Chapter - 97 Episode 98 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

While those in charge of the Crown Prince's Palace also faltered in the cold and went to warm up for a while, there was a shadow rushing across the hallway.

Elizabeth, wearing a cashmere shawl over her thick velvet pajamas, looked around and pulled Leonhardt's doorknob.

As expected, the door was open as if she had known in advance that she would come.

Elizabeth, who was sitting in front of Leonhardt's visit, crept up with a smile.

Leonhardt, who was holding the doorknob, rushed her into the room with an unstoppable look on his face.

At that short moment, the cold winter wind sneaked into the prince's residence, which was filled with warm air.

"Lizzie, you...What if an adult woman who's not married comes to her fiance's room like this and gets into trouble...?

However, Leonhardt's face was full of smiles.

Leonhardt sat face to face with Elizabeth, giving a precious guest who came from a distance short enough to take a couple of steps, a hot tea with lemons in case he caught a cold.

Slurping. Where did her usual elegant and elegant appearance go, Elizabeth deliberately leans her glass with a sound, hanging in her eyes full of mischief.

"'s hot."

"Drink slowly. I'll burn the roof of my mouth. There's no thunder or lightning today, so what brings you here?”

Leonhardt asked, sitting upside down in the chair with his chin resting on the backrest.

Elizabeth, who was enjoying the warmth in her hands, asked, "It was only then that I remembered."

"Leon, am I happy to see Leon?"

Upon hearing that, Leonhardt slid from the back of his chin, narrowly.

"...are you all right?"

Elizabeth became surprised and worried about him.

All right? Leonhardt bit his tongue.

It wasn't okay at all. In the meantime, I was in the dark with the terrible despair of spending more than a decade with her going back to nothing but trouble with that question.

"Lizzie, I think it's time to get back to work before there's a scene where you're gone again."

"Not a day or two, but now what?"

There's a problem, a very, very big problem. Leonhardt managed to keep a smiling face and muttered silently.

"Well, Leon wouldn't do it if I said no, would he?”

"What, what?"

I'm going crazy.’

Elizabeth, who has shaken the past decade or so with the question of whether she is happy, was now shaking her heart.

Leonhardt, who hid behind the back of his chair, closed his eyes tightly and began to recall what Elizabeth was like to him beyond the table.

She's lovely, she's beautiful, she smells like flowers when she walks, she hears bells in her arms, she kisses her.Give it up!

"Lizzy, you always make me a sinner.”

Elizabeth worried that Leonhardt might have caught a cold when she saw him say so with a big smile, covering his face as if he had forced a large body that was not hidden beyond his back.

Having managed to regain his reason, Leonhardt, facing Elizabeth, began to talk with difficulty.

"Elizabeth, happiness is not something that anyone else decides. Who would be happier, a bowl of stew or warmth to warm up on a cold day like this, or a nobleman who lost the world's most beloved wife?""But the very next year, the beggar dies, and the aristocrat may meet his new wife? Can I say that the beggar is still happy then?"

Elizabeth nodded as if she had understood it.

"Let's say Elizabeth is happy now. But Elizabeth won't be happy to be nagged by the maid tomorrow. So, Lizzy, are you happy or unhappy?"

"...which means I have to feel and judge for myself."

Leonhardt's head moved greatly up and down.

Elizabeth, who was in deep agony, looked up and asked again as if she had suddenly remembered.

"So Leon is happy now?"

Leonhardt was speechless.

To be honest, he was very happy now. The hands of the clock were returned, and no tragedy occurred.

There was Elizabeth, who had a natural smile in front of her, and everything was flowing naturally as if it were her turn.

But at the same time he was unhappy.

He could never be happy unless he confessed honestly what he had committed and what he had done to make it innocent to her.

No, I shouldn't have been happy.

"...if you're happy, I'm happy."

Eventually, he claimed to live as a sinner for the rest of his life, and all he could say was that one sentence.

Elizabeth, who did not miss the shadow on Leonhardt's face, purposely yawned loudly in front of him.

"Yaam, I'm sleepy. I'm going to sleep here."

"Huh, what? What?

A beat later, he responded.

Leonhardt's eyes, which he managed to withstand by tightening his waist just before rolling off the chair, were growing as if they were about to pop out.

"I'm sure the bed has already cold. So I'm going to sleep here."


If you can put firewood in the stove that makes you sweat a lot, or if you can call the wizard from the clock tower and bring spring, why do you have to do that? The word came to the top of my mouth.

