Chapter - 65 Episode 66 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Leonhard Tristan von Espedor, the only heir and crown prince to the Spanish Empire, agonized for a long time by looking at the documents in front of him.

Leonhardt sighed with a troubled face, staring at the complicated proposal, saying, "It's already been a year since he officially held the coming-of-age ceremony, and how long will he stay in the old one?"

The crown prince's maidens, who were watching the scene from afar, also exchanged disturbing eyes with each other.

The Crown Prince, who would have only read and discarded the title of such a document as a waste of paper, is considering it with a pretty serious expression.

This was no ordinary thing.

For his fiancee, who couldn't sleep well on a thunderstorm day and eventually had to come to his room to kick out his owner and occupy the bed, he only changed a few furniture to fit his growing size, still living in a room with a child's feeling on the wall and ceiling.

His serious review of the documents obviously meant something had happened between the two.

The maid-in-law, who has been taking care of him like a child for more than 20 years, approached Leonhardt, asking what he was thinking with his experienced skills.

Leonhardt threw a document he was pretending to be reading onto his desk, making remarks that would make everyone's heart pound and fall below his feet.

"…Shall we move?"

They wouldn't have been as dismayed as they are if only the phrase 'Lizzy's place' had followed.

The crown prince's love for his fiancee was so great that it was a pleasant story for those in charge of places other than the crown prince's palace.

But he was thinking about moving to another place alone with his beloved fiancee.

What happened, obviously? There was, that's what my gut says. Did you two have a fight? Don't tell me it's a love triangle... The only people around your age in this palace are Mimir or Perian Confucius in the clock tower..

Lady Elizabeth and Prince Perian?

The maidens gathered in twos and threes to sum up their opinions while the maid asked the Crown Prince what he meant.

In an instant, even a sparse conclusion was concluded that Lady Elizabeth, who had lived only with Her Majesty the Emperor of Man, servants of the Imperial Palace, knights, or Prince Ilysses Eldirjan von Perian, was interested in a rare genius who had once heard his name.

"You're... moving your place?”

"No, no. I'm just saying. I... like it here. Isn't my whole life in this room?”

"But Your Highness,"

"And there's Lizzie right across the street."

A woman-in-law, who had been claiming rumors of discord between Leonhardt and Elizabeth with a passionate expression, smiled awkwardly, saying, "That can't be the case either."

Leonhardt rose from his seat and threw Bailey a bundle of paper that was not worth further reading.

"Oh, my lord! Who the hell are you throwing at Bailey to do that cleaning?"

"Paper can be sprayed with water and pushed away with a rolling pin, but cotton can't be more cumbersome because it's flying around. I think it's better than throwing cotton dolls.""Your Highness!"

'You should apologize after class today.’

Leonhardt thought so and rechecked in front of Elizabeth's visit just yesterday.

Leonhardt, dressed in moderately disheveled clothes, knocked on the door with a constant beat so that Elizabeth could fix the tie again with a loving rebuke, saying, "I'm not clumsy anyway."

"Ridge, are you ready?"

But there is no return answer.

Leonhardt knocked on the door again in wonder, but this time, he could not hear a breath beyond the door, let alone answer.

While he was agonizing over how rude it was to open the door of his fiancee's house without permission, the maid-in-law came to him with a look of shame as she cleared her throat.

"Lady Elizabeth... He headed to the classroom first..”

Leonhardt headed for the classroom, looking embarrassed and scratching his cheeks.

What am I supposed to say in there? Good morning? Let's study hard today too? What's today's snack? Did you finish your homework? Oh, yeah! Homework!'

I remembered my late homework, but I was already hearing my teacher's unique laid back footsteps.

Eventually, Leonhardt, who entered the classroom with his teacher, sat down without saying anything.

When I looked to the side, Elizabeth looked straight ahead and focused on the class.

Leonhardt, who was about to touch her elbow and say something in the form of her mouth to avoid her teacher's eyes, sighed and looked forward as if he were concentrating on the class.

Elizabeth was also very disturbed.

Instead of heading to the classroom with Leonhardt as usual, Elizabeth took action on something she had never done before.

The road to the classroom alone was exceptionally long and lonely. The sun was warm enough on a summer morning, but not yet enough to send hot air into the shade.

Elizabeth, who first arrived at the classroom, swept Leonhardt's seat with her hands secretly.

Often, when the problem was not solved, the black ink permeated his seat remained sparsely like a bruise, thanks to his habit of tapping a pen on the desk with a nervous face.

