Chapter - 95 Episode 96 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

"Lizzy, Lizzy? Are you okay, Roseline... I came here because Lady Gina told me to go because she was concerned about the scent coming from the nanny, but she even locked the door. What's the matter?”

"It's okay, it's okay! It's just... I'm so glad to see my brother after a long time! It's because I want to be with my family for the first time in a while."


Leonhardt stopped about to kick the door and put the leg down.

Beyond the door was Elizabeth.

If it were not for that reason, Leonhardt would have smashed the door and killed the Duchess who would have been beyond it.

Elizabeth tried to hide her awkward trembling voice and asked Leonhardt to take care of the chairman.

Judging from the sound of Leonhardt's unique footsteps, he seemed to have returned to the chairman safely.

Contrary to her expectations, however, Leonhardt returned to the door holding his footsteps and breathing sound, bringing his ears close together.

"…if you're a nanny, be a nanny."

"This is it!"

Why it's so hard to just say that. Elizabeth turned her back and hid Ludwig from the Duchess's sight.

The baby in my arms was too small. Indeed, such a baby was small and tender enough to grow up like Leonhardt and worry about becoming the heir to Elysium.

Whew, light enough to blow away, she hugged Ludwig even tighter. When I heard the baby's little beating heart, my head, which was spinning with anger, contempt and betrayal, seemed to calm down a little.

"…As long as Ludwig is around, Elysium will be safe. But... there's no next time."

Once at the welcoming party, once after debutant, and now.

Three times was enough. I couldn't stand her any longer. No, she'll step up and throw out the family first.

It may be difficult right now, but in a little while, if the Duke of Elysium does not change at all.

Elizabeth, thinking so, laid Ludwig in the middle of a fluffy bed and tucked him in.

Ludwig was asleep, perhaps in her arms quite comfortable.

When the warmth that held him disappeared, he whined for a while, but as soon as Elizabeth kissed his soft forehead with her earnest wish, she breathed again.

Leave the duchess and go to the palace.

Back to the duchy from the palace.

Face the truth and go back to the palace.

It was all her own decision. And now she has again agonized, concluded and acted on herself.

"Will Leon like it if he finds out?’

Elizabeth last smiled inwardly, sweeping Ludwig's white, soft hair.

'Please, as much as you... Be as happy as you are....’

Elizabeth left the room for the last time.

The winner of the birthday gift bet was about to be decided.

Before returning to the presidency, Elizabeth checked her figure for the last time. And as hard as I could, I remembered the pleasant things that had happened. Then the stiff face was loosened and a natural smile was drawn.


"You've been waiting a long time, haven't you? I'm sorry, Ludwig was so cute, I thought I wanted to protect him.”

"Babies deserve protection no matter what. Apparently, the younger brother of the new crown prince is loved quite a lot. I'm glad."

Leonhardt scratched the back of his head awkwardly at the words of the empress.

"Oh, what was the result of the bet? Apparently, there were more than one person who cared about the bet....”

"Half and half… but since Leonhardt hasn't taken out the gift yet, Mimir is just a little ahead.""Really?"

Elizabeth took Leonhardt's hand and stepped to the center of the hall. Her sudden behavior left Leonhardt wondering and readily mingled.

"The bet is on the Crown Prince's victory."

Elizabeth declared in a resonant voice, with everyone's eyes on her.

The most surprising was the winner, Leonhardt.

"Lie, Lizzy, I haven't given you a present yet."

"I'm just listening.”

If you want me to, I'll listen. Of course, you have to listen. Leonhardt stared at her with a curiously curious look on his face similar to that of others.

"It reminds me of the first time I came to the palace. It was an exceptionally beautiful spring."

And Elizabeth has begun to talk softly about what Leonhardt has taught her over the past decade or so.

It was a frosty day in the morning. But the party venue seemed to be a little early in spring.

"…you've given me a great gift over ten years. Think for yourself, think about it, make a conclusion, and… Even the power to put it into action."

Elizabeth bowed deeply and greeted Leonhardt.

"Thank you very much, Your Royal Highness."

Leonhardt rushed her to her feet. Today's main character was her, not him.

There's nothing I've done, everything you... Blah, blah, blah. I don't even know what I'm talking about.

Leonhardt suddenly felt his face wet and stopped talking while spitting out random words.

"…are you crying, Your Highness?"

Only then did Leonhardt realize he was crying. You said you'd cry if you were too happy, and that's exactly what it looked like.

Elizabeth's birthday party would have been a disaster if Mimiir hadn't jumped in with her unique cheerful voice as the crown prince began to sob silently.

"What, I've prepared ten days for a present, and you've been giving it to me for ten years? This is why you can't make a bet in the first place!"

