Chapter - 62 Episode 63 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Dark clouds calling for flowers

What about Elizabeth?

Leonhardt frowned when he couldn't see Elizabeth, who had always been there before him when he finished his sword training.

It's already been a few days.

At first, I just guessed that there would be something else, so I couldn't come because I had a lot to prepare for the debut tang.

But when she was not seen for nearly a week, Leonhardt as well as the Knights were beginning to wonder.

"Did you two have a fight?”

Leonhardt shook his head at the words of the Knights.

I was scolded for not paying attention to class the day before yesterday.

Is there a big difference between people watching and not watching?

Leonhardt was grumbling and brandishing his sword in the air, failing to control his sword and only splitting the ground apart again.

"…I'm sorry."

It was ultimately up to the knights to restore the cracked floor to its original state.

Albert sent him out of the yard in a gentle but determined manner so that the knights would no longer shovel.

Leonhardt wandered all over the castle with a shy look on his face and began to look for Elizabeth himself.

Come to think of it, it's been quite a while since I've been alone like this.

Elizabeth was always by his side.

It had become a natural routine for the two to be together until they realized they were apart.

Leonhardt, who was walking alone in the Imperial Palace Garden for the first time in a while, realized that the summer sun, which was just running toward 3 p.m., was not suitable for a walk and headed to the shady building.

"So this part....”

It was a voice full of confidence.

A smile spread over Leonhardt's face, who immediately recognized the owner of the voice.

I came into any building that I could see, and it seemed to be a library.

It's not just a library, it's a library with Illisys.

"Ilce, are you in there?”


"Your Royal Highness!"

As I pushed the door of the study lightly with both hands, Ilysis, holding a chalk and a long stick, greeted me first with a rabbit-like look in front of the blackboard.


Why are you here?

It was the fiancee of the crown prince, not the wizard of the clock tower, who was listening to Illisys lecture.

Relaxing Illisys, who began to panic, Leonhardt quickly sat down on a chair.

Judging from what was written on the blackboard, it seems that Elizabeth was explaining the difficulties again yesterday.

Ilysses became as dazed as a salt pillar as his unexpected appearance.

Elizabeth was fiddling with a pen with an awkward face.

'What's this? It's like I ruined the atmosphere that I liked?’

Leonhardt, likewise, smiled awkwardly and looked at only the two alternately.

"Ga... your voice was nice to hear, but you didn't go on."

At the end of Leonhardt, Ilysis resumed his lecture.

"I mean... This is the case. No, in case....”

God, Leonhardt clicked his tongue inside.

What happened to the bookkeeper, who, if necessary, retorted the most twisted and sharp twisted vitriol in the world?

Ilysis continued to explain with a cold sweat that made viewers feel sorry for him.

"If you do that, the result is… Huh?"

"Ilysses, I think that's the wrong number….”

"Oh, my God! I'm sorry, Lady Elizabeth, Your Royal Highness! For daring to invite Lady's teacher with such poor skill....”

"Never mind, keep going."

But Ilysses' voice was creeping away.Eventually, the worse Leonhardt stopped his lecture with a cough.

"Ilce, I'm a nobody and you can go on."

"But Your Highness....”

"Leon is right. Leon doesn't understand anyway, does he?”


Leonhardt exchanged glances with the troubled Chuck Ilysses.

The blackboard-filled formula was already known.

He was conflicted when he saw Illisys standing there with a look that he wanted to hand over the chalk to Leonhardt right away if he could.

If you show Elizabeth your skills here, will you be able to appeal more?

Leonhardt, who was thinking about it, suddenly asked himself, "Why should I be liked by Elizabeth?"

It was more like, 'Do I deserve Elizabeth?' but anyway.

He tried to get up from his seat and sat back on his chair.

"Well... then... again... Let's... proceed....”

I think it's going to explode if someone touches it, what should I do?

Leonhardt sighed inwardly and leaned his chin against the desk.

Unlike Elizabeth, an exemplary student, Ilysses felt his eyes twirling in front of the prince with a sample attitude of a rogue student.

It was good that Lady Elizabeth came to the Imperial Palace Library when she was asked to help her review, saying it was time for Her Majesty's sword training.

She was a great student, and in front of the students who followed her as she taught, Ilysis began to explain the formula with little confidence.

So for the first time in a while, I was absorbed in the joy of teaching others something, and he appeared.

Unlike being scolded for always looking at Elizabeth's face in class, the real Leonhardt was wise and knowledgeable enough to discuss politics with him.

