The old naked man, who taught him how clumsy he was, shivered like a herbivore in front of a predator, but his eyes were as straight as a scale of Libra.

I wanted to hug him with joy and roll on the floor, but unfortunately, it was still a long way off for him to get that close.

Illisys alternately glanced at the table and Leonhardt, fiddling with empty teacups for no reason, as Leonhardt's eyes were so deep that it matched the words of dimness.

'Ho... did I make any mistake to your Highness...?’

Without knowing that Ilysses' heart, which had always been worried about Leonhardt and other officials because of his weak nature, Leonhardt stared at Ilysses with a long look of overwhelming emotion.

"Wait, was Ils a disciple of Mimir before?"

It wasn't memorable. But now that the future has changed completely, and given his vast knowledge and desire for knowledge, it was not unusual for Mimir to teach him.

Leonhardt felt mixed up when he saw Ilysses caught up in a future that was completely turned upside down because I was stupid.

Come to think of it, there were not a few people whose lives changed at all because of that one.

Elizabeth, her mother, and her unexpected sister..

Somehow I felt like I touched an area that I shouldn't have touched.

"What did you talk to Mimi Brunne about?”

Elizabeth, who saw Leonhardt's expression darkened, changed the subject.

"Huh? Uh... It's just that it's summer and an elderly person is saying hello to you to take care of your health.".”

"Your Highness?"

Mimiir opened her eyes round and asked back. Leonhardt was furious and raised his voice at the words, "Your Highness cannot act so mature and polite."

"Why... why do you look like that!"

"Surprised, what did I do...I just wanted to say that it was surprising that you were doing something that was not conveyed, but I sincerely apologize that it sounded unpleasant."

"A soulless apology, let alone from the bottom of your heart?"

"Oh, I got you."

Mimir spoke coyly, lowered his eyes and emptied only the teacups.

Leonhardt stared at Mimir with an absurd face and eventually shook his shoulders and sighed.

I heard a little laugh from somewhere.Leonhardt turned his head to the side without realizing it.

Unlike Elizabeth, who is now accustomed to the tit-for-tat between Mimir and Leonhardt, Illisys was rolling up like a ball and laughing with her back bent.


"Huh, I, Your Highness! I'm sorry. That's... I mean...."

"You don't have to be too formal. My dad must have called you because I and Lizzy needed a friend anyway, but it's funny to tell my friend that I'm crown prince.”

"But Your Highness....”

"Right now, the way your teacher treats his country's crown prince shows how low my prestige in this country has fallen.”

Leonhardt put on a wistful look. Mimir was abominable, saying, "Don't be fooled," but he ignored it.

Leonhardt swallowed tears of blood, feeling disappointed inside, as he watched Ilysses not arguing back.

Although he knew in advance the attitude of the Imperial Palace people toward him, the slightly, slightly exaggerated rumors of Mimir and the story told by Lady Elizabeth, the Crown Prince, who actually faced him, was a much more simple and friendly person than he thought.

Ilysses, who is still intimidated by his teacher four years older than me, envied Leonhardt and Elizabeth, who treated Mimir casually.

The fact that they were born with the stars of bad luck and that they were busy fighting just by looking at them meant that they were close to each other in a different perspective.

Leonhardt's every attitude toward Lady Elizabeth and every word he said were deeply affectionate, as I heard from my father, who had been to the welcoming ceremony instead of him, who had been to bed with a cold.

Unlike what I thought was natural because the future was promised even before I was born, the way the two looked at the other person contained much more spring-like energy than he expected.

"What have you been up to, Liz? You don't take this and that from a witch. You might turn into a rabbit.”

"I learned a long time ago that you shouldn't transform others recklessly, and you don't have to worry about that!"

"Leon, did you turn into a rabbit…?”

Anyway, there's nothing I can't say in front of that witch, Lizzie!

Leonhardt gnashed his teeth inside and tilted the kettle.

