Chapter - 91 Episode 92 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

The bird struggles to get out of the egg.

The servant whispered to Elizabeth. Elizabeth rose from her seat with a full face of sorry.

"Excuse me for a moment."

It was rude to have only one organizer in such a large tea party.

Elizabeth walked out of the greenhouse and headed for a place where others would enjoy tea time.

"I heard that the Duke of Elysium saw his son this time.”

Elizabeth's steps stopped tall. The servant looked up at her with a curious look. Instead of saying anything else, she hid behind a pillar and sneaked in on their conversation.

Apparently, she's Ellisium in appearance. Why, white hair, blue eyes."

"I sent someone to the duchess not long ago because of the debt, and I heard that the mansion has become more ruined… I'm sorry for the kid."

"I'm sure you'll treat me at least because I'll be the empress, right?”

"Well, unlike the Duke of Convention, this Duke of Elysium is so... I even think that I might hear the story of my father, who will be insulated by my daughter."

"It's usually the other way around, but it's ridiculous.”

"We're a family, so should we do that?”

"Due to Duke Ellisium's character, perhaps he can't overcome my anger and declare an insulation first? Maybe one pride is as thick as his belly."

"Pride is nothing, it's impudence. There's another letter. Elysium and my family used to talk about the Six Tides, how many years ago was that?”

"How about the future empress? I think it was only yesterday that the first empress was Elysium..”

"I feel sorry for her, too. Looking at my face today, I thought it was a good thing that I grew up in the imperial family. If I had grown up in a duchess, I would have become a puppet of a duchess.”

"For the sake of the development of the empire, it's a sight to behold."

"I never thought I'd say that to someone who complained about welcoming my daughter to the concubine rather than to bring in the doll empress.

"It's already been 20 years ago! Hmmm... that's what you said when you saw the Crown Prince a little while ago?"

"Don't know what a man is....”

"Especially since the Crown Prince is the only child....”

"That's why men are like this! Phew, I don't want to fight. I'm going to have a concert with this kid soon, so don't even think about the invitation!"

Only after hearing that did the men begin to cling to the lady for her fault. But the lady turned cold-hearted, followed by a cry-mixed voice.

"…Lady Elizabeth?"

Elizabeth grabbed the pillar and shut her mouth. It was fortunate that the servant supported me, but I felt like I was going to fall down on the spot.

To some extent, it was a work of course. It was fully prepared that his family would not fall into the talk of people's mouths out of reach.

But the shock of facing the scene in person must have been no use in wearing solid armor.

"Shall I call a doctor?”

"No... no, it's okay. I'm...."


I can't believe I ran into Leonhardt at a time like this. A light shadow fell on Elizabeth's face.

Leonhardt, who ran in a single stroke, first put his hand on Elizabeth's forehead. Fortunately, he didn't seem to have a fever.

"Are you okay? Isn't that too much? Let's go in and get some rest, you can leave your seat with your mom. Huh?"

"No... no, you have to... As the future empress....”

On top of the blue face, the memory of being obsessed with the appearance of the perfect empress overlapped. Leonhardt grabbed Elizabeth's arm without realizing it. If I let go of my arm like this, I felt like she was going to faint coughing up blood like then."It's not even a coming-of-age ceremony yet. It's a long way off. So it's okay. Let's go get some rest, shall we?"

"Leon…Leon has already done his crown prince's duty well….”

That's because I was the emperor. That's easy. Leonhardt tapped his chest out of frustration.

"Rest, rest, no matter what. It's okay to come out at the closing ceremony later, so let's take a break now. Huh? Your face is so blue right now. It's obvious that people are telling me to rest..”

Leonhardt cut back on his words and stared at the servant. The servant nodded, faltering in his eyes.

"Le, Lady Elizabeth, I think what Lady needs now is a rest....”

"Did you hear that? So let's take a break. I'll be there for you. Huh?"

Elizabeth was in conflict. I resent the body who was shocked to hear just a little bit of it. And the spirit that couldn't hold out.

After a further scuffle, Elizabeth was assisted by Leonhardt and headed to a nearby waiting room.

Even if it was a waiting room, there was even a bed in case of emergency. Elizabeth lay weakly in bed, and Leonhardt sat next to him and clasped her cold, cold hand.

"…if there's anything I don't know, if there's anything I need to know, just let me know now."

At Elizabeth's words Leonhardt agonized for a long time. There were so many things she didn't know, things she needed to know. But will Elizabeth be able to hold on when she speaks to her in this condition?

"We're a family, so we need to know more."


