Chapter - 68 Episode 69 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

"I can't see any signs of stopping….”

Elizabeth murmured as she looked at the cloudy sky, where the needle-thin rain fell endlessly.

Leonhardt looked up from the book and looked out of the window, lost in thought.

Thanks to Bailey, it's already been three days since I really slept hand in hand.

Meanwhile, the rain was thinning as if it would stop at any moment, and it was repeatedly thickening like hail.

"I need to see my dad for a second.”

Leonhardt got up from his seat after covering the book.

If the rain didn't stop like this, the river would surely flood and flood.

"Otherwise, I was too busy to die, but the flood also overlapped, so people thought it was an imperial curse, and it was not a big deal….’

I'll have to prepare in advance so that it doesn't happen this time.

But Leonhardt had to step down with a puzzled look at the emperor's words that he was already fully prepared for the flood.

Oh, yeah, he's out of his mind now.

The emperor was working harder than ever, saying that Leonhardt's younger brother, who was not himself, would make a better world to live in.

Due to the rain falling day after day, the Knights also put down their swords for a while and were focusing on the management of weapons and paperwork that had been delayed.

Wearing a black umbrella, Turtle Leonhardt headed to the library.

The library had a predictably illisys.

The recent decade's rainfall records, the number of times the river flooded, and the year of the flooding and the damage situation data at that time were full of wide desks.

"Are you already ready?”

"Hua, Your Majesty the Crown Prince."

"You don't have to be nervous. Let's see, it's more plausible that your father and his lieutenants came up with a conclusion of about three hours instead of three nights and three nights.”

"Your Highness! What if someone hears....”

"What do you mean, what do you mean? Ils strongly insist on putting you in the place of your lieutenants."

"That kind of thing..."

"When I become emperor, I will be the first to give Lizzie the crown of the empress, and then appoint you prime minister."


So surprised that Ilysses started hiccups.

"Let's play chess in the rain."

Will Ilysses do the same thing this time? Leonhardt grinned inward, bringing the chessboard and the horse.

As expected, Ilysses put exactly the same words in the same place with a quivering touch.

Leonhardt deliberately offered a word so that he could put another move on purposely.

Unaware that the hiccups had stopped due to concentration, Illisys tilted his head to Leonhardt's move, which seemed as if someone who didn't know the rules of chess had dropped honorifics.

As an adult, Ilysses has a habit of lifting monocles when he concentrates.

But what if I were to present him with a monocle right now and order him to get into that habit?

Would this be the feeling of a wizard who generously uses his body as an experiment?

Leonhardt thought, leaning back in his chair.

Illisys and Duo Chess had already won or lost.

But the process before Ilysses declared a checkmate was different every time.

Somehow, Leonhardt thought, his situation resembled the situation on the chessboard.

Elizabeth becomes happy. However, no matter how many times you predict what will happen until you reach that set result, you never know.

Like now, the moment Ilysses moved King to a great position to declare a checkmate with a mind that leaves everything to capricious and fortuitous.One time he asked. Don't you hate him for winning against the emperor every time?

What did I say back then?

I don't remember.

But it was clearly imprinted from that day on that Ilysses was no longer afraid of him.

"…why would you want to defeat yourself?”

"One of the things the Chancellor does involves accepting the whim of the monarch."

Leonhardt then opened his hands wide and turned the table upside down.

Ilysses' jaw dropped.

"Well, what's the next move?”

Illisys blinked for a moment, munching her lips, and raised her hand carefully.

The quivering fingertips were directed at Leonhardt's hair.


In fact, Leonhardt had a broken, sore look on his face, not hurting at all.

Ilysses, holding a golden hair at his fingertips, knelt down on the floor of the library's fluffy carpet.

"You know I'm here to sentence you to death for harming the Crown Prince's body, right?”

Ilysis nodded silently.

"But I'm not going to do that. Bailey bites my hair when she's bored, and she doesn't want to lose her friends over that..”

Stretching his tongue, Leonhardt sat cross-legged.

"Don't you think we should hear the reason and save him or not?”

Illisys rolled up her hands damp with cold sweat and stared straight at Leonhardt with clear, clear eyes.

"My father said that. The true loyalist points the finger at the wrong-judged emperor, "Please come to your senses, and til the moment."

"So you pulled out your hair instead of pointing fingers?”

Leonhardt was half smiling. This timid, cowardly friend had the guts to surprise people around him very occasionally.

Ilysis nodded. And I decided to wait for the crown prince's disposition.

