Chapter - 99 Episode 100 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.


Leonhardt, who left the palace, immediately headed to a luxury shopping district.

"Give it to me now!"

Leah opened the door with a terrible look on her face and unconsciously flinched in front of a customer ordering in a gruesome voice.

The craftsmen were all engrossed in setting up the jewels for the coronation.

"That... that"... What do you mean?"

What kind of stuff do you have in store? But I didn't expect such a guest to come.

As Lia brought the car to the customer, she thought again about whether she had any plans to forget.

However, no matter how hard I try to remember, today's reservation schedule was empty.

This was due to the cancellation of all reservations due to the courtesy coronation schedule.

Cancellation is a basic, and return incoming guests after dealing with them moderately.

"Tell the owner right now. Tristan is here."

"Yes, yes? Ha, but the owner said that today's guests are....”

"Go talk to me!"

"Yes, sir!"

Leah ran away and headed for you.

After a while, Leonhardt was able to face the owner of a jewelry store, who was rushing in with a small box in his arms.

"I'm sorry for yelling earlier. I was in such a hurry that I couldn't see anything.”

I thought he was a scary guest, but he turned out to be a kind person. Leah breathed a sigh of relief inside without realizing it.

"…no! I'm fine, so don't worry, ah! I'll show you inside."

"Lia, go take care of yourself."


Lea tilted her head to the owner's face for the first time since joining the company.

Tristan, Tristan... Don't tell me.

Lia's hand, which was wiping on the glass rack with a dry mop.

The name Tristan, unusually shiny amethyst eyes, and the white face of the owner.

Did you meet the Crown Prince?’

Oh, my God, my God! I can't believe this is happening to me!

Lia decided to tell Ellie what happened today, and kept glancing at the secret room where the Crown Prince's Highness and the owner were located.

"This is what you ordered. Let's check it out."

The owner opened the box by saying so.

There was a white cushion in the mysterious blue box like rusty bronze.

It was a pair of rings that were inserted between cushions.

Round Brilliant Cut that best captures the diamond's unique glow.

The highest grade of transparency, no impurities visible.

Even a clear color that doesn't match anything other than colorless.

It is a diamond that was specially selected and selected among the best diamonds, said the owner in a proud voice.

Blue sapphire and amethyst were embedded between the rings, which twisted thin silver like threads and woven like vines.

"Not bad.”

"It's because you have such a good eye.”

Leonhardt smirked, grinding the box well into his arms.

Following the ring, the owner opened the next box.

What was in the box was a frame of blue roses and violets.

"I had a hard time getting this class of gemstones."

"Of course he is. How can I get my hands on an imperial possession without the permission of the imperial family?"

This time the owner laughed his head off.

Two jeweled flowers were embedded in the white frame as if they were decorating books instead of paints by grinding jewels into small pieces.

"…Will Lizzy like it?"

"Do you want me to be honest with you?

Leonhardt nodded his head.

"A flower that blooms in winter would be better for Lady than a jewel like this."


With an awkward look, Leonhardt only stared at the frame.

Amethyst, Sapphire, Aquamarine, Topaz, Emerald and Coral, Jade, and even Opal with flower shadows.It was all the highest grade jewelry.

Leonhardt, who left the store, immediately returned to the palace.

But his steps were not directed to his residence, but to the empress' garden.

"Roses, silver-bellied flowers, violets, chrysanthemums, mulmangcho. Which one of these is it?

"I... have everything..”

The gardener, who was watering flowers in the greenhouse, stuttered without noticing that the water of the watering can was not enough to overflow the pot, wetting and forgetting the top of his feet.

"Of course it's Mama's garden. Mix them together to make a bouquet."

"Huh? What brings you to the bouquet all of a sudden…".”

"No, it's not. Give me the seeds of the flower."

The gardener blinked with a curious look but moved as he said.

"May I ask what you're going to use it for?"

Leonhardt, holding the seed pouch in his arms, replied with a grin.



