Chapter - 87 Episode 88 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

The doctor unconsciously covered his mouth and nose with his sleeve as he looked at the dusty carpet all the way to the drawing room.

The black tea offered by the butler was still beautiful golden, but Elizabeth could not readily hold the cup.

Plated cups, toothless plates, silver trays with traces of a hasty wipe.

The door of the drawing room opened and the butler returned. The butler bowed his head with a miserable expression as he looked at Elizabeth, who sat with her head down without touching the tea.

"The master... is waiting in the study."

"What about your mother?"


The butler licked his dry lips once with his tongue. He was too honest to lie without spitting.

"He's still lying down. Would you like to come to the study with me if you'd like?”

Elizabeth shook her head swallowing a thin scream. I really hope not, but I think what the letter said was true.

"This is…?"

"He's an imperial doctor I brought to hear of his mother's illness."

The butler's eyes shook for a moment.

"Well, why don't you say hello to your father first?”

Elizabeth rose from her seat in a hurry.

"Is this really the Duke's mansion? Oh, my gosh. A ghost came in. Where you think you're going to run away?"

The doctor looked around and followed the butler and Elizabeth to the study.

While Elizabeth was waiting in the drawing room with mixed feelings, Duke Elysium put down the bottle and asked the butler to hurry up and give her clean clothes when she heard she was drinking.

The Duchess tucked her spread-out dress into the closet, changing into the thinnest and most worn pajamas and lying on the bed.

"What about Ludwig?"

"The young master is still asleep."

"Bring Isolde when he comes here."

The maid, who remained until the end and was taking care of Ludwig, shook her head and headed to the young master's room.

"This is it!"


Before the butler could knock, the black door burst open on both sides, and the fat man hugged Elizabeth with a terrible smell.

Elizabeth, who was forced into the Duke's arms, screamed wildly and struggled.

Then the Duke put her down with an incredible face and recoiled back.

"Oh, Father...?”

Elizabeth doubted whether the huge, ugly man before her was really her father.

Where did the father, who was tall and skinny like a skewer, be proud of his family and his authority as a breadwinner, go?

Is he really my father wearing a three-layered chin, a ball-like belly, and wrinkled clothes with a lot of leftover food on it?

"Hey, come here! My daughter, how many years has it been!"

Smiling enough to reveal all his yellow teeth, the Duke opened his arms. But Elizabeth recoiled behind the stench of his body and mouth.

"Yes, b*tc*!"

The Duke's face began to twist like the devil's illustration in the temple. As Elizabeth stepped back, the Duke strode up and raised his hand.

Elizabeth noticed the Duke's forthcoming actions and closed her eyes.

"Fix it, my lord! Sir, we're in front of you!"

Elizabeth opened her eyes carefully. The old butler held her father's arm with all his might.

"Hua, the Imperial Court brought in a doctor!"

Elizabeth exclaimed in a quivering voice. Then the Duke put his arm down as if he had tried to slap her, and smiled half-heartedly."In the Imperial Court? Why didn't you tell me earlier? I almost showed you a shameful image. You're a doctor?

" mother says she's sick... So…."

"Your mother? Oh, right. Whew, it's been a while since your mother laid down like that."

"Uh... My mother... Really…."

It was a lie from the Duke, who would have noticed at once if she were her usual self, but now she could not afford to feel incompatibility.

"I have to go to my mother."

"Huh? Uh-huh. Yeah. Come with me! If you say you're here, your wife will be fine, and you'll be fine!"

As soon as he opened the door of the Duchess, the doctor of the imperial family swallowed his breath with a terrible smell of perfume.

'To patients... Perfume...?’

It was not uncommon for patients lying on the bed to use perfume to refresh themselves.

However, the scent of the Duchess's room was not a clear head or a breath-free scent, but a dense and strong scent suitable for fancy parties.

Elizabeth ran straight to bed and checked the condition of the Duchess.

The Duchess, wearing a white indoor suit with bulging cheekbones and thin hair, closed her eyes as if she were asleep, was no different from Elizabeth's nightmare one day.


The Duchess slowly opened her eyes. Then he stroked Elizabeth's face with a shaky touch, loosening his arms.

"We're so small....”


The Duchess said, squeezing her voice as thin as possible.

"My baby…" baby... I missed you....”

Then, closing her eyes again, tilting her head to the side, Elizabeth eventually began to shed tears.

"Don't give your mother too much trouble, Isolde."

The Duke thought his wife's performance was excellent and forced her off the bedside.

