Chapter - 74 Episode 75 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

How to be friends with a king.

The empire, which was heated up by the fireworks festival of the harvest festival as well as the imperial palace where the debut tent was being held, was eager for a cool autumn wind as much as those who worked under the hot summer sun.

Leonhardt wiped the sweat off his forehead instead of a handkerchief, so he left his body and closed his eyes.

The past he remembers has completely changed since summer.

The future he will face from now on was like a white sketchbook that had to be drawn entirely with his power.

Leonhardt decided to capture Elizabeth on the first page.

Elizabeth, who announced the start of her debut dance with him, was now joining hands with the emperor.

How many times have you danced with the Empress? Leonhardt recalled, feeling forced through the less healed wound.

It would be faster to count what dance, how many times a day you run into each other.

Leonhardt, who had been combing his hair up neatly, turned around with a desire to do well from now on.

After his father, the Knights Commander, and then the noble children's turn, would return, but he had no intention of releasing Elizabeth from the product.

"If you dance to a song with me, you won't be able to....”

"It's an honor, but not today."

"Your Highness the Crown Prince."

You're a quick-witted fellow. Leonhardt thought so and took Elizabeth back from an unknown young aristocrat.

"Will you give me the honor that I will never have again?”

Elizabeth smiled and readily responded.

When the main couple of Debutant started dancing again, people stopped moving and gave up their seats.

Leonhardt's vision was full of Elizabeth.

As she lifted her thin, slender body, there was a sound of petals falling from her dress.

It moved away, and when I pulled it back into my arms, the ecstatic and sweet scent came into my arms.

"Does the moon feel like this?"


"You can see the twinkling stars all night long. Lizzy, that's exactly how I feel right now. It's good just to look at you like this. I'd be happy to accept it even if it was a salt pillar. You are... very beautiful, lovely, and makes me not who I am.”

Elizabeth turned round and round and round. Her flushed face faced him again, with a soft, fragrant sound as when she picked the branches and waved them in the air.

The music was over, but Leonhardt stopped with Elizabeth in the air.

"Leon, Leon?"

"Stay still... just stay the way you are. Please be my star as it is. Huh?"

Elizabeth smiled as she looked down at Leonhardt with an unstoppable look on her face.

It was not until long before Leonhardt greeted Elizabeth with a light motion, holding her fingertip.

People's applause rang louder and higher than firecrackers and the flame of the harvest.

The emperor and the empress were giving a congratulatory speech for their debut bath while the ladies changed into a second dress and redecorated their disheveled clothes.

"I'm so glad we're having such a beautiful moment this year. I guess it wasn't just wheat that grew during spring and summer. I dare say that all the flowers in the empress' garden will not be as fresh and beautiful as the ladies who are away for a while."

The emperor moistened his throat with light champagne and continued his congratulatory speech.

"Especially this year, we have two great news. One is that, as you already know, it's the day the crown prince's fiancée Lady Elysium officially makes her social debut. Another is…."The emperor leaned slowly. And proudly displayed the young yellow girl in her nanny's arms.

"My princess is already two years old."

Most of them knew it because they had already heard the news, but in the face of the emperor's official declaration, the nobles began to congratulate one by one.

"Well, Jim is going to drink instead of the Empress today. Empress, can Jim do that?"

"It's too much, but I drink. If I'm worried, I'll worry about the baby in the stomach."

That's what they say. The emperor winked his eyes playfully.

"Let the Empress say a word, too.

The Empress nodded her head.

"Your Highness has already said what I have to say, so I will not add to it. Today's main characters are young people who will lead the empire. May their future be full of blessings."

With the emperor and the empress at the forefront, the nobles, who were holding cups in their hands, began to toast, blessing the empress' meeting and the main characters of the debutant.

The emperor, who had two drinks in a row until the Empress's share, quickly went to his seat with her, and began to look around the venue with a pleased expression.

"What do you think so deeply about?”

The emperor replied, facing the empress with a friendly face.

"I was praising myself for not being a tyrant, though a tyrant."

"Your Majesty will be the Holy Father who will remain in the history books."

"I don't want the Holy Father. You know all I need is a compliment from the empress."

The empress smiled tenderly and followed the emperor around the hall.

People's faces were full of smiles.

All the banquets were neither too modest nor too extravagant.