Leonhardt only overturned the chessboard, and instead of issuing a death sentence or equivalent punishment for pulling out a hair in the sense that he would wake up, he raised the illisis with one hand.

"You, if I go berserk, you have to slap me in the face to get my act together. Okay? This is an order. Remember, this is also the first order I will give you when I become emperor."

"Yes? Yes. I'll bear that in mind."

When I tapped Ilysis on the shoulder to encourage him, his thin body shook like a sheet of paper.

Lastly, Leonhardt left the library to be careful not to catch a cold in the rain.

It was a much more pleasant feeling than when I entered the building, but as I was still facing the rain, I felt calm again in an instant.

Come to think of it, is your garden okay?

I was worried about the light petals in the random rain.

In order to dedicate the most beautiful rose to Elizabeth in the debut tent scheduled for autumn, imperial gardeners would be managing it with all their might, but I also felt relieved to see it in person.

Towards the Rose Garden of the Empress, Leonhardt squinted at a busy white object in the distance.

Closer, Leonhardt could see that the white object was a cage-shaped white umbrella.

If you were a gardener, you would have worn another layer of outerwear instead of an umbrella, so at least the person in the umbrella was not a gardener.

Leonhardt stepped on a puddle of water and made a thud to announce his existence.As you might have guessed, it was Elizabeth who was in the umbrella.

"What were you doing?”

"I came here because I was worried about the garden of the Empress because the wind blew so hard yesterday that the flowers that bloomed for the first time in a while were gone. What about Leon?

Leonhardt slipped Elizabeth's umbrella aside and pulled her back.

Elizabeth turned coyly to Moro and took three steps in the direction of Leonhardt, pretending to know nothing.

"I think it's almost stopped raining….”

'Cause you can't catch a cold!'

"I said the same thing, never stopped.”

Elizabeth only blinked.

Leonhardt repeatedly coughed, glaring only at the summer roses that had bloomed for nothing.

"Isn't it pretty?"

Elizabeth tapped a pink rose with her white fingertips.

In the wind, raindrops formed like dew fell to the ground.

At the same time, there was a fresh and colorful scent unique to young roses.

It seemed that the scent of flowers had permeated the rainwater.

Elizabeth began to be smitten with the scent of flowers, dabbing at other coveted flowers.

Leonhardt put Elizabeth under an umbrella, not caring if she was hit by the rain and one of her shoulders was completely wet.

The rain, which had been scattered over the umbrella without sound, began to intensify again without notice.

Elizabeth rose from the flower bed with a sad look on her face. And back to Leonhardt's side.

Considering the size of the umbrella he is using and the width of his shoulders, Leonhardt would rather stand side by side in order to get as little rain as possible.


"Let's just go to the pavilion. Huh?"

I decided it was better to stand back and forth as if hugging her from behind.

Elizabeth, who was snooping around the flower bed, which had been unusually fragrant a while ago, smelled the scent of flowers and the perfume she usually used.

No, Elizabeth doesn't wear perfume unless something special happens.

Now the only scent that tickles the tip of his nose, grazes, and makes him faint in front of his eyes was her scent.

The sound of a cleanly polished Druid bell, the sound of a stream sliding down a stone as small as a crop, and the murmur of silver drop flowers, daffodils, and flowers with a clear and clean scent.

All that noise was the scent of Elizabeth.

I'm going crazy.’

Half of the summer dresses made of white and thin asa were wet with rain.

Leonhardt felt his mouth dry and repeatedly washed his face and stared at the sky.

My heart was pounding and my face began to heat up with a little reflection of my willow-like thin and soft arms.

The day she fell asleep with Bailey in the middle, Elizabeth's face floating before her eyes as she teased him.

"Bad, bad, bad, bad, worst rubbish, beyond redemption, just go out and die!" You're just an adult now. Inside... On the inside...'

Wouldn't it be better to stick your nose in that muddy water and die? Leonhardt is struggling.

Elizabeth, who turned her back and fiddled with the tips of her fingers, was in a similar situation.

The pungent smell that he felt the moment he suddenly stood behind her back tapped through her heart like a spark that bounced wrong out of a flint.

Unlike her, who doesn't wear perfume, Leonhardt is said to have insisted on only one perfume since she was quite young.But the scent that passed by the tip of her nose a while ago was completely different from his usual perfume.

The more dense, heavy, and heavily coagulated fragrance reminded me of a flame that burned red even when it was charcoal.

Leonhardt, who calmed down a little, turned his head away.

Elizabeth turned her head to reaffirm her first feeling.

While the eyes met in the air and the rain fell day after day, only two warm breaths were mixed together.