Chapter - 90 Episode 91 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

Elizabeth's face, looking at the auction results, was full of smiles. Leonhardt's eyes, who secretly confirmed the total bid amount next to him, were wide open for a moment.

"At this rate, we could build a new country, right?”

"The Crown Prince shouldn't say that…?”

Leonhardt chuckled at her own serious concern.

The auction ended more successfully than expected. All that remained was to enjoy the tea time she had prepared.

Elizabeth handed over a list of names to the servants, including some of the young children she had noticed during the auction.

The servant approached Beatrice, who was carefully looking at the winning painting, and whispered something. Beatrice nodded with a funny face.

Sijong went on to say the same thing to Roseline and Mimir and the young children on the list.


Elizabeth welcomed those specially invited with open arms.

The greenhouse, made by filling the glass with silver in the shape of a rose vine, had an elegant tea table that was not too colorful.

Unlike the cool outside, the greenhouse was quite warm. Beatrice somehow thought the warmth was coming from Elizabeth.

'Silver cherry blossoms... scent?'

Roseline tilted her head at the scent that filled the glass greenhouse.

The silver blossom perfume itself was not that difficult to obtain. But now the clear, clear scent that passed through the tip of her nose was pure silver blossom itself.

Unlike other flowers, silver-bellied flowers are notorious for their small flowers, making it difficult to extract incense.

Although it was possible to create a similar image by mixing other flower scents, no perfumer has succeeded in reproducing the pure scents.

Furthermore, the silver bell flower was not a flower that bloomed in this season. No matter how good a gardener is, he can't turn back the season and make winter into summer. So, you're saying it's

"It smells so good."

Elizabeth laughed with all her heart and soul. Looking around, about ten people, including Beatrice, were seated.

The waiting servants put ice into the empty teacups one by one. Unlike the outdoors, the inside of the greenhouse was warm enough to feel a little hot, so Roseline felt glad to see the ice.

"Oh my gosh…!"

The teacup was then filled with clear blue tea water reminiscent of Elizabeth's eyes.

At the same time, exclamations burst out of the mouths of Young-ae at the table.

The moment Roseline saw the well-matched search, she could see Elizabeth's intentions. This deep, dark blue color was hard to come out without a blue mellow.

'Blue Mellow... You still have a girlish side to you.’

The ice naturally floated over the blue tea water. Suddenly Roseline noticed that the ice shape was unique.

Looking closely, the ice did not simply fall off a large lump, but was carved into a rose shape.

The bluish rose ice looked just like a blue rose that didn't exist in the world. It was so beautiful that I could barely touch it.

Elizabeth winked and servants held out a small plate of lemon in front of them one by one.

It was never tea food, considering that it even prepared a wet towel to wash hands.

Already, some young children, like her, were grasping Elizabeth's intentions and smiling.

Elizabeth personally dripped lemon juice into a teacup for those who still had a curious face.With a snap, the blue rose in the teacup turned into a lovely pink color that would never be in the world again.

Elizabeth wiped her hands with a serene face. Young-ae, who was following her movements, heard swallowing her breath.

Roseline slowly dripped the lemon juice, enjoying their reaction. As expected, the blue rose quickly turned fantastic pink.

"It's a rose as beautiful as the name of Young-ae.”

When I looked up, Elizabeth greeted me with a gentle smile. Roseline blushed before I knew it.

I've enjoyed bluemelows with lemon juice many times, but I didn't think I'd get rose-shaped ice like this!

Before I knew it, in front of the pink roses that were filled with teacups, Roseline felt like she was back in her childhood when she first encountered the blue mellow.

Looking around, other young children, who were very nervous when they were first invited to the greenhouse, were also chatting excited about their unique beauty and rose-shaped ice.

"Did you all get what you wanted?”

It's not a family that has a direct contact with Elysium, but rather the spirit of the Jill family if you lose Chuck, the spirit of the Gentry family, which has recently built quite a fortune, and even a wizard....

What the hell is she thinking? Beatrice agonized over a teacup while other young children nodded. Don't tell me you're just going to drink tea with this unique member, and you must have a plan.

"You took my painting, didn't you?”

"Huh? Oh, as expected. It was Lady Elizabeth's painting.”

I was so deep in thought that I almost committed an offence. Beatrice responded skillfully to cover up the mistake.

"How did you know I drew it?

Naturally, the question drew attention from others as well.

I was used to getting attention from others, but I've never seen such pure curiosity in my eyes.

Beatrice explained in a slightly shy manner, as she first appeared at the banquet hall.

