Chapter - 79 Episode 80 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

Autumn winds were still in the system.

The Esperdor Empire was enjoying a golden age that would never be again, thanks to its preference and selection of status.

The large flame, a symbol of the harvest, has already been burned to ashes and turned into manure and compost, but the hot wind has flocked to the island.

Suddenly, the wind found people he had met before and turned his body back from running forward.

"It's too dangerous to run!"

"Hurry, hurry, let's go."

A young lady wearing a flower-decorated bonnet on a dress that is popular in the system these days was running on the street with no one yet, clenching the hands of a young man with golden hair.

The wind soon recognized their identity and tilted its head.

However, finding an answer to that concern was something that could be done while flying.

The wind took a big turn around the system and began to flow along the path it was supposed to take.

The sun scattered white sunlight over the wings of a pine dog that dared to cover him, as if he blessed him with flying light without regret or regret, even though he knew that he would never return from a distance passed by.

Elizabeth, dressed in a broad-brimmed bonnet and a richly spreading muslin dress beneath her breastline, looked like a lady of elegant gentry class.

Leonhardt also wore a plain linen shirt, vest and a light coat instead of the Crown Prince's robes today.

Leonhardt, who put a shawl over Elizabeth's shoulder, took a silk hat and a cane and finally reached out to Elizabeth, tucking her gloves into her pocket.

"Shall we go? I'm small."

The first place they went to was a market rumored to be in heaven for groceries that could not be found in the empire.

"Is this the central square of the Islands?"

"Oh, come on, the hood's crooked.”

"Where's the bard? What about the clowns?

"Do you know what time it is? They still have a long way to go before they come out. So I'll just do the skirt that's flipped over....”

Leonhardt looked puzzled as he looked at Elizabeth, now rambling around like a man who had just come up to the islands.

It was good to rush out from dawn because it was a fruit that came into the market and we had to make sure that fish were fresh.

Elizabeth was interested to see carrots and vegetables still stained, especially fish that were alive and fluttering.

There are only three main types of people who come to the market at this early hour. A retailer, a nobleman's kitchen servant, a husband looking for tropical fruits in the middle of winter for his morning sickness wife.

However, none of them belonged to a young man who looked at vegetables with meticulous eyes and searched for halibut, cod, and crayfish.

The lady looking at the octopus with her eyes glistening from the side looked too young to say, "Did she come out early in the morning with her pregnant wife?"

Of course, high-ranking people are still engaged to each other even before walking, so they are getting married..

Merchants exchanged glances and shrugged their shoulders.

"You said it was a good harvest, did the sea have a good harvest?”

"Oh, my God! Don't say that. Didn't you hear that a good harvest in the sea deepens the sound of people crying?"

"Hmmm… I made a slip of the tongue. Never mind. It looks especially fresh, but you brought it inland like this.”

Leonhardt tapped the hairtail tail lying on the ice and floated the merchant in a subtle tone.As expected, the merchant treated him as a clueless hillbilly, sticking out his chest and proudly telling him the secret behind the freshness of the fish in the store.

"Thanks to this ice that doesn't melt. If it weren't for this, you wouldn't be able to see the rotten eyes of a fish, except for the salted sardines, even if you were the emperor in the palace by now!"

"Oh, ice that doesn't melt…?”

"Yes, it wasn't until a few years ago that what was only allowed to those high-ranking people was finally commercialized enough for us to use. Well, it's still a hell of a lot of expensive shops, but they're worth a fortune, yeah."

"Well, that's good. How small are you?

Speaking of which, the merchant enticed him to buy a fish that came up to the land yesterday or to walk back to the sea.

But Leonhardt, who had already finished his business, naturally stepped back from the store pretending to take care of Elizabeth.

"…what are you doing?”

"Hang on, that octopus... 'Cause I think I'll win in a little while!'

Elizabeth was seriously confronting an octopus holding a reed stem that might have come from somewhere, wrapping straws around its legs.

The owner of Eomuljeon acted faithfully as a merchant until the end, saying, "If the lady wins, I will give her an octopus cheap."

Leonhardt sighed and forced her up.

"A little more and I'll win!"

"Arms, or legs? Anyway, there's a difference in the number. How can you win?"

"Shoot a gun, then!"

"Yes, that's a way... I don't think so.

Elizabeth stuck out her tongue and sneaked out a gun she had hidden under her skirt.

"Oh, my God, when did you get it?"

"When Tristan packed a cane with a blade of sword?"

I can't stop it. Leonhardt really stuck out his tongue wondering if this was the girl who was emotionally ill a decade ago.

