Chapter - 88 Episode 89 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

My love, kind, innocent, innocent, like a clear bell would sound if I hugged and shook my body.

My love, so good as to not doubt others and embrace all the world's slanders of her.

If you look a little closer, you'll find out the obvious lies with your eyes because they're your family, my courageous and foolish love.

Let's beat feet.

Let's be happy again with the one who gave you the most unhappy death.

The sky was clear and the wind was cool. The horse, which was able to run as long as he wanted for the first time in a long time, ran along with the wind, as if it was no matter what the rider's troubled mind was.

It was well anticipated, so Leonhardt acted calmly instead of panicking when the situation came.

However, when he saw the horse and carriage that had disappeared, his world turned into an invisible darkness.

There was only one reason why he could run a horse to the duchy without going crazy.

I thought I'd have to make sure she was safe.

It appears that the punishment for the sinner was not yet over.

Leonhardt had to respect her will, even if she wanted to return completely to the arms of her family, not to him.

So this wasn't the way to get Elizabeth back, just to confirm her intentions.

Actually, I didn't want to confirm.

I was really afraid she'd choose a family.

I was angry that I couldn't stop the opportunity to atone for her leaving before my eyes, so I thought it would not be solved even if I screamed and screamed evil.

"Lizzy, Lizzy. What the hell am I supposed to do? If you say you're going back to the mansion, what about me?’

She was only a fiancee until the ceremony. There were still many candidates for the crown prince. But none of them was as precious as Elizabeth.

'You're the only one I can do it's you.’

He was not able to be called emperor and empress, being amused, grieved, angry with people who were not Elizabeth.

It would be better if the three of them dry up and die together after putting the innocent lady in the seat of the empress.

Elizabeth, who did not become the Empress, who was not loved by the Emperor, who did not love the Empress.

I turned back the clock, but in the end, the whole story was running toward an unhappy ending again.

'I don't want that!'

Why did I turn back time, why did I claim to be a sinner who would never be forgiven, again the same, no. You want me to do something worse than that?

Leonhardt clenched his teeth. I could see a duchess in the distance.

The horse and rider were all sweaty and breathing out.

Leonhardt endured what he wanted to fall on the saddle and came down to the ground and waited for Elizabeth to come out.

"If it doesn't come out like this, you're going to go back thinking you can't help it?’

Leonhardt asked himself a question. The answer was fixed. But he was ready to betray himself and kick the door in front of him.

Fortunately, the door of the mansion did not break. Elizabeth once again opened the door of her own volition.

Then he returned to his arms.

All he could do in front of the crying, which was so sad that even the clouds flying in the sky melted away that he could faint, was to give up his arms and pat his trembling hands to suppress his anger.'You have to ask permission... Are you going back... I have to ask... respect her will....’

Leónhardt declared, chewing his lips, glancing across the door, in the shadows, at the Duke of Elysium, who was only looking.

"…it's going back.

I felt Elizabeth in my arms flabbergasted for a moment. He kissed the top of her head and watched her safely get on the wagon.

The reason why he did not kill Duke Elysium on the spot was simple.

It was in front of Elizabeth.

"Does he even know that his daughter saved his life?’

Leonhardt let out a laugh. And went back up on the saddle.

I didn't even want to blink in a place like this anymore.

Upon returning to the palace, Leonhardt returned to his residence holding Elizabeth's hand without saying a word.

"Leon, wait. Wait! It hurts!"

Her words stopped him and he looked back. There was a scar on Elizabeth's wrist.

It wasn't the mark he left behind. Then who? The killer was quick to guess.

Leonhardt bit his tongue inside and hugged Elizabeth. And then I moved on again.

"My dad and mom know you're lying down in the morning because you're sick."

Elizabeth, who returned to her place, turned her back on Leonhardt and dug into the blanket.

My head was so complicated that I had to vomit.

Leonhardt glanced back, sitting on the edge of the bed. There was a small round hill on the white quilt.

"You're going to break up, aren't you?”

Leonhardt's heart thumped to the floor. He denied in a weary voice, covering his mixed expression with cold sweat and damp hands.

"Elizabeth, one more time, Fatham, one more time, or a broken marriage. I'd be really mad if you said that.”

There was no answer in the quilt hill. Leonhardt glanced back and tried to put his hand on the quilt hill before quitting.

