Chapter - 93 Episode 94 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

The day the white bird flew alone.

On the day Elizabeth was born, the Elysium mansion was said to be full of the sound of a baby crying and the sound of turbulent snow falling.

It was her birthday every winter, but it was a little different this year. Ahead of her 18th birthday and legally becoming an adult, not only the royal family but also Ellie, who was handling cashmere to make a winter coat with Dorothy, were deeply troubled.

What kind of birthday present should I give Elizabeth?

The beginning of the story was a minor disturbance at the clock tower.

Leon, as usual, quarreled lightly with Mimir, and Ilysis was sweating to mediate between the two, smiling and savoring the tea with Elizabeth alone.

As soon as the last auction was over, it was reported that the parent association had begun research on applying various scents to low-grade tea leaves with the help.

What she's drinking now was one of the prototypes.

That's when you become an adult. Elizabeth nodded at Mimiir's words.

"What did Mimir get for her coming of age ceremony?”

"Me? Whew, don't tell me. From the second hand of the clock tower to the minute hand that is older than the grandfather, they bring rainbow-colored thunderstorms to the dry sky and rain that tastes like orange juice. Under their feet, jelly flowers dance round and round with rabbits made of cotton candy. They're all like children. The sorcerers, they're usually "Mimir" and they're so desperate to get a piece of paper that I've thrown away. There's only two people in the world who can stroke my head!"

"Who's that?”

"Grandfather and Lizzy. Anyway, it was a relief that the disturbance happened in a separate room on the clock tower. What's wrong with him bringing me a gift that'sure. Whew. It's a very magical act, but sometimes I want you to remind me that there's common sense in the world."

"What did you get from Mimi Brunne?”

Mimir, who poured out a lot of water without breathing, emptied the moderately cold tea water at once without even breathing.

Illisys, the eldest son of the Marquis, held a kettle and filled it as soon as her fingers fell off the handle of the teacup like an experienced butler. It wasn't a skill I've done once or twice.

Leonhardt, who saw it, lifted one eyebrow.

"Ilysses, have you still got the lingering desire for magic?’

Mimir grabbed Elizabeth and began to lament in earnest what had happened on her 18th birthday.

Elizabeth listened to her story, sometimes admiring, sometimes astonishing, sometimes appalled.

"…anyway, yes, never! Don't ever get along with the sorcerers, okay?

"Ha... but Mimir is....”

"I'm fine! My grandfather is fine, too! The others are in danger! Your Highness Leonhardt!

"Your Highness... Him....”

"What about me? What did I do?

Leonhardt immediately corrected his relaxed leaning position with a face full of injustice. Mimiir snorted, 'I know everything,' and Elizabeth tilted her head.

"Hmmm… Coming of Age Ceremony… It's coming of age ceremony... It seems like yesterday that Lizzie went missing from the clock tower, but she's already an adult...The hands of the clock work so fast. Don't you think?"

Mimir only shrugged if he didn't expect an answer."An ordinary man would receive bouquets and perfumes for his coming-of-age ceremony, but what about our Lizzie? Your Highness, the Crown Prince. You're not going to give Lizzie a birthday present like that, are you?"

Don't get involved in provocations. Don't get involved in wizards' provocations. Don't react to such words.

"You'll see! I'll give you a birthday present you'll never forget!"

The table shook as he jumped up from his seat. Leonhardt was confident.


Elizabeth turned her head when she saw a plate of cheesecake shaking in front of her.

"Wow, that's how you're supposed to come out! Do you want to make a bet, Your Highness?"

Mimir sipped only a teacup with a relaxed, relaxed, and foolish look at the prey.


Illisys stopped her urgently, but the bet between the two had already begun.

"I can't wait to see what kind of gift Lizzie would be happier about.”

"For me, the loser does whatever the winner tells him to do for three days. Rarely do you have the opportunity to boss around the next owner of the clock tower?"

"Then Mimir, you'd better be prepared, because you'll never be able to move a man who's going to be emperor with one finger."

'My doctor is...?'

Elizabeth jumped out of her seat with a bewildered face and looked at the two people alternately, even starting to draw up contracts.

"I really don't know what you're thinking. The following article, how am I supposed to know the wizard's thoughts? Bailey, are you there?”

"... you know, when the Lord held Bailey's front paws and lamented?”

"I think Mimir will win. I have a feeling that he can do it.”