"…the flower of the wagon chrysanthemum means happiness, salvation and hope. I could tell as soon as I saw the picture. The flowers were claiming with one voice that 'I am happy'. Just like Lady Elizabeth."

"…like me?"

Beatrice nodded her head. Happiness, happiness... Elizabeth muttered the word "happiness" over and over again so as not to forget the first word she learned.

"What did the others win? It's been a long time since we've arranged this, so don't be too stiff, feel free to tell me. What?"

…Baetrice almost spat out the tea water in her mouth back into the teacup.

Perhaps the future empress really wanted to enjoy a simple tea party without any other meaning.

While completely relaxed Young-ae proudly introduced the treasure she had got, Beatrice cut the sandwich with trembling hands.

It was a thin sandwich with only one cucumber and ham, but as evidenced by the royal family's wealth, cucumbers were crisp and fresh enough even in winter, and ham also had a unique flavor.

She then briefly clashed in front of Clotted Cream and three jams. It's too bad to apply just one thing, but I was worried that mixing the two would seem to be a pursuit of appetite without refinement.

"Don't you think Lady Beatrice, Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam go together pretty well?"


Elizabeth spread red strawberry jam on top of a scone with plenty of clothed cream. In front of everyone, a small mouth opened wide and closed with a sound of biting."Well, that's great."

I don't know what's what, but the highest-ranking lady here first appeared to act.

Beatrice ate clothed cream and jam without hesitation, either alone in the mansion or alone with Roseline. The scones were dry enough to be perfect for drinking with tea, and the cream was soft enough to moisten such scones slightly, and the strawberry jam had a refreshing scent unique to strawberries.


When I woke up, everyone was enjoying tea food to their liking.

Roseline and Beatrice, who opened an orange peel on the glass like a flower and opened a spoonful of transparent hardened jelly, met eyes.

Beatrice stopped grinning and Roseline also smiled as she bent her eyes.

How long has it been since I've been so relaxed regardless of manners?

The car that followed the blue-mallow smelled strangely like Mont Blanc. However, the tea I took carefully was as bitter as any other tea.

"Mimir put on the scent. What do you think?"

"Putting on the scent... I think it's an interesting idea."

She was the daughter of a merchant. Elizabeth tilted her head as if to say more.

"As you know, black tea depends on its unique scent. Even the poor low-class drink the leftover from us in the aristocracy with milk, and if you add scented even the low-quality black tea, something quite interesting is expected to happen.

Some aristocratic spirits chuckled and laughed at her words.

'Cause someone's a gentry.'

"Who's gonna drink such a low-grade black tea?"

But Elizabeth nodded with a serious face.

"Would you believe that the tea I'm offering you now is a low-grade black tea made like that?”

Young-ae put down the teacup with a click. He was a person who was pointing his finger under the table while drinking low-grade black tea.

"Just kidding, I've heard that no matter how poor they are, they don't neglect to treat guests. It's the royal family. What should I do?”

Elizabeth smiled happily. Young-ae, who had put down the teacup with trembling hands, grabbed the handle again with a awkward cough.

"It's strawberry-scented tea, tea reminiscent of snowy winter, and tea that's already permeated without spices…".”

At Elizabeth's words, everyone began to think of black tea that smelled like their favorite food. Roseline imagined a pure rose-scented black tea instead of the sour taste peculiar to Rosehip.

"If the development is successful, the people's tea time will be more enjoyable.”

"That... that means....”

"The tea leaves distributed in the Empire go through the family of Yeong-ae once in a while.”

Young-ae's head shook up and down. Elizabeth smiled and encouraged her if she had a good idea.

"If it's a cookie-flavored black tea, I'd love to try it! I hope you succeed.”

Starting with that, Elizabeth gave each of the other young children a homework.

Elizabeth clapped her hands again, saying, "At the end of the day, I will write a book about the province's unique winter secrets to prepare for the severe cold snap."

"Shall we stop talking about boring homework and get back to the game? Do you all like macaroons?"

Beatrice then realized her real intention. The future empress was treating the necessary talents as equal "friends" rather than "users."

I was ashamed of myself, who weighed her value until the end and determined whether to build friendship.And on the other hand, it was fortunate. Somehow I thought it would be a lot of fun to be true friends with someone like that kind of person.

Let's have a tea time with Roseline soon.?’

Beatrice thought so, and swallowed another sip of Mont Blanc's mild black tea. I thought I could drink chocolate-flavored black tea as much as I wanted, low or not.

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