Chapter - 70 Episode 71 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Debut Tant

The wind gently hugged the farmer's cheeks.

The golden wheat field shook lightly under his cape, singing that the wind had come.

The farmer decided to raise his body and cool his sweaty face for a while.

"This year's autumn wind is not bad from the start.”

The wind became the autumn wind at the farmer's words.

The wind, which slid south from the cold frozen North, collected the heat of summer, which remained until the end, one by one under the foot of the cold cape.

"Did you hear that? There's someone who's going to be the crown prince in this debut tent!"

"It's a story of high-ranking people who have nothing to do with us.”

"That's the case. Sigh, debut soup... If I could go to such a place....”

The maiden, who was raising water by the well, sighed low and bent her knees slightly lifting her skirt with a playful smile.

The wind blew a dry straw into the bucket in response to her greetings.

"By the way, who are you going to go to this autumn harvest?”

"If you don't come to ask me to dance by today, I'll go alone.”


"…he will never be a nobleman even if he dies and wakes up.

"Go, go, go, go, go, go! Lord Hans' Lady Johanna."

The wind floated into the sky on the clear, resonant laughter of the ladies.

The small rural village, which was about to be harvested, was slowly colored with fallen leaves.

Wind patted the shoulders of a young man running down the hill to ask his lover to dance.

Rural villages, squares, busy streets, endless plains, again villages, squares, busy streets, and roads leading up again.

The wind, which ran a long way without a break, decided to rest there for a while, seeing that it was colorful like a place where the rainbow began in the distance.

It was a dyeing plant that dyed cloth.

The wind frowned at the nasty smell it had never smelled before, inhaled and began to exhale slowly.

Then the thin silk, freshly removed from the dye and soaked, began to move its body as if it were seducing the wind.

The smell from them was nasty, but the wind quickly warmed to them.

Light blue as if a handful of sky had been ripped off and released into the water.

Dark green as if all the green leaves in the world were gathered together.

The dream of flowers that I collected throughout spring and summer was lovely pink.

The wind, which had been playing tag between them for a long time, suddenly realized that it should not stop here and said goodbye to them.

From the finest silk to rough obscurity, everyone happily hugged him and fluttered their arms high in the sky.

The wind, which was running on a rough road and a running race, decided to rest for a while while while hanging on a leaf that be seen far away.

The sky was a step higher than it was when he came down.

The wind suddenly noticed the extraordinary commotion under the tree and went down to the ground in a squirrel-like thick tree trunk.

Would he have just become an adult, but the laughter was a beautiful young lady and a young man who still had a young tee.

Curious about what made the story so enjoyable, the wind lowered itself and crept up between the two people sitting in the field like small wild animals picking up the remaining grains in the wheat field after harvesting.The young man was praising the lady for her pretty, pretty, and beautiful, putting a cosmos in her silver hair.

How beautiful is she to say that without breathing? The wind floated slightly out of curiosity.

And the moment I made eye contact with the lady, he unconsciously ducked back and fluttered the young man's golden hair.

"A week before your debut?"

"I have my last outfit fitting today. Leon, you have to come, too."


The wind sneaked a thin, long hand beside the lady's hair.

Of course, the wind had no form, so if anyone could see it would be just a slight scattering of her hair in the autumn wind, but the wind thought her hair was just a light that resembled her.

"My heart is pounding already."

"In a good way or in a bad way?"

"Both sides."

Lady plopped down on the young man's thigh without hesitation. The young man looked around to see who would see, and soon moved his body so that the lady could lie down more comfortably, knowing that there was only one large tree and them on this hill.

The wind, who was watching the scene secretly, became more curious.

Then suddenly the wind remembered where this place was.

After exiting a dyeing factory that smelled bad, passing through a boulevard filled with people dressed in fine clothes as if to announce the color of this year's leaves in advance, and passing through several large and magnificent buildings, a tall wall appeared.

It was a wall so high that a person could never climb bare-handed, but it was easier for the wind than for a child to jump from place to place.

This was the Imperial Palace.

The wind pondered. Who is that young man and the lady? The answer was in the rumours heard by the well.

Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium, the star of this year's debut tang, and her partner, Prince Leonhard Tristan von Elysium.

Admiring at his memory, the wind stared at the two.

