Chapter - 89 Episode 90 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Items that arrived one by one a week before the auction had been stored in the imperial warehouse in the same size box.

Workers gathered to carry things opened their mouths as they watched Mimi-r solve dozens of protective magic pieces one by one as if they were putting together a sophisticated puzzle.

The nobles invited to a tea party and charity auction held by the prospective crown prince appeared with one partner.

The empress chose the emperor, Elizabeth chose Leonhardt as her partner, and Mimir, who hosted the event, presented him as an assistant host simply because Ilysses was good at calculating.

Under the red leaves, a round table with thick satin tablecloth was prepared in the royal garden full of yellow chrysanthemum flowers.

Seeing that each table had a different shape of flower decorations, Leonhardt poked Elizabeth in the ribs, saying, "When did you prepare such a thing?"

Elizabeth, who had been lamenting over his shoulder until a while ago, was unable to come out of her dream because she was suffering from letters that flew every day from the duchess, smiled.

"I'm not the only one. The Empress helped us a lot. Can you guess which one I made?"

Leonhardt looked around the table and raised his chin with an expression of how he felt without hesitation.

Elizabeth clapped her hands and praised him.

His departure was followed by the busy steps of Young-ae to occupy the table.

Young-ae, who knew nothing, headed to the front row, believing that the front seat was the best seat.

However, some young children began to solve the first riddle of Elizabeth through flower language, scent, and form.

Beatrice and Roseline looked around for a moment and sat at the table in the back row without hesitation.

Young-ae, who is close to them, asked why she had to sit in the most shabby seat with other good seats.

Beatrice smiled and explained the meaning of flower decoration.

"Autumn is the season when the wind travels all over the world. So we need to provide enough space for the wind to pass through everywhere.”

Beatrice pointed to a flower decoration on a tray with colorful piles of flowers at the end of the fan.

When I heard Beatrice's explanation, I felt frustrated where the thick bushes and large flowers that seemed not to nod in the wind were.

"It just so happens that there's a good harvest, but if it feels empty, it won't be suitable for the season either."

This time Roseline lifted the fan. The decoration with small yellow flowers, woven dry branches in a round shape like a winter door-ring decoration, was simple but beautiful.

However, the hole, which was hollowed out like a full moon without a single leaf, seemed to be in danger as if it would fly away when a strong wind blew.

"And if you just stick to seasonal flowers, you'll lack culture, which would be perfect for whispering behind your back.”

The vase with colorful chrysanthemum flowers was beautiful, but it felt like it was not enough to be an imperial decoration.

Young-ae, who asked questions, gave up choosing a table and sat with them.

"Then why did Young-ae choose this seat?”

Beatrice smiled and explained the flower decorations in the middle of the table.

"It's a famous fact that the Empress is good at arranging flowers. Lady Elizabeth also learned from the Empress herself and was told that she was very skilled. Compared to Mama's skill, there will still be some inexperience. Especially in situations like this, I would pretend to be a skill mistake that I know how to make. Lady Elizabeth will first notice who can choose her own flower decorations.""As expected of Lady Visconti. Thank you very much for your teaching."

"If you look a little closer, you'll see. What do you think, Roseline?”

"Excuse me, hey. And that table looks like a decoration made by the Empress herself.”

"You're right. Well, it doesn't matter if Lady Elizabeth doesn't intend to divide the faction with the Empress..”

Beatrice tapped her shoulder with a tired look. Roseline stared at her with pity.

I was usually prepared to see my mother act, but the social world was a much more difficult and precarious place like walking on thin ice.

I heard that there are more than 10 young children who are already disillusioned and confined to their homes.

Some families found the scandal true and humiliated.

In such a place, Beatrice had to be firm and sensitive enough not to fit a needle in order to protect the dignity and honor of the duke.

"This auction is the biggest opportunity for Lady Elizabeth to catch her eye."


"The moment I came here, I thought, This is Lady Elizabeth testing us."

"Otherwise, you don't have to decorate the table by yourself, do you? It's people who are overflowing the palace."

"Hmmm… opportunities to get along and exams… Are you trying to make sure you're worth keeping around?"

"You're smart! You see? Lady Elizabeth is trying to cultivate her eyes for people through the images of young children at auction."

"Here comes the Emperor!"

Young ladies, who sat at their own tables and chattered in anticipation of what items would come out, rose from their seats and greeted the emperor and his family.

