Chapter - 66 Episode 67 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

The flower language of shower and cart chrysanthemum.

Ilysis was muttering something, waving his hand wildly with a look of bewilderment.

But to Leonhardt, it sounded like a foreign language he had never heard before.

You have to like it? What the hell does that mean? Politically, she has to marry me, force me to marry her to be happy, and at least try to like her? Lizzy, you're not, are you? It's not like that, is it? Why aren't you saying anything?

Why do you have that look on your face? Go ahead and say no, you have all the options, so say something. Yes?

What are you saying? I can't hear you. Don't just shut up, don't babble with those tiny lips, or you'd rather slap me in the face, so please do something. Elizabeth, Lizzy. My empress, please.

"…I respect your choice, Elizabeth."

Leonhardt fled the scene. There was nothing to explain his behavior other than running away.

"Well, I'm afraid your Highness must have misunderstood....”

"You looked like you couldn't hear anything, so I'll go. Confucius has done nothing wrong.”

"Lady Elizabeth!"

Ilysis blocked Elizabeth, who was trying to chase after Leonhardt.

Maybe it was his first and last chance.

But he wasn't so tough as to shake her up any more with an air of bewilderment.

So instead of losing everything and getting only one, he chose to give up and get everything instead.

If the misunderstanding was resolved anyway, he/she was just a tree that would create a cool shade on the side of the road they would walk.


"If we don't clear up the misunderstanding now, things might really get bigger. I know that judging by the appearance you have seen so far is foolish and lacking, but I think your heart for Young-ae is always sincere. So go ahead. I'm sorry I caught you."

Elizabeth nodded and ran outside.

In the absence of Leon, Lady Elizabeth, who was more elegant and elegant than anyone else, grabbed the hem of her skirt and ran, and the maidens opened their eyes wide passed behind her back.

The sun brought a few clouds to make her not too hot and shade her.

But the midsummer sun had more power than one might think, and the clouds that gathered too much clumped together and began to shade little by little.

Leonhardt thought it was the perfect weather for fate to change.

Otherwise, the weather, which had been sunny and clear enough to break the mirror with a bang when it was brought to the mirror a while ago, could not have changed suddenly to dark and gloomy.

Would a broken heart be a broken heart?

I trusted my friend as much as I believed in my future, so I just introduced you to him without any worries.

His hands of the clock were shaking wildly in such a way as to change the future.

Why don't we go drink all night to Albert, and if it rains like this, we'll run outside blaming him for the rain, cry, and act like a pathetic man?

Leónhardt walked recklessly, dripping with laughter and ridicule every step by step.

For him as an adult, the Imperial Palace was too wide to walk alone, contemplating or frowning.But what are the odds of running into the man who twisted the hands of his watch a while ago in such a large palace garden?


"Gasp, whew... Whew... Hm... Re, Re... Haaaaaahah.

"Lizzy, Lizzy. Slowly. Breathe in slowly. Breathe out. Right. Are you okay?"

"…I'm not okay at all!"

It was not until my chest was so painful that I could no longer run because I couldn't reach my chin that I could see my hair shining like Leonhardt's unique moon in the distance.

Elizabeth squeezed her last strength and ran toward him.

Leonhardt accepted the thin body running down the hill, and let her lean towards me, out of breath and dizzy in front of her.

'No matter what you think!'

"What, what?"

Ugh, I felt nauseous enough to gag. When I opened my eyes, the sky and the ground were twirling.

Elizabeth closed her eyes tightly and held Leonhardt's hem tightly, uttering only one sentence, a scream.

"…what do you think I'm thinking?"

Leonhardt leaned Elizabeth in the shade of the tree and muttered in a melancholy voice.

Elizabeth replied, tapping her chest with a small fist to calm her still-stuffy breath.

Leonhardt briefly lost what to say in response.

"I don't know what Leon's thinking. I don't even know what the hell you're thinking. But anyway, no, it's not like that."


"Just listen!"

If you want me to, I'll listen. Leonhardt knelt gently before her, biting his lips.

"Hey, you promised.”


"You promised me by the sea. We have so much to do next year that we have to make a list. You have to be with me to do that. By the way... by the way....”

A gray cloud passed over Elizabeth's eyes. At the same time, raindrops began to fall.

"I want to be with Leonhardt. This is my decision and my conclusion, not anyone's forcing. I mean...."

Leonhardt hurriedly took off his clothes and covered her over her head, figuring out whether the rain was a shower or the beginning of the rainy season.

