Chapter - 80 Episode 81 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Why isn't he coming?’

Leonhardt glanced at the streets of the market, which were beginning to perk up little by little.

"Did he go to find a vein, not a well?"’

"Well, you know..."

"We're closed today. Go find out somewhere else."


Leonhardt answered curtly, covering his face with a very revealing newspaper.

But let me hear your voice. I've heard of it somewhere.

"Leonhardt Hwang….”

"That's it. Stay still. Why are you coming out of here?"

Leonhardt sprang to his feet with a newspaper, lowering his leg on an empty apple chest.

Obviously, Sir Albert Dietrich Bern, who said today was his day off, was facing Leonhardt with an absurd look on his face.

"…I came out to buy an apple because you wanted to eat it, but I....”


"May I ask what Lord Tristan is doing here?"

Leonhardt looked around and beckoned Albert.

Albert, who came into the fruit shop, doubted his eyes when he found a white lump sitting like a moonlight under a cool response.

"…Lady Elizabeth?"

"Good morning, Lord Bern."

The Crown Prince and Lady Elizabeth? Albert blinked for a moment and carefully guessed how this happened.

"Did you two come out to inspect the system this early in the morning?”

"How did you know?"

Elizabeth opened her eyes round, drying her sticky hands in the air with mango juice. Albert shook his head with a groaning sound.

"It's the feel of the article. But I didn't know you'd even get a fake job at a fruit store."

"I'm just letting the boss off the hook while he's at the well."

"It's a fruit shop protected by the Swordmaster....”

Albert smirked. Dragons are running wild through the islands. I thought it would be safe just here.

"Who the hell is this, Lord Bern? From this early morning... Is it an apple? I knew it, so I packed it in advance. Lady, I'm sorry, but please find a suitable cloth to wash your hands."


"Apples in the morning are said to be medicine."

Albert took a basket of apples in the hands of the fruit shop owner in a confident manner that would suit the phrase "shameless."

'Oh, my gosh.

For Elizabeth, who had only slightly touched the tip of her finger, but had no need to touch cold water except for summer, the water that had been directly drawn from the well felt cold as ice and stingy.

Elizabeth, biting her lips, tucked her hand into the bucket. I quickly pulled it out and left it in its full skirt width.

Just that alone, the white hands were dyed red.

"Then, Lord Bern, have a pleasant holiday."

Leonhardt helped Elizabeth up by putting on her spare gloves.

"Wait, do you intend to stay?”

"Then what? Lord is off today, and you don't have to assume my escort just because you ran into him.”

Albert suggested scratching the back of his head, which was still turned upside down like a magpie's house.

"What would I worry about with the best shooter in the palace? What if it's an information station, not an escort?"

"The best in the palace… Don't tell me Lee, no. How small are you?"

"There's only one woman I know who uses that name."

'Thank you for looking at me like that, Lord Bern.'

"You can call me Dietrich, Lady Isolde. Then I'll show you around today's system."But Leonhardt turned down his offer at once.

"No need, don't you have work to do?"

Leonhardt pointed at the apple basket with the tip of his cane.

Albert sighed for a moment and returned with an apple basket, saying he would tell the island guards in advance just in case.

"He must come here often, doesn't he?"

The owner, who was scrubbing the surface of the apple with an apron, nodded.

"I come here often. It's very famous. It's not uncommon for a husband to go grocery shopping with his wife whenever he has the time."

"If it's Lord Bern, we don't have to be on the market….”

"That's an excuse, a real date, a date."


It's done. The boss carefully checked the apple for scratches and undercooked parts, and finally wiped it with a clean cloth and stuck it out to Leonhardt.

"Well, I've seen people live, I've fixed bad habits... It's a present for the Crown Prince. Please accept it."

"Uh, how....”

"How can you do business without noticing it?"

The boss took off his hat and bent down with a nice-looking warm smile.

"It's an honor to meet you like this again. Your Highness the Crown Prince."

Leonhardt hurried to his feet and put his finger over his lips.

"…Leon, I want to go to the well.”

Elizabeth, who came out of the store, said, chasing the girl along the street with a bucket in her hand.

"A well?"

Elizabeth nodded and grabbed Leonhardt's sleeve.

Well, Lizzie's never seen a well.’

Leonhardt and Elizabeth headed to the well after receiving a promise from the fruit shop owner that this was an absolute secret.

