Chapter - 75 Episode 76 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.


Lady Beatrice Rosina von Viscontier, the only daughter of the Duke of Viscontier and perhaps sat in Elizabeth's place, laughed at.

There's a degree to deceiving people.

Elizabeth saw Beatrice's complexion rapidly hardening and her lips flutter with anxiety.

"…by any chance, was my first impression that bad?"

"No way. The moment I saw Lady Elizabeth, I could see why Lady's family was called angel's descendants."

I meant it as much as I said. Beatrice spread a fan and covered her face, indicating she didn't want to talk anymore.

But Elizabeth smiled and spoke to her again, knowing clearly what it meant.

"I want Young-ae to help me."

"What's the benefit of doing that?"

Beatrice was surprised by the sharp words she uttered without realizing it, so she unwittingly rolled her lips inside and bit Elizabeth.

"Well… the privilege of enjoying tea time with a woman of the second highest rank in the Empire, anytime, anywhere?

Elizabeth leaned her head with an innocent face and spoke in a serious tone.

At that moment, the silk fan in her hand fell to the floor.

Beatrice trembled, gripping the fan again.

I can't believe you're doing this in front of Elizabeth.

Beatrice's face began to turn blue.

"It's not going to ruin the world, Lady Visconti."


Elizabeth approached Beatrice with a smile and clasped her trembling hand.

"Right now, do I need to consider manners that I don't keep? It's okay."

It's okay, he said that and his smiling face was so sweet. Beatrice felt like a believer who was promised heaven directly to God.

"Lady Visconti."

Beatrice carefully made eye contact with Elizabeth.

"Please be friends with me."

Elizabeth smiled brightly once again, saying so. It was time to change into the second dress.

Elizabeth, who was heading for the dress room, turned away.

Beatrice, that name is enough.

Elizabeth looked back at her and smiled brightly again.

"Excuse me first, lady… No, Beatrice."

Elizabeth greeted the dressing room with the most elegant and polite gesture she could do.

Beatrice, who was left alone, stood there for a long time.

In fact Beatrice didn't just hate her.

As she had received a strict education suitable for the spirit of the only three duchess in the empire, she even felt a sense of sympathy for her childhood.

The attitude he was taking until a while ago was nothing but childish jealousy and timing that he could think of as a child.

And like most people who feel that way and reflect on their shame, she also feels like hiding if there is a hole in the mouse at this moment.

But Beatrice hurried to change her dress instead of looking for a rat hole.

Beyond the door were the grumpy authors looking forward to the future crown princess making only one small mistake, and the immature infants who do not know how to hide their expressions as well as them.

Let's protect her from them. Beatrice thought so and headed back to the chairmanship.

As she expected, the inexperienced, who were ahead of their expectations, were making fun of their mouths as if they really believed they could stand superior to Elizabeth if they were so downplayed.'You people don't know the right thing.'

Beatrice approached them, tongue in cheek.

"What are you going to do?"

Roseline, who was responding to moderately young infants, naturally came to her side.


Beatrice leaned in calling Roseline's pet name and whispered her conclusion in her ear.


Roseline stared into Beatrice's eyes, nodded as if she knew it, and disappeared again among the crowd again.


Leonhardt was watching everything from the beginning.

Young children with fluffy cheeks gathered like chicks and dared to babble about Lady Ellisium without knowing that they could hear voices over the fan.

'That's no place for gentlemen, Your Majesty the Crown Prince.'

If it wasn't for the advice that Chuck Mimiir whispered to his ears, he would have already kicked them out of the president.


Once again, the arrogant laughter of the world, which was thought to be all mine, went beyond the fan and made unpleasant wrinkles over the bridge of the nose of adults around it.

'It'll probably be used as a political tool anyway.’

In a little while, you might find another girl.’

"So I have a chance, too. Hahaha!'

"Your Highness, Crown Prince. Your hands are...."

Only then did Leonhardt notice that the glass he was holding in his hand broke into pieces and stabbed the flesh through thick gloves, causing red blood to fall to the floor.

Even if a sharp piece of glass tears her skin and the pain of digging into the tender flesh, would it be as painful as the tears she shed and the humiliation she had to endure?

As a temporary measure, Leonhardt once again regretted as he went to the door where Elizabeth would appear with gloves on his hands wrapped only in bandages.

'That Young-ae is...'

I'm sure I've seen it somewhere.

