Chapter - 83 Episode 84 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

"Hey, wake up. Did you forget why I brought you out today?”

Leonhardt carefully grabbed Elizabeth by the chin and lifted her.

Her blue eyes were bursting into tears as soon as they touched them.

"Today is the day you came out to see how people live with your own eyes. The Duke's job is... It's not too late to go back to the palace and find out. But still, he's a duke, so what's going to happen?”


"I'm a kid.

Elizabeth was hanging on with eager eyes as if Leonhardt were the Savior.

Would it be too cruel to force that look away and tell me to forget it completely?

No, now she has to learn to stand alone. Even if something really happened to the Duke. You shouldn't move rashly, though.

Leonhardt bit his tongue and turned away, ignoring her wistful gaze in a broken, cold manner.

"You said you wanted to create a world where people could use warm water all the time."

"...if I could.”

Elizabeth's expression was distorted. Leonhardt bit his tongue once again.

The subject they are going to talk about from now on was not the Duke's circumstances.

More importantly, there was something to discuss as the future emperor and empress.

"You felt sorry for the people at the well a little while ago?"


Her long eyelashes cast a darker shadow than usual.

"You don't have to. That's a right you deserve.”


"Well, you're a sweet person. It's enough to think like that."

Leonhardt soothed Elizabeth by holding her hand. But Elizabeth shook her head.

"Not enough. Nothing changes when you think about it.”

"Then what?"

Leonhardt waited patiently for Elizabeth to think and reach a conclusion.

Even if the hands of the clock were turned upside down a hundred times, she deserved to be the empress.

Leonhardt smiled at Elizabeth's face, shedding tears and shining determined eyes.

"You can do it. What do you want to do?”

Leonhardt watched her troubled side face again, slowly drinking tea.

The meaning of the flower of the silver bell flower is 'I'm sure you'll be happy'.

If that were true, Leonhardt thought Elizabeth could be called a silver blossom itself.

Even the splendid peony and the white rose like snow must turn into a formless beauty in front of her like a small bell.

Leonhardt, who was giving some advice on her own way, suddenly stopped talking when he found out that Elizabeth was staring at him face.

"…that's how it works… What's wrong with you?"

Elizabeth blinked her eyes with a sweet face.

Leonhardt, who talked about things she had never thought of before, as if he was painting on a large piece of paper without any blockages, somehow felt like an emperor.

"…Tristan is really like the Emperor."

'…because he was really an emperor. Great enough to bring back a failing country.’

"It looks like this, but I'm helping my father learn."

Leonhardt smirked and kissed Elizabeth with a handful of hair.

"So what's your view of the future empress on such a plan?"

Elizabeth took a sip of the cold tea and answered slowly."The truth is... well... I don't know, my mother told me it's against manners for the empress to tell me what to do with politics....”

You'll never know what corruption those smart parents have committed through you. No, it's better not to know. Because it's not gonna happen anymore.

Leonhardt once again wrapped her hair around her finger with a playful gesture.

"You're the new social owner, Isolde."

"…what do you mean?"

"If you command it, it means that there are many noble ladies who will come from beyond the sea. Are you going to have tea with them?"

Leonhardt admired inside her silvery hair shining white in the sun.

Suddenly he felt sorry for the painters. They'll never be able to capture this sparkly and beautiful color on the canvas, and they'll regret it for the rest of their lives.

"…why don't you collect things you don't use and donate them?”

"Yeah, huh?"

Leonhardt, who missed her words in sympathy for the painters, blinked. Elizabeth explained a plan that had just come to mind in a slightly less confident way.

"I thought of this earlier when I heard you were selling dresses, but if you donate something that you don't wear anymore,"

"The common people wear clothes that noblemen would wear? Isode, if someone in the well a little while ago told me to wear a dress like that and grow water, ten out of ten would refuse.”

"You're right, aren't you? Hmm... Ah! How about auction?"


Elizabeth nodded her head. The empress often insisted on being an unknown artist and put her paintings up for auction.

Although the painter is unknown, people who are fascinated by the unique style of painting and the warm gaze of the landscape in the painting bid for her painting at a high price.

"The Empress donates all the money she earns to save the poor.

"Oh, my God?"

