Chapter - 76 Episode 77 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

What do you mean, a king?

The heat he had left behind remained like a haze.

Elizabeth thought, gazing blankly at the back of him who disappeared alone when no man in the seat was allowed to ask her to dance again.

Debut Tangt, now a place for flowers that are just showing their faces in society.

Be a king there, he said.

Be king in the presence of the white-eyed beings, curiosity, interesting people, even the Empress?

Unable to guess the meaning, Elizabeth rushed after Leonhardt.

But Beatrice blocked her.

"Lady Elizabeth, today is not the only day."

Behind her back, there were young lovers who sent longing and envy. Men who couldn't tell the difference between courage and brutality were also busy glancing at her with a cough in the distance.

Elizabeth was in conflict. However, she soon turned her back with a bright smile.

"Are you all having a good time?"

She began to praise her appearance, dress, and beautiful dance that moved with Leonhardt, as if she had been desperate to speak ill of her until a while ago.

Beatrice led her to the highest position.

That's where she was sitting a little while ago.

The place where people's eyes were most focused, what it meant was clear.

Elizabeth, seated, slowly looked around the audience.

To be king, or to be ridiculed.

It was all up to her.

In the gaze filled with envy, she could see those who were still inexperienced in hiding their innermost thoughts.

"Lady Elizabeth, the dance earlier was very beautiful. Is it true that you have a close relationship with the Crown Prince?"

"No matter how high the fence of the palace is, it's no use. I don't know, I just followed your lead."

In addition to closing the mouth of the person who tried to nitpick his quietness, the entire sentence included a warning not to put the imperial affairs into his mouth.

Beatrice stared at Elizabeth with a good eye for a first-time socialite.

Elizabeth laughed inwardly as she saw the person who spoke only fanning with a white expression.

Human emotion was still too difficult a story for her.

Even more, where you have to hide your feelings and cover yourself with your fans.

But Leonhardt wanted her to be king here.

In her view, Leonhardt was a great man who had no awkwardness in the throne.

So she, who will be by his side, also had to be at the top, at the center.

But Leon, I don't want to be king. Instead of reigning over these ladies, I want to be with everyone.’

Elizabeth smiled secretly inside and apologized to Leonhardt.

"Lady Elysium, Prince of Wales....”



"Lady Elizabeth, that's enough. Today is not only for me, but also for you, so I'd like to share that joy."

"Lady Elizabeth really does seem to have angel blood in her veins."

Elizabeth, however, was merely smiling in the midst of blatant sarcasm and never-favorite laughter.

Elizabeth smiled again only after a long time that they realized their shame and turned their heads to embarrassment first."Well, well... whatever you have to say...?”

"I think any conifer will stop coloring her cheeks red in front of her."


"Literally. What a beautiful woman she is, I thought so."

"It's an honor…".”

Elizabeth continued, catching her breath in a moment of calmness.

"After this time, I'll be alone again. It's against manners for a fiancee of the Crown Prince to forget her dignity, and I'd like to welcome you here as my friend and hold a tea party as often and as long as possible."

At Elizabeth's words, everyone looked at her with rabbit eyes.

Even Beatrice raised her fan and covered her mouth reflexively when Elizabeth said she would make friends with everyone here.

"…if the future empress commands, she must go wherever she is... I'm sure, right?"

Beatrice glanced lightly. It was a young love I've encountered a few times. Why do you want to turn her into an enemy when you're saying you'll take care of her if she's on my side?

"Lady Elizabeth, I heard that the autumn leaves of the Duke of Milan are very beautiful."

"Oh, my God, I'd love to see it."

Roseline thanked Beatrice with a wink of gratitude.

"Compared to the Imperial Palace, it is insignificant, but maple leaves the size of a child's palm are often found."

"Where in this empire is Lady unable to go?"

The spirituality of the two dukes was already on her side. The quick-witted began to praise Elizabeth and introduce themselves.

But what Elizabeth wanted wasn't a friend she could make with a few words of compliment close to such a greeting.

In the distant future, when Leonhardt ascended to the throne.

Those who are influential enough to help him move on through them.

But at the same time, a close friend who can tell her every last secret she has inside.

Elizabeth suddenly realized why Leonhardt left her alone.

If he comes here anymore, come here, go away, if you want to be close to this person, be close to him, if you should be reluctant, grow your own eyes and choose and act.

What would Leon say if he did?’

Do you want me to compliment you? Or what if you're so moved that you stop crying?

No, let's not care about him any more.

Elizabeth thought so and blinked, especially with the faces of the young children being trampled on.

"Lady Beatrice."

"Go ahead."

