Chapter - 85 Episode 86 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

It was late lunch time, but the 150-year-old cafe Lupia, located in the central square of the island, was still crowded.

Carroll, Lupia's counter manager, sighed as she watched a crowd of customers flocking back in nonstop.

Why can't I even go to the bathroom when they have lunch time, go sightseeing in the island, and even play the main character in the play?

"Is there room left on the roof?"

Carol glanced at the extra number on the rooftop and nodded.

Lupia's rooftop terrace was an unusually crowded place with people who read and visited the play, or the original novel, against the backdrop of the heroine's first appearance.

"One espresso, whipping on caramel macchiato, adding syrup, chocolate drizzle grind to make it sweet enough to blow away the depression. Oh, and two sandwiches."

If asked what the most popular menu in Lupia was, Carol could answer, "A sandwich and a cup of Americano," with a look of boredom.

It was rare for her to receive any other order since she worked at Rupia.

However, the immediate guest asked for a custom order that was completely unexpected, so long and complicated that Rupia could not afford to remember.

In caramel macchiato... What's next? In the end, Carol asked herself in a stupid voice.

"I'm sorry, but say it again… Could you give me...yo...?”

Oh my god.

Carol also opened her mouth wide, forgetting to explain to the customer in front of her that espresso is a very bitter and favored drink with freshly extracted coffee extract in the smallest glass.

Am I on the stage now?’

A young man who looked so elegant that I thought for a moment was standing in front of me.

Taller than average, one head, slightly lower eyes are vivid violet colors, and unlike the thick eyelashes of many actresses, the noseline and thin lips underneath them draw a friendly line.

And by his side stood a beautiful lady who would suit such a young man.

Anyway, a handsome man already has a partner.’

Carol took out the memo for the first time in a very long time, reflecting on herself for a moment when she saw the lady's face.

[Espresso, Whipping on Caramel Macchiato, Syrup, Chocolate Drizzle are ground to make it so sweet that depression disappears] And two sandwiches.]

Carol smiled unknowingly, not for working hours, at the refreshing scent of his clothes as soon as he handed over the number tag along with saying he would bring it to the rooftop when he was ready.

"Thank you."

Even though he knew it was meant to be polite, he was not elegant and bright enough to raise the corners of his mouth, so he even smiled with his eyes.

Carol also expressed her gratitude to Rupia's boss, who had just forgotten to curse the boss who had appointed her as breakfast manager and had the luck to receive his order.

By the way, the look on the lady standing next to him bothered me.

Beauty said she was beautiful even if she had lung disease, but Carol thought it was just for that unknown lady.

[A lot of chocolate chips, a lot, sweet enough to take the water out of the lady's face!]Carol added a sentence to the memo and sent it to the kitchen.

"Did they have a fight? So the woman giving sweets that light to work out, wild garlic and turn a deaf ear to cycle, as if to?’

Carol began to spread her imagination freely.

"Don't you take orders?"

But as soon as they walked up the stairs, Carol had to get back to reality.

In front of her were guests waiting in line from the far end of the continent to buy a coffee and sandwich that the main character had in the play.

Elizabeth looked down over the roof railing and thought that the images of people constantly moving looked like fallen leaves fluttering in the wind.

What do they really need?

Elizabeth was troubled, resting her chin on a cool bronze railing.

"Well, the food's out.”

Elizabeth turned slowly. And he looked surprised at the things on the tray.

"What's this?"

Unlike the large whipped cream mountain cup, the white cup next to it was not as small as a child's childhood toy, which looked cute compared to Leonhardt's hand size.

"One is yours, one is mine."

White cream pushed a wave-like cup toward Elizabeth, and Leonhardt lifted a ridiculously small ceramic cup compared to his large hand.

What was in the white cup was a liquid that was too thick to be a normal coffee.

Elizabeth showed interest in espresso. I thought that even if I collected all the coffee scents here, I would not be able to beat the strong and deep scents in that small cup.

"Adult drinks."

"Adult... you know I'm two years younger than you, right?”

"I know."

Leonhardt shrugged and swallowed a sip of espresso.

Savoring the bitter, sour, but unique taste hidden in it, Leonhardt leaned his back on a chair made of woven backwoods, which had not been authorized because he was still young.

"Do you know where we are?"


"There was a play that was a huge hit. This is where the innocent princess, who knows nothing, left the palace one day, ate breakfast for the first time, met a common man, fell in love, but ended up breaking up and eating together."

