Chapter - 96 Episode 97 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

A promise to be with you forever.

After the debut party and the coming-of-age ceremony, Elizabeth's place was filled with invitations printed on high-end paper every day.

Some marquis tea party, some count's picnic, hunting party, poetry reading party, etc.

Having received the crown prince for her birthday, she was already like a crown princess.

If you participated recklessly because you wanted to go, it would have been perfect for gossip. Knowing that better than anyone else, Elizabeth carefully responded to the invitation with a refusal.

Elizabeth, who was then removing her seal to write a reply of rejection, suddenly tilted her head at the smell of roses coming from the envelope.

As expected, it was a letter from Roseline.

Her family is said to have been in the perfume business for generations. Perhaps that's why Roseline was not only sensitive to scent, but she was also always giving off a subtle scent.

When I read the contents, I found a surprisingly simple sentence, unlike other aristocrats' elegant, colorful, formal, and courtesy.

[Let's enjoy tea time with Beatrice] I hope Young-ae will join us in the event.]

Elizabeth thought for a while and wrote back with a smile when she realized that a neutral zone was needed for the two families, who were not on good terms with each other, to gather together.

A few days later Beatrice, Roseline and Elizabeth met again in a glass greenhouse where tea time was enjoyed on the day of the auction.

"Baetrice, you look exceptionally deep in your face, is there something wrong?”

Elizabeth asked with a worried face as if it were her own business.

A while ago, sugar cubes went into the teacup. 1, 2, 3... Beatrice, who fell into the water without knowing that black tea was about to become black tea syrup, looked up, saying, "It was hot.

"Oh, it's nothing. Whew…."

What's wrong with you sighing? Elizabeth's eyes were wide open. Sneaking away at Roseline, she was also shaking her head.

"Hey, this is a new combination of my scents, would you like to test it out?”

Roseline took two bottles of perfume out of her arms. The round, rolled colored glass like a conch was very beautiful.

While Beatrice nodded her head blankly, Elizabeth also lifted the lid of her perfume bottle and lightly stirred her sleeves.

"Top notes used lime and mint, middle notes used orange flowers and peaches, and base used musk and resin. The scent was so light that I was thinking between Odd Touwallet and Coron, but I brought it with Odd Touwallet first."

As Roseline said, the first fresh and light scent lightly brushed the tip of Elizabeth's nose as if it were playing in the water.

I have to check the middle and base notes tomorrow. Thinking so, Elizabeth closed her homesickness.

"You've got a precious gift. Thank you, Roseline.”

"Don't mention it. Perfume preparation is one of my hobbies. I have everything as good as the perfumer's studio, so if you don't mind, Young-ae can come by... Give it to me. Sister? Beatrice?"

Roseline freaked out and snatched Beatrice's hand. Elizabeth also looked stunned by the sweet smell that came at once.

A drop of Odd Tuwallet was flowing down Beatrice's white wrist.

"…that's a nice scent."


"Baetrice, is everything okay?”

When I opened the window for ventilation, the cold winter air came in groups, feeling the untimely summer scent.When the cold wind touched the ball, Beatrice finally came to her senses and hurriedly arranged the place.

Is that girl really Beatrice, who is more polite, polite, formal and dignified than anyone else? Elizabeth stared at Roseline once again.

Unable to overcome her gaze, Roseline sighed and explained instead what had happened to Beatrice.

"Your marriage has been decided."

"…oh my gosh."

Elizabeth only blinked.

It was the marriage of a duke. I don't know who the husband will be, but Beatrice is a good, good-looking man.

But Beatrice, who would actually become a bride, had a dark look on her face. There must be something going on, Elizabeth so intuitively gave a look asking for more details.

Just as Roseline was about to continue, Beatrice opened her mouth first.

"Lady Elizabeth is… Are you a happy person.... Town, black tea, milk goes well with you today."

"I think it's because you put like ten sugar cubes in it a little while ago."

"Did I... do that? "Why the window..."

"That's because you're venting my perfume over my wrist."

"Oh, I thought you said you smelled sweet." What? Me? Oh, my God! What the hell did I do? Lady Elizabeth, she's been acting up. Please, with the same mercy as Haha....”

"Calm down, calm down. Beatrice!"

"Yes, sister! Deep breath! Deep breath!"

"Deep breath… Whooo….”

"Oh, you told me you were happy....”

Beatrice nodded her head.

"I will be Grand Duchess of Kirsten next spring."

"If Kirsten... Oh, that's where Lionel Herschel Kirsten is."

Beatrice's head shook lightly up and down.