Since this morning, virgins gathered by the well with laundry and buckets, greeted each other and melted their red, curly hands.

Unlike the rugged woolen skirts they wore, Elizabeth's appearance in a bright dress stopped the women's chatter.

But as soon as they noticed Leonhardt standing by them, they began to jabber again, no matter who came first.

"I'm a kid.

Elizabeth put her hand over the well, which had a damp moss and a fishy smell, and looked inside.

I could see the sparkling sleep in the morning sun in a black hole that I couldn't even gauge how deep it was.

"Get out of the way, miss. If you fall into the water, you'll get stomachache."

"Mi, I'm sorry!"

Maid, full of freckles, pushed her and threw a rope-lined bucket into the well. And slowly pulled it up with a grunting sound.

Elizabeth unwittingly helped her hold on to the damp, thick rope together.

The bucket was heavier than I thought, and the droplets splashed on the back of my glove hand were cold enough to be called thin ice.

"…it's not something you can do. But thank you for your help. Then could you step back now? It's a bit of a busy time for you to get wet!"

"Mi, I'm sorry! Uh... well... so....”

Leonhardt left the well in a hurry, wrapping his hands around her waist, knowing that the way she looked at Elizabeth around the well had changed from interest to surprise and never favorable gaze.Behind your back, that's good, that's why nobles! I heard a loud noise once and for all at once.

Leonhardt again put Elizabeth's cold frozen hands into his coat pocket.

"The water was... colder than I thought."

"Because it's groundwater.”

"You do that every day?”

"For those who don't have a water pipe at home.”

"You wash with cold water like that?"

Walking along the market path, which began to get crowded little by little, Elizabeth said in an incredible tone.

I've never thought about it before. Hot water could come out by turning the faucet, or you could always get it by mixing boiling water with cold water properly with maid's.

But that was not it. What I thought was natural was not natural for anyone.

Elizabeth's expression drastically darkened, perhaps because of the shock.

"Well, it doesn't matter if you sympathize or help them, but you don't have to feel guilty about the rights you enjoy.”

Leonhardt whispered in Elizabeth's ears pretending to avoid people.

This kind and good future empress seemed to be shocked that the people's images were not as romantic as stories in fairy tales.

"Is there anything I can... do? Next to it, boil water in a large pot or....”

"This is it. This is it? Get a hold of yourself. You're gonna do that yourself, every day?

Elizabeth stared at Leonhardt with a face asking what to do.

"Think a little more essentially. And it's still too early for you to put on that look."


It was a square as I walked. A dolphin hidden between the colorful statues spewed water into the sky, but there were still wrinkles between Elizabeth's eyebrows.

"…Do you want to go eat breakfast?"


"There's a nice open-air cafe around here. Sandwich and coffee?

Elizabeth nodded her head.

"It's morning, but there are a lot of people…?”

"People going to work. You see that shelf over there? It's for those who don't have time to sit down and eat."

The wind was cold because it was still morning. Leonhardt ordered sandwiches and coffee, covering Elizabeth's shoulder with his coat.

"I don't mind coming out late, so take care of their order first."

"Yes? Yes, sir."

Only a little after the busiest time, the two were able to face a bite-sized small piece cake that was in vogue in the system as a token of gratitude for their warm sandwiches, two cups of coffee, and consideration.

"How do you like it so far?"

"Well, it feels completely different from the imperial palace.”

"It's a matter of course. Other than that?"

The sandwiches in this house taste exactly the same as I remember them. Leonhardt sipped sugar and creamless coffee, resting his elbows on the table and resting his chin.

The price of turning back time was not just changing the relationship between him and Elizabeth.

Put magic into practice, rearrange the roads.

All that work was actually done by him and Ilysses to the death.

My mother was safe, and my father was not a nuisance, so I naturally gave her a choice and developed the empire..

So what do you want me to do?’

To further develop an advanced empire, or to maintain this golden age.

Leonhardt was troubled by people heading to work late.

The morning sun hung its arms over their table. Elizabeth's hands and arms shone exceptionally white under the light.

"I'm a kid.

"Huh?"Leonhardt spoke with a slight tickle on her palm.

"Do you want them to be able to use warm water all year round?”

"Of course."

"You want to create a world like that?”

"…what if I could?”

"Then let's make it."


"You and I, the Emperor and the Empress. I mean, let's develop this empire further.”

The cake Elizabeth was just taking to her mouth fell onto the plate.