Chapter - 64 Episode 65 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

What does a girl learn to do with this?

A woman who is too smart is rather hated.

But a girl who is too ignorant is vulgar.

Elizabeth looked sad at the book being thrown into the stove and burned.

Knowledge of such shallow depth that it is impossible to understand and respond to what the other person is saying, but to counter it.

That's all the knowledge she was allowed to do.

The book brought by the Duchess was read and read enough to memorize what typos were in which pages and lines.

But it couldn't have been enough to satisfy her academic zeal.

She was always hungry for knowledge.

As such, Elizabeth enjoyed taking classes at the Imperial Palace every day.

It was proud and rewarding to learn new things that I didn't know.

There were so many books in the Imperial Palace Library that I could not finish reading even if I tried to read them for the rest of my life.

Leonhardt's tutor, as well as Mimiir of the clock tower, was a good teacher for her.

Contrary to her mother's words, he was happier than anyone else when she scored higher than Leonhardt on the test.

Upon hearing the news, the emperor and the empress also praised her by presenting her with a new book instead of blaming her for getting a higher score than the crown prince for killing his spirits.

Like a man who drank seawater because he was thirsty, Elizabeth craved deeper knowledge.

It was unimaginable for a duchess, but it was possible for an imperial palace and a clock tower.

One year, two years later, Elizabeth met Ilysses.

In fact, the depth of knowledge that Ilysses faced was far from enough to describe as a genius.

Subjects such as foreign languages, politics, and philosophy were also treating him like a child dealing with toys.

Elizabeth quickly improved her serious side face, which could never be found in a prince's highness who stared at her face every day.

Elizabeth sat at the desk and opened a thick reference book and notebook.

Recently, I've been thinking day and night to find a solution, but I'm sure I'll have to solve the problem today that I couldn't find the answer to.

Elizabeth, who lifted the pen with such determination, bit it until the tip of the pen was worn out, but eventually failed to find an answer and sighed on a thick book.

Elizabeth got up from her seat, blaming a large window with plenty of warm sunlight and a bed with her arms wide open, throwing such a difficult problem behind her back.

And when I bumped into Ilysses, I could understand how she must have felt the moment she met herself, flustered by not being able to get to the clock tower.

"Well, Ilysses? If you don't mind... Could you spare some time?”

Ilysses replied stutteringly, looking surprised as if he had received a confession.

"What... what's wrong with you??”

Elizabeth explained the situation by opening the book as if to bleat.

"I don't understand this at all… Leon said that. I'll teach you if it's Ilysses. I can't...?”

Elizabeth regretted inside that she had said it for no reason, but asked for one last time, seeing the white Ilysses' face turn blue.

"…The reason why Ilysses is a genius is not just because he makes difficult knowledge his own, but because he can explain it in simple words that anyone can understand." Ilysses, can I ask you a favor?"And the answer, which had almost let down expectations, came out of Illisys.

"Of course!"

From that day on, Elizabeth began her own supplementary class with Ilysis to wait for Leonhardt's sword training to end.

As Leonhardt said, Ilysis was a very good instructor.

When I woke up, Ilysses was explaining in a kind and gentle voice what he promised to know by the next class because even his teacher couldn't explain properly.

It felt different when Leonhardt read her a book.

"This part is a trap. In fact, like this... It's nothing if you calculate it, but it's a complicated twist.”

Elizabeth smiled furtively at the side of Ilysses, who kindly explained.

Did I say we're the same age? Perhaps because of his shy and timid personality, his cheeks still looked young.

But Ilysses was more serious and mature than Leonhardt when he was teaching someone or concentrating on class.

It was surprisingly thrilling to know the side of Ilysses that no one else knew.

The time was so precious that I was so absorbed in studying with Ilysis that I often forgot to even pick up Leonhardt.

But I think today is the last day of that precious time.

Suddenly the door opened and Leonhardt appeared, and Ilysses began to noticeably panic.

How many times do you stutter a simple foreign language sentence and make a complete mess of a formula because you get the most important number wrong.

Eventually, Leonhardt's face, so nervous that he ran around with his exhausted body, was as white as Illisys.

Elizabeth could not bear to answer honestly when Leonhardt said she was uncomfortable with her confidence.


