Chapter - 78 Episode 79 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

Hold your breath, hold your hands together.

Elizabeth's touch was so light that even dandelion seeds could not be scattered, but powerful enough to easily topple the prince in love.

Leonhardt only flinched a little because the exhaust in the middle of the spine was uncomfortable, and lay down on the autumn grass and moss as Elizabeth wanted.

People who are possessed by the aurora freeze to death in the snowstorm while watching hallucinations of goddesses coming down.

Leonhardt recalled the words as he saw Elizabeth slowly sinking over him.

A chiffon cape decorated behind Elizabeth's back fluttered like a sail in a fair wind.

Leonhardt did not say anything. Elizabeth also gazed at Leonhardt with her hand on his chest, silent, and interrupted eyes.

I want to hug you like this.

Leonhardt's purple eyes wanted to say so. As a man, I wanted to hug my beloved woman with my whole body and make her happy.

A few thin, white hairs, like the tail of a meteor, slowly descended on her shoulders as the cool autumn wind swept through her long hair.

There was no need to ask Leonhardt's permission. Elizabeth already had everything about him.

Leonhardt would take it as if she had silently, calmly, and rightly so, stabbed him in the eye with a pointed heel at this moment.

Elizabeth didn't like that. Leonhardt was displeased with her for accepting whatever she did. Sometimes I thought it would be nice if you reached out your hand first because it was okay to be a little rough.

I know now that the child is no longer growing in the cabbage field, but I know that the stork doesn't bite him instead, so why, you, you.

Leonhardt slowly closed his eyes. The courage to face her eyes like this has not yet been granted to him.

If Elizabeth hadn't grabbed him by the nose and twisted him wildly, Leonhardt would have kept his eyes closed until the end.

"Look at me."

"I'm watching."

"Please look at me."

"My universe consists only of you. The sun, the moon, the stars, and the breath of a goddess connecting between them all came from you.”

"But why doesn't Leon covet me?”

Leonhardt shut up and shut. It's already been nearly 20 years, but guilt was the strongest gag and chain that constrained his ankle.

"I allowed everything. But if Leon doesn't move.”

Elizabeth kissed Leonhardt on the forehead first. Elizabeth was encouraged by the shaking of his eyes.

Then her soft lips were facing his towering nose. In the days when the sky and the ground were still attached together, the sharp noseline, like a mountain that cut through it for the first time, was looking from the side, and the eyes first went to the cool and sleek line.

Elizabeth, who had been rubbing her nose together for a while like a child's clumsy greeting, rose up and looked at Leonhardt.

He was still lying there without any resistance or haste, but his hands were filled with the smell of dried grass that had been torn apart.

"...even if... Can you...?

Continuously? What? This act of slowly drying my blood to death? By all means, my love. You can kill me like this if you want.Leonhardt carefully squeezed Elizabeth's hand and put it on my face.

d*mn it, Elizabeth. I thought she was all grown up. Why is she still so light?

If I flicked and breathed out loud, Elizabeth's light body would fly along the way.

Elizabeth slowly stroked Leonhardt's face.

It was a familiar face that I could draw clearly even with my eyes closed, but it was strange as if I had never seen it under a cloudy light.

She shaved neatly in the morning with his neat jawline for a long time, but before she knew it, she touched her slightly raised beard, and her lips, which showed her thin but white teeth like pearls when she smiled at her.

"Will you call my name?”


Elizabeth closed her eyes with her hands on his lips and felt clearly how his lips were moving.

"One more time."


His eyes bent beautifully this time. Elizabeth herself confirmed that his eyes, which have become so deep that the word dignified these days, are still as sweet as the sea to her.

Leonhardt swept Elizabeth's back slowly. Then he grabbed a handful of Elizabeth's silver hair that tickled over his face and whispered into it.

"Elizabeth, my love."

Elizabeth leaned down. Her cape flung up into the air like smoke once again and sank slowly.

Leonhardt's lips were overlapped with clear and pure lips, which were still awkward to apply rouge.

Elizabeth slowly stood up after the moon tilted its head to the side pretending not to see them.


Leonhardt lifted his eyes and stared at Elizabeth's blue eyes.

