Chapter - 100 Episode 101 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Do not doubt my love.

They hid each other's hearts under the seeds and soil that they confirmed so.

The two promised to come back to see the snow when the snow became rain and the green shoots peeped out their heads under the white snow field.

"And this… It's hard to get flower rings. Instead, I made something a little more adult."

A gardener and a greenhouse wizard, who had to sweat from blooming violets in the middle of winter, trembled with betrayal.

What Leonhardt handed over was wrapped in brown paper.

When I felt it with my hands, I could feel the rough texture of an ordinary string, not just a ribbon.

"Can I open it now?”

"It's cold, so go in and open it."

Leonhardt said, shaking her eyes off Elizabeth's soaked knee.

Even if it was made of velvet, pajamas showed silhouettes under a dark wet cloth with round knees and slim legs.

"Bba, let's go in quickly."

Leonhardt turned his head and said, "I'm a machete, a coat, and a mess in the snow and dirt."

The wind prevented him from seeing the look on Elizabeth's face.

"Your Highness Prince Leonhardt."

"Uh, huh?"

A small white hand pulled on the back of his neck. Leonhardt's hands stood firm in the air. His eyes widened incredibly.

"Who... close your eyes....”

I was pressing my lips until I was out of breath.

Elizabeth blushed to the end of her ears and spoke in a shy voice.

Leonhardt briefly agonized, and when he reaffirmed that there was no one there, he lifted her up.


"I'm not dropping you off until I'm done.”

Elizabeth's two thick arms intertwined under her knees. Elizabeth, who touched Leonhardt's shoulder, blinked in surprise.

"I'm done.”

"Then why did you tell me to close my eyes?”

"It's him… In novels and plays, everyone closes their eyes....”

Leonhardt's eyes overlooking from above were as thin as a crescent moon.

In Elizabeth's head, the stories that had been whispering over the books and fans that she had read began to spread like clouds.

"Close your eyes…and… And…."

If we leave it like this, it might explode like a bud in spring.

Leonhardt pulled his leg and stared at Elizabeth with serious eyes.

"Elizabeth, Lizzie."


"Close your eyes."

Elizabeth gently closed her eyes as he told her to.

I thought I heard the sound of snow falling.

Snowflakes gently fell over the mistletoe.

Breathe, breathe. The voice of saying so sounded far away as if it were a wind from a far north country that the aurora could be seen far away.

Leonhardt's hand, which held his shoulder tightly, gained strength.

He smiled and repeated only a short kiss until she realized what he meant.

It seemed like a chick was poking with its beak, and every time, lightning struck.

As soon as he opened his mouth to breathe, his face got closer again.

Elizabeth closed her eyes.

Instead of blocked time, just that much, other senses have become sensitive.

Every time I breathed, I could feel Leonhardt's unique cool scent.

As I moved my body, I could feel my heart beating so fast that I could feel it clearly over the thick clothes.I could hear the sound of wet even though it wasn't the weather where the snow would melt.

Like swallowing a star that shines endlessly, or the moon that changes its appearance every day.

It was a sweet moment for my tongue.


"How? Why? Which way?”

It was not long before Elizabeth, who came back down to earth, reached out to Leonhardt.

The lower lip, which had been bitten hard until a while ago and touched with the tip of the tongue wherever the gum marks were left, was burning.

No, my whole body was as hot as a fireball. If I stayed like this, the snow around me seemed to melt away.

Unlike himself, whose knees trembled and seemed to collapse, the Crown Prince in front of his eyes stood shamelessly intact.

"Lizzy, I grew up two years before you."

"The... the... the... the....”

"What does that have to do with anything? So where did you learn that from? Does that mean I've been practicing with someone other than you?"

Elizabeth's head shook wildly up and down.

The moon covered a piece of cloud to hide its laughter.

"You're the only one I have. There's a passage like this in the book, right? 'Suspecting stars are fireballs, suspicious of the movement of the sun.' Then... I mean...."

"Gee... Even if I suspect that the truth is a lie...?”

The white breath hid her burning face for a moment.

Do not doubt my love.

The last verse of the sentence poured down right above her lips, as if dancing on his lips.

'Even if everything is a lie... Even if I deceive you for the rest of my life... Please don't doubt my love.'

How does the book end? I'm sure it wasn't a comedy.

I hope my story isn't a comedy. Elizabeth, I'm just a supporting character in your story, but that's enough for me. So my love, you... Just your story... Please make it a comedy that will never be in the world again.’

"Good night, good night...The... um... oh, the present. Thank you for the present. I mean, uh....”

