Chapter - 84 Episode 85 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Dorothea Chappel, a tailor called Dorothy, was a rare genius who spread her world with threads and needles in honor of her friendliness and fingers for regular customers who couldn't count the entire empire as ten.

She remembered the day when she first entered the palace and met Muse as if it had happened yesterday.

A little girl who couldn't tell the truth about her favorite color and was terrified and obsessed with white. A little girl who was more like a bird in a nest than an angel.

Such a lady is now a decent lady and visits her store in person.

When she heard her muse had come, Dorothea grabbed her skirt and walked down the stairs.

"Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday....”

"Shall we go up and talk about the details?"

"I will!"

Breathing hastily, Dorothy walked up the stairs again with the most important customer of her life.

Unlike the first floor, which is busy trading completed clothes, ordering short orders, and booking counseling, the second floor studio is full of reverence because it is working hard even in a sweat.

Today Dorothea nodded when she heard that Leonhardt and Elizabeth were using aliases.

"Monsieur Tristan and Mademoiselle Isoldera… Oh, that's what they call it in the new country that imported silk. Isn't it pretty?”

Unlike Elizabeth, who became rabbit eyes in the air with thread and dust, Leonhardt sat across the sofa across a room that was as messed up as a person who had come before.

With the sound of a plop, dust rose like a fluffy seed over the white autumn sun.

"…why don't you clean up a little?"

Dorothea coughed loudly with a awkward look and laid a cushion made of white silk on Elizabeth's seat.

"It's rare. I can't believe you two are here together.”

"People's inspection. I think I need to know how people live in isolation."

"Then it's not my store, but a little more... Shouldn't we go somewhere normal?"

Dorothea tilted her head. Her shop was not for ordinary people, even in empty words.

Especially after the rumor that she was in charge of even one of Elizabeth's socks after her debutant turned out to be completely true.

"Can I hear the youngest employee going in and out of the second floor?"

Dorothea blinked at Leonhardt's request, whose intentions were unknown.

"I want to show Isolde that there's more than one way.”

"…Dear Lady Isolde…?”

Leonhardt nodded silently.

Dorothea made a straight face when Leonhardt told her to come without contacting her during an otherwise busy season and call out an employee who was absorbed in the work.

"…can I ask you a favor?”

But things change if her muse asks.

Leonhardt shrugged as he saw all the employees being sent out and explained even the smallest needle used in the studio.

It's been a week since I got permission to enter the studio on the second floor.

Ellie, who was barely used to the abuse under the guise of her seniors' advice, sighed as she looked at the sunny window seat already filled with seniors.

Today her work space seemed to be a shady corner.

'Well... I can't help it because I'm the youngest.’

Ellie held the thread on her lips and stared at the chief seamstress constantly moving her hands under the sun with envious eyes.'Can I sew there someday…?’

"Elly, you're in a daze. Are you going to get stabbed with a needle again and get blood on the fabric again?"

"I'm sorry!"

"Elly, the store manager wants to see you for a second."

"I'm sorry... what?

The eyes of Ellie as well as the seamstresses in the studio were all blown away by the employee who delivered the news.

Stand, don't tell me you're getting fired.’

Last time Ellie messed up a dress, she might get kicked out for it.’

'I thought I'd get a good hand for the first time in a while... So, I've told you so many times not to play dumb!’

The studio, which was normally quieter and more reverent than the temple where the sacred objects were stored, quickly began to become noisy.

Ellie put her sewing down in a trembling motion and stood up.

This is not the last step out of the studio, is it?’

Tears have been dripping every night for the past week. So you shouldn't cry here.

Thinking so, Ellie was determined and left the studio after the staff.

"The store manager is upstairs. Don't forget to be polite because you're a very important customer."

"Important… sir?"

You're not fired! Ellie broke into a loud voice, shouting hurray to the inside and heard beyond the studio.

'I'll be right back!'

The seamstresses in the studio were still young and laughed at Ellie's voice, which glistened with pure passion, with each face.

Then she moved her work to a slightly sunny seat.


"Eh… it's Ellie. I don't have a last name. I worked in Dorothea's studio three years ago, and I moved in and out of it a week ago."

Dorothea's room was a place where senior seamstress could not enter without permission.

Why did you call me to such a place?