Leonhardt, who tickled her palms lightly, waited for words to continue gently.

"I like you."

Don't tell me you like me as a friend after kissing me. Leonhardt smirked inside.

"Is there a word in this world that can praise you?"

Elizabeth patted dry grass for nothing, pretending not to hear it.

"…are you heavy?"

No, not at all. I'm worried if I blow it like this.

"If Leon doesn't move first, I'll get to him.”

Elizabeth leaned down once again and bit his lower lip lightly.


"Do you want to... go on a date?"

Leonhardt carefully touched Elizabeth's waist and said.

"Date? Like on the beach?"

It was a dark night, but it was clear that his chin was moving up and down.

"I'm going on an inspection soon. How people live, whether there is any difference from the report, if anything happened to the public sentiment, etc. You have to check it out yourself.”

Leonhardt's joint thick hands rubbed Elizabeth's palm with his thumb and pressed it again.

Elizabeth's cheeks quickly turned red, although it was nothing short of touching the soft soles of a cat or a dog, which had no strange nuance at all.

Elizabeth turned around, hoping that the dark night would cover her face.

"…what's in the system?”

Funny how you live in one of the most famous places in the whole empire and you don't know about it.

Leonhardt swept Elizabeth's cheeks down the back of his hand and lined up the famous islands he knew.

When the sound of a merchant wheel pulling a cart carrying fresh vegetables and fruits through the blue fog that falls on the system wakes up earlier than the bell of the cathedral at dawn, bard poets and clowns gather near the fountain.All they want is a coin of hillbillies fresh to the system.

People who opened their wallets for them burst into anger when they found out that the coin pockets in their hands had turned into empty pockets in a blink of an eye, but not many of them could find them again.

There was an unusually quiet alley as it became busier and crowded.

The streets of craftsmen, who sat there for generations and devoted their lives to one task, as their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and their ancestors did, were mossy in every brick laid on the road.

"And there's her studio on the street where she made your dress. Don't you want to see it in person?"

"…I'm curious."

Elizabeth nodded her head. It was a workshop of no one else but the person responsible for her clothes for the rest of her life.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to stop by and say thank you.

"Then by lunch, one by one, the street vendor gets ready to start business."

"The one you saw last time?"

"Something like that."

Of course, this time it's the octopus and there's no such thing as nasty food.

Elizabeth looked as excited as she said let's go to the tailor's workshop to see if she liked street food.

"And... oh, there's a cathedral."

Until now, I had been looking for a cathedral belonging to the imperial palace, so I forgot for a while.

The cathedral in the system was not as holy as the sanctuary where the pope lived, but it had the formality and dignity to match the name of the system.

Leonhardt was convinced that Elizabeth, a faithful believer, would definitely like it.

"And what else?”

"Opera theater? Well, if I'm lucky, I might be able to see Miuccia again."


"And, what do you mean?”

Elizabeth was asking with a subtle look of anticipation. Leonhardt only blinked. Don't tell me you don't want her in such danger again.

"That's it?”

Leonhardt shut up. When it comes to dating, we dress up, go shopping, go to the theater, and have a meal together. Didn't you end up coming back?

"Well, is there anything you want?”

Elizabeth slightly twisted Leonhardt's nose.


You have to tell me! Leonhardt opened his mouth as he stood up and stared blankly at Elizabeth, who flew like a bird above him.

Those who had a golden time throughout the summer missed those days even after autumn came.

As if to console them, endless colorful fireworks were embroidered over the sky.

On a particularly starry night, Elizabeth was walking lightly with her hands behind her, wearing a piece of the night sky on her back like a goddess.

Leonhardt jumped up from his seat and followed Elizabeth to the banquet hall.


Come to think of it, when was the last time you left the palace? Was it alone or was someone with you?

Don't tell me you're this old to put Lord Bern as an escort. No, I think they'll put it on. Then I'll have to take it easy and walk around comfortably.

Every step of Leonhardt, miscellaneous thoughts fell with dry grass.

'Date, date....’

I laughed for no reason. My heart pounded just by imagining it. How will Elizabeth react to the scenery of the system?