I'm still in front of my eyes because of what happened in the garden, and I want to fall on the bed quickly and breathe.

The person who made it so was leaning against the door, instead of calmly closing the door with a cheeky calm face.

"Aren't you going to do it for me?"

"What, what!"

Elizabeth, who made a loud voice without realizing it, covered her mouth with her palm belatedly.

Leonhardt tapped his lips with his fingertips.

Elizabeth rolled her round eyes only.

"I'm cold. I'll be busy from tomorrow morning. Aren't you going to put me to sleep like this?"

Elizabeth pinched Leonhardt's side and grabbed him in both hands.


After getting what he wanted, Leonhardt returned to his room with a smile and a pleasant step.

Elizabeth, who slipped in front of the closed door, fiddled with her lips for a long time.

"Oh, oh, my muffler!

Elizabeth, who tilted her head suddenly with a feeling of emptiness in her neck, belatedly realized that she had left her scarf in the garden, and was embarrassed.

'What if people find out...?’

I was rolling around in a warm bed, rolling around, stamping my feet, lying on my stomach and lying on my side. I rolled up my body in a circle, but I couldn't sleep.

'Even if you suspect the truth is a lie... Do not doubt my love....’

What happened to the lady who received the letter she wrote to convey her true feelings only to her beloved lover while playing the madman?Elizabeth dreamed that night of sinking beneath a field of chariot flowers blooming far beyond the horizon like a blue river.


Instead of questioning what happened, the maid posted a direct statement about the scarf found in the garden and the footprints that were preserved until morning.

"Your Majesty the Crown Prince, and Lady Elizabeth, it is very nice to see you both already resemble the Emperor and Empress Mama, but your wedding is still over a month away. I don't think we're ever gonna have a successor.”

Leonhardt nodded wildly at the gaze of the maid-in-law who was unusually staring at him.

Elizabeth also nodded briefly, glaring down at the floor.

"Phew, that's enough. I'm sure you know why I'm holding onto a busy person and saying this busy. Your Highness, you should go to your Majesty, and Lady Elizabeth should go to the Imperial Palace.”

Leonhardt and Elizabeth walked far apart.

I could hear the cackling of maidens behind my back.

Leonhardt, though, was as happy.

Never, never, never, ever, did leave a light kiss on her cheek, barely half-open in sleep before breakfast. I got it right.

"Looking at his face, I don't know what's going to happen if we leave him alone. Are you going to leave the Crown or leave your new baby in peace?"

Until my father said.

Of course Leonhardt protested. It's nothing else, and you're just gonna propose and kiss me at night and then you're gonna move!

"Do you think I don't understand why the state-of-the-art marriage between my father and my mother went so fast? I don't see it in the commemorative portrait, but I know I have it now!"

"He's so disgusting that I'll have to move Lady Elizabeth right next to the Imperial Palace! It's the first thing you're going to do today. You write the official letter that you're going to a new place."

"What about you, dad?"

"I'm happy to sign your approval!"

"No, I don't want to! It's painful to see someone right across the hall, and you're gonna put them away? I'd rather depose me and make Ayla emperor....”

"We can't have our princess do such a difficult, hard, and dirty job!"

"…that's true, but no. So you can't do Ayla, and I'm fine?”

"You're all grown up, aren't you? Looking at the report I wrote with Confucius Perian last time, I think he was very good at hard and dirty work, why. You want me to move it up a week?

"Oh, my God!"

Eventually Leonhardt made the sound of death.

Someone is trying to be childish with his son who is just over 20 years old because he is getting younger day by day.

'Still... I'm glad you didn't go as ugly as you did back then..’

Leonhardt smirked inside as he pushed all the official documents that were difficult, troublesome, and sometimes had to be dirty to his son, and he only asked him to build a new playground for the merry-go-lucky princess.

No, it's not time to laugh. You're moving Lizzie's place? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

The emperor grinned as he saw Leonhardt's expression, which was smiling vainly, getting cold again.

The words I brought up with the intention of only sneaking around worked surprisingly well.

"If you'd known, you'd have used it before.Sneaking away diplomatic documents from him, the emperor silently watched Leonhardt do it.

The golden hair he inherited from the empress and the violet eyes he gave him.

How can she look so much like her when she acts for her beloved woman?

"…is there something on my face?”

"What's wrong with a father seeing his son's face?"

"If Lizzie doesn't see it, it wears out."

"Huh, he'sorry.

While kicking his tongue, the emperor stared at him struggling ahead of difficult diplomatic issues with a pleased and commendable look.