While he was embarrassed, Elizabeth naturally folded the shawl and put it on the chair, quickly climbed up a corner of the bed and lay down.

Leonhardt, who was at a loss for words of bewilderment and embarrassment, decided to use the last resort.

"Bailey, come here."

"Bailey, it's cold, so sleep in front of the stove."


Bailey agonized. Which of the two owners should I listen to?

"Why would you put Bailey to bed in the cold weather? Just tell him to sleep by the fire."

"Bailey is a dog that lives in the North. How cold would it be for that fur ball to feel the cold?”

Bailey sniffed at her tingling hair and sneezed.

"Look at that! How cold it is to sneeze. Bailey, do you want me to cover your shawl?”

The big owner, the small owner, got out of bed and brought a thin, long cloth.

Bailey calmly followed her and lay down by the fire.

The cloth she covered lightly smelled like a big owner.

After wriggling a few times and clumping around the fabric enough to feel the smell, Bailey lay back on it.

The big owner smiled in a clear voice and scratched the back of his ear with a friendly greeting, "Good night."

Leonhardt, who was clearly watching it on the bed, eventually grabbed the back of his neck.

"Alcohol, I'm sure there's something hidden under the bed.’"Leon, what are you doing?”

Turning to say good night to Bailey, Elizabeth tilted her head as Leonhardt leaned under the bed.

With a sigh, he only raised himself back up with his back strength.

He had a glass bottle with brown liquid in his hand.

"Leon, don't tell me you..."

"Oh, no, no! I'm going to drink this!"

"Huh? Of course I thought Leon would drink, so I tried to dry him.”

Leonhardt was speechless again. I couldn't bring myself to confess what he was worried about with those innocent eyes.

Instead Leonhardt decided to repeat what he had been used to.

Breathe in, close your eyes, smile, boom!

The sound should have come out, but what he felt on his forehead was a soft, soft touch, not the hardness of the wall with silk wallpaper.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Elizabeth with a very angry expression.

"Lee... Lizzie..."

"You were going to hit your head again! How many times do you think I've seen that in the last 10 years? I can't do this—I'm going to stop it myself from now on.

"Lizzy, it's not like that..."

"If not, what? What were you gonna do?”

"It's... it's... cold, let's put the blanket on first and think, no, talk."

"Again, again!"

Leonhardt was in conflict.

Should I just roll that lovely fiancee up in the blanket with her hands on her waist and clench her furiously?

Elizabeth, who came into the blanket, intentionally turned her back and lay down on her side, trying to express that she was in deep pain.

Leonhardt swallowed his saliva on the long, slender neck, which was seen between silver hair and white blankets, which were scattered like a heel in the sky.

Let's calm down.Calm down, I haven't had a meal yet.How does our country start? Hoot, the geun's formula is... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The moment she came into the blanket, the scent of flowers that had touched the tip of his nose gave him a moment's daze.

He sang the national anthem solemnly and memorized the mathematical formula and chemical element symbols he knew, but his palms were sweating.

Just as I was thinking about how to overcome this situation, I remembered what he said in a flowing tone while discussing politics with his father today.

Deeply grateful to his father, Leonhardt said to Elizabeth in a way that came to him.

"Right, haven't you heard from your father yet that he's going to spend the rest of his life with our princess?”

Elizabeth's shoulders wince. Leonhardt then lay down with a sigh.

"...what do you mean?"

Elizabeth's long hair was wrapped around her fingers, and Leonhardt explained in a languid voice.

"I think that's what's going to happen. In my mother's hometown, the three of you seem to want to feel like newlyweds."

Leonhardt smirked as he recalled his younger sister, who jumped like a chick on a white snowy field that no one had stepped on.

The younger brother who came after morning sickness, which was so severe that he could not even eat raw oysters that his mother loved so much, was a lovely girl who looked just like his mother.

Ayla Peirouz von Espedor.

When I thought of the princess, who is a hobby of invading my mother's studio and scribbling meaningless on top of the sketchbook, I had a happy smile on my face without realizing it.

"If you're such a lovely sister in return for turning back the hands of the clock, wouldn't it be okay to turn it back one more time?

"That means...I mean, the... the..."There was a rustling sound. Silver hair, which was lightly applied to the fingers, slipped away.

Leonhardt stopped thinking about other things and turned to the side.

Elizabeth and Leonhardt met eyes in the dark.

Leonhardt grabbed Elizabeth by the waist and pulled her close.

It was close enough to feel each other's breaths intact.

Just as his heart was about to beat wildly, he whispered in her ear.

"You'll be empress next year."