Leonhardt's eyes were wide open at the first word he heard.

If the empress drew it, even if it was a rough line drawn on crumpled packaging, it was not that she could not understand how many people wanted to buy it at a high price, so she had to keep it secret from her son.

'But somehow I'm disappointed....’

Elizabeth smiled inwardly as she saw Leonhardt's lips sticking out like a duck.

"So, there's an auction?"

"Yes, the exhibitor must be anonymous and sent to the Imperial Palace by the day before the tea party, and the winning bid like the Empress..." Hmm... what can I do?"

"You don't have to be anonymous? Even if it's a toy ball that Bailey used to bite and tear, there are many people who would buy it expensive....”

For example, someone like me, me, me.

However, Elizabeth shook her head firmly to see if she had any other ideas.

"If you look at the way I treat things at the auction, you'll know who to put next to me.”

"Who's next to you?"

Elizabeth nodded her head.

"I felt it in the debutante. I need someone to be on my side like two young kids.”

"Well, can you be a little more specific?”

Interested, Leonhardt sat upright and focused on Elizabeth's words.

"This is my prediction, but... Maybe the infants will try to bring as expensive and rare as possible? Even if it's anonymous, it's something that you can guess who submitted it. But I'm going to put out a picture. A picture that can only be seen by the people who see it.""Can anyone see it?"

"What would people think if there was a sketch of a white puppy that didn't even have the artist's name at the auction held in the imperial court?"

"Because you're the only one who can do such a thing… Ah!"

"Will people move as Tristan thinks…?”

Elizabeth blurted her words with an anxious look.

"If we fail, we can prepare the right stuff in case we fail. That's not a bad idea. Should I submit something?”

"This is a matter for the ladies, so please be gentle."


Leonhardt nodded with a wistful look. Before I knew it, I found a clerk who was eavesdropping from afar and a boss who had come to scold him for not opening the store yet, and warned him by pointing his index finger over his lips.


The boss and the clerk nodded unconsciously.

"…I want to build a school for girls."


Leonhardt's voice rose to a completely unexpected answer.

"That can't be true. It's just... I didn't expect it at all right. School, school....”

The aristocrats and gentry have tutors in their homes.

According to the law enacted a few years ago, even the poorest had to go to schools established in the empire at a certain age and learn basic literacy, history, and arithmetic.

But the higher-quality "academy" was still more of an upper class privilege, which had to be learned at the Academy for high tuition fee.

"What does a girl use if she's smart?" You'd better get ready to get married with that money!'

'I don't like smart girls because they don't taste cute. I don't know if I'm meeting a girl or in an academy because you always talk back to me..’

"She's married anyway, but she's not a son, is she?’

Did Elizabeth grow up hearing that?’

Considering the duchess, that's enough to entangle Elizabeth in that way.

"I looked past the square earlier. Children wearing the same cape with books on their sides... You're the students going to school, right?"

"Yes, this is a system... Maybe he's a student at a private school.”

A shadow fell over Elizabeth's face.

"Not a single girl was there. It's not anywhere else, it's a system. So how many girls are going to school outside the system?”

"That's all you've been thinking about?”

Leonhardt was truly impressed. Elizabeth, who thought she was just a child, now had the face of a decent lady, or Empress.

Elizabeth had already made up her mind.

"Okay, I'll talk to my dad about school as soon as I get back. Not me, but Isole in your name."

"In my name?"

"Because it's what you came up with. But I don't think so, but what if my dad won't let me?"


Elizabeth's voice shrank again. Leonhardt smiled, patting her on the head.

"Well, we're the ones who need to build and govern the world. So whatever you do, you'd better come up with the next best option for it and then an alternative."

"…is Tristan doing that?”

Leonhardt nodded without hesitation.

"Then I'll do the same. If I can't build a school... If there isn't…"

What should I do?

Perhaps it's because she can't think of a good idea, her face is starting to get gloomy.

"Would you like to see and think about how people live a little bit more?"


Leonhardt reached out to Elizabeth. Elizabeth got up from her seat, holding his hand.Unlike when she left the palace early in the morning with a pounding heart at the thought of seeing the system together, Elizabeth's expression of leaving the store was a little more serious.