Chapter - 81 Episode 82 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

"Not long ago, my father called me and said he wanted to hand over the crown of the Emperor to me when you became an adult."

Clattering, this time a small fork she was holding fell on the table.

"We can't just be kids anymore. Don't that right?"


"I want to show you today the empire you have to rule. I want them to see what they actually live, feel what they can do for them."

Elizabeth opened her eyes round and only looked at Leonhardt.

Facing the sunlight head-on, he suddenly looked like a monarch of a country, not a friend and beloved lover who shared his childhood.

"That's why it's so small. Don't forget the well a little while ago. For some, it may have been a simple interesting experience or a short experience, but for some."

Elizabeth nodded silently. For some, it was an experience, but for others, life sounded heavy.

The two men, who filled their stomachs, began to see the system in earnest.

Elizabeth exclaimed, looking at the wide boulevard where six wagons could run side by side.

"Why didn't it come out of the system earlier?"

"Well, if I knew you'd be so happy, I'd be out earlier. It's different from the beach, isn't it?"

"It's a little more grand... I feel like every brick should be on display in a museum."

"Well, that's not a big mistake. Some buildings are actually older than the Empire."


"Really. Just in that fountain, when the first emperor was contemplating the location of the system, a saint stuck a cane and a spring sprang up... It's dangerous to go alone!"

This isn't the palace, there's no one out there to look at your face!

Elizabeth again admired the large fountain in the center of the square and the copper plate inscription near it.

"What's the difference between what you see in a book and what you see in person?"

"Can we just look at the ruins all day next time?”

"That wouldn't be bad. But today is not the only day. Shall we go to the tailor's workshop?”

Isolde? Leonhardt looked back when there was no sound to follow.

Elizabeth was staring across the street.

Following the end of her gaze, a couple of smiling couples walked arm in arm and side by side.

"I'm a kid.

Leonhardt smiled, lifted her arms freely, and crossed his arms.

Elizabeth gently leaned on Leonhardt's shoulder with a flushed face.

The tailor's workshop, which used to make Elizabeth's costumes, is said to be on top of a hill in a luxury shopping district.

Leonhardt was trying to hide the stronger morning sun with his palms, but grabbed Elizabeth's hand and entered the store that had just opened.


A friendly, resonant voice greeted them. While Elizabeth slowly looked around, Leonhardt commanded familiarly.

"I'd like to get a recommendation for that lady."

The staff blinked and pulled out some mass production.

"Hey, would you like to come and pick one?"


Before I knew it, the staff brought a full-length mirror and put it in front of her.

"Do you like anything?”

Rather than covering the sun, Elizabeth unfolded a small piece of lace, which was more of an accessory in her hand, to a large mass production that could be used with Leonhardt, and put it on the dress."Well... but why mass production all of a sudden?"

"The morning sun is still hot.”

The staff guessed the relationship between the two by looking at the attire they wore and the way they were used to ordering them as if they were treating their subordinates.

Is it a couple? No, it's still more like a couple than a couple. The man looked like he was going to buy all this store for the woman. Which noble family is he?

The other person also seemed to be not a normal house meal based on the clothes and body style he wore.

Maybe it's a couple we met at our debut bath. The clerk vaguely guessed and began to finely arrange the parasols that the woman had put down.

It's a good match.’

The clerk nodded inwardly.

Her choice of mass production was a plain linen mass production, but it was actually a mass product decorated with Hadenger embroidery, which was drawn from a thick and strong linen and wrapped around the place again with thread.

She seemed to like the simple but sophisticated Hadenger embroidery mass-production than the race wave.

Hadenger's embroidery, which requires a lot of work compared to other embroidery, is a popular item in society recently, the clerk said in a quiet voice.

Elizabeth and Leonhardt, who also bought several silk handkerchiefs in Yangsan, left the store with joyful faces.


Elizabeth, who was leaving the door held by Leonhardt, turned her head to the person who passed by.

'I've seen him somewhere...?’

"What's wrong?"

Elizabeth groped her memory by collecting her eyebrows.

"Well, no. Nothing."

I'm sure he was a memorable. But where the hell did you meet him?

Elizabeth tilted her head, folded Leonhardt's arms, and unfolded the new parasol.


The maid from the duchess of Elysium prayed that the lady who passed by a while ago had not noticed her presence.

She was now 'selling' the stuff on behalf of the Duchess.

