Chapter - 60 Episode 61 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

"So if you do this….”

Elizabeth, who sat next to her, sat with sparkling eyes on her studies as usual, not missing a joke if her teacher said so.

If you turn your head and look at the other side, there was Ilysis who was concentrating as if he was learning for the first time, even though he already knew it.

"Your Highness, Your Royal Highness?"

The teacher stopped talking and the two began to stare at his face, but Leonhardt did not notice at all.

"Your Highness, the answer lies not in the face of Lady Elizabeth, but in the problem."

Chuck Leonhardt turned his head to focus on the book belatedly.

But already the teacher was replacing the rebuke with a gentle smile.

"It's hot. Shall we call it a day?”

Leonhardt swept his chest with a look of life at his words.

"Leon, why can't you concentrate on class these days?"

Should I honestly say that I couldn't take my eyes off him because he was so cute and adorable when I was concentrating on him?

"Go and review it."

Leonhardt was about to carry out the plan when she said, pushing his chest.

He held her textbook for her and took a peek at her luck.

"Are you going to help me?”

Elizabeth twirled in place half a turn, agonized for a moment, and nodded gladly.

But from today, it seems that Ilysses, not Elizabeth, will be in charge of reviewing Leonhardt.

"Lady Elizabeth, the Empress is looking for you."

"The Empress?”

Elizabeth tilted her head sideways. He soon recalled his promise to the empress and turned toward Leonhardt with a sorry look on his face.

"I'm sorry, Leon. I decided to learn painting from the Empress from today."

Leonhardt shrugged, "Then I can't help it."

"Instead, you have to learn hard and draw me later?”

Elizabeth nodded lightly and followed the maid out of the Imperial Palace with a smile.

Leonhardt glanced to the side by side.

I didn't have to review it, I just wanted to be with Elizabeth.

At the moment of eye contact, a timid student, who flinched his shoulders again and stared at the floor, guided him in a trembling voice.

'Shall we take this opportunity to get a little closer to this guy?’

As soon as Leonhardt sat down, recalling the future Illisys, who turned the crisis into an opportunity, he suddenly asked Illisys about the current domestic and international situation and the solutions that followed.

Illisys, who was about to open his textbook, hardened like a stone to Leonhardt's question.

Leonhardt offered him a 'play with the emperor and the bookmaker' with a playful smile.

Meanwhile, the building that greeted Elizabeth at the palace was the empress in an apron stained with paint.

Starting with sharpening and holding pencils, Elizabeth was just learning to express light and shadow.

Elizabeth, who is calm and cautious, was absorbed in drawing a line several times.

It took about an hour for the empress to smile as she looked at the finished work.

No matter how worried the line might be drawn straight, the empress patted her chin, evaluating the results that looked like white paper if she did not look closely.

Careful, careful, calm, calm. I think it would be perfect if you could act a little bolder.

Elizabeth desperately had to hold back her laughter as she saw the empress whose chin turned dark like a man who had not shaved his beard due to the charcoal she had held in her hand a while ago.The empress quickly recognized Elizabeth's reason for laughing and poked her in the cheek with her hand.

Then there was a black petal mark on her white cheeks.

The Empress smiled face to face with Elizabeth.

At first, it took a long time to draw a line, but as she began to move her hands confidently little by little, the empress brought a green apple.

The empress smiled at the fresh scent that crept across the tip of her nose and put the apple down by the window that shone well.

"Can you draw that apple?”

Elizabeth was embarrassed.

Unlike the round gypsum ball that was completed a while ago, the apple was bumpy and the tip was even stuck in.

"If you look closely, that's one of the balls. Roundest, brightest part, next to the darkest side of the shadow. Can you see it?"

Elizabeth nodded her head. And calmly observed the apple with the empress' explanation.

The summer sun was exceptionally fast to move.

It was not until the direction of the light shining on the green apple changed that the Empress stopped Elizabeth's hand.

Elizabeth returned with a basket of green apples in her arms, complimenting her that it wasn't bad for her first painting.

Bailey briefly shows interest in the fresh and refreshing smell of Elizabeth. Tired of the heat, I drooped over the cool marble floor.

Feeling sorry for her, Elizabeth thought about going to the clock tower for a while and asking for ice the size of Bailey.

Suddenly, Elizabeth left the room with an apple basket with a curious face, thinking that the prince's residence was particularly noisy.