"Oh, the place in the novel? No wonder people kept glancing at this seat. Is that why people keep looking? Don't change the subject. What's that drink?"

"That's why people are looking for it. It's an adult's drink, so you can't drink it here yet. Instead, eat this and feel better."

Leonhardt was briefly in conflict when he saw Elizabeth, who was stubborn only at times like this. If you feed it once, I won't find it again, so should I just leave it at this time?

"…I definitely stopped him. A teaspoonful, nothing more."

Elizabeth smiled broadly and scooped a spoonful of black and fragrant liquid from Leonhardt's cup and brought it into her mouth.

And the next moment Elizabeth frowned and began to devour the creamy acid covered with golden caramel syrup.

"Hey, how do you eat this stuff?”

"So I told you. It's an adult drink."

Leonhardt replied sternly, holding back his laughter.It wasn't a bad lunch break.

Sweet food made Elizabeth forget her troubles for a while, and Leonhardt began to sneak up on the newspaper that someone had left behind.

In the past, it was a newspaper that did not miss anything he and Ilysses did, criticized in a scathing tone, but praised what to praise at the same time.

'Is this place praising my father, who is not me now....’

With that feeling, Leonhardt glanced through the editorial section.

The Crown Prince especially adores Lady Elysium, the future crown prince..]

Leonhardt was reading his own and Elizabeth's articles, and eventually folded the newspaper and returned it to its original place.

"Tristan, your face is red."

"…It's because of the caffeine!"

Elizabeth, who felt a little better after eating something sweet, returned to the palace after enjoying a street performance by a bard at the square and buying postcards and souvenirs snacks containing the scenery of the system.



Now that I'm back at the palace, Tristan and Isolde are gone. Elizabeth, who will become the future crown princess, called the crown prince with a pensive face again.

"I need you to find out what's going on with the Duke. I... need to see the empress for a tea party.

Leonhardt nodded his head.

"Think about what they really need."


Leonhardt tapped her on the shoulder. Elizabeth smiled at his eyes.

Before returning to the palace, Elizabeth stopped by the cathedral for the last time.

A ray of light covered her head with a soft veil over the colorful stained glass window, which dared to claim to be God's flower garden.

Leonhardt leaned against the door and sneaked a peek at her praying.

He held his breath and focused on Elizabeth's prayer, looking so reverent and sacred that even if his wings rose and went up to the sky, he could understand.

So let us all be happy.

All of us, all of us. Leonhardt smirked inside. But at the same time, I was eager to be allowed to be happy.

Elizabeth thought she needed a school for girls.

But when I met her in Dorothea's studio, the future tailor, Eli, thought it was better to be able to attend the studio than school.

What do they really need?

Upon returning to the palace, Elizabeth headed to the palace for advice on tea parties.

However, the empress tilted her head as she saw Elizabeth sighing while the car was cold.

"Is Leon not listening?”

"What? No way!"

Elizabeth jumped out of her seat and denied it.

"Then it's something I can't solve."


Elizabeth nodded her head in agony for a long time.

"If you have to think about it as an empress, think about it until the end."

The empress said, pouring cold tea into her mouth.

"I've been through this before, but it's very unpleasant for the empress, who has already handed over her coffin, to interfere. So Elizabeth, give it a try first."

Elizabeth nodded silently again this time.

"It's… I think I'll figure it out. No, I'll take care of it."

The empress smiled contentedly at her answer. The time was really coming to pass on the coffin.

"Let's forget about the difficult problem for a while. You said you needed my advice for the tea party? Have you decided on a theme?”

Elizabeth smiled and began to explain her plan. The empress gleamed her eyes and nodded at her words."That's a great idea! Should I secretly submit a painting?”

"I was going to submit a painting…!”

"If Elizabeth's paintings were sold at a higher price than mine, I wouldn't be happier as a painting teacher."

Elizabeth returned to her quarters, walking completely clouded before entering the Imperial Palace.

And I found a letter on the desk.

Sender's first address, recipient's name is Elizabeth.

The handwriting in the flower-patterned letter envelope was thin and splashed as if it were about to break, and there were traces of water spreading everywhere.

Elizabeth hurriedly checked the contents and hid the letter in the drawer.

Elizabeth's heart, which had barely recovered, began to pound wildly with a foreboding.