"Leon... why did you bring me to the palace that day?”

As soon as she left Elizabeth's room, she asked.

"I wanted to make you happy.”

From the moment he turned back time to now, he has lived only with that thought.

Elizabeth's happiness, her happy life. Happy smile. To do so, he brought her from the mansion to the palace at an early age.

"I don't know what I saw in the mansion. But looking at you now... If you hadn't come to the palace that day, Lady Elizabeth wouldn't have smiled as brightly as she did just a few days ago.”

Leonhardt, who was about to return to his room, changed his mind. Then he hugged Elizabeth, who had been hiding under the blanket, as if he had been under attack.


The face that had been crying all the time popped out of the blanket.

Leonhardt grabbed Elizabeth's chin, staring only at the ceiling, forcing her to see him.

"Don't cry."

"I'm not crying."

If you're going to lie, you have to be more proficient. Like me who has to cheat on you for the rest of my life.

He wiped away her tears with his fingertips carefully.

"You're not going to cry?”

"I'm not going to cry.”

"…the people who cheated on you.”

Should I say something harsh at this time. Then can she take off the last lingering attachment she had left to them.

"Foolish, lying, even trying to exploit."

"Ha, but they....”

"Your family?"

Elizabeth nodded her head.

"Lizzy, I won't interfere with whatever choice you make just because you're family. But Elizabeth, Lizzy, my love that I value the most in the world. I don't want you to make a choice that you'll regret."Leonhardt rose from his seat for the last time.

"Wipe your tears, wash your face and come out. My mom might call a doctor if I starve until dinner.”

Elizabeth, who was left alone, pulled the blanket up again.

But we're still family.

Leonhardt was right. No matter how family they were, they tried to deceive themselves, deceive themselves, and even send fake letters to take advantage of them.

But it was a family.

Without them, she wouldn't have met Leonhardt, so....

What should I do?’

It was dark in front of me. I already knew it in my head.

But, yes, but still.

These three words were interfering with her decision making.

The child is innocent.

The child, who was still wrapped in a sheet of steel, grew up in his eyes.

A young little prince who was only born into the Elysium family.

Elizabeth stopped thinking.

"The only thing that would care about him in a ruined mansion would be an old butler and a few maids.’

But he's a boy, so he'll feed him well, right? They won't have corsets, they'll wear comfortable shoes. And force him to be a man and take him to the hunting ground....

'No! Let's stop thinking. The child... the child....’

Elizabeth jumped out of her seat.

"It's all for the sake of him. I don't care what happens, father or mother.”

Looking in the mirror, Elizabeth decided.

'Yes, this is my choice. I... those people... Anyway, it's my family.’

Though Elizabeth thought it was not right, she finally made up her mind.

Leonhardt, as expected, sighed and complained about her words a hundred times.

"If that's your choice, I respect it. But... Lizzy. Think about it again."

"…my brother was born.”


His eyes widened. Elizabeth explained what happened in the mansion with a complex look.

"So you made that choice for the little brother?"

"I want the child to be... happy."

You're younger brother?

He thought he was lucky it wasn't a girl though.

A girl must have been taught as harshly as Elizabeth to marry into a noble family.

"No, I don't think a boy would do much good. Don't tell me to act like a man, and I'm not going to whip a child every time he cries.’

Leonhardt raised his head at the thought that crossed his mind. Elizabeth must have been thinking the same thing, and two anxious eyes met in the air.

"…I'll tell my dad."

Elizabeth nodded silently.

And from the next day onward, letters from Duke Elysium began to fly in.

They asked Elizabeth for a small thing, as if to return the goods they had left.

[I need to decorate a room for Ludwig] I need to decorate a room for her sister..]

[Lutwig has a cold...].]




[The heir to Ellisium]

[The Empress's one and only brother]

Elizabeth did not reply to the refusal, but looked glum at the newly arrived letter.

Neither the letters nor the recipients could look at each other properly because they were embarrassed.

"Lady Elizabeth is too nice. Did you hear the rumor? The Imperial Court granted him a small estate in exchange for the maintenance of dignity, and with the money from it, the Duke is again extravagant!"

"…for Ludwig."

[…I heard goat milk is so good for growth...].]

Elizabeth fell down on her desk with a sigh.

The maid who brought the letter only shook her head.

Meanwhile, time passed and the day of the charity auction and tea party finally came.