"But what do you mean when there's a good harvest in the sea, the sound of people crying deepens?"

Stopped in front of the fruit shop, Elizabeth asked, lifting a glossy apple that reflected her face.

"Well, it's not a very good story, is it okay?"

Elizabeth nodded with innocent eyes.

Leonhardt sighed deeply and whispered into her ear.

"What is there to feed the fish in the sea?"

As expected, Elizabeth's face, who understood what she meant, quickly turned blue.

"Well, then... then....”

"There's a reason why the sea is salty is because of all the tears and tears you shed. That's why I told you, are you okay?"

Elizabeth had a troubled look on her face, only her lips flutter. Leonhardt led Elizabeth's half-absorbed hand to the fruit store.

I don't know about fish, but if it's a fragrant fruit, it's okay to carry it in your hand. Do you want me to buy you an apple so Elizabeth can calm down?

"It's like time has stopped.”

Leonhardt picked up a ripe apple and repeatedly threw it into the air.

The heavier weight and fresh scent than it looked proved the sweetness of the pulp.

"Right? Not long ago, a new road was opened, reducing the time from orchards near the island to the market."

"Is there a new road ahead?""You're a late bird. It's quiet now that it's morning, just pass by a little bit. Take that road and come to see the islands from far away.”

"Well, that's good."

Leonhardt sneaked through Elizabeth's countenance. Elizabeth was drenched in the scent with the long, round yellow fruit she had never seen before.

"I didn't expect to see Mango here….”

"Do you know Mango?"

"Oh, that's all I've seen in the book. Is it? Is it developed enough to bring in fruits like that?.”

Leonhardt mumbled to himself, reaching for his chin.

The magic can be enjoyed by ordinary people in real life, refurbish roads, and at this rate, maybe by the time he inherits the throne, he will pay tribute abroad first.

"Oh, my God! If you press it like that...!”

Why don't we ask the northern nomads for a ring made of horns as a tribute? With the symbol of longevity.

When I thought about it, the shopkeeper freaked out and dissuaded Elizabeth.

Leonhardt also turned his head. God, he moaned inwardly and touched his forehead.

On Elizabeth's palm lay a bursty mango.

"Oh, my God, how precious this is! It's a precious fruit for the royal family! Oh, my God!"

"If you pay the price....”

"Even if I sell out all the clothes you're wearing, I won't be able to buy a piece of this! What should I do... What should I do?"

"How long?"

The merchant, who quickly changed from a tender impression to an expression that matched the word "fierce," blatantly looked up and down at Leonhardt's appearance and clicked his tongue.

"How much is it?"

"A sum you can't even imagine!"

"I won't ask you a third time."

Leonhardt spoke in as dignified a tone as possible, lowering his voice.

The merchant agonized. Will that guy, who looks like a gentry class who just came to the island, pay this high price?

The merchant stretched his fingers with a suspicious look.

"For your information, it's golden."

Upon hearing the price, Leonhardt snorted and searched his pockets on the spot. The merchant's eyes grew as big as a drop.

"Hwa... to the imperial family... It was a fruit... Oh, my. Oh, my....”

"I'm going to eat here. Mango is a juicy fruit."

The merchant became curious about the identity of the customer in front of him. A gold coin came out of an ordinary coat pocket like magic.

Knowing mangoes, which are scheduled to be brought to the imperial family from today, and thinking about coming to the market early in the morning, it was also very strange.

"Are you an Imperial man who went undercover?’

Come to think of it, I think the crown prince was exactly the same age as that young man....

No way, the merchant thought so, and carefully cut the mangoes and some other fruits with Elizabeth's handprints and put them on the cleanest plate.

"Well... I'm sorry."

"I did do something I'm sorry about. But thanks to you, it's not an exaggeration to raise all the dementia today or this month. And it's like a lady's cheek color..”

"Isode, try it. You'll like it.”

Is that merchant crazy? Leonhardt obviously has a guy with him, and he's making a move in front of him?

Of course, it was very unfair for the merchant.

I thought I had to give her something for buying such expensive fruits, and she was surprised to give it to me, so I just made a joke that anyone could do because her cheeks were just like apples.Suddenly, the young man's eyes changed, and he cut off his horse's tail and intervened.

The merchant left the store looking awkward, asking him to look at the fruit shop for a while because he would go to the well to get water to wash his hands.

Prince Leonhardt, who suddenly became the president of a temporary fruit shop, stared at the merchant's back, grinning at embarrassment.