Instead of a long speech, the emperor sat down with a congratulatory message saying he hoped everyone would win the prize they wanted.

"For fairness, Mmir of the clock tower and Perian Confucius, who is better than anyone in terms of numbers in this empire, will hold an auction. Then I'll introduce the first item right away.

A large wooden cube box climbed onto the platform.

But what was in the box was a table with a small glass case on it.

Inside the case were a set of necklaces and earrings made of white crystal, as well as bracelets.

With Leonhardt's advice to learn how to look at things, Elizabeth began to consider what style that thing was made in and what social and diplomatic relations were like at that time.

Unlike the trend in which complex work is popular these days, at least the empress, or the superior one, considering the charm of the rough gemstone itself.

At that time, the empire was in the midst of a long, long war with a country beyond the continent and promised peace with each other. Perhaps the person who sold that item would have taken a similar amount of jewelry from here in return.

"We've got 1,300, 1,300. Is there any more?"

As an antique, its value was excellent, but it was a waste of gemstone if it was not processed separately.

When someone who recognized the value of the gemstone called for a high price from the beginning, others remained silent about whether they could even think about it.

Someone muttered that he would offer 1,300 gold coins in such a lump of gemstone.

While only the successful bidder liked the precious crystal gemstone for free, the next box came up to the podium.

This time it was a large wooden box of the same size. But what came out of it was an ordinary violin at first glance.

Mimiir introduced the product after drinking a glass of water."Virtuoso violin.”

Mimir ended the introduction in a sentence without saying that the common sound was good or even the modifier that a famous performer especially cherished.

The audience, whispering about the crystal necklace a while ago, quickly became quiet.

"The starting price is… 1,500 gold coins… It's…

Illisys announced the start of the auction in a small voice. But no one was willing to bid.

The birtuoso violin was nicknamed "the world's most expensive stringless violin."

His favorite performer was a tricky instrument to handle, saying that even the devil could cry and go under the light, even if he did not like it, he would never make a sound even if he did not like it.

"Would you like to bid?"

Leonhardt gave Elizabeth a playful smile.

But Elizabeth quietly shook her head.

Eventually, it was the wife of a countess who owned a large opera theater she knew who took the violin with her.

"Poor you."

"Huh? What?"

"That violin. I'll never make a sound again.”

"How does Leon know that?”

Leonhardt pointed to the tip of his chin at the Countess, who was at a loss for joy and pleasure.

"Look at the look on his face. It's not a face that a person who bought to play the violin would do. I can bet my hair that I will make a stuffed display as soon as I get to the mansion.”

Elizabeth observed the way the Countess treated the violin and soon convinced her.

Elizabeth never bid, just watched how people behave.

A person who blindly raises the price along with the person next to him.

A person who misses something after much consideration and makes a sad face.

A man who snapped up a bid out of curiosity and bought things he didn't want.

Among them, people who only got their hands on what they wanted began to see little by little.

The next appearance was Elizabeth's painting.

Do you think anyone would recognize me?

Elizabeth, who deliberately painted a corner of the imperial flower garden without a name or symbolic object to be a clue, waited for her first bid with a pounding heart.

And Beatrice picked up the numbered ticket for the first time.


Roseline turned her head towards Beatrice with a curious look on her face.

Beatrice, however, silently called for higher prices as she saw people bidding for the painting after her.

One painting, which started with 30 gold coins, climbed to 300 gold coins.

Three hundred? No, three thousand is not enough.’

Beatrice smirked as soon as she shouted three hundred and saw the number rising again in a flash.

"…isn't that, isn't it?”

Leonhardt whispered in a voice so small that only Elizabeth could hear him.

What was in the frame was definitely a field of chrysanthemum flowers where they rolled around together on that day.

Elizabeth didn't say yes or no, she just laughed.

"You look very tired, can you even host a tea party?”

Leonhardt whispered again with a worried face.

Elizabeth nodded with more subdued eyes than ever.

"...have to."

"If you're having a hard time, let me know. By the way, there's a separate original, right? You don't want to put our precious memories into someone else's hands like that, do you?

"Oh, it's just a landscape full of cart chrysanthemums, and it's a precious memory?"


Elizabeth blinked with a coy look. And he patted Leonhardt in the ribs, who was about to sing 3,000 gold coins, not 300."…in my head…what I remember… No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't draw it..”

Leonhardt licked only his dry lips and shook his head as he looked at Elizabeth's slightly flushed face.