"Lady Elizabeth."

"Oh, Ilysses. Good morning."

"Good morning. Your Highness the Crown Prince...?”

"I've been here alone.

Ilysses only tilted his head with a curious face.

Shortly after, Leonhardt entered the classroom with his teacher.

I had to say something about what happened yesterday, but my teacher didn't tell me to take a break and continue the lecture.

Thanks to this, during the break, the three of them were munching on chocolate without saying anything because they were eating insufficient sugar with simple refreshments.

Ilysis was only sneaking around to look at Elizabeth and Leonhardt.

Leonhardt was wondering how to talk to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was chewing only nuts stuck in chocolate, exhausted by the uncoordinated progress and awkward atmosphere.

The teacher, who had no idea about their situation, returned with a satisfied look, saying that the Crown Prince was concentrating on the class for the first time in a while.


Illisys, who was packing and thinking about which part to remind Lady Elizabeth today, was surprised when the crown prince called her.

"Yes, yes, Your Majesty the Crown Prince."

"…I apologize for yesterday. We should have kept the least courtesy no matter how open we are... I'll be careful from now on. And I'm thinking of appointing you as Lizzie's tutor, would that be okay?"Elizabeth doubted her ears.

Illisys was also dumbfounded with startled rabbit eyes.

Instead of patiently waiting for him to answer, Leonhardt glanced at his watch and went outside with his luggage.

"I'm going to go first because I have a swordsmanship training. Lizzy, private lessons start today. "Ilysses, please take care of Lady Elizabeth."

"Well, wait a minute. Leon! Leon!

Elizabeth rushed out of the classroom, but Leonhardt was already turning the corner at the end of the hall.

"What the hell am I supposed to do....”

Elizabeth returned to class with a stunned look on her face.

Again this time he did what she wanted.

It was something to be pleased about, but I felt dubious.

I had to find a way to undo something that was firmly wrong.

But she didn't even know what "something" was.

Leonhardt decided to control the complex mind in a much simpler and simpler way than Elizabeth.

"Oh, my lord! What's wrong with you today?"

Thanks to him, it was Albert, the captain of the Imperial Guard, who was dying today.

The knight, who is famous for buying an armful of children's supplies on his way home from work every evening, desperately had to endure the sound of death in front of the sword of the Sword Master, which was pouring with no time to rest.

There are already more than ten drivers who have fallen while dealing with him.

At this point, it was tantamount to a child punching a innocent pillow to vent his anger.

The knights, of course, consoled Albert that Albert himself was not a pillow full of fluffy cotton, so the crown prince, who grew up only taking it out on them, was slowly getting tired.

"What happened to Lady Elizabeth?”

"What's the matter with work..."

"Otherwise, there seems to be no reason for eleven innocent knights to be shaped like this."

Albert gasped, drinking half a bottle of water, half pouring it into his head.

Leonhardt sighed again, drinking a few sips of the water he had given him.

"I don't know what's going on, but sometimes it's better to put it outside for a while than to just hold it."

"Well, I agree with you. But it's not a matter for you to put down."


"It's rude to ask yourself, 'Is Kyung a talented person who can listen to my problems and find answers together?'"

Albert glared at Leonhardt, who said that without changing a single facial expression, with a ridiculous look.

Leonhardt, who turned his chair upside down and sat on the table, sighed.

The sword training was long overdue, but Elizabeth did not show up as expected.

"I have to go to Rizzie.”

"…Shall we prepare some drinks in advance just in case?”

Leonhardt lowered his head and shook his hands only.

Elizabeth was troubled.

The new private teacher on hand was a very smart, intelligent man with a knack for making others understandability.

But is he so knowledgeable about people's feelings, not knowledge?

Elizabeth questioned Ilysis with a gambling heart.


"Say it, Lady Elizabeth."

"Please call me Rizzie. Well, if it were Ilysses, how would you behave in such a situation?”

Ilysses blinked when he heard what happened between Elizabeth and Leonhardt.

"During that time, will I ever be able to like Leon?”

What are you talking about?

Leonhardt, who was about to open the door after discovering Elizabeth and Ilysses' quiet voices, paused.

"You have to like it."Will I be able to like someone within a set time? And I should like it as an answer to that? Whether you really like it or not. You have to pretend you like it?

Leonhardt felt his eyes twirled.

When I came to my senses, he was slamming open the door.


Why, why don't you shorten my name at a time like this?

Leonhardt was devastated to see Elizabeth's big eyes sway wildly.