Chapter - 86 Episode 87 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

A lingering love. A lingering love.

What should I do?’

Late in the evening, Elizabeth approached the desk again with a cautious step, as if she were walking on thin ice for fear of someone watching, and took out the letter in question.

The content of the letter was unbelievable no matter how many times I read it.

[The Imperial family is determined to block all means of contact between her and the Duke...].]

The Duchess of Ellisium was ill and in critical condition, but she could not be reached..]

My heart aches to see the madam calling only the lady's name every night....]

Elizabeth hugged the letter tightly and closed her eyes. Is this really true?

Elizabeth took a deep breath calmly and wondered what to do. But I couldn't think of a good move.

Suddenly, I remembered a maid who came out to sell her mother's dress.

Elizabeth, who was biting her lips, carefully opened the door with a letter.

And at this moment headed to the room of the only person she could rely on.

"Leon... Leon, are you sleeping?"

Leonhardt, who had reported and talked to the emperor about the results of today's inspection until late, was just about to lie in bed.

Leonhardt, who had patted the pillow several times to shape it, jumped out of his seat with a thin voice heard over the thick door.


"You can go in...?”

How should I interpret the request of my fiancee who asks me to open the door in one voice without knocking on the door late at night when most people are asleep?

Leonhardt opened the door, determined not to be surprised if there was a demon standing beyond the door that mimicked Elizabeth's voice.


It was better if the devil came over him. As soon as the door opened, Elizabeth snapped at him in her pajamas.

Leonhardt patted Elizabeth on the back, who almost clung to his neck with one hand, and managed to close the door with the other and fell on his hips.

"Lizzy, no. You're still a minor and I'm going to grant you whatever you want, but it's still too early....”

"Help me!"

"I'm ready. So, what can I do for you?”

Leonhardt, lying on the floor, raised his head slightly. I just relaxed my throat.

Boom. It's been a while since I heard this sound and pain.

Leonhardt, thinking so, sat on his boat and stared at Elizabeth, who looked about to cry.

Elizabeth took out a letter hidden in her clothes with trembling hands.

Leonhardt took a letter from her and unfolded it, reflecting on himself for an instant with irreverent thoughts.

"…where is the letter from?”

Leonhardt's voice sank low. Elizabeth sobbed half way and managed to answer as a duchess.

'Shaking and poorly controlled handwriting. However, it seems that the person who is right-handed wrote it with his left hand based on the traces of ink smudging on the side. Tear marks? Hmm... No one else but a maid from the mansion shed tears for you. For the Duchess of Elysium, not anyone else? You're a very loyal maid. But if you really wrote it crying, the tears on the bottom of the letter paper would have dried up by the time the pen touched it. Especially if it's this thin paper. It looks like the ink smudged and sprayed water before it dries.’

Leonhardt was in conflict. Which is more likely to go to hell, telling the truth that this letter is completely forged and watching Elizabeth despair or telling white lies?"Uh... my mother... To the point where I really need to sell dresses... Not enough to even pay for the medicine... Then... then....”

…Let's calm Elizabeth down first.

"Lizzy, calm down, calm down. When and who brought you this letter?”

"I don't know. When I got back from discussing tea party with Empress Dowager....”

Leonhardt bit his lips. Elizabeth was now completely covering her face and sobbing and crying.

"Lizzy, Lizzy. Give much thought to it. But he's still a duke. The duchess who sells dresses for lack of medicine? Have you ever heard of it?”

Elizabeth shook her head slowly after a long time without saying a word.

"In the imperial court... a letter from the duchess on purpose... That's the truth...?”

Leonhardt shook his head wiping Elizabeth's tears with the back of his hand.

"Yes, you are?"

Leonhardt nodded his head.

"Lizzy, Lizzy. Calm down, and... Well... will you slowly come down...?”

Elizabeth then hurried down to her side, noticing that she was sitting on Leonhardt.

"…can I get you something to drink?”

Her silver hair shook along with her in the moonlight as she nodded.

Even then, Leonhardt stroked his head and brought a glass of water with a float.

"Are you feeling better now?"

"…I'm sorry."

"What do you have to be sorry about? Of course, the lady, who is about to go to bed, sneaks into her fiancé's room in her pajamas, hugs her, falls back, and climbs up....”


"You should be sorry until…, but you always hung on me like that whenever there was thunder and lightning. It's not new, so I'll let it slide. And what happens after that."

"…you have a lot of patience."