"Why did you do that to Ilysses that day?"


Elizabeth, who was sitting in the shade of a tree avoiding the summer sun with Leonhardt, turned her head to the side and asked questions as if she was floating.

"Leon knows better how bad he is. But if you suddenly show up like that and burden Ilysses....”

"…it's up to me, crown prince, to move in my house wherever I go."

This isn't it, Elizabeth and Leonhardt both thought so at the same time.

But then the words that came out of the mouth were completely different from my mind.

"Apologize to Ilysses."

"…did you stop coming to the Knight's Training Center at all?"

"Well, that's... I have legs, so it's up to me wherever I go and whatever I do."

"Do you like studying with him that much?”

No, no more. Elizabeth and Leonhardt sat on each other's backs, raising their hands with a distorted look and covering their mouths.

Over her back, I could hear Elizabeth's long hair swaying.

More cruel than a voice answer, Leonhardt lost his words for a moment.

"…if you like… That's enough. I apologize to Ils formally, and if you want, I'll put it on your tutor. Can I do that?”

Elizabeth thought she should shake her head now and say it wasn't like that.

But the body betrayed her will again this time.

Elizabeth, who managed to turn around and face Leonhardt, was all mouth when she saw Leonhardt's expression.

"…Leon, what's wrong with your face?"

"What did I do?"

"You look like a man who forcefully puts his things out....”

Now it's possible to understand and compare other people's feelings? Lizzy, that's good.Leonhardt retorted, trying to force a pleasant thought.

"Are you saying I'm jealous? Lizzy, we're already engaged. But who are you jealous of? That's me, this me. The Crown Prince is jealous of his fiancée for just having a little class with someone else? How ugly did you think I was?”

"Well... it's not like that! I don't think so.."

"I know you don't think of me that way. It's just... I don't know. Is puberty coming back? Lizzy, just know this. We still have time because it's before our debut date.”


"I'll let you go if you really want to."

"Send it, where? Why?"

Elizabeth's heart was pounding.

On the subject of putting his fiancee's heart in the deepest valley under the ground, Leonhardt woke up with a light look as if he had finished everything he had to say.

"Leon, Leon? What's wrong with you all of a sudden, stop for a second! Your Highness, Prince Leonhardt!"

Elizabeth rushed to run behind Leonhardt. But before her eyes, Leonhardt's door was closed. It was embarrassing to knock on his door recklessly as long as there were eyes of the maidens.

Leonhardt, meanwhile, approached Bailey, who had been sitting in her room for several days, saying the flooring was marble, not carpet, and was cooler than Elizabeth's.

"You idiot, you... This..."

If anyone heard it, Leonhardt distorted his face, even though he was stunned and admonished him firmly for his prestige, honor and all sorts of reasons.

I'm in a good mood. or wrong. or I'm in a good mood. Bailey, who sneaked her head up at a familiar sight, touched his knee with a moist black nose when she saw his owner's friend muttering a black horse.

I don't know what's going on, but it's not good to talk so black.’

Perhaps the meaning worked, the owner's friend stopped pouring out black words and hugged his body tightly.

Bailey was thinking about what to do with a reprehensible friend who dared to hug her in this weather where she could just bite her tongue even if she stayed still, and decided to stay calm, feeling that his shoulders were shaking and the air smelled sad.

"You are mine, my man. Why don't you be jealous like that... No, you don't deserve to say that. d*mn... I'm frustrated. Bailey, you think I did something stupid again? But…but… If this is the price of turning back time, he should also receive it sweetly... That's the only thing I'm allowed to do... I'll lie to her like this forever, and I'll choke to death of that guilt. Bailey... Bailey... Is this how the hands of the clock get back in place? I'm Lizzie... Can you make him happy? I'm afraid, for the first time I'm not sure. What I've been doing so far... He was arrogant. He was full of himself. What I really want is... The only thing I want is... I should never have been greedy, nor should I have the right to be greedy....”

Bailey licked Leonhardt's wet eyes with damp blue water.

Leonhardt forced a smile at the best consolation a dog could do as a dog who couldn't understand human speech.386559_66.fb.drm.66_cover_fxhtml0