Elizabeth, who was about to go to bed, answered with a cardigan at the door.

"Come on in."

It was Leonhardt who opened the door. But the clothes he was wearing were a little strange.

"…Leon, why are you wearing robes at bedtime?”

Standing with his hands in his back, Leonhardt cleared his throat and asked Elizabeth out late at night.

"Lizzy, can I have a minute of your time?”

"Uh...Uh...would it be better for me to change my clothes?”

It occurred to me that if I left the Crown Prince's Palace right now, a carriage might be ready.

"Huh? Oh, no. It doesn't have to be... We're not going far. Just take a little walk in the garden....”

Elizabeth tilted her head and packed a rather thick coat, gloves and muffler instead of a cardigan.


Elizabeth tied the two mufflers together, wrapped one around Leonhardt's neck and the other around her neck.

"…because your throat looks cold."

Leonhardt led her to the garden with a chuckle.

The tree, which should have been cut off as a target of anger in his adolescence, has now become a complete old tree and left only bare things.

However, the trees looked as bright as white flowers bloomed as snow fell on the dry branches and large snowflakes clung to them.

"Here... why?"

Leonhardt took off his scarf and wrapped it around Elizabeth's neck.


"Laugh, don't laugh! I washed it for you. What the hell is going on?"

Elizabeth, who rolled her scarf and shoulder to shoulder, blushed.

Leonhardt looked up at the sky instead of answering.

'Well, the stars are good. The moon is good, the snow is perfect.'

"It's a nice day to plant seeds, isn't it?"


Leonhardt's attitude of saying only unknown things has created a small wrinkle over Elizabeth's forehead.

Leonhardt grinned and dragged her hand over the snow-covered snowfield.

And he didn't mind his clothes getting dirty, so he removed the snow with his bare hands and began digging hard into the frozen ground.

"Leon, put on your gloves! What the hell is planting seeds at night and dating?"


I think this is enough. Leonhardt stuck out a seed pouch in Elizabeth's pocket.

"You wonder what flowers will bloom?"

"It's impossible to plant in this winter....”

"Let's smoke."

Elizabeth only blinked.

"Let's smoke it together. And let's see what flowers bloom with our own eyes. Then, by the time the flower sets, the seeds are picked up, planted, bloomed, and....”

Leonhardt smiled as gently as the moon, holding a seed pouch in Elizabeth's hand."For the rest of your life, will you welcome spring with me? Elizabeth Isolde von Elysium."

Leonhardt's bright golden cilantro hair shook in the breeze.

His purple eyes were fixed on Elizabeth.

Elizabeth couldn't understand what he was saying.

'I mean, every spring... Spring... flowers... Together?'

Elizabeth looked down at the seed pouch on her palm with a blank look.

Meanwhile Leonhardt searched in his arms and pulled out a box of rings.

"Elizabeth, may I walk with you the way forward?"

Elizabeth couldn't say a word.

What shape the ring is, what jewels are embedded in it, and what seeds are the seeds of flowers.

I couldn't think of anything.

'Leon... to me... I proposed...?’

Her mother said it wouldn't happen if someone proposed to her.

But 10-year-old Leonhardt confessed to her to stay with her.

And now, a decade or so later.

Leonhardt was once again asking if he could accept himself, even though he had already decided to do so on his wedding day.

There was no need for a long answer.

Elizabeth nodded wildly and hugged Leonhardt.

Then and now, I suddenly burst into a bitter smile, thinking that I only cry when I am confessed.

"Uh, by all means. By all means! No, walk with me. If it's not Leon, it can't be. Let me walk along the way Leon walks. Leon said that, didn't he? Leon is happy if I'm happy. Then make me, make me happy. So Leon, be happy forever. Live happily ever after with me!"

Elizabeth shouted, putting her forehead on Leonhardt's forehead.

"Your Royal Highness, Prince Leonhard Tristan von Espedor, marry me!"