"It's hard for me to say anything because I can't go outside. So Young-ae, will you give me an example first?"

Beatrice then understood Elizabeth's true intentions and introduced Roseline first.

"Roseline, Duchess of Milan. Whether the fathers are on good terms or bad terms, it's none of our business."

"As Beatrice said. Lady Elizabeth, it is an honor to meet you. I deeply apologize for the rudeness a moment ago."

"Lady Milan did something rude. Come to think of it, Viscontier and Milan are the only three dukes of the empire with Elysium. If you don't mind, may I call Young-ae Roseline, too?"

"It's an honor."

Elizabeth, with Beatrice's help, was introduced to influential families one by one.Watching the scene, Mimir shouted hurray to find Ilysses.

"Mi, Mimiir?"

"You, dance with me right now. Now is the time to do so."


Mimiir led Naeda Ilysis to the center of the banquet hall.

Illisys, who was supposed to only do Cavalierge and escort because of his good words, faced Mimir as if he was half dragged away in embarrassment.

"Mimir, I've never even danced before!”

"Yes, I know."

"Why would someone who knows...!”

"We have magic.”

"Yes? No, no.”

"You don't want to? Why don't you just dance? You want to make people laugh while dancing? Who will succeed Perian in the future?”

"That's better, I don't want to dance with magical powers!"

"Oh... I thought you were just timid, but you do it when you do it."

Mimir ignored the pitch beat and began to shake the Illicis wildly.

She was a person who could do that.

Noblemen should be disrespectful, even the second owner of the prestigious clock tower, as well as the sorcerers should be.You're starting to blabber out.

But no one has ever blamed Ilysses.

"I'm saving your life, so you have to thank me later.”

Ilysses was swayed around by her without knowing the whole story.

"This year's debut bath is going well.”

"You're right."

The Emperor and Empress stared pleasedly at Leonhardt, Elizabeth, and Mimir one after another.

Leonhardt was learning faces by visiting famous ministers who would never have met.

Elizabeth was alone in learning how to recognize a man's character and borrow his strength.

And Mimir was first trying not to be rude to leave his partner Lady alone, for example, what Confucius of the Perian family should do as a Cavalier, studying only.

The name "The Wizard of the Clock Tower," which would not be strange at any time, made Ilysses feel sorry for trying to keep up with whatever dance she did.

"Mimir, I didn't know he was good at dancing."

"You're right. But did he practice alone just because it's his debut soup?"

"Maybe so."

"Well, magic and learning….”

"I think you're thinking something interesting…?”

"It's nothing, Empress. It's just... I thought it would be okay to just hand over the watches to those kids."

"A watch…?"

The empress stared at the emperor with a curious look. It was natural that the clock he was talking about was not just a clock.

"If the water is too thick, it will rot."

That's what the emperor said and knitted his brow.

Nearly thirty years have passed since he became emperor. In the meantime, the children grew as much as the trees planted on the day the empress entered the imperial family.

"Don't you think it'll be fun to spend the rest of your life raising a daughter?"

"Your Majesty!"

The empress had wide-eyed eyes. The little yellow girl, who still doesn't understand her father's words, only tilted her head.

It was not that Leonhardt was unreliable or lacked the qualities of an emperor. What worried the empress was Elizabeth, who would wear her crown at an early age.

Is it the right choice to make an adult child an empress, not a crown princess?

On the other hand, however, the empress nodded first with a good feeling, as she knew better than anyone else who regarded Elizabeth as the most intense.

"…I hope the porridge made of abalone will suit your taste.""A abalone porridge…I have another story that reminds me of. When my love suffered from the first morning sickness, the only food I could eat was abalone porridge, so to get fresh abalone every morning...”

"Your Majesty, I must say....”

"Just kidding, joking. Oh, my little girl. Do you want me to dance with my dad?”

Before I knew it, the yellow girl who came down from the nanny's arms was pulling the emperor's trousers.

It must have been a fun game for the young yellow lady to see people holding hands in colorful clothes that make her eyes twinkling.

Regardless of his shoes getting dirty, the emperor slowly shook his body from side to side after putting the little feet of the yellow woman on the top of his feet.

Golden coriander hair and violet eyes that resemble Leonhardt laughed.

"Oh, my God. Look at that, Elizabeth is smiling naturally among the ladies."

The emperor, who was holding the little hand of the yellow woman, turned his eyes away.

"Really, Empress, do you remember? The first day I met that kid."

"It's really past time. I think I know now."

The eyes of the Empress and Elizabeth met in the air.

Elizabeth bowed her head lightly and greeted the empress.

A feathery white light glistened momentarily behind her clear smiling back.