Chapter - 82 Episode 83 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

It's time to grow up.

The Elysium mansion now had only a butler and fewer than 20 maids.

All other users had long been fired or sneaked away.

The garden where Elizabeth stepped on the grass for the first time was now covered with dark dead moss, making it look like a swamp.

The ungreased iron door made a chilling sound.

The door, which had been peeled off due to the Duke's kick, had brush marks clearly left as a poor user painted it dry.

The carpet, which no longer uses black tea scraps to brush, smelled of dust and mold.

When she came back and saw this scene, the sound of a torn cloth was loud on one side of the mansion, which had turned so badly that she asked if this was the mansion where I lived.

It seemed that there were still curtains left for the Duke to tear out.

Even if it's an abandoned house with ghosts, it won't be as bad as this place.

The butler set up the curtain rod again, rolling around the floor, and sighed, puffing toward the Duke, who left his seat.

Perhaps it was a shock that he was not invited to the debut bath, but the atmosphere of the duchess was burning as it failed to subside from the day the invitation arrived from the palace.

It's also in a very bad way.

'I was foolish to think that the young master would change a little now that he was born....’

The butler looked back with a tired look. The traces of his walk remained intact on the carpet.

'That's how thieves get in and then they'll go back out on their own.’

The butler laughed and checked his watch and headed to the Duke's study.

"Well, have you heard from the palace yet?"

"It's getting a little late. My lord."

The butler began to pick up bottles one by one rolling on the floor with a mixed look on his face.

"Late? Haha, yeah. That's possible. It's not usually a big deal! How dare you despise the parents of the empress in this way? It's nothing like the imperial family!"

The beautiful silver hair, which was once said to be an angel's descendant, was now as dry and faded as the gray hair of an old man.

The blue eyes, which used to make people lie down under their feet with trembling just by a glance, have now become blurred enough to know that they are only blue by looking closely.

His slender physique was also so fleshy that he had to fit new pants every season.

'Where the hell did my host go...?’

For a moment, the butler felt his eyes spinning. The Duke of Elysium in the knife-knife portrait still glows, and now the person in front of him is dressed in silk and looks like a glum loser everywhere in the village.

The butler nodded his head and left his study.

Behind my back, I could hear the Duke lighting a cigarette again.


As I was going down the stairs, the butler ran into a maid.

The lady-in-law, meticulously hiding her shawl hair, shook her head with a wistful look.

"…keep it a secret from your wife."

"You should..."

"What are you keeping secret about?”


The maid, who had been receiving some gold coins after a long time of wrangling because there were few shops that accepted old dresses, bowed down and trembled."Oh, nothing. I just gave the butler the money for the dress."

"Really? You didn't steal it in the middle, did you? I'm sure the store was impressed this time, right? Isn't that your rare Eastern country silk dress? Even if it's not a dress but a piece of cloth, it's an honor. I can't beg you to sell it. Cheeky things.”

The Duchess, who had repeatedly taken a bath every day, was no different than the Duke.

Her fingertips caught eczema like a maid cleaning a bowl in the kitchen, and she kept brushing her innocent hair every day, fearing that a mouse might pop out.

There was no way that I could see the baby properly with my skinny body and impoverished mind due to stress.

No, as if she had not even intended to raise a child in the first place, the Duchess appropriately "threw" her young son, who had yet to be weaned, into the arms of the maid.

No matter how much the maid raised Elizabeth, she had to be nervous and nervous every moment she came to see the child.

"You are my family's last hope."

The Duchess whispered to her son, who was lying in the crib.

A skinny old woman and a baby with little hair left.

There was nothing to say even if someone saw it from afar misunderstood that the witch was trying to eat the baby.

But as soon as the child put her finger in her mouth with a look of ignorance, she ran out of the room, kicking up a game.

"Bath! Prepare the bath now!"

The maid shook her head, covering her child's ears with her hands.

The child is innocent, poor, and Elizabeth has not been protected, so this child must be raised properly.

I was still holding out with that thought, but I wonder how long I can continue this life like this. She was not confident in herself.

Duke Elysium was troubled with the opening of a new bottle of wine.

How can I use that cheeky b*tc* to raise a family?

It was a girl who ignored her parents even though she knew they didn't participate in the debut party.

"I'll have to break that leg again to get my act together.

The imperial family was interrupting him and Elizabeth from meeting for various reasons.

What's the point of stopping a father and his daughter when they'really? Wait, father and daughter? Family and daughter meet?

