Chapter - 67 Episode 68 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

Rumbling. Boom.

Leonhardt, who had been knocked down by a strong drink, opened his eyes to Booth.

The black window suddenly turned white and while blinking, I heard the sound of the sky collapsing.

Leonhardt slowly tried to raise his body, but later realized that with his upper body lying on the floor and his legs on the bed, it was much more reasonable to lower his legs than to raise himself.

I still felt dizzy every time I closed and opened my eyes.

The relationship with Elizabeth is as bleak and dark as the circumstances outside the window.

The weather is humid all over the body in summer, and the sound of rain beats on the windows as if to reprimand itself pathetic, followed by thunder and lightning.

Rumbling, flashing, crunching.

Come to think of it, he knew only one person like the spirit of the night who came to avoid people's eyes on such a day.

But in the end, the spirit must be fed up with my stupid behavior.

Leonhardt glared at the door to see if the doorknob would turn and white hair would be the first to flow down her shoulder like a waterfall.

Let's think positively. Maybe Lizzie's not afraid of thunder and lightning anymore. Then it's more of a celebration. So let's have a toast. And tomorrow morning, I'll be stuck in my room with the excuse of hangover. d*mn it, why am I full of this pathetic thing every time I think about it?’

Leonhardt hurled a bottle of liquor down to the floor that he had lifted with a fit of nerves.

The hard glass bottle didn't break just because it hit the marble, but it sounded quite dull.

And for a moment Leonhardt felt a presence.

What is it, an assassination attempt?

Leonhardt slowly approached the door with a dagger from under his pillow, just in case.

The assassin couldn't have proudly walked through the door, but he was not in a condition to make rational judgments.

When I held my breath and clenched to the door, I could hear a small, thin breath.

He's so tiny, he barely picks up a dandelion seed. The thin breathing sound, which worried if it could be blown into the air, was giggling every time thunder made a heavy chain sound.

Leonhardt came up with a sentence that began with hundreds of 'if'. With the energy of alcohol, he brought up what he had just laughed at as the most unrealistic of them.

What if it's Garage out there?’

Leonhardt threw the dagger away in the distance and sank carefully against the door.

Beyond the door, someone seemed to stop breathing in surprise, and after a long time, he seemed to be able to see it close to the door again.

"Could you be a little more courageous? I don't deserve it, I know that's all. Lizzie, can you come one step closer to me?’

Leonhardt rolled over with a wry smile.

There was nothing he was allowed to do.

Why are you doing this to me in a temper?

First embrace her and say it's all right Germany.

Even the right to kneel down and beg me for a step.


At the moment, even the crown prince, who was in a pathetic sense of appreciation, remorse, and shame, made a surprising sound.

The door burst open and the shadow over Leonhardt's floor, as if dark clouds made of rough rocks hit each other in the air and smashed."Lizzy, Lizzy! Wake up, it's okay. Here I am. Huh?"

I felt like I was sobering up.

Leonhardt hugged himself tightly and lay low in Elizabeth's arms, never letting him go.

I could feel the body temperature rising over summer pajamas made of long fabric.

Elizabeth's face turned white and almost looked like a corpse.

"Lizzy, are you okay?"

"I'm not okay!"

Leonhardt blinked as if he had been waiting for the answer.

Is the rain leaking from the ceiling of the Crown Prince's Palace or is it hot this summer like boiling water?

A stream of water dripping down the cheeks and sliding along the earlobe burned.

"I'm not okay… I'm not okay at all… Leon, you idiot! Why, why are you leaving me alone?”


"You made me do nothing without Leon, and now you leave me alone?”

"When did I tell you I left you alone?"

"Don't give me time to think! I don't need that!"

Oh my god.

Lizzy has changed. I've learned harsh words from somewhere.

I'm sure it's the Knights' fault. How dare you teach the crown prince's fiancée such profane language... It's not this one.

"Well, I don't deserve to be obsessed with you. No, people shouldn't obsess over other people. Huh?"

"Leon, you can do that! You deserve it! Your Majesty, you idiotic crown prince!"

"I don't agree with the former, but I totally agree with the latter….”

"Do I sound like a joke? How long are you going to keep looking at me like I'm a child? I'm... I'm an adult next year, and does Leon still look like a crying little boy at the duchess? Huh?"

That's not true. It doesn't make sense if you haven't grown a bit since you've eaten so many royal meals.

"Not really….”

"Then hold me!"

You want me to hold you?