"Who's going to buy something that's out of fashion? I want you to find another place."

"Ha, but this is a dress that Duchess Elysium especially loved....”

"It's old and old. There's a store down there that also sells dresses like this, do you want me to introduce it to you?"

The clerk pointed his chin down the hill. There was no store in this area to buy back this old silk dress.

However, if it was a store that was visited by ordinary people, it might be able to get a fairly high price.

The maid sighed deeply and asked the clerk once again, "Please don't."

However, the clerk coldly kicked out the maid, saying, "If you buy such items, you will be honored by the store."

'How did you end up here...?’

The maid sighed, putting a shawl around her head again in case Lady Elizabeth, who had passed by her a while ago, recognized her and would come back.

The Duke's situation has become so difficult that it is simply not good enough.

The family estate and the estate returned from the imperial court more than a decade ago were barely paid, but in order to maintain the luxury of the Duke and Duchess, the old dress of the Duchess had to be sold again and added to the family's finances.

'But I'm glad you seem to be loved....’

The maid took comfort in that and was in conflict. Will the proud lady be happy to know that she sold her dress to the shops where the commoners come and go to help her get a new dress?'That's never gonna happen. I'm sure you'll choose only the words of honor, dignity, and fullness in your wife's last name.’

But the lady wouldn't allow me to go back with the dress.

Eventually the maid went down the hill with a deep sigh. But I hope I can get it as expensive as the duchess once wore it.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Huh? Oh, no... It's nothing."

"It's not a face that's nothing. Don't you like mass production? Shall we go change again?”

"Not really… Remember that guy you bumped into a little while ago?"

"Uh, uh, uh, I think it was a girl, but....”

"I've seen him before.”


"But I don't remember where we met. Maybe it's a past imperial maid?"

"That's likely, right? I don't think he was dressed like a nobleman. Wait, I thought you were wearing something on your side... A servant of a fallen aristocrat who visited to sell goods?"

Leonhardt shrugged his shoulders and said casually. I've heard rumors that some naughty maids sneak out on the lady's old clothes. Maybe she's like that too....

"I'm a kid.

"…was my maid.”

Mass production fell from Elizabeth's hand.

Leonhardt slowly patted Elizabeth on her back to calm her face, who picked up a parasol that fell to the floor with one hand and had an incredible face with the other.

"It's all right, it's all right, it's all right. Don't tell me they knew you were in the system?”

"Well... it's not like that, Tristan."

"Then what?"

"Why... did our maid come out to sell things at such an early hour...?”

"He's either... touching the duchess's things."

"No way!"

"I don't think you're....”

"What happened to the family? My mother really cares about dresses. Not everyone can enter the dress room unless it's a specially allowed lady maid.”

"Then the Lady Maid... I came here to dispose of the dress for unavoidable reasons... Anyway, do you want to say that?"

"Let's... sit down for a while and go."

Elizabeth felt goosebumps at the hypothesis that had passed through her head at the moment and opened the shawl tighter.

Leonhardt sat Elizabeth on a sunny bench.

"Mother... no way... Don't tell me something so hard happened to the family that I had to sell dresses?"

It was the most plausible, and at the same time, hoping it wasn't the only one.

"Hey, wouldn't it be better to go after him and check it out? Maybe I was mistaken, and....”

"How are you going to find someone who's already gone? It's okay. It'll be okay. Maybe I've got it wrong, as you said.

"I want to go to the store."

"This is it!"

Elizabeth recklessly handed over the parasols to Leonhardt and went back to the store she had just stopped by.

Leonhardt ran after her with a troubled face.

"The maid from before? He often comes out of the Elysium mansion, and that old-fashioned dress doesn't suit this shopping district. He probably went to the pawnshop across the square.’

Elizabeth, who listened to the clerk, would have collapsed on the spot if Leonhardt hadn't held her.

"Lady's a little surprised. Can I get you a cup of tea? And leave me alone for a moment."Leonhardt said, placing gold coins on the counter as soon as they were caught in his pocket.

The clerk stared at his face and the gold coin pocket, and hurriedly lowered the window shade and changed the doorplate.

"What's wrong with you? Are you okay?"

"If something happened in the mansion....”

Elizabeth's blue eyes were swaying wildly. Leonhardt comforted Elizabeth, saying, "That can't be the case, but somehow bit the flesh in his mouth with a bad feeling."