"Father, what the... What the hell happened all this time? Yes?"

I felt like the sky was falling. Elizabeth questioned the Duke in a somber voice.

The Duke pretended to be mixed up, washed his face dry, and hid his smile. I knew you were so naive, but you never knew anything like this!

"This is the end of our Elysium family. The Emperor is trying to make it so."


"Think about it. We're 2 years old. Who would treat an empress like a paper doll who doesn't have the power to look after her? It's not too late now. Why don't you talk to your majesty? Huh?"

"What do you mean…"I brought my father, a doctor, more than that. So you go first."

"Your mother worries and worries every day about what if Isolde breaks off her marriage. You know what I mean, don't you?"


What are you looking at? Come on, don't check on your mother! Elizabeth, whose hands were caught by the Duke, urged the doctor with her eyes.

The doctor, who had forgotten his duty for a moment, hurried to the Duchess' bed.


Elizabeth grabbed her wrist and stared wonderfully at the Duke who wouldn't let her go.

"Come to think of it, I have a new family to introduce to my Isolde."

"Bird... family...?”

As soon as the doctor tried to examine the condition of the Duchess, the Duke called in a maid holding Ludwig.

The Duchess shook off the doctor's hand and stretched out her arms towards Ludwig.

"Go, Duchess. If you can't get sick to your child, you can....”

"No one can take away my child anymore!"The Duchess hugged Ludwig, screaming so loud that it was hard to believe that she was a weakly limp person until a while ago.

"Hey, I'm a little kid. Come here and take a look. Ludwig Mort von Elysium, your brother, the only heir to this Elysium."

"This child's sister will be the empress. Elysium will be revived once again.

"That's why it's so small. As an older sister, work hard for your sister and family! Ludwig, it's your sister! Why don't you say hello? Huh?"

"I've heard from the royal family that you're very much loved. I'm a nice and considerate kid, so you'll understand, right?”

The doctor was appalled by the mad Duchess's voice. Duke Elysium forced her to make eye contact with Ludwig with a violent touch.

Suddenly Elizabeth felt nauseous by the smell of her nose.

Even at this moment, the child in the river beam, the mother, whose eyes are only alive, and the father, who calls the family, looked distorted like a burned-out painting.

"…Sir, my mother… Is that okay with you?"

"…The Duchess's disease is eczema. Your wife couldn't have washed the dishes herself....”

The doctor, who glanced at the Duke and his wife, fell out of bed and opened the window wide open.

With the autumn breeze, fresh air came in and took away some of the terrible smell of perfume that had spread through her room.

"This strong smell is not good for a young baby yet. And I'm more concerned about the Duke's cavity than his wife's eczema, which he can cure with just a dose of medicine. Is there anything wrong with your teeth?"

What the doctor said could not be true in Elizabeth's head, something she believed to be true to the last minute was shattered.


"Re, Lady Elizabeth?"

Elizabeth ran out of the room without looking back.

The air in the mansion was disgusting. Elizabeth went down the stairs two at a time and barely stopped at the door.


"I... I... "The letter is..."

"I'm ashamed of myself….”

The butler, who rushed after her, waited for Elizabeth's order with the same expression.

The butler opened the door with the utmost courtesy.

And Elizabeth burst into tears again, looking beyond the door, at the man waiting for her in the light with his back to the sun.

Leon, I guess it was a lie to say that your mother was sick. I guess he wrote a fake letter because he missed the opportunity to bring it. I, I....’

There was so much I wanted to say. But it all melted in tears and only called Leonhardt's name.

"Leon... Leon... Leon....”

Leonhardt hugged her without saying a word.

My whole body was covered in sweat because I ran a long distance without resting, but I couldn't afford to pay attention to that.

She was crying.

The fact alone shook my hands and gnashed my teeth.

At this moment, he was using patience for the rest of his life just by not killing that bugger who was busy saving his body in surprise.

"…it's going back.

Let's go back. Let's go back? I could hear a voice above my head that was not my usual friendly voice, but suppressing my anger.

I'm sure he's angry....’

The doctor helped Elizabeth into the carriage first.

Leonhardt stared at Duke Elysium for a long time without saying a word."Your Highness, I mean....”

"Shut up."

Ruling the beast running wild in his body, Leonhardt swung the whip he was holding in his hand.

The Duke closed his eyes tightly. But a sharp rupture passed by something other than him.

"…in front of Izzie.”

Speaking to himself, not the Duke, Leonhardt got the whip.

Wind scratches remained clear at the gate of the Elysium mansion.