Chapter - 63 Episode 64 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

If men in the world are largely divided into carnivores, herbivores, and garbage, Illisys was a rabbit that suited eating freshly sprouted rabbit grass or metallurgy.

Contrary to public concerns that he would become a man after seeing him without knowing how to hold a sword, Ilysis literally became a rising star in academia at the age of 10 with a pen point sharper than a sword.

He had a lot of options. Every high-end education institution in the empire was anxiously awaiting his visit.

The love call to come as a student because it would exempt him from tuition fees had turned into a formal professor's invitation proposal as he grew older and more prominent as a genius.

But rejecting all the offers, he headed for the palace.

The only book he could not read, which is the English name of the Marquis Perian, was sealed in the Imperial Palace's prohibited library.

The news of saving the prince and his fiancee's companion had come into the ear of Marquis Ferrian.

"But don't even think about it because you are weak and still have a lot of room to be friends with the Crown Prince.’

At that moment, Ilysses immediately ran to his room and took an old letter that he had kept separately from a pile of letters in front of his name.

The sender is Mimi's Brunne, the wise man of the clock tower. The recipient is Illisys.

Marquis Ferrian lamented, "When did you get this?"

However, she was relieved that she could no longer handle her son's overflowing academic enthusiasm.

Then Illisys Eldirjan von Perian headed for the palace.

The first place he ran to was the clock tower.

The clock tower, which he had visited recklessly, stood like a sundial on an island floating in the middle of the lake, thinking that he could finally see the wisest and knowledgeable teacher outside the book.

What kind of magical device is there? Or is it also a question of testing the challenger's knowledge?

Looking around the lake for a long time, he thought about it, but in the end, his conclusion was, "It's not just a normal, magical device, and a tool to test knowledge, but a very ordinary lake that requires a ship to go to the clock tower."

Then I have to get a boat now, where can I get a boat?

Illisys, who had no idea that ordinary people had to go through the procedures again in advance to enter the clock tower, stamped his feet in place with a thick book full of questions to his teacher.

Then, I heard a voice like a silver bell behind my back.

Ilysis, a terrible atheist from that day on, decided to admit a little of the existence of God.

Otherwise, there was no way to explain the shining wings behind the back of the girl who sent him to the clock tower that day and immediately to the room of Mimi's only granddaughter, Mimi's Brunne.

Of course, it is most likely that the snow was mistaken, that the white halo stretched out her arms behind her back, or that the gentle words of sending her to the clock tower seemed that way in conjunction with the embarrassment she was in.

However, he was also a boy, even though his nickname was a joke that he would defeat the devil with his unique sharp technique if he could hold a pen and paper instead of a sword.Ilysis secretly called her an angel for a while after learning that she was the crown prince's fiancee.

Elizabeth was a smart student.

If there is something you don't know, the courage not to hesitate to ask and the tenacity to persistently stick to it until it turns into mine if you don't understand it resembles yourself, who was buried in a book and resting while solving simple equations.

To be honest, Ilysses had a subtle affinity for her sweet first impression and the burning enthusiasm of Elizabeth.

But she was a precious person who should not dare to covet. If you behave recklessly to Lady, who has already had an engagement ceremony, not only his honor but also Elizabeth's honor will be tainted.

The moment Ilysis formally faced her, she had already anticipated how to treat her and everything that could happen and had come to a conclusion accordingly.

However, this was an event that he did not expect at all.

"Well, Ilysses? If you don't mind... Could you spare some time?”

Ilysis doubted his ears.

What if no one ever doubted the crown prince and Lady Elizabeth?

"What... what's wrong with you??”

Are you crazy, Ilysses? What you have to do now is to repeat that you are in trouble and meet with a witness who can prove each other's innocence in a place where you can establish an alibi!’

However, someone was enticing in his mind, saying that it would be okay to continue the story under the pretext of not being able to properly thank him or her for the kindness of the day.

"I don't understand this at all… Leon said that. I'll teach you if it's Ilysses. I can't...?”

Your Highness the Crown Prince? What about the others and why me? Ilysses only blinks red eyes.

Elizabeth's part was definitely about her expression that she didn't understand even after repeated questions throughout the class.

"…The reason why Ilysses is a genius is not just because he makes difficult knowledge his own, but because he can explain it in simple words that anyone can understand." Ilysses, can I ask you a favor?”