"Oh, well, wouldn't it be more advantageous for your majesty to show off his affection so generously?”

"…," said the maids of the Crown Prince. Your Majesty, what shall we do?”

"It's a very pleasant subject. Just let it go if you're curious about the results. Isn't that right, Empress?"

"Whoa, do you want us to hang out at all? Let's see... the empress' coffin is unnecessarily heavy, so is there anything else good?.”

"…Empress! Does that mean that if Jim wins, you will listen to whatever Jim says for three days?"

"Oh, my God, I didn't know you had a preference for dessert before the appetizer came out."

"…," he said, "and you two are as harmonious as ever. Oh, there was a message from the Empress to say hello to Dorothea."

"Really? That's a funny thing. Lady Elizabeth is an important customer of mine...Well, it's hard for outsiders to get involved in what's going on in the imperial family, so why don't we offer a prize instead?"

"…," the manager said, "isn't it very pleasant? What do you think?"

Chief seamstresses, who were about to start sewing at Ellie's words, began to babble.

Half the crown prince will win, half the crown prince will win. And a couple of people whispered that Prince Perian might bring an unimaginable gift.


Elizabeth, the alleged party, was also deeply troubled, nibbling on the tip of her pen.

'Cause we're a family. I'll have to invite you...?’

I've written and corrected the invitation list several times already.

The second and third person to invite was already chosen.

However, Elizabeth agonized and conflicted over the first and most important family to be guests until the tip of the pen was worn out.It was my only daughter's 18th birthday that would never happen again. Wouldn't it be enough to be punished for not being invited to any event in the imperial court for nearly a decade?

But if you invite them....

In front of Elizabeth's eyes, the image of her father and mother, who were acting arrogantly in front of the Empress, passed by.

What if I don't invite you?

Elizabeth sighed long, putting her forehead on the desk. Ludwig, the kid who only saw his face once, bothered.

I just want to protect him.’

Eventually, Elizabeth, who had been agonizing for a long time, wrote down a "name" on the invitation list with a determined expression.

The emperor, who was reviewing the list that Elizabeth wrote herself, raised his eyebrows while looking at the name on the top row.

"What's wrong with you?"

The emperor handed over the list to the empress without saying a word and repeatedly washed his face.

"Oh my gosh..."

The Empress also opened her mouth and blinked.

[Lutwig Morte von Elysium]

"I think I'll have to be prepared....”

The emperor nodded instead of answering. Then he lay on her knees and mumbled in a melancholy voice, fiddling with her hands.

"I don't even know if it's a good thing to have that child and Leon in a prenatal marriage..”

"Anyone can tell if they're seeing each other right now. Your Majesty's meaning was not wrong."


The empress nodded, sweeping the emperor's hair gently with her hands. The emperor murmured, hugging her waist like a baby.

"…I can't wait to hand him over and travel far away. With my love, our youngest princess. The Imperial Palace is not a good environment for children to grow up."

The empress only smiled wryly in sympathy. The emperor, who had something in his mind, met eyes with the empress.

"Something's missing about handing over the crown to him....”

"Don't be mean."

"What was Jim thinking?"

Instead of looking depressed a little while ago, the emperor began to make pleasant plans with a playful smile on his face.

Leonhardt was reading about ten volumes of plant persimmons. About three gardeners have also been called in to manage the imperial garden.

However, flowers suitable for making flower rings in this winter were not always available unless they brought the queen of spring.

But he was the crown prince, and if he wanted to, he could call the queen of spring as well as the king of summer.

"Violet, watermanteau, silver bellflower... Hmm... What other flowers would be good?.”

It wasn't "how to get flowers in the middle of winter" that he was thinking about.

'What kind of flower would Lizzy be happy to make a ring and give it to her as a gift?’

The gardeners dedicated to greenhouses, who were called to the crown prince's words, exchanged glances and sighed inwardly.

"A blue rose must be difficult, right?”

If you cut the stems of white lilies and put them in water with blue ink for a few days, the bluish lilies will be completed. It wasn't that difficult to make a blue rose if you dyed it that way.

However, the blue rose that the Crown Prince wanted would never have been a fake rose made in that way. Above all, flowers that have sucked in pigments, not water, for a long time cannot feel their unique freshness or fresh scent.

Why don't we have a jewelry craftsman carve a sapphire instead?The gardener put up with the words that came close to his throat and began to think about what flowers he knew were as precious as blue roses.