Passing through the crowd of young children, Leonhardt raised an eyebrow lightly. And soon I remembered who it was.

She was the daughter of Duke Biscontier, who was leading the way in ignoring the empress more than anyone else.

Don't tell me you're gonna do the same thing this time?

Leonhardt glanced nervously at them.

"What have you been enjoying so much?”

"Lady Visconti! Welcome. If not, just now Lady Ellisium's....”

"I don't think it's a name that you'd say in your absence."

Leonhardt, perked up his ears and overheard their stories, shouted hurray to himself. Apparently, Lady Visconti of this life was trying to be on Elizabeth's side.

"…Excuse me."

"It's not the family name, it's the fancy dress, it's the lips that prove the value of love."

Recognizing the hidden meaning of the words, Young-ae, who were at a loss to cool their red faces with fans, began to look around in tears as if they finally remembered where this place was.

"Well... I'm going to take a break. Excuse me."

Eventually some of them got up and fled to the waiting room.

Beatrice glanced at it in an orphaned figure and grinned over the fan.


"Lady Elizabeth, if you had come out earlier, you would have had a good look.”


"No, then shall we go?"

Elizabeth, who had just come out of the waiting room, put her hand on Leonhardt's arm with a look of ignorance.

The Crown Prince and his fiancee were on their way. Each person lowered his body deeply and expressed his respect.

Elizabeth smiled brightly and stepped back to the center with Leonhardt."Are you relaxed now?”

"I think I can make friends.”

"Friend, what all of a sudden?"

But Elizabeth's answer was not heard buried in the grand music of the orchestra.

Leonhardt naturally took Elizabeth's hand and started dancing again, thinking if it was something to do with Lady Visconti a while ago.

"I said Leon's star, didn't I?"

"The most beautiful star in the world."

Elizabeth smiled and returned the words.

"Leon is like the sun to me. It always reflects the path I have to take.”

"And I'm always watching. And Lizzy, my heart for you is hotter than the summer sun....”

Elizabeth moved away as the dress unfolded like a bingle and a plate flower.

Leonhardt smiled and reached out to her. Elizabeth returned to his arms as if of course.

"Hotter than the summer sun?"

Elizabeth moved away again before she could hear the answer.

When she returned to her arms, Leonhardt lightly left a lip mark on her forehead and pushed her back, as if Elizabeth would fly away as a bird.

The thin, thin line that seemed to be barely kicked in the palm of his hand if he spread his hand widely leaned back flexibly and stretched over his arm.

Elizabeth's upper body slowly climbed up again with a solo performance of the violin that seemed to break.

Leonhardt truly admired the graceful gesture of a swan.

"When did you grow so big?”

My Elizabeth, who knows nothing, is innocent and pure.

A bird in a cage that doesn't know how to deal with people's malice, nor how to reverse their ridicule.

My Elizabeth, like a flower in a greenhouse, cleans the leaves with a silk handkerchief every morning.

My man, my love. I'd rather tread on God's name than call it that.

Leonhardt chuckled inwardly.


My love, when did you grow up to make me a sinner again?

Leonhardt kissed the back of her hand in a very slow motion.

His violet-colored eyes had never been more serious.

The feelings that I couldn't bring myself to say became eyes and held her breath tightly and wouldn't let her go.

Elizabeth managed to swallow and nod. He raised himself again.

Why do I remember what happened in the flower garden of the wagon chrysanthemum on a rainy day?

The distance and eyes of each other's breaths were already in the air, hugging and rolling around.

"Don't ask."

Elizabeth spoke in a thin voice.

It was a desperate plea and an order he could never resist.

Leonhardt slowly held Elizabeth's hand and clasped her.

One step, one step and a half, three steps forward.

Elizabeth closed her eyes. I could feel his hands wrapped around his waist and hugged him more closely.

How carefully, softly, affectionately each finger wrapped in white gloves moved.

Winter winds caressing snowflakes, she was convinced, could not imitate his movements.

Leonhardt prayed that time would stop so that he could remember this moment forever.

But his hands were moving endlessly, and Leonhardt had to take five steps back with a look of regret and regret before missing the beat."Elizabeth, I have a favor to ask of you.”

"…what is it?"

Leonhardt spoke in such a low voice that she could only hear, leaving a small kiss on her lips.

"Today, you're the one who's here. So Elizabeth, please be king."