"Leon... is my fiancé... If you want, you can be a son of a b*tc* who gets married before getting married....”

"Before or after you get married, you'll never get married. You are the only one I have in my life, Elizabeth, and I am truly angry if you say that again."

"…rather angry!"

Which rhythm do I have to follow?

"When I laugh with someone else, I laugh and have a lot of stomachache, and when I have fun with someone else, I want to disturb them for nothing."

"…are you asking me to be so jealous and obsessed that I can't even talk to anyone else?”

Poor Elizabeth, she must be so surprised that she doesn't even know what she's talking about.

Leonhardt slowly rose to his feet. Unlike Elizabeth's carpeted room, his room was marbled and was not very suitable for long lying down.

Confirming that no one was in the hallway, he locked the door tightly and gave himself back to Elizabeth.

"Is it the best solution to feed your fiancee, who has not yet legally become an adult, to sleep as it is, and to erase her memory as well?"

"…Leon doesn't want to have me?"

I'll have to drink, not Lizzie.

It was hard to listen to it soberly."Don't tell me you don't deserve it, I've heard it for over a decade. I don't know what you've done so wrong to me, but don't blame yourself. Stop banging your head. I'll forgive you all. Huh? And I'll give you that qualification. It's something I can allow, not anyone else.”

"Lizzie... it's not something that's going to be solved so easily….”

"Then what the hell? What the hell did you do wrong to me? Did you kill me?”

"No, then it wasn't Lizzie in front of me, it was Lizzie's ghost."

"Did you treat me badly?”

I've put up with so much alone.

"You know best that I always put you first, don't you?”

"So I'll give it to you. I'll allow you to have me, obsess, be jealous, be mean. Huh? Leon is a man who can do that. I've been watching and I've come to a conclusion after much consideration."

"Did you drink, too, Lizzie?”

"You said you weren't kidding!"

But if you don't make such a silly joke, every word you say becomes a sore dagger and stabs me. Give me a break. Yes?

Now I will lie for you for the rest of my life, deceive you, suffer from it, and rot alone.

But if you are happy in return, I will define this as my way of love and love you.

So much emotion was poured out at once that Elizabeth had a large empty space in her chest.

It would be nice if he could fill the spot, a hug. I think one kiss will be enough to fill it up and repair it robustly.

One step each other could reach the place they wanted so badly, but the two were hesitant.

"…Do you want to sleep over?"

Leonhardt asked, turning his head slightly towards Elizabeth.

Instead of nodding or answering aloud, Elizabeth flung over his bed like a wet cotton.

Leonhardt, who sat across from her and lifted the blanket slightly, coughed for no reason and found a bottle of liquor lying on the floor until then.

A bottle of liquor rolling on the floor and a bed of nineteen and seventeen boys and girls in an engagement relationship.

"Well, Lizzie. You know, I'm already an adult and you're an adult next year.”


"And you know we're engaged."

"…I know."

"Then what would a young man of that age think and say when they see Lady in the same bed… Aren't you worried?”

Elizabeth rose to her feet.

And before I knew it, I stared at Leonhardt with clear eyes.


I grabbed your hand, got your nose on the hem, even a hair?

Leonhardt, who was about to protest against what I had done wrong, had to shut up again.

She was 19 years old, but it was Elizabeth who was sitting in the front seat with a different age.

If you don't breathe, people die. And now I'd rather hold my breath and die.

"Lady Elizabeth, I deeply sympathize with what you said. Therefore, I would like to propose a compromise to maintain a friendly relationship with the honor of the other party.""Leon, I've been smelling alcohol. What the hell did you drink?”

"A drink that makes you realize if humans really evolved from monkeys. Unfortunately, I'm pretending to be a human being because I ate little.”

"Bailey, come here!"

Bailey, who had been shining black eyes for a long time, exchanged red-colored words between the owner and the owner, shared a calm and soft sound again, said playful blue words, and came up to Leonhardt's bed as if she had waited.

"Bailey's the borderline?”

Leonhardt murmured in an absurd tone. Either way, Elizabeth's little hand came up on Bailey's white, fluffy fur.

"Sleeping hand in hand?"

Fingers flicked up and down.

Leonhardt eventually took out a bottle of alcohol hidden under the bed and took another sip. The effect was still breathtaking.

I felt anxious that I might really be jealous of my dog if I didn't fall asleep as if I had fainted.

With a burning sensation, my eyes quickly became dark, and I felt a soft bed behind my back and Elizabeth's warm, soft hands under my palm.