"Look, it's still my choice to be nice to me, to do anything, not to like it? Don't respect that!"

"Just listen to me. Leonhardt, this... This..."

Bad boy! Elizabeth managed to swallow a horse that was hanging in the balance on the tip of her tongue.

Leonhardt decided to do the three at the same time, consoling Elizabeth, moving her indoors, and resolving misunderstandings.


"Darn it, Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium. Listen. I want to make you laugh, not cry!"

Leónhardt, who quickly carried her on his back, began to jump into any roofed building in sight.

No wonder it smelled like flowers for a long time, but it must have been near the Rose Garden of the Empress.

Leonhardt jumped through the muddy water and jumped into a pavilion made of marble and glass.

Leonhardt, who entered the pavilion, was the first to shake off his wet hair and take off his shirt and twist it.

Then, when she suddenly felt her eyes and turned around, Elizabeth peeked at him with her hands covering her eyes.

"…what are you doing?”

"…an act of dignity that requires pretending to be a quiet and elegant lady.""Why don't you just look at it? It's not like we've met for a day or two in the training center....”

"Well, at the time, Leon's arm was in my shirt.”

I wasn't as naked as I am now! Elizabeth crumbles inside and sits completely back.

Leonhardt turned his back as if to look across Elizabeth, wearing a wet shirt roughly over his shoulder.

"…have you calmed down a little?”

Elizabeth just nodded, blushing at the ugliness she had made.

Leonhardt sighed as he looked at the ceiling.

Rainwater was clearly seen flowing over the glass ceiling.

It felt like I was locked in a stormy sea.

"You don't know what I was thinking, and I don't know, but let's just say it's not. Is that enough?”

d*mn it, what the hell am I talking about? Leonhardt smiled sadly and decided to focus on appeasing Elizabeth first.

"…I heard they're moving.”

"Who said that?"

Elizabeth looked up and stared at Leonhardt.

Leonhardt was staring forward with a slightly irascible face.

"The maidens misunderstood. I don't want to move to bed until you become an adult and we officially go to another palace."


You're right over the door, and I have to leave the door open so that I can run right away if it rains and thunder and lightning strikes, and I have to hold your hand all night long. Where can I go?

Leonhardt nodded silently.

"Then can I pick you up today?”

Leonhardt bit his tongue for a moment.

"Lie, Lizzy, you don't have a fever, do you? Did you catch a cold in the rain? Or, uh, a little late for the symptoms, but a little late?"

"…Leon is always like that."

Looking at Elizabeth turning her head with a sulky look, Leonhardt felt her heart sink.

It was the heart of Elizabeth and Leonhardt that actually had a hole, and it was the summer rainy season.

Taking advantage of the weak rain, Leonhardt once again carried Elizabeth on his back and ran toward his place.

I felt warm body temperature over Leonhardt's shirt, which had become worse than wearing it wet in the rain.

Elizabeth, who leaned the ball on Leonhardt's back, rather hoped that this time would stop, or that the structure of the Imperial City would suddenly change, or that Leonhardt would be lost and forever.

But Leonhardt, who prioritizes Elizabeth's health more than anyone else, quickly returned to the Crown Prince's Palace through the shortest route with a possible roof and a quick passage between buildings.

Looking at the two men who returned soaked in rain, the maidens hurriedly prepared bath water and brought soft towels and hot tea.

"What I need now is not a hot tea, but a bottle of strong liquor….”

"Your Highness?"

Leonhardt shook his head, saying it was nothing. Elizabeth went back to the liberation as if to roll a large towel. Staring at her door for a long time, Leonhardt sighed and wiped off the water off her head with a towel.

It was frustrating to breathe with Elizabeth's unique damp and damp air and attitude.

After quite a long war of words with the maid, Leonhardt greeted the label of the bottle with his lips pouting, only to get the strongest drink he knew.It was a drink he drank when he wanted to sleep as if he was tired of overworked work in the past.

'You should have seen the one who stood by him instead of running away from reality, you idiot....’

Then and now I'm the same idiot. Leonhardt leaned in with sadness.

'Oh, my God, this is so strong... Young, young body doesn't help at times like this....’

In an instant, over the dim view, the moon could see the black sky that had swallowed the stars.

'Thunder... Lightning shouldn't strike....’

Eventually, he couldn't even get on the bed, and his upper body fell to the bed and his lower body to the floor, but Leonhardt was worried about Elizabeth until the end.