Chapter - 61 Episode 62 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

Bang, ta-ang, ta-ang.

Silver bullets passed through a long way off the target.

Elizabeth, wearing high-length, silvery waterfall hair and pants, had a completely different atmosphere.

Watching her from afar, Leonhardt felt his heart pounding at Elizabeth's first sight.

"Come to think of it, you're learning how to shoot from your mother, right?"

"Yes. I'm still not good at it. I want to protect myself and someone someday.”

"Am I excluded as a sod master?”

Even with a small joke, Elizabeth waved her hands, saying, "I didn't do not know what to do.

It was a white, small hand that suited a book rather than a weapon and a feather rather than a book.

"Wasn't the gun scary when you first handled it?”

Elizabeth shook her head slowly.

The first gun I encountered was a black, heavy, and metal-smelling fellow.

The first thing the empress taught me was a mindset not to be afraid of such black metal.

Gun-fearing users can never use a gun to save anyone.

Elizabeth tilted her head at her mysterious words, but only remembered that she had to be careful and careful when handling guns.

Elizabeth, with her safety off and her gun pointed in front of the target, was shivering.

The empress clicked her tongue at the sight.

"Don't be afraid of guns. What you're shooting should be a saving gun, not a killing gun.”

"Ha, but... It's heavier than I thought, and....”

"If I do something wrong, I could die here."

"The Empress!"

Elizabeth was so surprised that she almost dropped the gun from her hand.

But the empress, with a determined expression, ordered Elizabeth to hold the gun again.

"You're standing here so that it doesn't happen, right? So be confident. I'm the only one you can trust when you shoot."

Elizabeth nodded and grabbed the gun again. And pulled the trigger.


Thanks to the empress' demonstration first, I was surprised by the sound of the gun and avoided the ugly look of sitting back.

But actually facing the smoke that was rising from my fingertips, Elizabeth desperately had to endure the exhaustion of her knees.

Getting used to guns was harder and scarier than I had planned.

Today was the day Leonhardt came to see the achievements in person.

I want to hit the target right in the middle and brag triumphantly, but for a while, her bullet was way out of the target and only penetrated the wrong place.

Eventually, the worse Leonhardt came down to the shooting range.


"Leon, it's dangerous, so if you don't come here... It works…."

"Don't worry about me, just do as usual. Aren't you too nervous?"

"I'm not nervous! It's just that I can't read the wind."

"I saw the tip of the gun shaking.”

"…I hope you have good eyesight!"

'Come on, excuse me for a second.'

Leonhardt asked for Elizabeth's understanding and suddenly stood behind her and stretched his arms forward.

"Hold the gun."

Now? Like this?

Leonhardt's strong and wide chest was close to his back.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth, who was too eager to hide her pounding heart, could not afford to hold a gun.

"Don't mind me. Come on, get in position, will ya?"

Unlike her, who was so nervous, Leonhardt sounded as calm and friendly as ever.Elizabeth took her breath slowly, as he said.

Leonhardt breathed together to the sound of her breathing.

Is it because of lack of muscle strength? Her gun was still shaking.

Carefully, Leonhardt's hand over her.

Two fingers were then hung over the trigger.

The trembling gun was aimed at the center of the target as if it had been fixed in the air.

"On the count of three, one. Two...."


Leonhardt did not pull the trigger.

Leonhardt, who supported Elizabeth, who was pushed back slightly due to a rebound, smiled as he saw traces of her passing through the middle of the target.

"You shot it, Lizzy."

"Aren't we gonna shoot together?”

"What are you talking about? I just helped you just before you pulled the trigger.”

You aimed, you pulled the trigger, I just helped you a little to judge and make decisions.

Elizabeth looked back at Leonhardt with a slightly moved look.

"You said I was a lighthouse, didn't you?"

"It was... it was."

"I'm just showing you the way to go. It's entirely up to Lizzie to decide where to drive the ship."

Leonhardt kissed Elizabeth lightly on the top of her head and backed away.

"Let's shoot again."

Elizabeth nodded and grabbed the gun again.

Slowly catch your breath, focus on the target, bang!

Although not exactly in the middle, it hit within a round target.

Elizabeth was the first to put her gun down, turn back, and jump in place.

Leonhardt smiled brightly at Elizabeth, saying he knew it would happen.


After the shooting practice, a debut tant dress Gabon was scheduled.

The tailor was torn between a fairy and an angel, which theme to grab.

Will both sets be designed with one theme, but both were too attractive to give up either.

