Chapter - 59 Episode 60 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

Elizabeth and Leonhardt were practicing dancing while the tailor moved their hands busily, the royal gardener trimmed the flowers with clean hands, and the duke cursed and cursed all kinds of imperial blasphemy.

To be precise, it was more like a scene of young lovers bawling rather than a practice.

Neither Elizabeth nor Leonhardt needed separate dance practice.

Nevertheless, the two had to borrow the narrowest hall and giggle in it, telling no one to come in - except Bailey.

"Stay still, aren't you trying to step on my foot again?"

"But it's my first time stepping on a man's step. That's mean. Why can Leon do it all at once?”

"Because I can move exactly the opposite of what I usually do…?”

"So it's such an easy thing to do, it's a real mistake! Is it work?"

Leonhardt sat down on a long sofa while walking with one foot up and checked that the back of his foot, which was stepped on for the fifth time, was safe.

"A bone that would break just by putting you on top of it would have worn away."

But there were tears in Leonhardt's eyes saying so.

Elizabeth took off her dance shoes and sat across the sofa, stretching her legs towards Leonhardt.

The feet wrapped in white socks under the hem of a light skirt were revealed. Elizabeth wiggled her toes and briefly appreciated the lattice sun hanging over her feet.

Leonhardt also stretched his long legs towards her barefoot, throwing off socks.

"It's more like a fairy queen.”

Leonhardt dropped his socks under the sofa and spat out casually.

Elizabeth smirked and poked Leonhardt on the soles of his feet for nothing.

"I don't like it, Titania and Oberon are separated.”

"I don't want to separate… What are you doing?”

Elizabeth, who turned her back from Leonhardt, glanced back and said.

"I'll go barefoot, too."

Elizabeth, who threw her white socks far away, stretched her legs again with a look of relief.

"Where did the most chaste lady in the world go that day?"

Leonhardt muttered, not hiding his absurdity.

Elisabeth, who put her feet on Leonhardt's feet, a couple of toes larger than mine, was smiling and busy wriggling her toes.


Leonhardt, who had been playing tug-of-war with each other, called Elizabeth.

Elizabeth stared at him with her usual face.

Leonhardt hesitated for a moment in front of a face full of deep affection that could proudly say, "I like him, pure, innocent, and trustworthy."

"You know... if a man has made a very, very foolish mistake and turned back time to correct it, and if he succeeds in correcting it and saves the man who died from it... Was it the person who turned back time or the person who turned back time and lived a second life?"

"…Leon, did you get sunstroke?”

Elizabeth only blinked as she pushed the soles of Leonhardt's feet.

"I just... talked to Mimi's Brunne about that recently. What if we turn back time?""I like the crown prince's dignity and dignity more than hitting his head against the wall, doesn't it?"

"…it's a little bit, to be honest."

Elizabeth giggled at the honest words of Leonhardt.

"Well... does he know that time traveler changed his fate?”

"Well, no, let me add to the premise that I don't know."

"So the time traveler was literally a waste of time?”

"Waste of time?"

Leonhardt tried to somehow move a face that was about to harden.

Fortunately Elizabeth didn't see his face distorted as he stretched his feet and bent his waist and head forward.

"If the time traveler really wanted to rectify his mistake, shouldn't he have apologized first?"

Elizabeth, who slowly rose to her feet with her cat-like flexibility, leaned back this time.

"You said you died because of yourself. Then I think we should apologize, saying that we will never do that this time, and show them how to correct their mistakes with that evidence.”

Otherwise, there's no such terrible deception.

Elizabeth rose again and shrugged, asking for consent.

Leonhardt did not answer or act until the javelin-shaped sunshine on Elizabeth's foot hung over her well-crafted claws.

Elizabeth tilted her head, but patiently waited for him to finish thinking.

"…I'd rather have my head stuck in the wall. I think that's the limit in my head."

Leonhardt smiled awkwardly and said.

Elizabeth nodded, recalling the metaphysical, philosophical, and non-magician stories that Mimis Brunne and Mimir often shared, which were difficult to understand unless they had a certain level of knowledge, and Illisys, who shared such stories casually.

Then, he reached out to Leonhardt, who was so confused that his mind was completely hardened.


"Let's dance, Leon."

Leonhardt put his hand on her hand, realizing for a moment that it was not a big feather but two small white hands.