"And I'm going to stop him. If my family... makes this land and the people that I love and have to rule in the future... I have to stop my family as the future empress."

When did you grow up like this? Having grown up to be proud, she was afraid to walk far, alone ahead of him.

Eventually Leonhardt started a long story. Elizabeth listened to his story to the end, not particularly distressed or sad, even though she held his hand tightly in the middle.


Elizabeth was crying quietly. Leonhardt freaked out and pulled out his handkerchief.

How should I express this feeling?

Elizabeth thought silently in tears.

Sad? Why? Who's sad? Do I have to hear this from Leon? Or is Ludwig supposed to grow up in a place like that?

Angry? Why? My weakness in knowing what my parents are like and not turning a blind eye to them at the end? What about the behavior that didn't stop them?

"Lizzy, Lizzy!"

"It's okay... It's okay....”

"There's no point in saying that with a completely unwell face....”

But I have no regrets. Elizabeth clenched her fist tightly. The thickest glass wall ever left in her mind began to crack.

Contrary to Leonhardt's fears, Elizabeth quickly wiped away tears and rose from her seat. Leaving behind the question of whether it would be okay, she headed for where she should be.

"Are you having a good time?”

As the future empress, what I had to do now was not to suffer from family misdeeds and to conflict over their disposition, but to finish the tea party that the empress and emperor participated in for the first time in a long time.

Leonhardt bit his lips as he watched him smile, hiding his melancholy and complex heart.

I turned the hands of the clock. It all went back to what had never happened. What should happen and what shouldn't happen are prevented. But if the result is like this....'Perfect Empress... There's no such thing as a perfect human being! Lizzie is... The stupid good empress!"

What she needed now was enough rest, not completely performing what she had to do.

'If the price of turning the hands of the clock comes back this way....’

Leonhardt let out a dry grin. Something hot was flowing down my chin. When I stole it with the back of my hand, the back of my hand turned red. He seemed to be biting his lips without even knowing that he was bleeding.

"You don't have to be perfect... So please... Please put you first....”

The listener had already left his seat even if he sobbed belatedly.

This is why it's no different from then. Leonhardt recalled a conversation he had with Mimi's Brunne more than a decade ago.

The process is different, but the results are the same. The result is not changeable. The result is...

"Don't be ridiculous!"

Leonhardt sprang from his seat and began kicking, punching and tearing everything in sight.

"What a fate, what a consequence, how many times do I have to turn back the hands of the clock? I'm going to change it!"

It didn't matter what I paid for it. Even if Elizabeth was sentenced to 10 years old just before she said she was happy, she was willing to accept it.

If that really makes her happy, by all means.

"Don't be ridiculous....”

Sitting alone in the chaotic room, Leonhardt sobbed.

"For Elizabeth... I will change not only the process but also the result. She never, ever, ever becomes unhappy. You'll be happy. I'll make it happen!"

Leonhardt, who arranged his face lightly in the bathroom attached to the waiting room, left the room looking grim.

"Your Highness?"

"I didn't like the interior of the room, so I fixed it a little bit."

"Yes, yes, Your Highness, Your Highness Leonhardt!"

Elizabeth was seen in the distance. Leonhardt was rather angry at the sight of a clear smile on his face when he hung a few black and heavy stones on his small heart.

"Oh, you're all here.”

"Oh, my God… and my God. Oh, well, Lizzie said she wasn't feeling well for a while....”

"So you smashed a sound room?"


"Certainly, Ellisium's behavior is hard to keep an eye on."

"Lizzy will be sad."

"That's what he said. To punish all his misdeeds, the day after tomorrow will be the day after tomorrow."

"…is it that bad?"

The corners of the emperor's mouth drooped downward. Turning to the empress, she also had a serious look on her face.

"My father said so. She's the one who protects her."

"I did, so are you going to point a sword at Jim to protect him?"

"…I can't say because I'm afraid I'll be taken to treason if I answer honestly."

"You can't be honest. Just wait a little bit."

"What do you mean?"

"The Empress taught her how to protect herself, didn't she?"

"Oh, I didn't mean to teach you how to shoot.”

"It's no use saying that now. Listen, Leonhardt."

"I'm listening."

Elizabeth, leave the matter to that child.


Leonhardt agonized for a moment. What would it look like if the emperor told the empress's parents what to do, and how Elizabeth would take it.

"…I guess so."

I measured the number of all cases, and I predicted all the consequences. But there was no way to ensure Elizabeth was happy.So Leonhardt is determined once again. I turned the hands of the clock, and I'll make her happy no matter what.