Chapter - 77 Episode 78 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

Be the one who writes people.

Roseline Rupiah von Milan, daughter of the Duke of Milan, learned so.

Be such a man that even an imperial man can make and use as his own.

The Duke of Milan put his little girl on his lap and whispered every day.

Especially if you're from that Visconti family, make it yours!

Young Roseline grew up nodding without knowing the meaning.

But Viscontier's first encounter wasn't easy enough for her to take as the underdog.

Beatrice Rosina von Visconti.

A year older than her, a woman of the same duke and a woman who has to bite off the other person and win, just as each other's father does.

But Beatrice knelt before her first or reached out to Roseline first instead of using her as her underdog.

And one day, the two vowed to be lifelong friends, holding hands with each other, avoiding the eyes of the family, with a shallow stream between them.

So deeply adored and respected, 'Liche' sister chose to stand by Lady Elizabeth.

Roseline decided to follow Beatrice to Elizabeth's side without a murmur.

The Duchess of Milan was a sociable person.

At every banquet, picnic, and tea party she was invited to, the Duchess accompanied her young daughter and taught her to get used to social customs and atmosphere from childhood.

Thanks to her, there were few faces she didn't know here, and even if there were, it meant that she came from a family that didn't even have to get close to or remember them.

Like those young kids who still can't read the atmosphere and act recklessly.

"Lady Elizabeth, do you still hang out with Miss Mimir in the clock tower?"

Elizabeth tilted her head, trying to maintain a gracious look like the empress as much as possible.

It was a face I've seen before, but I couldn't remember the name or family name.

"I still remember vividly what happened on the welcoming day. How dare you ask the Emperor for his reward!

"Of course magic requires a price."

"Don't tell me you're trying to magically learn to be undignified?"


Beatrice and Roseline sighed at the same time.

Who's that girl?’

I don't know. Maybe it's not much of a family. Shall we kick him out?'


Freckles on the back of her nose are attractive, Elizabeth thought positively.

In fact, what she said wasn't necessarily wrong. In fact, Mimir was a great wizard who didn't hesitate to act with dignity depending on whose eyes he was looking at.

"I heard that everyone on the clock tower is crazy….”

"What's the standard for distinguishing between crazy and not crazy?"

Elizabeth said so and turned her eyes to Mimir dancing with Ilysses.

Mimir was moving wildly to his liking, not paying any attention to people's eyes.

Ilysis, who managed not to fall down accordingly, felt great.

"That... that's..."

Roseline chuckled inwardly. Look at his red face! Somehow I felt relieved.

"If you came to the welcoming ceremony, you would know, but without Miss Mimir that day, Her Majesty the Crown Prince would have suffered a great death. If Miss Mimir was really crazy, could she act like that at that moment, at that young age?”

"Lady Elizabeth!"

Beatrice noticed Elizabeth putting the word "crazy" in her mouth without hesitation, a beat later.However, Elizabeth looked up at her for a moment and stared at her red-faced counterpart with a look of urging her to answer.

"I made a mistake. I'm sorry."

"We just look at it differently. But I want you to apologize directly to Miss Mimir."

It's better than I thought...?

Roseline opened her eyes wide over the fan, as Beatrice did a while ago.

At this rate, it seemed that they did not have to stand up and protect Elizabeth or strengthen their position.

Most of them already admitted defeat once in her dress, twice in appearance, and even in words and actions.

Nevertheless, instead of admonishing or suppressing them, Lady Elizabeth was dealing with them by embracing them with a broad heart and turning back only the necessary moments.

Is that what the Empress should look like?

Roseline thought. Somehow, if she became empress, I had a hunch that even at this moment, the ugly rumors from beyond someone's fan or between the hem of her skirt would withdraw on her own.

The song that marks the end of the debut tang dance has begun. Elizabeth hurried to clear the table before the cavaliers came to visit their partners.

"It was a great time to meet you like this. I would be happy if you could take a piece of your time with me when you return to the mansion.”

"Have a good time, ladies."

Beatrice and Roseline, who were right next to her, killed a gas and Leonhardt, who came right behind Elizabeth's back, held her hand up.

