Chapter - 73 Episode 74 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

Roseline Rupiah von Milan, daughter of the Duke of Milan, was confident that she knew Beatrice very well.

And Beatrice, she knows, was never the one to sit idle after this humiliation.

As expected, Beatrice did not even get up from her seat, turning her body and glancing up at Elizabeth.

Some young children gasped and freaked out when they looked up, but looked down to the point where they thought it was blatant.

'You're such a shameless....’

Elisium's Elizabeth was beautiful, obviously. Enough to believe that the word angel's descendant is true.

But now that Elysium's status has fallen to the ground and has no longer been talked about in society, it is clear that she would not have been able to step on this occasion had it not been for her status as the crown prince's fiancee.

Even if the relationship between Viscontier and Milan was terribly bad, the possibility of a union between the two families was always a matter for the emperor to watch.

Two duchess families, the imperial family, and one duchess who has no choice but to side with the imperial family.

It is also the first empress who contributed to the founding of the country and has been engaged with various aristocrats, so it would be somewhat horizontal.

With that thought, the emperor would have signed a Taejung marriage with Elysium, my father said.

'It's funny that it's been used as a political tool..’

Roseline poked her lips inwardly and decided to keep silent on how Beatrice came out.

"I told the gardener to throw it away because the flowers in the garden couldn't stand the summer, and they bloomed again in Lady Ellisium's dress.”

There was a chuckling of laughter among the young children.

But Elizabeth was still treating Beatrice with a gentle smile.

"Thanks to the empress' teaching me how to treat flowers."

Beatrice's smiling face hardened again.

"Lady Visconti, if it's not rude, may I ask you a favor?”

"Go ahead."

Roseline was as nervous as Beatrice. What kind of order will come from those lips?

You think I know your subject? Don't be arrogant anymore? However, contrary to expectations, Elizabeth asked Beatrice with a smile as clear as a silver bell flower.

" I behaved so you can learn by watching, please?”

How am I supposed to interpret this word? Beatrice was genuinely taken aback. You want me to act literally like a manners teacher? Then I should admit that I was rude, apologize, and officially say hello.

Or to tell me how to behave in society?

Don't tell me, no matter how beautifully raised you are in the imperial family, you don't know that.

Beatrice shook her head inward. And the disgrace of this moment must be repaid, so he stood up and greeted Elizabeth formally.

"With your generosity and unbounded mercy, I hope you will forgive me a moment ago, and Beatrice of Biscontier once again greets you formally."

It was Elizabeth's turn to panic. I said to show them how it was necessary to act in a purely social meaning, but I firmly was misunderstood.

After receiving the official greeting, the spirits of other families began to greet them as if they had waited. Elizabeth had to sweat to accept it.

Watching the scene from afar, Mimir looked complicated.

'It's not good to get it wrong like that already, but it's not very good….’

I don't know. Mimir just wanted the doors to open quickly and the ready cavaliers to take them in polite movements.Elisabeth, before she knew it, was naturally sandwiched between Beatrice and Roseline.

The two were getting tired of being too nervous even before the debut tent began, not knowing what malice might be in her innocent expression.

However, Elizabeth began to put into her head the subject of Beatrice's actions and mouth whether she was aware of the situation or not.

It's a very elegant lady.

Elizabeth thought. I didn't have a high nose, but I wasn't a person to meet every day, and I could overlook that much.

And if it wasn't for the crown prince's fiancee now that Elysium, her father's father, had almost fallen, she would have to greet Beatrice first.

Should I say thank you to Leon?’

Elizabeth thought so and sat back down to watch Beatrice and other young children talk.

And I began to learn how to distinguish between a laugh that was a real laugh, the grumpy malice hidden in sorrow and the jealousy and timing hidden in the words "good."

"Lady Elizabeth, it's time to get ready."

At the end of the servant's reign, Elizabeth rose to her feet, asking for an understanding.

"I'd like to invite you to tea time when we're done with our debutant. Could you tell me an interesting story like now, who is darkened by the public news?”

Again, Elizabeth said in a pure sense that no malice could be found.

Beatrice began to wonder if she was too sensitive.

"Are you okay, sister? Are you okay?

"…Lady Elizabeth… I don't know, I've never had a lady like that before.”

Roseline stood behind Beatrice's back, blinking only. It was the first time Beatrice, who grasped almost everything about the other person with just three words of conversation, spoke this way.

Maybe Lady Elizabeth really said that out of pure intentions?

