Chapter - 94 Episode 95 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Finally on the day of the bet, no. Elizabeth's 18th birthday dawned.

The door to the largest banquet hall opened under the sky, where thin clouds were worn instead of shawls.

The overall color is blue. Unlike summer, however, the blue ribbon with a layer of lace was tied in an elegant and colorful shape, rather than a simple bow-shaped ribbon that was commonly used by children.

Carriages arrived from each family and today's guests, dressed up, began to enter the banquet hall one by one.

As if to recall what day it is, each person has a gift wrapped with care, from a box that is big enough to be held in their arms to a box small enough to reach the palm of their hands.

Elizabeth, the main character of today, was heartbroken by the birthday greetings she heard every step she took from the morning.

It wasn't that I didn't celebrate my birthday at the duchess, and at the palace.

Once, friends of the clock tower prepared a surprise party to surprise her.

But today was a little more special day for her to legally become an adult.

Now that I'm an adult, I can drink espresso!’

I'll drink it all up in front of Leonhardt. And I'm going to try drinking. Again...

While the maidens combed and braided her hair, Elizabeth was thinking about what she could do now that she is an adult.

"As expected, Lady Elizabeth looks good in blue jewelry!"

Pull out loose braids and naturally untangle a few strands.

Like this, with dozens of pearls, silver, sapphires, and other blue jewels, you can fix them with pins attached to flowers and butterflies.

Lastly, brush your bangs that cover your eyebrows lightly and the side hair that flows down your cheeks. The end!

When the mirror was reflected behind her back, Elizabeth turned her head around and gave a low exclamation with a strange face.

"How do you like it?"

"…I really feel like an adult….”

"He's really an adult from today!"

The maid, who had been with her for more than a decade, cried with her apron.

A little girl who barely came to her waist when she first came to the palace became an adult!

It was more difficult to control the emotions than the coming of age ceremony of the Crown Prince.

"Shall we go?”

Elisabeth rose from her seat, showing signs of nervousness. Beyond the door, Leonhardt would be waiting as usual.

"Lee... Elizabeth."

Leonhardt, who was trying to call her in a friendly way as usual, paused at the sight of Elizabeth with her hair up.

Elegantly rolled hair, sparkling diamonds from ears and neck, and white silk fabric stretched as long as shawl over exposed round shoulders.

"…Shall we go to the treasure house and get a crown?”

Leonhardt stammered and said. And I imagined Elizabeth wearing a crown.

'…Dad, come on! Hurry up and hand over the crown!"

"Well, that's a pretty good decoration.”

The owner of the crown smiled satisfactorily at the splendid banquet hall.

"Your majesty, I don't think this is right, by any stretch of the imagination."

"What do you mean? Empress."

The empress pointed to the Champagne Tower, which occupied the corner of the banquet hall, with an expression of discontent.

As soon as I saw the golden cup, the mishap that happened on the day when today's main character first appeared at the imperial banquet passed through my head of the empress.

What if it happens again today?

'Of course, Lizzie is the one who made the list..’The emperor hugged her from behind as he saw the empress, who could hardly hide her signs of uneasiness. And bit her earlobe lightly.

"That's all right. Trust your luggage. And trust the child. Huh? My love."

Only then did the Empress nod her head.

The main character appeared and the party began in earnest with a simple congratulatory speech.

The first person to bring a present was Beatrice.

She also had a sad look on her face where she felt playful, rather than a cold impression, as if she had heard about manners.

"This is the first edition of my favorite poet's poetry."

"Thank you, Beatrice. Well, who did Beatrice choose between Mimir and Her Majesty the Crown Prince?”

Beatrice's eyes were wide open for a moment. However, she soon smiled and whispered to Elizabeth, saying, "I can't help it."

"I think it's also the Crown Prince."

What Roseline then offered was a perfume that she made herself. It was as hard to find a glass bottle that matched the scent as it was to mix it," Roseline said, sticking out a bottle with a blue ribbon.

"Unlike Beatrice, I think it's Mimir. Because I'm a wizard!"

Subsequently, a collection of ancient English poems translated by Ilysis and black tea flavored with the finest tea leaves supplied to the imperial family was piled up.

"Happy birthday. And becoming an adult. You look great with your hair up! Come on, baby. No. I should hand over the crown of the empress to Young-ae.”

"Well, you can call me as usual….”

"Can you do that? I'm a real adult now. All right, come here."

Elizabeth approached the empress carefully. The servant holding the cushion approached the empress' gesture.

"…Empress Mama!"