While everyone was in shock and in silence, Elizabeth alone raised her chin as if she was used to this kind of thing and welcomed Leonhardt with a smile with her eyes.

"They're surprised. You can't do that, Your Majesty the Crown Prince."

Leonhardt shrugged, "What's wrong?" Elizabeth battered him with a fan on the back of his hand.

Either way, Leonhardt lifted Elizabeth up from her seat and dragged her helplessly.

Elizabeth asked for forgiveness with her eyes toward the young children and walked behind him.

"Where are you going with the last dance?”

"Unlike anyone else, I'm generous and generous, and I'm not such a good person. You know the rules of the last dance of Debut Tang, right?

The last dance should not be rejected even if a member of the family who participated in the treason request a dance from the imperial family.

"Are you taking it in advance because you're afraid I'll choose someone else?”

"Then I would have danced with my mother or with Bailey, respecting your will. What I'm worried about is the other way around."

"Other people asking me to dance?"

"I can't allow it, even if it's Obama.”


Leonhardt's face didn't seem to be joking. Elizabeth shook her head inward.

"Are you jealous?"

More than that. The uglier, darker, blushing embarrassment.

Instead of nodding, Leonhardt blushed and walked wide into the garden.

'I can't see anyone at this rate..’

"Leon, Leon. The bushes are moving.

"Doesn't even know when and where to go?"

Leonhardt gritted his teeth and led Elizabeth deeper.

In the marble fountain, raindrops that had fallen to the ground were jumping high into the sky with a desire to return to their hometowns, falling again, and falling under a small rainbow under subtle lighting."Lizzy."


"Will you grant me the honor of dancing with you?"

"What happens if you refuse?"

"This is what happens."

Leonhardt grabbed Elizabeth by the waist and lifted her up in the air.

"What if I say no?"

"You'll finally see the results of your training today!"

Leonhardt started spinning in place. Elizabeth gripped Leonhardt's shoulder.


"I know a good line of songs. If you're a bird, I'll be the sky where you can fly endlessly, the wind, the clouds where you can rest!"

"Get off me!"

"Look at the sky, Lizzy."

Elizabeth, who was hanging from Leonhardt's neck, looked up carefully at the sky.

There were as many stars as Leonhardt confessed his love for Elizabeth.

"…it's like flying in the sky.”

Elizabeth was looking up at the sky with a blank look on her face.

No matter how light she is. It was too much to lift a body high for a long time, which could no longer be seen as a child.

Leonhardt clenched his teeth and strengthened his arm, which began to shake little by little by little.


"It's okay... It's okay. Can hold on longer....”

"Put it down! What if you get hurt?"

"You'll get a scar of glory, you know!"

"I asked you to get off."

Elizabeth bowed her head in wonder.

Elizabeth and Leonhardt's eyes bumped into the air.

Leonhardt was looking at her with a look captivated by something.

No, he was infatuated with Elizabeth as if she were a polar fanatic embroidered with the Arctic sky.

"…put me down."

Elizabeth's small feet sank on a moist wet lawn from the fountain.

"Um, uhm, aren't you going to dance?”

"I don't want to let go."

"I know, I know... I thought if I let it go like this, it would fly away as it is. So…."

"It's not flying."


"Really. So Leonhardt, let's dance."

Elisabeth was swinging slowly to the right and left with her arms wrapped around Leonhardt's neck.

"You... you don't know what you're doing, do you?"


You don't know. Leonhardt joined hands with her, wondering whether to laugh or cry.

"Wait, I'm going to take off my shoes."


"Please do as you did then, huh?"

Leonhardt nodded his head. I came to my senses and found myself doing so. In the meantime, Elizabeth took off her shoes and put them on the fountain and returned.

Elizabeth carefully stepped on Leonhardt's foot. Leonhardt clasped her waist with one hand and her little white hand with the other.

There was no need for music, no discipline, no elegant movements.

A white marble lark statue installed in the fountain sang with a sound of water.

Elizabeth leaned her face carefully against Leonhardt's chest.

The rustling at his feet stopped, and it continued again.

Elizabeth came down from Leonhardt's foot and pushed his chest at the same time.