And soon circled among the young lovers, blessed their happiness and set out again.

Where he passed by, only a small whirlwind and the sound of fallen leaves swept away by him were silent.

"Well, I'm sure Leon will be great.”

"What's your rationale?"

Leonhardt brushed Elizabeth's bangs lightly.

In front of him, the bright blue eyes like a child still curved beautifully.

"Women's Persimmon?"

Leonhardt smirked and covered her eyes with his palm.

Elizabeth smiled and raised her big, callused hands everywhere, and began to look carefully as if she was observing something strange she had never seen for the first time.

"What's wrong?"

"It's just, all the men's hands are this big and rugged."

"I think it's because I'm holding a sword. Ils' hands are probably begging the glove makers to be their model once."

"But I prefer Leon's hands.”

Leonhardt managed to grab a rattling heart.

Elizabeth kissed the palm of his hand and closed her eyes. Her palms tickled every time she breathed.

"Why is your heart pounding in a bad way?"

Elizabeth pulled Leonhardt's hand up and covered the snow. And it wasn't until a long time later that I answered.

"Can I live up to people's expectations? Because of that concern."

Leonhardt stared at his lovely fiancee with pity.

After something unsavory happened at her reception, which was embarrassing to say, the imperial family protected her by keeping her out of society.Thanks to this, very few of those who participated in this year's debut bath knew her face, and I almost forgot because it happened in my childhood.

It is said that the fiancee of the crown prince, who grew up so fondly and secretly, will finally appear in the world.

Naturally, the aristocratic spirits who thought they were the main characters of the debutant were either crying or vowing to beat her to become real social queens.

And other than those parties, they were sitting on their hands in an exciting manner.

The store, which is secretly rumored to be in charge of all Lady Elizabeth's clothing, went on a temporary shutdown, saying it would not accept any further requests for consultation with visitors.

Young-ae bit their lips in regret and said, "Make the best dress regardless of the famous tailor of the system."

The old jeweler, who was dealing with young children who were blindly insisting on offering something more beautiful than the royal jewel, sweated coldly.

Dresses, jewelry, shoes, fans, perfumes, even a laced handkerchief.

Anything was good. With the thought of never wanting to give this year's main character to the chosen person, Young-ae were eye-catching and sounding as if they were grabbing the luxury shopping district themselves.

Parents who have daughters attending this year's debut party were also more nervous than them.

The Crown Prince does this and that, and for Lady Elizabeth, she's so devoted that she's going to die and wake up, and my daughter needs that kind of husband!

But ma'am, where else in the world would there be such a person? Let's connect him with a decent family at our level.

What a precious daughter she is, and she's only going to connect with a decent guy? You're still a father?

The wind patted past the red-hot lady's forehead, thinking that human culture was hard to understand.

Why are other people making such a fuss when the parties are smiling at each other's faces without thinking?

The wind agonized over and over again during the long and boring trip to the south.

However, the wind could not understand them until they arrived at the warm southern beach, where their bodies melted away from their homes covered with ice caps, and eventually fell to the surface of the water and melted in salty salt water.

"Is it done?"

"A piece of Lady's smile is all that matters."

Elizabeth smiled as if to show off.

The tailor was haggard in the absence of only 15 days.

Elizabeth stared at her with pity, putting her hands to her mouth when she heard that she was so scared of the aristocratic spirituality that she couldn't sleep properly because she chased her from her dream, and that she would rather stay up all night working.

"It's no exaggeration to say that I've risked my entire life as a tailor on these two dresses."

"Well, you still have to risk your life two more times."

Leonhardt, who was lying on the long sofa, murmured, shining a light on the sword he had been grooming for the third time.

Leonhardt shrugged as Elizabeth and the tailor looked at him.

"Wasn't Lizzie's wedding robes and coronation robes planned by you?"

The tailor drank only the tea that the maid brought him with a look of wondering whether to cry or laugh.Elizabeth stared at the tailor with anticipated eyes.

"Of course… it would be an honor that I would never have again….”

"It won't be long. I might have to start working on it now.”

The tailor eventually collapsed on the table and ended up groaning.

As if waiting for his words, the door opened and two mannequins covered with cloth came in.

Elizabeth, of course, and Leonhardt, and the maidens in the room, opened their eyes at the same time.