Mimiir put his hands on his waist and said, miffingly, with resentment. Illisys, who stood by her side, calmed Mimir in a cold sweat.

Leonhardt stared at Mimir, wiping tears with his sleeves.

"Well, bets, though. Your Highness won. Eat as much as you want for three days."

Contrary to what seemed to be a magic attack, Mimir unexpectedly conceded defeat.

People also began to murmur to each other whether they had something on their hands.

Elizabeth laughed inwardly when she saw Roseline pouting her lips and handing something to Beatrice.

"Three days... Three days... Well, Lizzy, you're tired of getting the same gift for 10 years, right? So I'll give you a new present. I'll give you the right to eat the minute hand of the clock tower, Mimiir, for three days."

"Your Highness?"


Leonhardt shrugged his shoulders. And spoke in a grim voice.

"I had that wizard do what I was thinking.I don't know what I'll be back for later.”

"Well, that's true. I was thinking about paying for the humiliation for three days.”

"Look at this."

Leonhardt was hiding behind Elizabeth's back and sticking out his face.

He, a well-grown young man, hid behind Lady's back, who had only just begun to be treated as an adult, was enough to make the invited laugh.

Elizabeth's face hardened at the whisper of Leonhardt.

"…I told you there's no next time."

"That means..."

"Lutwig will not be a leash for me, but a leash for Elysium."Leonhardt lowered his head. It was perfectly predictable that she would not be able to abandon her family.

Because she wasn't so tough, and she was stupidly nice.

But an idea that even he couldn't do. It was even a much more peaceful and simple way to defeat the duke who contributed to the founding of the country and produced the first empress.

Why didn't I know that? It was so pleasant that I couldn't help but laugh.

"Well, then what's left is Jim's gift?"

The emperor, who was watching the scene calmly, stepped forward. Elizabeth looked up at the emperor with a nervous look on her face.

"Your gift is… That's right, Leonhardt. I'll give him that."

"Your Majesty!"

"Oh, my God!"

Leonhardt, who had suddenly become a gift from the Crown Prince, only had a mouthful like a carp. The empress also had a look of surprise, perhaps unexpected development.

"As you can see, I'm not much of a character except that I'm a sod master, but I look like the empress, so my face is worth seeing. And if you look like Jim, you'll do anything for your loved one. It's... you can't even write a warranty, and you have no choice but to watch it for the rest of your life and see if it's true. If you don't mind, will you accept it?"

Elizabeth only blinked. And soon after he realized what he meant, he bent his knees with genuine pleasure.

"I'm happy to accept the gift. Your Majesty!"

"For your information, return, exchange, or repair is not possible."

"Oh, my God!"

Laughter poured out at the emperor's slick joke.

Duchess Elysium, with her nails pulled up behind Ludwig, who had begun to cry, scraping the door.

As long as Ludwig is around, she will never abandon Ellisium.

However, reversing the sentence meant that Elysium could also exist because of Ludwig.

I resent myself for not noticing it, and the Duke of Elysium for putting her on pieces of a rag flowing with dirt and making her do a play that was not funny.

The Duchess rose from her seat and slowly headed for Ludwig.

The last consequence of her terrible life was a loud cry on the bed.

I'd rather kill this pool of blood here, and I'll die. Wouldn't that be more revenge for the Duke than anything else?

With trembling hands, the Duchess stretched out her arms towards Ludwig's neck.

But she couldn't touch her son in the end. No, I couldn't touch it.

The Duchess began to coerce and placate Ludwig with clumsy movements.

After the party was over, the Duchess was able to meet Elizabeth again able to meet Elizabeth.

Thanks to her consideration, Ludwig and the Duchess were able to wait for Elizabeth without much inconvenience, even though they were a little stuffy.

Elizabeth, who came to them late at night, silently looked back at Ludwig and her exhausted mother.

It's not worth getting angry at,' Leonhardt said just before entering the room.

Perhaps what he said was true. But Elizabeth wanted to face her mother person-to-person because she could do it just once.



The Duchess looked up at her without saying a word.

Elizabeth took a deep breath and uttered her words that she had practiced dozens of times.

"I will no longer be swayed by my mother's wishes."

"I'm a kid.

"There's not much time left to call that name. It won't be long before I'm part of the Esperdor family, not Elysium.""This is it!"

"Shh, Ludwig might wake up. Keep your voice down."

The Duchess shut her mouth, which I had unwittingly opened. Regardless of her will, her body was moving at will.

"…I've prepared a carriage. Please go back quietly. And... Ludwig... Please make me happy."

At the end of the day Elizabeth turned around and left the room before she could hear an answer. At the same time, servants entered the room to guide her and Ludwig.