Chapter - 71 Episode 72 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

It was an ordinary dress that you can see anywhere.

The dress with short ruffle sleeves, a span length along the chest line that was clearly cut to the collarbone, had a bell-like skirt attached as if emphasizing a thin waist.

However, when the tailor shook the mannequin, the maid lamented.

Shining stars began to pour down over the shadow of the dress.

The skirt, wrinkled with a layer of soft orgundy, richly overlapping like a pastry, had a calm blue color, not too bright or dark, like a light misty sky.

Will this sparkle come out if you pick the brightest star in the sky and dust it finely and scatter it over the skirt?

Thousands of pearl beads and crystal ornaments on the lace decorating the hem shook like the night sky. Up close, the rainbow-colored part inside the shell was cut into thin slices and attached to the shape of stars and moons.

"Now Lady Elizabeth is a saint."

The tailor said so, sweeping down the mannequin's slender waistline as if to look.

Leonhardt blushed at the move.

Recently, the white skin that was reflected under a thin cloth soaked in the rain that frequently appeared in dreams, and a thin and thin line emerged.

"Ga... isn't your heart too open?"

Leonhardt pointed out Elizabeth, who had been struggling to look pathetic and pathetic in her head.

But the tailor refuted his remarks, opening his eyes wide as if it were a word.

"Compared to the style that's trending these days, it's pretty quiet."

Elizabeth, who was watching, admiring the decorations hanging from the hem of her skirt without a hitch at regular intervals and her exquisite sewing skills, looked up at the words.


No matter how much I look at it, I think that's too low, no matter how colorful the lace decorations are, it bothers me.

Upon entering, Leonhardt vowed to take off his coat and dress Elizabeth.

"The star of this debut bath has already been decided. That's why I had to think harder. How can we make Lady Elizabeth admit that she is the owner of this place? Then suddenly, I remembered the knights' cape. The image of the cape is... It's authoritative, dignified, colorful, but at the same time, the movement is as soft and elegant as the wind."

The tailor turned the mannequin halfway around. As soon as the thin orgundy skirt floated into the air and sank again, people in the room exclaimed again.

On the face of it, it seemed like a piece of cloth hung from the shoulder without the breathtaking embroidery, jewelry decorations, or even the common lace, but the effect of the cloth was great.

"…it's like the queen's cloak….”

"That's it, Lady Elizabeth."

The tailor turned the mannequin around again with a proud look on his face.

Once again, the skirt hem shook wide and heavy like a plate flower, but lightly like a cloud.

"It's so... so beautiful.”

Elizabeth sat next to Leonhardt with a look of ecstasy, staring at the dress.

"Would you like to try it on?”

"What? Me? Oh, well."

Elizabeth noticed her slip of the tongue a beat later and headed to the next room at the hands of the tailor.

Leonhardt then breathed out his stopped breath and fell down beside the sofa.

"Your Highness?"

"Oh, my God... can I see Lizzie in that with a sane mind?"

The maidens began to laugh low. Leonhardt carefully began to imagine Elizabeth in a dress.But his imagination, specialized in mapping in his head, tens of millions of soldiers in mountain ranges, and his fiancee in beautiful dresses, had no idea.

"Is your back okay?"

Elizabeth nodded her head.

Thanks to the elastic wire like a willow branch between the seams to create an elegant line without a corset, soft and seductive lines were flowing down the chest and waist like a winding wave under the long, slender neck.

Elisabeth, wearing lace gloves that were slightly over the elbow, smiled shyly at her reflection in the mirror and took on an elegant figure like the empress.

"Lady Elizabeth thought that the future empress would look better on the king than on the princess."

When the black wooden box was opened, the newly reborn imperial jewels greeted her with a glittering greeting under the touch of the craftsman.

"The masters were surprised. He said he didn't expect to see the jewelry he first delivered to the imperial family again this way, and to be reprocessed with his own hands."

Elizabeth was looking at the jewel on the dark blue velvet with rabbit eyes, and exclaiming silently.

Whoo, white coral wings carved with feathers so delicately that when blown, thin silver around the edge of the petals, peony pendant made of subtle colors like butterfly wings, and three wildflowers made of blue diamonds stretched like vines.

The tailor, who used a thin orgundy ribbon as a chain to connect the pendant and wore a ribbon to fit Elizabeth's neck, followed by an earring, paused.

"No... it's not....”


Instead of decorating coral wings, the tailor took out a flower crown made of thin silver and very light-colored aquamarine from another box.