Leonhardt shrugged his shoulders. Whenever the moon was covered by clouds because the lanterns were not lit, a dim shadow filled the room, but Elizabeth's cheeks, which were so flushed, were strangely clear to the eye.



Leonhardt thought again about three times whether he should really say this. And three times all came to the same conclusion.

"Leave this to your father and me, Lizzie. You... Can we focus on tea parties and charity auctions?"


"Lizzy, you're going to be the empress.”

"Oh, I know. But this is."

"The Empress is the owner of a country before she is someone's daughter. As the Emperor does."

"…Leon wants to prioritize the Emperor's duties even if the Empress is ill?”

I don't know. If I were myself in the past, I would have done that because my parents weren't there already. But now... I don 't know.

Leonhardt could not answer in the end. Elizabeth shook her head.

"Anyway, it's late now, so let's go to bed. If anyone sees me doing this, I'm sure you'll hear a scolding tomorrow.”

Leonhardt opened the door and checked first who was in the hallway. And sent Elizabeth out.

"Lizzy, wait a minute."

Elizabeth turned back with an innocent face that could not be found with any doubt or vigilance.

"Then at this age, you came to my fiancé's room late at night and thought nothing would happen? Be a little careful, my lady."

The prince's bedroom door closed again while Elizabeth fiddled with her lips.

The last glimpse of Leonhardt's face was redder than the sunset, is it just me?

Elizabeth, who rushed back to her room, lay in bed and hugged a large pillow, had to calm her pounding heart in a different way for about an hour.


That morning Leonhardt had a foreboding feeling when Elizabeth was not seen."…Lizzy?"

The maidens were all at each other's wits' end.

Leonhardt stormed out of his seat and rushed to the imperial stable.

One of the fastest and fastest horses and wagons was missing.

Upon returning to his quarters, Leonhardt went after Elizabeth on his horse, keeping the maid firmly in check.

Elizabeth was heading to the duchess, accompanied by only one doctor from the royal palace.

'This is not the right.’

Elizabeth chewed her lips the whole way to the mansion.

Leon will be disappointed in me.’

Maybe it's more than just a disappointment. He's gonna be mad, right? My mother might blame me for coming.

But this is my conclusion. It's not too late to judge whether it's right or wrong after confirming that your mother is safe.

'You won't be late...'?’

Elizabeth bit her lips again with a nervous face. The smell of fishy and rusty iron were felt on the tip of my tongue.

"Lady Elizabeth."

The old doctor turned his head and held out a handkerchief. Elizabeth wiped the blood from her lips and eventually burst into tears.

If, really, just in case.

If the imperial family intentionally interrupted contact between her and the duchess and did not notice what was happening at the duchess.

Elizabeth, of course, seemed unable to forgive herself.

In the distance, I could see the iron door of Elysium's mansion.

Elizabeth clasped her skirt with an unknown sense of incompatibility while begging her mother to be safe.

'This is... the mansion I used to live in.?’

The trees planted along the long road to the mansion were not pruned at all, so they were intertwined like vines.

Fallen leaves on the floor were rolling around without broomming, and even piles of weeds grew thickly among the traces of wagon wheels.

What the hell happened?’

The carriage came out of the imperial family, and all the people who welcomed me were the butler with white hair and increased wrinkles.

"Mother, how's your mother?"

Elizabeth, who met the butler, was the first to see how the Duchess was doing.

The butler, who was embarrassed by the unscheduled visit of the lady, responded unqualified as a butler even though she thought to herself, "Yes?"

Elizabeth scuttled up the stairs, shaking off the butler's hand and grabbing her skirt.

Squeak. No matter how long it had been ungreased, the heavy door slowly opened with a chilling sound along the spine.

Elizabeth stood tall on the spot.

The butler, who came after her late, was speechless and looked embarrassed.

The doctor, who had to come to Elizabeth's duchess early in the morning without knowing anything, looked for the patient and stuck his head out into the mansion.

The doctor kicked his tongue and said, "Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Elizabeth unknowingly stepped back and turned her head toward the butler.

"What the hell… what the hell happened…"?”

The butler avoided her eyes with a face that she had nothing to say even if she had a big mouth.

Elizabeth clung to the butler, hoping that something would be good and that he would say something.

"Tell me. This is the order of Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of the Elysium family. Tell me what happened right now!"

The butler nodded with a wretched look. And first I took her and the doctor to the drawing room, which had been keeping her clean until the very end.386559_88.fb.drm88_커버_Fxhtml0