As expected, the important guest appeared to be a nobleman. It's not an ordinary aristocrat, it's a very, very, very high rank.

In front of a young aristocrat lying on Dorothea's sofa and a lady sitting gracefully like a painting in the portrait, Ellie introduced herself trembling with a completely nervous voice.

"How old are you?"

"You seem to have a very useful hand, Dorothy."

Ellie was shocked to see a young man calling the manager's pet name with a casual look.

Then Ellie began to doubt her ears at the manager's words that followed.

"I've only learned how to groove."

Recognized? Recognized? Did the manager acknowledge me?

For a moment, Ellie almost forgot the presence of a customer in front of her and burst into tears.

There has never been a happier moment than now since the first time I was allowed to hold a needle.

"At eighteen... that's an ambiguous age. Did you go to school?"

At Leonhardt's words, Ellie shook her head, knowing it was rude to the aristocrat.

"I guess my parents taught me to read and write, but what a seamstress has to hold is needles rather than books."

Dorothea said so and opened Ellie's palm to Elizabeth and Leonhardt.

Her calluses, knotted middle finger, needle-picked thumb and hollow nails proved she was doing a decent job here.

"If Ellie was in school, she wouldn't have had these hands. Ellie, are you sad you can't go to school?”

Ellie waved her hands and shook her head.

"May I ask why?”

A young man with a gorgeous figure who could be believed to be a talking statue asked her why.

"Well, thanks to my work here, my sister is the smartest, no. So the smartest brother can attend the academy now. So I'm not disappointed at all.""Not that, but the real reason."


Dorothea nodded. Ellie continued, wiggling her fingers with a flushed face.

"…the school doesn't teach me how to embroider. I can't even learn how to calculate the dimensions needed for the cloth. I want to be a great tailor like the manager. To do that... Rather, I'm glad I was able to work in this store rather than in school!"

"It's a good thing you can work in the store?"


Ellie noticed intuitively that she was the muse of the store manager as soon as she saw Lady tilting her head in a way that she didn't understand.

"Well, I really enjoy working here. My mother said so, too. If I worked and learned here, I wouldn't starve anywhere else."

"…is that so?"

Ellie nodded loudly up and down.

The lady with beautiful blue eyes bowed her head at her answer and agonized again.

Did you say "Elly..."? I'm rooting for your dream of becoming a tailor."

Unlike other noble ladies who come and go to the store, he was well-suited to be neat rather than colorful.

On the other hand, she smiled and cheered for Ellie, as if she was sincere in her words.

At that moment, Ellie doubted her own eyes as well as her ears.

And I vaguely understood why her employer muse a lady from a family, not a famous actor or singer like any other tailor.

The presence of a man languidly hanging on the sofa alone made the sinking air as white and light as clouds and passed through her red cheeks.

"Did you find another way?”

A young man hanging on the sofa raised himself and asked. A lady named Isolde nodded and smiled, and he also smiled face to face.

Ellie took a step back before I knew it. Somehow even a thin layer of chiffon felt like it shouldn't be between them.

While Dorothea was returning from seeing off the two customers herself, Ellie was calming down her mind that was never calming down.

"Elly, do you want to make his clothes, too?”

"Yes, yes, sir!"

Dorothea scrutinized Ellie's hands back and forth and laughed.

"It's still ten years early."

"You mean, you can make it in ten years?”

"You still have a positive personality. Go ahead and finish your work. If you want to put a pearl on the new empress' coronation dress.”

Ellie understood what she meant a beat later. And this time, I shouted hurray out loud.

Dorothea sighed deeply with her forehead when she heard that there would soon be a charity auction and tea party in Elizabeth's name.

But Elizabeth, who saw Ellie, giggled when she noticed that her actions were sheer.

'How soon did a bird-like man from the nest grow up to be such an elegant swan....’

Dorothea was impressed to see Elizabeth walk out of the store under Leonhardt's escort.

It was not until their appearance had completely disappeared from view that Dorothea returned to the store.

"Aren't you tired?"

"Shall we have lunch and get some rest? I've been listening to a lot of people spinning around."

Elizabeth nodded moderately, covered her mouth with her hands in drowsiness and yawned softly.

Elizabeth's shadow with white parasols fluttered under the sunlight that began to move into the afternoon.386559_86.fb.drm.86_커버_Fxhtml0