"Lizzy grew up pretty good."

"The kid?"

The empress nodded as she recalled Elizabeth, who was thinking about how to decorate the president of Debut Tangt and what kind of food to prepare.

"Would you mind if I gave you the keys to the treasury at any time?"

The emperor pondered something with his low-sink eyes and nodded slowly to affirm.

"Can this child make a good country to live in?"

"Leon will listen. Don't say anything to upset me."

"I assure you, Leon, he will be a saint for the sake of the princess."


It was time for the ladies who changed into the second dress to appear again.

Leonhardt, who was leaning the champagne cup against the pillar with a languid look on his face, turned the empty cup back into a new one, expecting how people would react to Elizabeth's appearance.

The ladies, who entered the waiting room with their very bright faces and trembling feet, were busy bragging about how well their cavaliers were and who they were asked to dance with with their relaxed faces.

The same was true of Elizabeth. Elizabeth, who sat on a separate seat on a high platform, quickly blinked after drinking cold lemon water with mint leaves.

Would this be how the lady who joined the ball with the power of a fairy feels now?

Leonhardt, dressed in the crown prince's robe, looked more mature and dignified than ever and looked only at her throughout the dance.

Elizabeth came close to stepping on his feet several times, looking affectionately and warmly as if she were his whole world.

You want me to be my star?

Elizabeth ducked her head, covering her face with her hands.'If I were your star, Leon would be my....’

"Lady Elysium?"

"Oh, it's okay. I'm fine, so could you hand out towels to others? Don't spray perfume, but wet mint with water."

"All right."

Beatrice naturally opened her eyes to Elizabeth, who commanded the maid of the Imperial Palace.

Mint's distinctive clear and refreshing scent combined with cold water cooled the cheeks of the ladies, who were as flushed as rouge as a child's clumsy cheeks.

While each changed into a new dress, Elizabeth and the two dukes sat in their seats until the end.

"Lady Milan, I'm sorry, but could you excuse me for a moment?”

Roseline unknowingly looked at Beatrice as if asking for permission. Beatrice answered by moving a fan instead of nodding.

Even after Roseline left for the dress room, Beatrice sat upright without even touching the wet towel, which was placed on the silver plate for her share.

"It's a place for relaxation, so sit back, Lady Visconti."

Beatrice, however, shook her head in such a graceful figure that Elizabeth was deeply admired.

Sit in a neat figure like a sculpture so that your back does not touch the back of the chair, slightly raise your head, pull your chin, exhale even breath without disruption, and hold the fan at a constant angle of hands and arms.

Elizabeth, who lived like a doll more than a decade ago without knowing how to think for herself what she liked and disliked, was already a hard-hearted attitude that she had forgotten.

Elizabeth, who was sitting on a soft chair, found herself in the past, looking as cold as a piece of ice.

"Lady Visconti."

"Yes, Lady Elysium."

"Would you rather call me Elizabeth than Ellisium? He left the castle in his room the day he left the mansion."


Beatrice almost turned her head around without realizing it.

But the etiquette that had been practiced for 20 years did not let her go, gripping her neck muscles.

Feeling a slight pain in her throat, Beatrice pronounced Elizabeth's name several times in her mouth before calling her name in a quaint tone.

"Thank you. I hope this is an unforgettable night for Lady."

"Well, if you have anything to say...?”

You didn't call me just because you wanted me to call you by your name. Beatrice tilted her head, thinking so.

"No, I asked you because I liked Elizabeth more than Elysium. If Young-ae calls me that first, I don't think other Young-ae will call me Elysium anymore."

Elizabeth grinned, saying so.

"Phew, I shouldn't be so tired already. Maybe I should have followed Leon and exercised."

"Re…Lady Elizabeth?"

"Is it strange?"


"You are to be the empress, to be more elegant, dignified, and dignified than any other lady in the Empire....”

Elizabeth met Beatrice with a wry smile.

"If my mother saw me now, she would be very disappointed.”

"Who dares to have an unholy heart to such a man, who is second only to the Empress in this empire?"

Elizabeth smiled and nodded.

"If you have nothing more to say, please excuse me first to change my clothes.

"Did I do anything rude to Lady?”

Beatrice, who was in a hurry to get out of her seat, hardened on the spot."If not, I want to be friends with Lady."