Chapter - 102 Episode 103 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Borrowed, blue, old, and new.

"The princess said she liked dragons more than the first prince she saw. So I married a dragon."

Children's fairy tales these days are very different from what I used to read.

Elizabeth thought so and asked Ayla.

"Then did the princess become happy?”

Ayla nodded vigorously.

"You can't be happy to live with someone you love, whether it's a dragon or a prince."

The empress also nodded in sympathy at the emperor's words.

The bride is said to live happily ever after if she has something new, old, borrowed, and blue.

Beatrice, Roseline, and Mimir came ahead of the ceremony.

Each had a box in his hand.

The four burst into laughter without questioning when they got close to each other.

The story between Beatrice and Prince Lionel was the first to be talked about before a gift for the new bride.

"So I sent you a letter, and you suddenly got a reply, right?”

Beatrice smiled shyly and held out her left hand. There was an old ring on her fourth finger.

"It's a ring that the Great Debate has inherited for generations. Oh, my God, it turns out that once upon a time...

Whispering, Beatrice shook her head, saying, "It's amazing to think about it now."

"Did you really do that? The Grand Duke sneaked into her garden and was slapped in the face by her!”

"I should have doubted your father's strangely soft-heartedness at the time. I can't believe the scoundrel was the Grand Duke."

"Then the Grand Duke...Did you fall in love with Beatrice's slap?”

"That's the story? You have a unique taste for anti-aircraft."

"Well, it's not that! Let's go back to the ring, the ring...The Grand Duke didn't want to exchange letters in a perfunctory way.So you said you'd excuse me that day, and you asked me to send you an empty envelope in reply to give you the right to question and punish it for the rest of your life."

"I've never seen a man propose and ask for punishment. Are you sure you're okay with the Grand Duke?”

Roseline and Elizabeth nodded wildly at Mimiir's words.

Beatrice protested vigorously in place of her distant fiancé.

"Well, that's what I've become. The next time we meet...It's no longer Lady Milan, but Grand Duke Kirsten.”

"I'm sorry to hear that. No matter how often we share letters, should we just drink tea and face each other like now?”

"Funny story! A fun story! How did Lady Elizabeth get the proposal? My parents. Oh, my God. Your father asked me to go sailing with your mother alone by the lake.You go to the middle of the lake, and if you don't marry me, I'll let go of the oars!"

"What, isn't that a threat?"

"And do you know how your mother behaved?"

"You didn't row yourself, did you?"

The eyes of the three sparkled.

"No way!"

"Oh, my God, the noble Duchess? That's ridiculous!"

"What the hell happened to you when you were born?”

Another burst of laughter.

"So, what kind of proposal did our little Empress receive?”

"Come on, little empress! Mimiir!"

"I know, now that I've heard what Mimir said, I' How did the Crown Prince...?

"I've played it for you, so I have a right to listen. Now that you're gone, you need something to come, right?”

Elizabeth's face turned red.

In front of three pairs of eyes twinkling with curiosity and mischief, Elizabeth told the story of the night in a shy voice."Oh, my God, really?”

"I can't believe the Crown Prince had that in him...Is that really your Highness?"

"It's like a scene in a story...It's romantic."

Elizabeth's face turned redder and redder. Mimir smiled and took out the box he had brought into his arms.

"Maybe we should get the "blue thing" out of here. Open it."

Elizabeth carefully opened the box at Mimiir's words.

But there was nothing in the box.


"It's sad to reveal it already! You'll see, she's preparing a very special magic for you. It will be the most beautiful blue in the world."

Elizabeth stopped laughing, poking Mimiir in the ribs.

Roseline and Beatrice then pushed the box onto the table.

"I'll lend it to you. Give it back the next time we meet. "It's a precious item, so you have to return it soon."

It was Beatrice's idea that he wanted to meet again as soon as possible under the pretext of returning it.

The "new thing" that Roseline then brought along was nostalgia as well.

"It smells so good! What name did you give this scent?”

Roseline grinned, biting her tongue out.

"Lady Elizabeth!"


When asked the name of the perfume, Elizabeth was surprised by Roseline's voice calling her name.

Except for her, people burst into laughter again.

"Well, the perfume with Lizzie's image? You did a great job. It's just like Lizzie."

"My feeling?"

"Yes, it's clear, it's sweet, it's like a bell.It's like silver again? Anyway, it has that way.”

Roseline was heartily delighted by Mimiir's praise.

"Then the last one left is..."

Beatrice, who had been picking one by one with her fingers, recalled what was mainly used as an "old one" and closed her mouth.

The old thing, linking the bride's family to the past.

But does Elizabeth really want to carry something reminiscent of her family past?


Mimiir carefully held Elizabeth's hand.

Elizabeth, who had been bowing her head silently for a while, smiled and turned to the story of her wedding robes.