That's it! The Duke sprang up from his seat, wanting to dance.

But the body, completely drenched in alcohol, wouldn't move at his disposal, and eventually he stumbled back into his chair.

"Call your wife now!"

The butler ran down the mansion with an anxious face.

"Madam, don't you want to see your daughter?"

"Don't come near me with a body that smells like alcohol! That b*tc*? Why do I have to be the one who humiliated me without knowing the grace that you raised me?"

"He's the last hope of bringing Elysium back!"

"Whether or not this family falls apart!"

"What, what?"

"Did I say anything wrong? If it wasn't for a child, I'd divorce a fool like you right now!"

"You're a fool to the chief! We're getting divorced anyway. You have no place to go back!"

"Women, women, women?" Who's to blame for getting me into this!"

"Master, madam, calm down. You have to keep your dignity."

The two, who seemed to be running toward each other at any moment due to the butler's dissuasion, only stared at the wall with a sigh of laughter."f*ck it..."

"What's the point of calling? If you're calling me for nothing again, I'll never come into this stinky pigsty again."

"Piggy wee? Does this really mean let's see…"!”

Duke Elysium slumped into his chair with a look of disapproval.

The back of the chair fell back with a creaking sound.

"You'll have to be sick for the time being."

"Sick? I'm not good enough to make me look like this, so I'm going to turn her into a crazy b*tc* and put her in the hospital.".”

"No, it's not that! I don't think a girl named my daughter is just sitting on her hands when her parents are sick!"

"Don't tell me.

"Is that hair a decoration? Think about it, don't sell dresses every day!"

"Do you have any idea how I'm selling dresses? This d*mn... this d*mn....”

"Shut up! How dare you say that! …to write a letter. My mother is sick today and tomorrow, so let me see her one last time!"

"You still don't know that they don't care if we send letters to the Imperial Court?”

"What... what? You butler... How dare you cheat on your master all these years?”

"Oh, no, no. I definitely delivered the letter. It's just that I haven't received a reply yet!"

Suddenly the butler, who appeared to be embroiled in a fight between the two, shook his head in fright.

"Anyways, send me a letter. Send me every day! His handwriting is getting thinner and thinner, and he's crying like he's about to die. Isn't that what girls are good at?"

"Everything you say is a b*tc*! You can't even act as an office...!”

"Can't you shut up?"

"What if Isole still doesn't respond?"

"That's... something to think about then, and write a letter anyway! And no matter what happens, bring him to the mansion... You will regain the right you deserve as the queen's mother...!”

The butler doubted both ears. Are you trying to take a hostage against the imperial family?

"What are you doing? Don't go right now!"

Duke Elysium threw out a bottle of ink in his hand.

The ink bottle that passed by the Duchess's ear made a crackling sound and made a black stain on the Duchess' last remaining clean dress.

"My dress!"

"Just a dress, please wake up, lady!"

"Then you should stop drinking and do something about this rotten smell!"

"Madam, madam! Stay tuned... What are you doing, don't bring your wife! Master, please calm down. Please!"

I'm sick and tired of it.

Suddenly, the butler felt skeptical that this kind of mansion would be a nice Elysium mansion.

"It wasn't as bad as this when Elizabeth was around.’

Somehow, the butler was filled with anxiety that he might not have any more butlers in charge of Elysium.

'Where the hell did it go wrong....’

Staring at the ruined mansion, the butler lamented. And blame yourself for not doing anything right until things get to this point.

"Madam, I must protect you.’

The butler struggled to strengthen his resolve and began to move busily to repair the ruined mansion even a little.

When I wrote a letter with my left hand, not my usual right hand, and sprayed water on it, a letter that seemed to have been written by a sick and weak mother in tears everywhere.She also felt instinctively, ignoring it with her last remaining pride.

The history of Elysium, which began with the Empire, was gradually falling apart.

It was clear why flowers and lace patterns used childish envelopes, not elegant envelopes that could be used by the Duchess.

Even the seal on the envelope was crude, with only children, not Elysium's.

The Duchess wrote her address in the name of the maid she had recently kicked out and handed over the envelope to the butler.

The Duchess looked confused as she could not believe it was a mansion inhabited by a duke of an empire.

On behalf of the daughter taken away by the imperial family, God gave her a son to succeed Duke Elysium.

Let's hang in there until my son grows up. The Duchess, determined so, clasped the dusty stair railing.