With a gracious smile, the empress placed one of the imperial treasures on the cushion, Tiara, on her head. T-ara looked very good on her, with a sapphire the size of a man's thumbnail hanging like a bell and hundreds of diamonds forming a feather-like soft curve.

"It's not the empress' coffin, but it looks good on you. I'm glad."

"Oh, my God....”

"Do you think Leon will win?”

"Oh, my God. What? Oh, the... I don't... I don't know. I haven't seen what kind of gift Mimir brought yet....”


The empress patted her chin and moved away. Standing behind her back, Mimir leaned gracefully as she could and rose again.

"Rainbow roses…?”

Before I knew it, there was a rose in Mimir's hand. Without that common paper wrap, thin blue ribbons tied to the stem were all the decorations.

But that was enough for a rose. Each petal was a red, yellow, and even blue rose that could not be bloomed without the wizard of the clock tower.

"This is enough to defeat the Crown Prince, isn't it?"

"Well, I'm going to have to look at Leon's gift and decide… This is too difficult."

"Well, then it's like... I'll decorate it!"

Mimiir beckoned in the air. Then all the flowers in the hall turned into rainbow roses. While people were admiring what had happened in front of them, Mimir raised his nose a lot.

The child arrived with gifts carefully prepared by the nobles.

"Lou... with Ludwig Mort von Elysium... The nanny has arrived....”

The servant shouted in a trembling voice as he saw a nanny dressed in a ragged outfit and a young child clinging to her arms, which he could not believe came from a peacock.Did Ellisium have a son?’

"He is the heir to a failing family, that child cannot live comfortably.’

But wouldn't it be better for you to be empress?’

'When I think about the parents' personality, I think they'll grow up causing trouble to my sister....’

'Elysium is down, anyway.’

Regardless of what the people were saying, the nanny took Ludwig to Elizabeth.

No matter how cold winter it is, the nanny who covers her face with a hood even indoors was worried.

Elizabeth was handed over Ludwig by the nanny with a disturbed look.

Her little brother was rolling his clear, innocent eyes around, showing curiosity about things he had never seen in the duchess.

Suddenly Elizabeth felt the smell of a very dense perfume from the nanny.

I can't smell the baby's unique soft smell. Perfume? It's not a level of courtesy, but it reminds me of someone....

Elizabeth got up on the excuse that the child looked sleepy.

Holding Ludwig tightly in his arms, Elizabeth headed to a nearby waiting room.

As she locked the door tightly and looked back, the nanny pulled off the hood that was covered.


"How have you been, Isole?”

As expected, Elizabeth was devastated.

Although it could be covered by rags on the outside, it was impossible to hide the strong scent of perfume on its body.

The Duchess's bare face, without makeup, had more wrinkles. Elizabeth turned her head and asked coldly.

"…I'm sure I've only invited Ludwig, but I think one more invitation has gone."

"Lutwig is still young, so it's only natural that he needs a nanny. Better than any good nanny is the mother's arms. That's right, I'm a kid."


Elizabeth opened her mouth as if to protest something. Too many questions came up at once. Elizabeth didn't know where to start, so she couldn't stop talking.

"It's all for us."

"… do you mean 'we'…"?

The Duchess nodded with a smile on her face.

"If it weren't for us, would you be here? And Ludwig."

Elizabeth stared at the Duchess, saying, "Please stop." But her earnest wish did not come true.

"It's for you, after all."

"Please stop!"

Eventually Elizabeth's voice rose. Ludwig, who was in her arms in the wind, whined and burst into tears.

Deep wrinkles formed between the duchess' eyebrows, and hysterical voices roared.

"Can't you stop right now? Ludwig, you are the only heir to Elysium! Crying in front of your sister! That's not fair! Come on, stop crying!


Why and why don't you know that shouting at a child who can't even speak in that way is rather counterproductive?

Elizabeth began to try to placate Ludwig somehow with her clumsy movements.

The Duchess was watching with her chin up as if it were for granted.

"No matter how much you become empress, But eventually you can't abandon us as long as Ludwig is around.’

That's exactly how the Duchess felt to Elizabeth.

"What the hell… what's the 'good' standard? Rich in wealth? Power that no one can overcome? If not."

"You have to be successful so that your mother can live well together. Everything in the world... If there's something to go, there is something to come. I have made you empress, and you must show me your due treatment!"It was better to be greedy for wealth or power than …

Elizabeth hugged Ludwig tightly and bowed her head.

What more should I say here now, can I? Instead of sobbing, Elizabeth thought, biting her lips.