Chapter - 72 Episode 73 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Mimir, the only granddaughter of the clock tower's owner, Mimir, who is expected to succeed him as the youngest, was looking out of the window with a pitiful and pitiful gaze.

She was delaying her debut bath because she had to experiment, but if it's her younger brother's debut bath, it's different.

She accepted the empress' favor of fitting a new dress as a moderate repair of the white dress worn by her mother.

Outside the window, I could see an endless procession of wagons.

The girls in white dresses, who carefully appeared in them one by one, were beautiful like roses blooming one by one by one.

"But you're not the main characters today."

Mimiir opened the door to the clock tower, saying so. The door immediately led to the waiting room. It was time to gather for entry.

"Hey, this is like freezing if anyone drinks water."

Mimiir lifted her eyebrows.

The young ladies, who filled the spacious waiting room, sat with stiff faces.

The chill atmosphere, which would be believed to have been painted to make the ice pieces look human, matched with the white dresses they wore, was even serious.

None of them recognized Mimiir. Mimiir flung down in an empty seat, ignoring their gaze.

How could you behave so poorly as a lady? About a hundred eyes flew in and stuck, but Mimir thought it would be nice to drink lemon water and open that door quickly.

"To Lady Visconti. It's been a while. Have you been at peace?"

After sitting calmly, when the door opened, the ladies, who were busy checking their faces and raising their heads again, began to buzz.

While everyone showed off their rich skirt hem, Lady, who appeared alone in a clean line of silk dresses like white lilies, bent her knees with elegant movements enough for Mimi to organize the skirt hem without realizing it.

"Long time no see, Lady Milan. I wonder if Young-ae was at peace."

Beatrice Rosina von Viscontier, daughter of the Duke of Viscontier, and this year's young lady, who is the same age as Mimir, was a major social figure known for her high standards as much as her status.

Young-ae, the Duke of Milan, greeted her without hesitation. Are you an adult this year?

The two families were enemies who covered up whatever the other person was doing and opposed to it, but their daughter was famous for being on such good terms as to be sadder than anyone else in society.

The two sat together on a long sofa, as if they had promised, and began chatting in a graceful manner.

The stiff atmosphere around him also began to ease little by little.

Mimiir stared at Beatrice and Roseline with an interesting look.

The atmosphere changed quickly around them.

Lady who knows how to move people, that was Mimiir's first impression of the two.

The two were blatantly claiming that they were the main characters of today, as even she had been building a wall with society for a long time would touch her skin.

I'm worried about Lizzie.

Of course, Lizzy will be pretty. I'm going to use magic to make her look pretty.

Overwhelming people with pretty dresses and dealing with them in person and getting them on their side were two completely different things.

Will Elizabeth, who has spent her entire life in the palace without even showing herself to society, be able to deal with the ladies safely?Originally, the main character was the last to appear.

Now that the Duke's spirit is in place, there's only one left.

The ladies, who were sitting calmly like white flowers, chatted and glanced at the doorknob.

The door finally opened, and the second highest-ranking lady in the empire appeared, after Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium, Duchess of Elysium, the fiancée of the Crown Prince, and the Queen of the Crown.

Oh, my God, Leonhardt, you were standing there looking at that?’

Mimiir bit her tongue inside when she saw Elizabeth.

It was a flower.

She was literally a white flower.

Someone must have sown flowers and scattered spring on a white silk dress that had a hard wick made of horseguns fixed wrinkles.

A wine table made of pearls, small petals made of finely carved coral, a rose made of silk ribbon, and a corsage embroidered with white silk thread on a thin cloth.

On the embroidered petals, all kinds of unnamed flowers were in full bloom over Elizabeth's body, including peony, which seemed to contain dew again with small grains of glass like sand.

Unlike the flowers of skirts arranged with certain rules to match the stiffly fixed wrinkles, it was a summer vine rose that bloomed in a flamboyant way, like a carelessly neglected vine plant.

The petals made of diamonds were shining under the light, turning her walk into a noble path through the stars.

No, actually, where she walked was where the stars stopped.

The shoes that seemed to brush through the hem of the dress were obviously crystal shoes.

It's a job to carve and work on a whole crystal, but to cast a spell on it so that it can actually be worn, is that a diamond on the foot?

Young-ae hid their feet under the skirt, which they were secretly sticking out. In front of the crystal shoes, any silk and ribbon-decorated shoes were nothing short of indoor slippers.