"At a time like this, such a decision is reckless. Are you going to ignore the will of the people?"

"But if we don't do this, the damage to the empire will surely be severe! Evaluation is for future historians, not the people of the present age."

"And it's the people of this time who are so angry that they're heading for the palace with torches. Uh, Lizzie, when did you get here?

Elizabeth opened her mouth slightly and blinked.

That's what happened to Leon, who was always so sweet and gentle in front of her, who seemed to be the best tyrant in the world if she wanted to.

Until a while ago, I wondered if Leonhardt was the one who flashed his eyes like a real emperor and didn't bend his claim.

"Lady Elizabeth! Well, if you'll excuse me, Your Majesty the Crown Prince."

"Oh, Ilysses. Take this one. It's a green apple from the Empress, and it smells pretty good, right?"

Ilysses, who had insisted on raising the blood around her neck that she should collect more taxes and budget again, looked at Elizabeth and the blue apple in her hands alternately.

Returning as a shy and careful rabbit as usual, he left the room with the apple she gave him in his arms as if it were a golden apple from a goddess.

"What is the subject of such a heated discussion?"

Elizabeth glanced lightly at her, slapping her thick hand on the back of an apple in the basket.

"Uh... just didn't say much."

"I heard you discussing my room. Eat this, not that. This is better cooked."

Elizabeth took out the prettiest, shiny apple hidden in the basket.

Leonhardt, with an exaggerated face and a moving look, borrowed a handkerchief from Elizabeth.


With a shout of shouts, Leonhardt split the apple in two and stuck one side out to Elizabeth with a proud face.Elizabeth sat face to face, blinking at his incomprehensible behavior, biting an apple.

"Wow, Leon, that's great! Strong! I didn't expect this kind of compliment..’

That expression is too much. Leonhardt had his way and mumbled an apology.

The green apple, made by finely wrapping the early summer sunshine with blue leaves, tasted as crisp and refreshing as the summer sky.

"In the old days... I think there was a princess who died after eating the wrong apple."



Leonhardt grinned as he imagined Elizabeth sleeping in a glass tube and myself waking her up.

"There's a tailor coming over for my debut tante dress in the evening.


"If you'll let me, I heard you'd like to rework the imperial jewelry….”

"An old gem could do it. I'll tell you."


"Really, Lizzie, do you think blue jewelry suits you?”

Leonhardt said, thumbing through the apple juice flowing around Elizabeth's mouth.

Elizabeth stopped breathing for a moment as his face got closer at an unexpected moment.

Leonhardt licked his fingertips with a casual expression, or as languid and relaxed as a god who controls the richest and richest land in the world.

Unlike her slightly lowered eyes, her arrogant and arrogant eyes were staring straight at Elizabeth.

In front of her eyes, Elizabeth lost all her words and only breathed.

Leonhardt smiled inwardly as he saw Elizabeth, a naive and innocent man who was helplessly overcome by such blatant provocation.

The thin apple juice on the tips of her fingers resembled her lips on the day we danced together in a hall with no one.

For autumn to come, there still have to be more than two full moons.

The apples in the basket were still green, but Elizabeth's cheeks were already in early autumn.

"Well, Leon?"

Breaking the silence, Elizabeth opened her mouth carefully.

Leonhardt made eye contact with her as if to speak.

"I think of that day several times a day."

That day? If you're talking about the day we danced together, you could say so too.

"And every time, my face burns and I laugh so hard that I can't stand still.”

"Still... it's only natural that you like it, right?"

Elizabeth spoke as if seeking consent.

It was obvious why he asked for something that was so natural.

Leonhardt pretended to be troubled with a serious look on his face, and examined Elizabeth's countenance.

You can just ask me to say you like it.

Elizabeth, who fell in love with someone in earnest, was busy floundering like a child swimming for the first time, and could not even say such words.

"Huh? Is that so?"


There was a sign of uneasiness on Elizabeth's face.

Leonhardt poked Elizabeth and her forehead together, trying to tease her a little more.

"How do you feel, now?"

Elizabeth was all mouth and no mouth.

Is it still like that? Not at all.

With a completely different feeling, palpitations, burning, shy, and...

Leonhardt smiled lightly.

"When you think of someone you like, it's only natural to laugh first. Why would I smile every time I see you?”

Elizabeth, who was about to cry, pushed Leonhardt's chest back. Leonhardt laughed out loud what was so funny.