Roseline only tilted her head. Anyway, I thought it would be better to watch a little more.


The door finally opened.

While people's applause sounded louder than the orchestra's magnificent music, Elizabeth waited for Leonhardt with a ready pink rose bouquet.

Leonhardt kissed her hand politely and stepped out into the middle of a banquet hall with a red carpet.

"This is Lady Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium, the only daughter of the Duke of Elysium, called Descendant of Angels, and the fiancé of Her Majesty Leonhard Tristan von Espedor, the little sun of the Empire!"

Elizabeth bent her knees gracefully toward the people.

At that moment people saw the illusion of light wings spreading behind her back.

Leonhardt led Elizabeth to the place where the Emperor and Empress waited.

From Beatrice to Mimir, there were a lot of people who participated in this year's debut bath, and the introduction of them was longer.

Thanks to this, Leonhardt was able to appreciate, admire, and get used to Elizabeth a little bit.

"Lizzy... did you put on makeup?”

"Hey, you don't look good, do you?

Elizabeth hurriedly took out her handkerchief and tried to remove the rouge from her lips.

But Leonhardt shook his head, blocking her movement.

"No, it's pretty. It's so pretty that I don't know what to say. Even if you bring all the poems, songs, and even ancient words you've learned, there won't be a word that can express who you are now.”

I must have turned back the hands of the clock for this day.

Leonhardt truly thought so as soon as he saw Elizabeth entering first after the door opened."Darn, if you're going to describe that as pretty, why does my tongue exist?’

Leonhardt thought so and bit his tongue, realizing that he could not even say that it was pretty if it was cut off, and turned his head calmly.

My heart was pounding and my eyes began to spin. I felt like a child who really fell in love and couldn't make a difference.

I was already used to standing still.

But the fact that she was next to him in a white dress meant Leonhardt had to struggle to keep his heart from jumping out of his mouth and rolling all the way.

On clouds or the edge of the waves breaking? Anywhere was good. My heart couldn't have been beating so fast without standing in such a tight spot.

Was I such a pathetic person that I couldn't get my act together just because the woman I loved was next to me?

I did, it's pathetic. In front of Elizabeth, he was always the stupidest idiot in the world and the world's fool.

"The granddaughter of Mimi's Brunne, the owner of the clock tower, Lady Mimiir, the second most distinguished wizard in the empire, and the eldest son of the Marquis of Cavalier and Perrian, Ilysses Eldirjan von Perian!"

"Why is Ils there?”

I blinked a few times, exhaled hard, and only did so, but it seemed like a long and boring time had passed in an instant. Last but not least, Ilysses appeared escorting Mimir with a shaky step.

"Didn't you know that Ils agreed to do Mimir's Cavalier on behalf of Mimi Brunne?"

"I had no idea… Lizzy, did you know that?”

Elizabeth stuck out her tongue.

"Ilysses said a few days ago. Teach me how to escort a lady."


Leonhardt shook his head.

Now that all the main characters of the debut tent have appeared, it was time to face each other and greet each other with courtesy.

An opponent who had already been engaged with Leonhardt at the forefront, or an opponent who was scheduled to do so, or a father, and a friend stood side by side facing each other extremely rarely.

First the gentleman's polite and disciplined greetings, and the lady's elegant and bright response.

And the opening dance started.

People stepped back and arranged a seat for Elizabeth and Leonhardt to remain in the center.

"Leon, are you nervous?”

"A little. What about you?"

"I can't breathe.”

"…don't step on my foot. You're wearing shoes now.”

Leonhardt and Elizabeth whispered, facing each other's foreheads on each other's

The orchestra's sophisticated waltz began and the two began to move slowly, as they practiced together one summer without anyone knowing.

As Elizabeth turned around, her dress also lifted slightly into the air.

Everyone was watching the young lovers dance with a pleased expression.

Leonhardt prayed to himself that this moment would not end.

It was such an ecstatic moment that I was suddenly afraid that I might wake up from my dream as soon as the hot breathing and steps with her ended.

"Elizabeth, how do you feel now?”

I'm nervous, nervous, and happy, but I can't say it because I'm afraid this moment will end like a bubble, so please tell me instead.

Leonhardt stared at Elizabeth with that look.Elizabeth smiled instead of answering and held on to her firm shoulders as he held on to her waist and prepared to turn around in the air.

"I feel like I'm flying in the sky.”

Leonhardt finished the dance with a flushed face. While she was dancing with other people, she felt like she needed to cool off with the wind.