However, instead of well-done tea, only the sound of ceramics rattling to the point of embarrassment was heard in the kettle.

"Well, I'll get you a new one!"

Leonhardt, who had tilted the kettle a few more times, turned his head to the side again.

Ilysis was shivering with his head down and his arms stretched forward.

'Someone might think I'm handing you a national treasure....’

In fact, the teacup and kettle they were using were national treasure-class items, but Leonhardt casually put the kettle on the palm of the hand that Ilysis put forward.

While Ilysis was away to get a new car, Mimir leaned back his chair, supported his head with his arms, and muttered in a gentle manner.

"He's got nothing to teach me now, and he's always coming to me asking me to teach him to teach him magic."

"If it's work... you don't have magical skills, do you?

Mimir, who was flicking his chair back and forth, stopped moving and stared at Leonhardt."…how do you know that?"

Oh, my.

Where did you hear it, or how do you tell a story that you couldn't say you heard it yourself?

Leonhardt's eyes began to shake.

But Mimir continued, nodding his chair again, saying it was not a serious question.

Leonhardt sighed deeply inside once again.

"It's the first time since Lizzie hasn't had this much magical knowledge, and it's often terrifying because the desire for knowledge is no less than a touch of salt."

"Do you think it's too bad.

Mimiir nodded.

"Maybe the clock tower's record could have been broken….”

Leonhardt twitched his eyebrows as he looked at Mimiir, who valued Ilysis more than he thought.

Mimir looked at the door where Ilysses took the kettle with a sincere expression of regret.

"Oh, Ilysses, he was very smart.”

Elizabeth, who had only blinked between the subdued atmosphere, changed the subject again with a clear and high voice like a broken cherry blossom.

"What did you talk about?"

Leonhardt asked affectionately and took a piece of cake off Elizabeth's plate.

"The Story of the Wave Story.


"Mimir said that the spirits of the water jumped high and hit each other, and the debris broke into a circle and white....”

"Did you?"

"What about the moon, what about the manpower. I stuttered a little bit of a difficult story for Lizzie to know yet."

"Isn't that destroying childhood innocence?”

Leonhardt asked back in an absurd tone.

However, Elizabeth, whose innocence was destroyed, did not seem to care at all.

"Well... he's literally a genius. Ask them anything and they'll answer you like a dictionary."

"And I was just about to discuss the background of the birth of the mermaid tale, the reason it was misrepresented by region, and the old culture of the region, which can be seen from the misrepresented tales."

"The story of the mermaid… What?"

Elizabeth did not breathe and retorted at once.

Leonhardt doubted for a moment whether he had heard it correctly.

Somehow, the anxiety that it might be him who is the least intelligent person here caught me off guard.

"I've never seen such a smart man before. Mimir said it's a completely different story to simply know a lot of knowledge and to easily explain it to the other person's eye level. But Ilysses is a genius because he's good at both!"

"I heard you were talking about the little mermaid tale. Can I hear it if you don't mind?"

"Oh, yes! Of course. I mean...."

Seeing his face brighten up in front of what he likes, Leonhardt smiled, resting his chin on his back.

Unlike Mimir, who is leisurely listening to what Ilysis says like music, Elizabeth was completely absorbed in his story.

If the knowledge learned so far was only a puddle of water, the shy new friend in front of him had wide and deep knowledge like a lake.

Elizabeth was very fond of Ilysses.

Elizabeth nodded her head over his explanation, thinking that she would like Leonhardt in a different way from her feelings for Mimir.

Leonhardt stared blankly at Elizabeth, whose eyes sparkled with interest at Illisys' words.

Elizabeth, who was a little more honest about her feelings, was suddenly twinkling to the point where his heart was pounding.

"But why is Lizzie's earlobes red?"’

Leonhardt tilted his head lightly.

I didn't know if I was too focused on the story or because the room was too hot.I was able to pass it lightly, but somehow I felt like my stomach was boiling.