Although it has only been named, Kirsten is said to resemble a country beyond the desert more than the empire in terms of architecture, food and simple culture.

But since it's the rain of the Grand Duke, Beatrice doesn't seem to lack that much...?

"On the day my engagement to the Grand Duke was made, my parents, of course, said everyone who heard the news. I can live without lack of anti-aircraft binny in Kyrgyzstan, not anywhere else.



Beatrice's fist, which held the hem tightly, trembled.

"I've never seen your face, I've never seen your portrait before. Just look at the other person's condition. That kind of marriage... The moment she was born the daughter of a duke, she was destined to be... Still... Still....”

Neither Roseline nor Elizabeth could say anything.

Elizabeth also encountered the crown prince's face only with portraits until she was eight years old, and Roseline was also expected to go through similar procedures in a few years as a duchess and marry into a suitable family.

Beatrice asked Elizabeth, raising her tear-stained face.

"Elizabeth, did the Crown Prince treat you well?”

"What? Yes... Yes!"

Elizabeth answered with confidence. Thick tears flowed down Beatrice's thin cheeks endlessly.

"…I hope you like it. I'm jealous. Taejoong marriage medication. I'm jealous of Youngae, who can't even see her face. She's happier and more sincere than anyone else. I'm so jealous!"

"Be, Beatrice?"

Beatrice gulped down black tea, half syruped with sugar. I felt dizzy at the moment because of the terrible sweetness. Now she doesn't even know who she's talking to and she goes on.

"I hope Young-ae is happy just the way she is. I exchanged portraits once, saw my face for the first time on the first night of the year, and even before I said, "It's fraud against the portrait!" My name was already on the other person's genealogy, and I thought it was my destiny. It's only natural for a daughter of a noble, and I'm a duchess, so it's only natural if there's a marriage with a royal family of another kingdom.... And... and... That's how I gave birth to a successor as the host of the family... I think that's it...But...."But? Roseline and Elizabeth's heads tilted at the same time.

"When I saw Lady Elizabeth and Her Majesty the Crown Prince... For the first time, I thought about how happy it is to be loved by someone and to love someone....”

"Well, after seeing me?"

Beatrice nodded with a gloomy face, scratching the sugar left at the bottom of the teacup with a silver spoon.

"Prince Lionel is a good man. I could tell the moment I read the letter. But... I want to be loved. I want to love someone from the bottom of my heart. I want to live such a happy life. Lady Elizabeth, just like you."

When there was nothing more to drink, Beatrice tilted the kettle to fill the teacup and drank it all at once.

"Are you familiar with flower arrangements? If you don't mind, can I ask for a wedding bouquet as my last gift?”

"I can make you as many bouquets as I want. Happiness... Happiness... What do you mean happiness to be loved... Well... I....”

"Original parties don't know."

Roseline sipped the car, only looking at the two. It was black tea with cloves and cinnamon scent that went well with winter.

"…to reject an unwanted marriage….”

"It's too late. All I have to do is prepare for the ceremony and go to the bride with the dowry... Even so, I pushed it back because I liked spring."

"Well, then... Hmm... ah!"

Elizabeth clapped her hands as if she had a good idea.

"Why don't we ask Grand Duke Lionel for a token of love?”

"…it's no use. I've been given plenty of vouchers. Would you believe it if the treasure, which is rarely seen even in the imperial court, came by carriage?”

"Not like that! A token of true love. To know each other's feelings....”

"…you mean send me a letter?"

"That's it!"

Beatrice's head tilted sideways. Elizabeth leaned forward. Together, Roseline and Beatrice bowed deeply, head-to-head, like those who conspired.

"If you're talking about Beatrice's family from the point of view of the air, I'm sure the letter will reveal that nuance."

"Ha... but if you order them to....”

"With the honor of the Grand Duke and the honor of my sister. I'm telling you to spend your entire life without a single trick, sister!"


"So the letters come and go, and I send them together, and I send rings that come down from generations to generations of my family, and I send flowers."

"Roseline, do you still read novels like that?”


Elizabeth chuckled softly. Various opinions came out, including the addition of Elizabeth's own portrait, the spread of Roseline's perfume in envelopes, and the citation of poems from old poems.

Beatrice's expression, which left the palace after tea time, was much brighter than when she first entered the greenhouse.

That night Elizabeth hugged a pillow as big as a habit and pondered.

Are you happy? If you are happy, what makes you happier than others? No, is happiness a feeling that someone can define themselves?

For the first time, Elizabeth said, 'Am I happy?I'm starting to think deeply about '.