"Of course!"

You're so crazy! Ilysses bit his tongue inside.

However, when she saw her tiny face full of worries and smiled like a flower in an instant, such worries disappeared as if she had erased them with an eraser.

And from that day on, Ilysses and Elizabeth began special supplementary classes separately after class after class.

Ilysis was talented in teaching, Elizabeth was talented in learning.

Since they cannot take up the time of the crown prince, their own supplementary classes took place at the library closest to the Imperial Knight's Training Center, during Leonhardt's swordsmanship training.

Elizabeth rose from her seat at a certain time with a look of regret, regret, and regret.

Ilysis let her go with a shrug, and she had to wipe the blackboard and erase Elizabeth's face, who had only been looking at her with a flushed face throughout the class.


"Do you have a crush these days?”

"Yes, yes?"

"You're crazy."


Mimiir stopped waving her magic pot and stared at Ilysses with a reproachful look.

Illisys, who had a guilty bone in his body, had to shut his mouth in front of that look, or confide in everything.Mimiir's appreciation of him was simple.

"Congratulations, you're an emotional wizard.”

"You don't have to beat around the bush saying I'm crazy….”

"But it's true, isn't it? If you say that your heart was pounding at the sight of the royal maid on the way, I will cheer for you. And who's that guy?


"I know, I know. I'm sure you've done everything you can. Let's start with the simplest distance. You don't have to get close to your timid personality first, you don't have to back off. So, Lizzie, why don't you just go out of your way to refuse what the kid asks you to do? Already infatuated with the child (Ilysses argued as hard as he could, but Mimir ignored it with a snort). If Prince Perian had the courage to refuse Lady's request, he would rather face the crown prince with that courage... Wait, this is fun.

"I'm not funny at all!"

"I know, I know. So take it easy and stay a little longer."

It was good to be embarrassed by your first feelings, but you asked Mimir, the witch, the magician, not anyone else for advice and counseling on those feelings!

Ilysses regretted a stupid decision that would never happen again in his fifteen years of life.

"Mr. Mimir, please….”

"Don't tell Leon? Your Majesty, Empress? Or to Lizzie herself? Or send a letter to the Perian estate....”


"Oh, okay. All right, don't make that face. Because it's no use at all.”

Ilysses sighed for the first time since facing Mimir.

"You, come here every week and help me. Then I'll keep my mouth shut."

This couldn't have happened. In that condition, the witch, who was prone to playfulness, or worse, to behave in such a manner, could not shut up. Ah me!

"I... dug my own grave....”

"Excellent, Ilysses! I'm glad you didn't learn magic. Then I would have to compete with you, and one day I might have turned you into a frog because the experiment didn't work out properly... It's not as bad as this one."

"Mimir, please....”

"Oh, I got it's fine. Anyway, I warn you, don't get too close to Lizzie. Because the child is... pure and pure. It's not good if you get mixed up because you're destined to color the crown prince.”

"…have you seen the future?"

"Well, I don't know if it's the future or the past.”

"What? What do you mean....”

"I don't know. Anyway, take care of yourself. I'm a little curious about the jealous crown prince, but you're the one who's jealous, so I don't really want to see him kicked out to the border."

"You've given me the most helpful advice since I came here. Thank you."

"Oh, now you've learned how to talk to a wizard?”

Mimiir stared at Ilysses with a funny look.

Illisys endured her gaze silently with a slightly somber face, sighing deeply.

"You have to be intelligent in your life. I'm... yeah. At an early age, I will do my job in good manners, defaming Lady Elizabeth and doing the crown prince a disrespectful deed."

"That's right, that's right, that's good. Come to me if you're really upset. I'll make you a medicine to erase your emotions.""…no thanks for that."

Mimiir shrugged and opened the door. The door was connected to the library where he was sitting alone a while ago, organizing the pen and the book Elizabeth had left behind.

Still, time with Lady Elizabeth was always fun.

But I think today would be the last time I had such a good time.

It was Leonhard Tristan von Espedor, the only fiance of former Highness Lady Elizabeth, who would become emperor of this country, who deserved her affection.

He was showing favor to himself a little too much, but if he was caught, he would immediately be thrown to the floor like the sky and the ground were overturned.

When I thought so, I suddenly began to sweat on my back.

The story of His Majesty's return of the hands of the clock [exclusive.

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