Every time she stepped, diamonds and crystal beads on her shoes began to smile silently and glow like small flowers.

Elizabeth naturally sat at the top with a gentle, gentle smile.

Hanging around her neck were seven diamond star necklaces worn by empresses for generations.

The sight of her wearing a white feather with lace decorations on a tiara, which the empress apparently chose for her, reminded me of the tiara of Mimi's tinnitus.

If anyone is jealous or jealous of her at this moment, it's self-proclaimed to be a devil, and Mimir could have bet all the magical knowledge he has learned.

Sneaking toward Beatrice and Roseline, they also looked quite surprised at Elizabeth's unexpected appearance.

The servant, who was unable to see, winked at Beatrice, who is the second-highest in status, to greet her quickly.

Mimir cast a small spell on Elizabeth in honor of the tailor in charge of her dress.

The place she passes by today will glow as if it had been sprinkled with dust.Beatrice and Roseline bit each other's lips.

I expected it, but I didn't expect it to be this much.

"Biscontier's Beatrice says hello to Lady Elysium. It's an honor to meet you."

Before I knew it, the ladies standing behind Beatrice bowed gracefully.

Instead of standing at the very end, Mimir made a heart shape with his fingers to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was able to relax a little thanks to her little prank.

Just before the door opened, Elizabeth was shaking, unable to breathe properly.

Elizabeth, who was shaking enough to think that she was being offered as a dragon's sacrifice, not as a waiting room for her debutant, swallowed her breath as soon as the door opened and people's eyes were on her.

No offense, but no goodwill.

In a place where she knew no face except Mimi-r, she had to be the brightest of her own.

Stopping his breath, Elizabeth slowly moved forward. Fortunately, there was a separate chair for her in the highest position.

Now all you have to do is act as the empress taught you.

Never lower yourself first, never talk to them before they say hello personally, and rather be arrogant and arrogant when you say something that will be gossiped about.

Elizabeth recalled the teachings of the empress.

She was alone, unlike the young children who had already grown close to each other since childhood.

Even if Mimir was present, she was an outsider who attended the meeting only as a courtesy of the imperial court, without even a peerage.

Suddenly she blinked quickly enough to shake her eyelashes, feeling lonely and alone.

All the ladies in the seat bowed their knees deeply and showed respect, but the two princesses, who were the only ones who could talk to her first, had yet to greet her separately.

They, the second-highest in status here, have not yet greeted, and it was against etiquette for a lady of the lower class to greet Elizabeth first.

Mimir was licking her dry lips, and she was looking at Elizabeth and Beatrice alternately with a burning heart.

Beatrice was smiling broadly, surrounded by Roseline and other young children in a position where she turned her back from Elizabeth, whispering, and laughing loudly enough not to violate the rules.

No matter how much you're chosen as the main character, it's only today. We're the real social owners.’

Roseline and Beatrice were on the same page.

Not everyone in the seat was, of course. But as long as Beatrice and Roseline were around, they couldn't be willing to talk to Elizabeth.

She was looking at Mimiir and the powerless family's wives with pity as she openly left Elizabeth out.

Elizabeth agonized for a moment. The empress told me not to talk to her first, but if I stay like this, I will end up being what they want.

No, wait a second. If we use it well, we can reverse this situation.

Elizabeth got up from her seat. People's eyes were on her.

Beatrice was turning her back on Elizabeth until the moment she heard her breathing behind her back.

"Lady Visconti, good night, huh?”

The smile disappeared from Beatrice's face. Roseline looked at Beatrice with an anxious look on her face.

Good night, huh?

Once upon a time, there was an emperor's concubine and the current emperor's concubine, who were so bad at each other that they would not be recognized for their existence if the empress did not accept her greetings.The concubine, which dominated society until the empress came, had to be recognized by the empress to maintain its position, but she was arrogant.

At first, the concubine, who laughed at her as a child and a child, felt humiliated and ashamed to see people leave her side little by little as the empress consistently ignored her greetings at several banquets.

And in the end, the emperor gave orders directly to her daughter-in-law so that she could be recognized for her existence.

There was such a backstory to the horse.

Let me be generous and acknowledge your arrogant presence in the bud, so that you may be honored, reflected, and appreciated.

That's what it sounds like to Beatrice.