"Lady Elizabeth looks good in white. If you add pearls instead of glass beads, it will feel warmer.”

"But is there such a small pearl?”

"Huhu, it's not a natural pearl, but it's not a bad pink-colored pearl."

"The crown... will you wear the crown of the Empress, too?”

The Empress nodded at Dorothea's words.

"The Empress' coffin is unnecessarily heavy and rugged, so I don't know if it'll suit you."

"Then shall we make a new one, Empress?"

"You didn't say anything when I said I was heavy, did you...? "

"Well, Mom's will was so strong back then...! Don't be angry, my love. Huh?"

"Dad, did you do something wrong to your mother again?”

"Yeah, that's what happened. Dorothea, do you remember what the Empress' coffin looks like?”

"I remember, but...Oh, what should I do with my sleeves? The trend of big inflating has passed, so would it be better to make it fit?”

"That would be great. Dorothea, by the way, is always fighting herself."


"I don't think there's a dress more beautiful than this every time, but the next time Dorothea comes up with a more beautiful dress. I think it's like winning a fight against myself in the past."

"As Young-ae said. I've come up to the dream spot for anyone who lives on sewing. There is no one to compete with anymore. Except for me in the past, and the kids chasing me.""Following...Oh, come to think of it, how's Ellie doing?”

"He? He was so stubborn about letting me help him when he made Young-ae's wedding robes, that I raised both my hands."

"I think Dorothea's rival has already been chosen."

"Lady Elizabeth..."

Dorothea let out a pleasant scream at Elizabeth's words.

"Can I wear the shoes I wore for my debut bath?"”

"If you want, so be it. Yeah, there's nothing prettier than those shoes.”

"What is it? What kind of shoes?"

"Do you want me to make you one?”

"Ayla grows so fast that she won't be able to wear it very soon.”

"...I'll get you one without your knowledge."

"You're the best!"

"I'm listening, Your Majesty. Yellow Daughter."

Ayla and the emperor pouted their lips at the same time as if they had promised in advance.

As soon as she saw it, Elizabeth realized the fear of heredity and stopped laughing with the empress.

Dorothea, who had been discussing the length of the skirt and how long the veil should be, returned with a satisfactory face.

Ayla was also pleased to take on Elizabeth's wedding day instead of her new shoes.

Less than 15 days are left before the enthronement ceremony.

Elizabeth was deeply troubled with the things her friends had given her.

Should I really get what I need from my family?

They were still Duke of Elysium, even if they didn't like it. It is natural to sit in the front row of the ceremony, and the wedding will also be arranged separately on the bride's side.

How big was Ludwig...

I don't know about my mother's handkerchief, but the one Ludwig used might be fine.

No, if my parents stay quiet as they are now, it might be something that means a new start.

Elizabeth thought so and wrote a letter directly to the duchess of Elysium.

"Old...You want Ludwig's handkerchief? You little thing! You're degrading your parents to the end!"

Having received the letter late at night, Duke Elysium galloped and threw it to the floor.

"You wicked thing, you poor thing. Now that you're empress, your house, your family, they all look old?”

The butler quietly picked up the letter.

The Duke, who had been snorting like a wild boar for a long time, got up from his seat and headed to the study, wondering if he had any good idea.

Arriving at the place where the family jewels had been kept from generation to generation, the Duke manipulated the columns between the walls and the walls.

Then a hidden room appeared. The Duke went into it and laughed at the diamond, which was so dark that even sapphire could believe it.

"What old is, of course, blue!"

The Duke imagined the day of the coronation in his head.

'If Ludwig, not anyone else, takes this jewel and presents it with a blue one for the new bride, he'll be forced to take it. Well, there'll be a few days of people watching that day. If you get a jewel from generation to generation, you'll use it as an excuse to use him again."

Just thinking about it made me laugh.

As if nothing had happened, the Duke left the study and headed back to the bedroom.

I had a hunch that I would have a very sweet dream tonight.

Write the enthronement scene.The weather was clear and all the adults living in the sanctuary wore crowns and blessed them. Elizabeth was elegant and Leonhardt was dignified. The emperor finished his final task by handing over the crown on his head, leading him to the throne, and attaching the emperor's star to his chest.The empress also handed over her coffin to Elizabeth and left a blessing kiss on her cheeks with her star.

Ayla played the role of Hwadong. It must have been heavy for a young child, but it was lovely to see him walking proudly in a chick walk.

Following that, Leonhardt and Elizabeth entered.

The first line of the cathedral was filled with nobles, and the people, as well as the last line.

Be a man who is not ashamed of yourself. Emperor Isidore, now in the situation, shook hands with Leonhardt and encouraged him.

To put it mildly, reverential, honest appreciation bore the enthronement ceremony. All that remained was to hold a wedding ceremony in the presence of all the people.