Elizabeth attracted him with all her might. Leonhardt raised himself with strength on his waist in consideration of Elizabeth's strength, and thanks to him, the two faced each other at such a close distance that they could feel each other's breath.

It was definitely the smallest hall, but it felt wider and wider for the two than the Great Hall used for imperial banquets.

Standing barefoot on the marble floor of such a hall, Leonhardt touched Elizabeth's waist, feeling the chill of climbing on the soles of his feet to the top of his head.

"What, what are you doing?”

"My feet are freezing.”

Contrary to his blunt answer, Leonhardt put Elizabeth on the back of his feet in a light yet cautious manner, as if he had moved a flower from one vase to the other.

Elizabeth's bare feet were able to escape the chill of the marble thanks to her safe landing on Leonhardt's feet.

But her feet didn't seem to feel the chill, even if he hadn't handed the back of his shoes instead.

Elizabeth's face was so red as to that extent.

"Dance, let's dance."

Leonhardt lightly wrapped Elizabeth around her waist and held one hand under her hand.

Elizabeth nodded and held his hand lightly, unexpectedly.

Leonhardt hummed a waltz song in a low voice and stepped on Elizabeth's foot.Sunlight, who was watching the two secretly over the bars, stretched out his neck and began to appreciate their dance in earnest.

Leonhardt was a wave and Elizabeth on the top of his feet was a small white boat.

And the sea in her arms was the sweetest and softest in the world.

Is he dreaming?

The summer sun has warmed up the velvet sofa to just the right temperature for a nap.

So lying down for a while might have just fallen asleep.

And as a result, I have this dream.

Elizabeth came to her own conclusion.

But the movement that held her firmly and led her was terribly vivid.

Elizabeth looked up at the ferryman's face, who was moving around with her body in a blank face.

As if his handwriting had been transferred to the faceline, his thin, sharp face, but as you look closer, his skin was slightly tanned from practicing swordsmanship under the summer sun, and Bailey's long, light hair, and long eyelashes that seemed to go up enough.

Because his eyes were also facing Elizabeth straight down.

The violet-like eyes hidden under the eyelashes turned into amethyst-like colors in the shadows.

His eyes were full of only what they were. It meant that his vision was full of Elizabeth herself.

Somehow ashamed and shy of it, Elizabeth slipped away.


Leonhardt, who had grown by a head before she knew it, carefully called her name.

"Look at me."

That was the sweetest order in the world.

Elizabeth unconsciously turned her head again and raised her chin at him.

Every time she breathed, Leonhardt could feel a warm breeze tickling his chin.

Why did I know now, why did I only know after I lost it? Why didn't I even look at her once when she died without even closing her eyes properly?

To one future self, who has now become the past and disappeared from everyone's memory, Leonhardt uttered a curse meaning "You are an idiot who will never exist again" with all the evil in the world.


"Yes, Leon."

"Are you looking at me?”

"I'm watching."

"Full of Leon."

"Are we facing each other?”

Elizabeth slipped her weight on her heels, caught Leonhardt off guard for a moment, and came down from his feet and hugged him.

"No, we're so close that we're just looking at each other's backs.”

Leonhardt shook his head firmly at Elizabeth's answer.

"Not behind your back, Lizzy. I'm looking at you now. I'm looking at the world where you are. You're the only window and entrance to the world I see.”

Elizabeth smirked as she put her forehead to Leonhardt's chest.

It must have been sweaty to move a lady with a few coming-of-age ceremonies on her feet in a room full of summer sunshine.

Or because she's his only sun, the cliché and the truthful reason for the old novel.

Anyway, Leonhardt had a body that Elizabeth liked enough, and Elizabeth inhaled and exhaled his scent with all her might.Just like that way part of him could be hers.

When Elizabeth, who breathed deeply and exhaled three times, looked up, Leonhardt looked startled like a boy caught trying to do something bad.

"I love it. I love it. I'm so glad the door to my world is Leon."

Her silver hair became a soft blade that cut out the sunlight, turning a large piece of summer sunshine into wings.

Elizabeth, with the summer sun on her back, was smiling the same way that young Leonhardt once made me doubt my eyes.

Elizabeth carefully touched Leonhardt's face with her hands.

As if to confirm that his face belongs to a living person, not a sculpture.

Then he stepped up with his feet bent to the max.

It was a fruit-like moment that was not ripe enough to be a kiss, and too ripe to be a light kiss.