Chapter - 58 Episode 59 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Debut soup.

It was the day every social girl dreamed of.

The day when the pure and lovely young children who grew up in the glass greenhouse handed down by their parents come out of the greenhouse for the first time.

On that day, he had to shine more than anyone else in the world.

But as long as Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium was around, the person who would shine the most in this year's debut bath was already set.

The social circle of wives lamented the young children who were forced to give up their most glittering position due to her presence, while at the same time hoping that there might still be someone brighter than her in the greenhouse.

"Leon will definitely do Cavalier, right?”

I asked Elizabeth, who had been talking to the tailor familiarly with the dress draft, as if she suddenly remembered it.

Leonhardt nodded for granted.

"Who else did you think of besides me?"

"Um... Bailey?"

Everyone in the room turned their heads and hid their laughter at Elizabeth's rather serious answer.

Leonhardt plopped next to her and pinched Elizabeth's cheek slightly so as not to hurt.

"I'm really going to ask Bailey to dress up?"

Elizabeth imagined Bailey running excitedly through the imperial garden in her robes.

"…I think I've been wearing it for about 10 minutes?

"He's gotten a lot bigger these days. I'm telling you, in less than five minutes, they're gonna rip it off and go crazy."

Leonhardt answered leisurely and picked up one of the designs on the table.

Since she is the fiancee of the crown prince, Elizabeth had to shine more than anyone else in this year's debut bath.

'Oh, my God. And don't wait a little longer.'

As the day of the debutant approached to the theme of all the schemes for the duchess, I was at a loss for what to do with Elizabeth, who was still a child.

There is no time for a man to intervene in women's decorative stories, but if he is a fiance who will be a Cavalier escorting his fiancee, the story will change again.

Thanks to this, Leonhardt delayed all his busy schedules and was wearing robes with Elizabeth today.

"Everything you wear and wear will soon become the trend of the Empire. So it has to be something completely new that hasn't been there before."

"There's a saying that trends go round and round…?”

"…that's true."

Leonhardt glared at the design draft with a serious look.

The paper was full of a young lady smiling brightly and a dress of new designs.

Leonhardt struggled to squeeze out the remaining memories as much as possible to recall what future Elizabeth usually wore.


But all I could remember was the white dress Elizabeth was wearing the moment she drank poison and spilled blood.

Even so, the details were completely crushed, so it was more detailed to say that he was wearing white clouds.

"The first dress is not white…?”

"No, it's nothing."

Leonhardt shook his head and rummaged through the designs again.

"Since Lizzie is still young, why don't you try to make her feel younger and more innocent?"

Like a fairy.

Leonhardt murmured, shoving away design drafts with traces of trying to make her as mature as possible.

The tailor perked up his ears in case he could get a hint between the little prince and her muse's words.

"Come to think of it, Lizzie is a little out of the question… The meaning of debutant itself is a bit... It's different, so Lizzie alone... Oh, what should I say? Wouldn't it be more noticeable if you felt different by yourself?"When I was a kid, I was going through my mom's closet!

Leonhardt shook his hands in the air to express abstract images that could not be captured.

Elizabeth, of course, also the maidens, did not quite understand what he was trying to say, so they tilted their heads.

"I don't care about other people, let them say hello to their father or look at each other... Elizabeth alone has something to sparkle... Not just pretty dresses or pretty accessories... That's it! It's totally different!

"The price…feels different feeling… Do you mean...?”

Leonhardt, who jumped out of his seat in such excitement, nodded.

"Come to think of it, Elizabeth, there's a saying that your family is descended from angels. We can pursue such a different kind of dignity from human beings!"

"What do you mean by 'do'? Do you want me to wear an angel's feather on my debut bath?”

"You're not kidding me.”

"I mean it, too.”

While Elizabeth and Leonhardt were head-to-head and doing something cute with each other, the tailor was patting their foreheads like a habit and recounting the conversation they had a while ago.

'Different... of different...' Fairy... angel... Feathers…'

The tailor, who wrote all the words that came to mind on a notepad first, picked up one of the design drafts and began to redraw the image that came to his mind as a test.

"How about this, as you say?”

"In my eyes, you look like an angel or a fairy.”

"Leon, did your eyes get worse after hitting your head against the wall all the time?”

"Why are you blushing when you say that? Huh? Lizzy, you have to shine the most in the debut bath. I know because you saw her every year, but there is a saying that if she is born, she will save money for her debut bath.”

"…it doesn't suit Leon to say that."