Such a person has just finished sword training and appeared in a completely different outfit than usual.

Unlike himself, the Crown Prince's arms, which sweeps back his sweaty hair stuck to his forehead, were tightly woven with muscles that were quite distinctly shaped.

A thin, slender arm that only carries three books, and a strong arm that seems to handle a heavy sword as lightly as a quill pen.

Illisys looked at his arm pretending to shake off the chalk powder from his sleeve out of envy.

Leonhardt, who quickly took up his seat without asking for an understanding, ordered Illisys to finish what he was doing with a wink.

Ilysis explained the formula that was used to hold the chalk again.

No, I was going to.

However, the explanation that had been flowing out until a while ago stopped.

Is this what it feels like to have a blank mind?

Growing up listening to only prodigies, gifted children, and geniuses, Ilysses felt nervous for the first time in front of a thin gaze staring at him.

As I was nervous, my voice naturally became smaller and smaller, and I could only complete the fine sentence after stuttering a few times.

Even a simple number mistake was not noticed until Lady Elizabeth told me.

Illisys stared at the blackboard with a desire to stop crying and eventually let go of the chalk with a long sigh.


"I'm sorry, Your Highness. Wait a minute... Is it okay if I take a break for a while?"

"You have to get permission from Lizzie, not me. Lizzy, are you okay?"

"I don't care… Shall we eat something cold?"

"That would be great. Ils, don't be so nervous. I assure you that you....”Illisys' red eyes stared at Leonhardt.

The relaxed red eyes were drooping weakly.

"Because you will be the greatest master of history."

I wondered for a moment if it was okay to talk about the future in this way.

Still, he said, "I'm sure" to restore his friend's confidence.

It's not a definite future, it's a sentence that assumes that it's possible, so it shouldn't be a big deal.

Convincing himself, Leonhardt ordered the maid in charge of the library to bring cold snacks.

Illisys was bowing her head down ahead of a bowl of shaved ice decorated with freshly picked mint and plenty of fruit syrup on top of finely ground ice.

I hope you're disappointed. I can't explain anything like this properly....’

Leonhardt sighed again inside, looking at Illisys, who looked only at the ground without knowing that the ice melted into water.

Elizabeth looked at the two and pretended to have a headache from eating something cold.

Elizabeth, who was not aware that Leonhardt was only friendly and gentle to her and showed some dignity as a crown prince to others, blamed Leonhardt for interrupting the pleasant review time.

Illisys, a spoonful of half-melted ice water, controlled her complex mind and vowed to teach Elizabeth again with confidence this time.

"Then I'll start over."

Ilysis blinked several times and focused on Elizabeth, keeping his eyes peeled as far as possible.

Leonhardt felt disappointed by the sight of his close friend, while he began to think about how a rabbit-like friend in front of that lion would treat him without any hesitation.

'I'm sure we got close because we had a chance... Did you grab him by the collar or something?’

However, memories that had already disappeared could not come to mind now.

If you don't have a chance, you can make it.

Leonhardt began to plan with his eyes fixed on Illisys.

Anyway, his intelligence was vital to the revival of the empire, and there was no reason to be bad friends with such intelligence.

'If you say you're close for this snobbery reason, I don't like it..’

Leonhardt fell into a sense of shame by tapping his forehead with his fingertips.

Ilysis held back tears and continued to explain silently when the crown prince stared at him as if he were still staring at him.

If someone who knew the situation saw it, it was a scene where he wanted to give a round of applause.

Without knowing how to begin and finish explaining, Elizabeth finished reviewing.

Ilysis was exhausted and managed to move his body to sit down.

And then he fell down on the desk, flapping.

Leonhardt freaked out and looked for a fever on his forehead - a ball of fire - and carried him around and started running down the hall with Elizabeth.

Leonhardt was able to leave the hospital room only after hearing that he was exhausted for a while and that it was not another disease.

"IlS... must be very nervous."

Because of me, Elizabeth glanced up at Leonhardt, who was full of remorse, and cautiously agreed.

"Will Ils be uncomfortable when I'm around?”


Elizabeth was reticent, unable to say so openly.

The atmosphere, which was comfortable and pleasant until he came, was ruined like a flower garden ruined by the storm with his appearance.Leonhardt, who read the answer in Elizabeth's silence, could not sleep until late that night and tossed his blanket around.

It was uncomfortable every time I lay down as if a small bean was in the bed sheet.