Chapter - 98 Episode 99 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

As Leonhardt expected, the maid-in-waiting saw the two people standing up side by side with magpies on their heads in one bed, and just smiled like a carp.

I was just wondering if Lady Elizabeth had disappeared all night.

While Elizabeth was having a rather long conversation with her dedicated maidens, Leonhardt also had to go to all lengths to prove his innocence in front of the maidhouse.

"Bailey, why can't you talk to a dog...!’

"I really slept holding your hand. No, I can't even hold hands. You've been watching me for over 20 years and you don't believe me?”

"Really? Can I really count on you?”

"If you're so suspicious, ask Lizzie!"

"How do I know you two kissed!"

"So nothing happened, no. It wasn't that mouth. It was that mouth? Anyway!”

Bailey opened her mouth and yawned, thinking it was exceptionally noisy this morning.

As soon as the little disturbance at the crown prince's palace was over, the emperor called the two.

Leonhardt and Elizabeth entered the room where the emperor and the empress were waiting, wondering if they were being scolded for sleeping under a blanket last night.

"Come on in."

"Did you have fun last night?”

"Oh, my God!"

Elizabeth couldn't say a word and her face turned red.

"Oppa, I hug you."

In the arms of the Emperor. Ayla, who came to his side, pestered him with a short tongue.

Leonhardt used to lift her up with one arm.

Ayla, whose vision rose again in an instant, burst into laughter.

"Sit down for now. Ayla, don't bother your brother too much."

"I'm fine. More than that, what you have to say is....”

Leonhardt, who sat Ayla on his lap, looked back at the emperor with a feeling of doubt.

"You be the emperor from next year."

From next year, the emperor spouted that you should be the leader of this neighborhood.

Sitting next to him, the empress also nodded as if she had already made up her mind.

"…next year…you know there's less than a month left until next year, right?"

"When Jim inherited the throne, he was distracted by circumstances. It would have been really hard without the empress at that time.”

"I was able to endure that time because of you.”

"The Empress..."

"Well, well, well, dad. You didn't set the date on purpose, did you? You're not passing on your duties as an emperor to me because you're too lazy to do all sorts of things, are you?”

"Our crown prince looks like that, but he's smart.”

"Isn't it just a smart kid?”

Leonhardt grabbed the back of his tingling backside and pulled out, only groaning.

"Oppa, where are you?"

"…Ayla, don't you look like your father. Unconditionally, you look like your mother. All right?"

Ayla bit her finger and only tilted her head.

"Well... wouldn't it be too much to hold a coronation ceremony within this year?"

"It's too much of a schedule."

"But why do you have to… It's hard to guess why you're deliberately trying to push ahead with your schedules in this peaceful time of year inside and both inside and outside the country....”

Elizabeth's timid voice made the empress smile benevolently and hold the emperor's hand tightly.

"Originally, couples get closer through hardships and adversity together. My baby can do well enough.”

"But the Empress....”"Stop. Jim and the Empress have already concluded. In a way, since Jim is the last order given as an emperor, you two should obey him without saying anything."

At the emperor's unilateral declaration, Leonhardt and Elizabeth looked each other in the face.


"Really, what did you think you were doing?"

"That's exactly your father's idea."


"Sigh... it must be very complicated, right? When will I memorize the whole process. Ilysses, if you don't mind, could you help me memorize the declaration?"

"I... I'm always here to talk to you know?.”

The four people gathered at the clock tower for the first time in a while, and we didn't even know that the tea was cooling down, and each of us had a different reaction to the incident.

Is it only the Imperial Palace? It was outside the Imperial Palace and Dorothea's studio that screamed at the sudden order of the emperor.

"You must be trying to kill me!”

Dorothea took out all the sketches she had drawn thinking about Elizabeth's coronation and wedding with a dying sound.

The day Elizabeth wore the empress' coffin, I don't know when, but I was thinking that the clothes she was wearing on that day must be one of her masterpieces.

But I never thought that day would come so soon!

"You must think I'm the fairy godmother in the old story!"

Gasping, Dorothea turned over the sketchbook and began designing the dress again.

"If you look forward to it like that! I'll live up to your expectations!"

You're saying you're going to do it eventually. Ellie pouted her lips and clipped the sketches scattered all over Dorothea's desk.

"I don't know what the hell you two are thinking, but will you just do the imperial palace?”

Dorothea shook her head with her hand on her forehead.

"Whew... I need to rest for a while. I'm afraid you'll be heading to your warm southern empress' hometown before spring."