"Hmm. Hmm. Hey. Your Highness, Lady Elizabeth?"

After coughing again and again, the tailor was able to draw attention to the two.

"As you say, Your Highness. All young children dream of shining the most beautifully in the debut bath. But this year it's already been confirmed as Lady's, so the other youngsters will somehow be more conspicuous than Lady's and try to get the second most brilliant spot."

"…what does debutant mean to them all the fuss?”

Elizabeth, who had received the design draft, was complaining about something.

Inside the paper was a lovely angel with small wings on his back and a halo made of golden chains on his head.

As if you were floating jewelry powder on water, you could make silk with dewy dew loose but natural wrinkles and put jewelry on the skirt hem to reflect the light....

While reading the tailor's memo, Leonhardt leaned back on the sofa, holding his head with his hands in satisfaction.

"Marrying a well-bred daughter into a wonderful family. It's for that."

The tailor began to say how deep and dark shadows were under the brilliant name Debut Tang.


"The young ladies are excited to see the prince, the knight, or the fateful love that they saw in their dreams....”


Leonhardt interrupted the tailor.

"…Lizzy is still young."

The tailor bowed deeply and apologized.

Wondering at the sudden sinking of the atmosphere, he turned his head around."Then I'll come back with a different design draft. Excuse me."

The tailor left the palace with the designs he had brought.

If the Crown Prince hadn't stopped him a while ago, he would have made a big mistake to his precious muse.

It was not necessary to say that it was a social debut, and that it was actually a marriage market for adults who wanted to marry their daughters to a good family and form an alliance named marriage.

Elizabeth was the biggest victim of the marriage market right now.

But now the scar is gone, and I'm glad you grew up bright and healthy enough to recognize.’

When I first met her, her legs were full of scars that made me feel sorry for the viewers, and she couldn't choose her favorite color, but now she was joking around with the crown prince without hesitation and clearly saying her likes and dislikes.

The tailor headed to his workshop, thinking that there must have been efforts by the crown prince and many others after that.


"…why did you stop talking?”

Elizabeth leaned her head on Leonhardt's shoulder and asked a question.

Leonhardt gave no answer, simply wrapping Elizabeth's long hair around her fingers and releasing it.

"Huh? Am I not supposed to know?”

"…I'll tell you when I'm a little older.”

Elizabeth raised herself with a look of anger at the unsatisfactory answer.

"How tall do you have to be?"

Leonhardt raised Elizabeth up.

Leonhardt, who had been consistently smaller than Elizabeth for years, was now grown enough for Elizabeth to raise her head slightly.

Leonhardt put his palm on the top of Elizabeth's head and moved it toward his body, keeping it as parallel as possible.

The palms reached just below Leonhardt's chin.

"What if you're as big as me?"

Elizabeth, who confirmed with her eyes how much "as much as I" was, once again puffed up her cheeks and looked unhappy.

"Play as much as you want when you're still young. Being an adult means getting used to the shadows."

"Leon, who says so, is only two years older than me."

"But he's the crown prince. You don't know what I'm doing these days, do you?

"So you're saying that the Crown Prince is already mature enough?"

"He's much older than Lady Elizabeth."

"So now you're gonna enjoy bell peppers, carrots and broccoli?”

"Why is the story suddenly mentioned?"

"I'll check it out at dinner tonight. I'm going to tell the chef, so be prepared!"


I'm going crazy.

Leonhardt scratched his head because he couldn't keep up with Elizabeth, who bounced around at a timing that he had never thought of like a rubber ball.

But she was sincere in wanting to stay as young as possible.

If she could just smile happily and happily day by day without worrying about anything, it would be good for time to stop like this.

Elizabeth, who had no way of knowing Leonhardt's heart, smiled innocently and headed to the kitchen holding the hands of the maidens.

Unexpectedly left alone with Bailey, Leonhardt sat on the floor calling Bailey.

Stroking the heavy, rich warmth in his arms, Leonhardt sighed.

I gave up on myself because I was not qualified to be loved and loved by her many times.But I was at a loss how to treat the young fiancee who said "I like you!" to her without knowing anything.

In the first place, she fell in love with the nineteen-year-old crown prince, who was friendly and sweet to her, not the rare idiot who sat in it.If she knew everything, would Elizabeth still say 'I like you!' to herself without hesitation?

I don't be. No, she was the last thing anyone else should have noticed.

Somehow it felt like his personality was separated into two, making his head more complicated.

Leonhardt buried his face over Bailey's cloudy fur and sighed again.