"You said you wanted to refurbish the Imperial Jewelry, didn't you? My mother and father agreed. It's better for jewelry to wear it at the hem of a dress or to make a new necklace than to sleep on a cushion."

The tailor, who was carefully checking the jewels given by the royal court, bit his tongue inside.

The tailor who found a palm-sized blue diamond in the box wanted to stop crying.

"You've trusted me and I'll pay you back with the results that suit you."

Elizabeth seemed already looking forward to what those jewels would look like.

You look like a pure fairy....

The tailor agonized over the sketchbook.

When you first appear, wouldn't angels be more formal than fairies? Now her muse is not just a child.

But it was after deciding in my mind that the opening dance is definitely an angel.

Fairy, lord of fairies, master of the forest.

The self-indulgent nature itself, in which flowers bloom every step, ride a white stag without a saddle, become a newly sprout of the largest tree if desired, or gently embrace a solid rock and become running water.

The tailor closed his eyes and briefly used his imagination.

A layer of white orgundy on top of the blue orgundy, a slightly visible ankle, high-heeled shoes proving that he is no longer a child....

Will she try to wear high-heeled shoes?

Suddenly the tailor noticed the most important thing and asked Elizabeth carefully."Lady Elizabeth, in her debut bath… Everyone will wear high-heeled shoes. Especially during dance time. Lady too... Hmm…."

Elizabeth knew what the tailor was trying to say, and nodded gladly after realizing how considerate she had been.

Leonhardt was more surprised than the tailor.

Even now, what Elizabeth is wearing was Mary Jane with low heels.

And you're gonna wear that horrible weapon thing again?

"Lizzy, are you sure you're okay?"

Elizabeth nodded again, looking down at her feet.

"I have to shine more than anyone else in the debut tent. It's my duty to do that as long as I'm Leon's fiancee."

"You don't have to push yourself. Who said that? It's a duty."

"I've decided.”


"If I were to stand there in a child-like comfort zone, what would people see? If I'm the only one who thinks I'm immature and lacking, I'll wear comfortable shoes as Leon and the tailor worry. But…."

"I don't forgive you for making fun of your mouth."

"There's that, but what I'm trying to say is that it's not polite to the young kids who will dress up as hard as they can for their once-in-a-lifetime debutante.”

"Why do you care about girls like that?"

"I'm Leon's fiancée, and I'm going to be the crown prince, and I'm going to be the empress. Then, of course, we should lead the society as the Empress does now. It's not good to be a hateful boy, is it?”

I can't live.

Leonhardt had a long conflict between when Elizabeth became so thoughtful and what he wanted to say, "Please take care of yourself first."

"…Lady Elizabeth, are you sure you don't mind?"

"My body will remember how to walk in high heels.”

The tailor nodded with a determined look.

What happened there when you said you went to the sea, so did the muse in front of you become a ship that didn't fear the waves and tried to cross him?

Wait, wave?

The tailor wrote high shoes and waves on the sketchbook and even drew stars along with circles.

"Lady Elizabeth, do you remember the sea and the sky in the eyes of Young-Ae's eyes?"


The tailor recalled a fairy of waves running barefoot over the sea.

The clear water became the lightest and coldest shoes in the world and wrapped her feet.

The fairy, wrapped in blue waves, danced with the waves without caring that all the white underskirts were revealed, and the fairy with Elizabeth's face was wearing the crown of the monarch who controlled all the water.

If the blue dress worn at the welcoming ceremony was a blue flower growing on the ground, the dress of Debutant would be the water itself that starts to rise from the small spring in the deep mountains and flows into the sea.

When you slap a puddle barefoot, the shoes that look like water splashing are made of glass or crystal and cast a spell.

The glittering powder left after trimming the jewelry will stick to the hem of the dress and sparkle like a horizon in the noon sun.

The tailor's voice grew louder and louder, saying that making a net like a net of thin gold and silver chains and attaching blue jewelry trimmed into tears would create an effect of water droplets on silver hair.

Leonhardt was so excited that he stepped down between Elizabeth and the two women who were wondering if this would be good or that would be good, and sat back on the sofa with a drowsy look.In the past few days, the emperor has been advising him on simple state affairs as if it were a test.

How can I prove that I am still inexperienced but not lacking as an emperor. Leonhardt grumbled to himself, "It is not easy to beat around the bush and pretend not to know the answer."

I was tired, but as soon as I saw Elizabeth's bright smile on her face, my fatigue disappeared and I was motivated to become a great emperor as soon as possible.

Maybe you're my lighthouse, Lizzie.’

Leonhardt thought so and buried himself deeper into the sofa.