Connecting to the flower crown was a chain of loose silver instead of a veil.

Wherever the chain and chain connected, sapphire and pearls glistened between her silver hair.

"As expected, Lady Elizabeth looks better this way."

Elizabeth realized what she meant and smiled brightly.

Finally, the tailor opened the lid of the shoe box. Unlike dresses and accessories, she couldn't make shoes herself, so she managed to complete the final sketch by stepping on a puddle of water, frying and jumping in place until the chief tailor's feet had eczema.

Then, with the completed sketch, she ran to the sculptor with the greatest skill in the empire.

The sculptor muttered, "This is crazy," looking at sketches and top-of-the-line crystal stones, but reproduced the moment when waves covered the back of his feet and bounced over his ankles, as ordered.

The completed result was a solid crystal, a high heel, and a diamond that was so large that it could be believed to be a star on the top of the foot.

"Can I put this on my shoes?”

Elizabeth hesitated, unable to put her foot in the shoes of an unimaginable shape.

"It's all right, Your Majesty and the Empress."

The tailor put shoes on her little feet, saying, Come on.

"How do I look?”

Elizabeth, who carefully lifted the skirt hem and walked lightly in place, asked.Every time, the decorations on the dress, as well as the small pearls and crystal decorations, which were attached instead of water droplets that bounced into the sky along the line surrounding the top of the feet, sparkled rainbow-colored.

The tailor replied in a sullen voice, thrilled.

"Gold Star came before us. I think I can believe it even if I do it. Lady Elizabeth."

Shall we go surprise the Crown Prince?

Elizabeth nodded her head. When the door opened, he lifted his chin lightly and stepped forward with a confident walk as advised by the tailor.

Leonhardt, who was playing with Bailey all over his body after trimming ten swords, rolled down the sofa, doubting his eyes.

Elizabeth, dressed in everything, was more of a goddess than a human being.


I didn't die and come to heaven, did I?

"Uh... how is it?"

How so, the most beautiful thing in the world is breathtaking.

"I'm glad I'm not a bard. If I were a minstrel, I would have cut off all the strings of the harp and bit my tongue to death because I was pessimistic about not being able to sing your beauty.”

"All you have to do is say you're pretty.”

Elizabeth twisted her body halfway, tucking her hair behind her ears for no reason.

"There's still one more dress left."

At that time, Leonhardt and Elizabeth's eyes turned to the mannequin, which was covered with white cloth.

The ladies-in-law, who exclaimed and praised Elizabeth, also turned to the rest of the dress.

I forgot for a moment. What they're looking at now was the second dress.

How beautiful would Lady Elizabeth look in front of people alone in her first dress, a white dress like a bride holding a wedding ceremony?

The tailor peeled off the cloth covering the mannequin with a confident look.

"Oh, my God..."

"Lizzy, can I really be your cavalier?"

"Not Leon, but who's gonna do it? But it's... This is really…."

The maidens began to worry that their jaws might have fallen on the floor.

Looking at the figure, the tailor felt proud and relaxed.

"Well... Lady Elizabeth, and Her Majesty the Crown Prince?"

"Say it."

"Can I take a break for a minute?”

I don't have the stamina to stand any longer. Fingers that have been sewing for three days and nights now have no sense, and they are spinning in front of their eyes because they can't eat properly....

The maidens moved first even before she finished talking.

Elizabeth, who was left alone in the room to move the tailor, who was about to collapse, carefully turned around again.


When the eyes disappeared, Leonhardt sprang up from his seat and strode toward Elizabeth.

Leonhardt's distinctive pungent, clear and refreshing fragrance was a little faster for his wide and strong arms to hug her than it touched her nose.

"It's so beautiful. It's too beautiful to be seen in the world as it is. I want to keep it in my eyes forever. Lizzie, Elizabeth, my lysode. I'm glad you could be like this. Really. I promise you that the name of the most beautiful star since debutant will be changed to yours. Maybe the design you're wearing is in the Lady Elizabeth style. No, I'm sure it will."Without breathing, Leonhardt said. I wanted to call all the wizards of the clock tower and put Elizabeth on record forever.

Mimir, do you want me to ask Mimir? Wouldn't it be nice if I give this as a price for showing this a little earlier than others?

Leonhardt, thinking of it, grabbed Elizabeth by the waist, lifted her lightly, and turned around a couple of times.

How beautiful the remaining dress would be, and I was so overwhelmed with anticipation and excitement.