"Oh, well, shouldn't we make some new clothes for Princess Ayla?"

"You make it! You! Otherwise, it's dark in front of me, and I can afford to care about your clothes!"

Dorothea sank into her seat.

Ellie also pouted her lips with a sulky look when her joke didn't work.

"…you, go get all the new kids that came in this time.”

"New in… Oh, the kids from school?"

Dorothea nodded. Her words brought together everything from chief seamstress to children from vocational school yesterday.

"As I have just heard, Her Majesty the Crown Prince will inherit the throne within this year."

Her words opened the eyes of the staff.

It could not have been done in a day or two to prepare the clothing of those who would become the new emperor and empress.

"You're going to have a wedding with the coronation, so for the time being, think you're dead."

I heard wailing and terrible screams everywhere.

'But it's a little better to have kids from vocational schools.’

"Looks like it was just us, we had to hire people from other tailor's offices expensive."’

"Will they be able to work properly?"’

Why, but you know how to thread a needle.’

"Everyone be quiet! Anyway, that's what happened. Let's all cheer up. It's better than working on mourning at the same time, right?”

Her words forced the staff to nod and grin.

Dorothea, who beckoned Ellie, sent her to run an errand to inform the store that supplies the news to the imperial family.Jewelry shops, shoe salons, other high-end general merchandise stores, etc.


"Elly, long time no see!”

"Why are you here?”

Ellie blinked when someone unexpected came out, not an employee she had met several times.

"Huh? Didn't I tell you? I'm working here after school."

As he said, Ellie's childhood friend was wearing a decent uniform.

"It's a simple receptionist thing right now, but I'll soon be the best employee here, so wait and see! What are you doing here anyway? I thought you were working in the tailor's office.”

"Oh, but it's because of that....”

Ellie and Lia whispered head-to-head, as they hid themselves in the shadows of the barn and told secret stories.

"What, is that true? God, I'll tell my mother as soon as I get home today.”

'Then I have to stop by the other workshop, so I'll be off!'

Lia nodded her head. I had to deliver this news to the boss as soon as soon as possible.

The door, which had been closing with a rattling bell, reopened and Ellie's face poked out.


"Um, uhm..."

Ellie hesitated for a long time and smiled brightly at Leah.

"Congratulations on your graduation! And getting a job! Let's go eat something delicious when we get our first paycheck!"

And the store was completely closed.

Lia was embarrassed and pulled only the sleeves of her uniform for no reason, moving quickly to tell the story that her friend had just told her.

And the next day, Leonhardt sighed at the news of the front page of the newspaper and glanced at the main palace where the emperor's office would be.

"Well... it's much better than holding an enthronement ceremony between diplomatic envoys that came as consolation or ridicule than celebration in and out of the country.".’

Elizabeth was worried.

From today, she was going to take a full-fledged empress class.

What is Elizabeth doing now, who went to the Imperial Palace early in the morning?

Leonhardt emptied out the small glass and folded the newspaper and put it on the table.

"Hey, Bailey! I didn't leave it to surprise you!"

Bailey didn't even pretend to hear, but put the newspaper in her mouth.


Dodo, a small step was heard and a yellow chick-like princess burst into his room.


Ayla ran to see Leonhardt and Bailey struggling with the newspaper.

"Ayla, Bailey is old enough to play with you.”


Bailey began to circle around Ayla, barking loudly and loudly, as if to contradict the remark.

"I heard it from you. Brother, are you marrying Lizzie?”

"Oh, yeah, she's coming, right?”


Ayla was troubled with her fingers in her mouth like a habit.

Then soon Leonhardt's head went blank.

"But my brother told Lizzie she was a professional... Pro... Propose! Did you do that?”


Leonhardt unwittingly missed the newspaper.

Bailey began tapping Ayla's back with her black, damp nose, biting the newspaper to her heart's content.

A very small friend born two years ago grabbed him by the back of his neck with a bit of a rough touch and made a pleasant noise.

"Bailey, stop climbing, Ayla. You're nice, aren't you?


"You should call Bailey uncle, not brother.”


"Dogs and humans' time flows differently."


Ayla tilted her head again.

Meanwhile Leonhardt stroked Bailey's head and began to agonize over the proposal.'Propose… Propose…'It's something I've never done in my life.No, we're all set to get married anyway, so you don't have to get permission. I can't believe you didn't give it to me. Leonhardt, you idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!'

"Are you an adult?"

"Bailey, Ayla, please stop coddling me. Ayla, brother, I'm going out for a minute."

Leonhardt took the road and took his coat out of the palace.