Chapter - 103 Episode 104 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.


It was such a clear day that I wondered if the blue thing Mimiir prepared was this sky.

Apparently, even the saints and saints living in the sanctuary came to the system for today.

The ceremony was scheduled to take place in the largest cathedral in the system, not in the cathedral in the Imperial City.

Leonhardt meant that he wanted to see Elizabeth smiling in the blessing of as many people as possible.

Thanks to this, the system was crowded with people who wanted to see even a single hair of the young new emperor.

"I-I-I, do you think I'm nervous?”

"Lizzy, calm down. Calm down. You've already practiced. It's gonna be okay.”

"It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay! And practice is more than practice."

"Shh, that's it! What if someone hears it? Well, there's a great way to relax, but..."

Elizabeth took a step back. I felt a solid wall behind my back.

"Leon, I don't want to. You can't."

"Shh, it's okay. We're going to be officially married soon anyway.No, not this one! You rushed in first last night, so why are you doing this?"

"Who told you what to do when someone heard you a little while ago?"

"Oh, I'm relaxed."

Elizabeth was dumbfounded by Leonhardt's brazen attitude.

Without missing the chance, Leonhardt kissed lightly on her cheek, over her lips.


Leonhardt is a little later, leaving behind her little scream. I left the waiting room to see you.

The glanced cathedral was already full of people.

Front row foreign ambassadors, including aristocrats.

Then, Miuccia and other artists and fighters who have been decorated by the state.

Subsequently, among the commoners, those specially invited were seated.

Leonhardt stuck his tongue out in the crowd, which was packed into the hallway between the chairs.

The memory of the past life, which remained until the end, was gradually blurred.

What was it like to climb the throne that day?

At least it wasn't as clear and mild as it is now.

Leonhardt once again vowed, looking at the warm sunlight coming down through the stained glass of the cathedral.

She becomes happy. No one else but me will make it happen.

The enthronement ceremony was held in a reverent and solemn atmosphere.

With saints and saints from the sanctuary blessing them, the emperor took off his coffin and handed it over to the priest.

The priest took over the coffin with a serious look and put it over the head of the new emperor.

Next up is the emperor, no. Isidore, who is now in the situation, took off the emperor's star on his chest and attached it directly to Leonhardt's

"Be an emperor who is not ashamed of himself."

At the end of the tap on the shoulder of his son, Isidore moved to a seat under his throne.

Leonhardt sat on the throne, holding a hall and an obe in his hand, following the emperor's coffin.

It was the second place to sit, but unlike his previous life, people looked up to him this time.

"At that time...I thought I was really stabbed to death by the look of your eyes."

Elizabeth then appeared. The empress also went through the same process to hand over her coffin and put her star on her chest.

"Please take care of Leonhardt. Empress."

Elizabeth paid her last respects to Freya by bowing her head deeply.

People were anxious to shout out the name of the new emperor at any moment. But there was still one more ritual to shout their names.While the two, who became emperor and empress, were away again to officially hold the ceremony, celebratory performances by Miuccia and other artists continued.

Elizabeth was disappointed that she could not hear the clear singing from afar.

But her face brightened again when she heard Miuccia's song could be heard again at the evening celebration.

"Lizzy! Oh, no. Empress, what a...It's beautiful."

Ayla, who was rushing toward her, stopped about three steps away and blushed.

Ayla was wearing a light pink silk dress and a flower crown on her head.

A smile came out as she imagined Ayla holding a basket and sprinkling petals in front of her walking path.

"Ridge, are you ready?"

"Your Majesty is eating."

The door opened and Leonhardt came in.

You're not the Crown Prince anymore, you're the Emperor.

Elizabeth was thrilled to see the shining stars on Leonhardt's chest in white robes.

Leonhardt forgot what to say to Elizabeth and hardened himself.


"Your majesty, you have to keep up appearance."

"Oh, my God, the moon is going to cry tonight. The most beautiful star in the sky has fallen to the ground.”

Elizabeth held up the bouquet and hid her smile.

"Well, shall we go? Empress."

Leonhardt reached out his hand. Elizabeth shyly held the hand.


Despite her young age, Ayla's brisk walk brought smiles to the guests' faces.

Ayla grabbed a handful of petals in the basket and sprayed them on the white carpet.

At that moment, the "blue thing" prepared by Mimiir appeared.

"Oh, my God!"

"Magic, magic?"

"Come to think of it, I heard that Mimir of the Clock Tower is very close to the Empress Mama.”

"A blue rose...It's a miracle..."

"Mulmangcho, cart chrysanthemum, cherry blossoms, hehe. The flowers of the whole season are in full bloom."

People stared blankly at the snow-like blue petals in the empty air and exclaimed.

Elizabeth walked carefully along the flowery path, which was so heavily ankle-deep.

As I turned away, I saw Mimir sitting between Beatrice and Roseline with a pleased expression.

As God watched, Elizabeth's castle changed from Elysium to Esperdor and went up in the imperial genealogy.

After exchanging rings, the priest tied embroidery straps on their arms, declaring the two united.

All that remained was for Leonhardt to roll up her veil and kiss her.

"Elizabeth, my love."

I did it yesterday and the day before yesterday. If I didn't have eyes, I would have done it a while ago. Why am I so nervous?

Leonhardt pulled up her veil, trying to calm her trembling hands.

"...I can't help it.”


"I'm so nervous, I can't do it."

Elizabeth raised her head.

Every time he approached her first, he hesitated.

I can't help it.’

Leonhardt stared blankly at Elizabeth's face as she got closer, and closed her eyes without realizing it.

Obviously, the season is winter, but rather than standing in the middle of summer sunlight, sweat flowed down and the smell of spring was felt on my lips.

"Why is he acting like he's in a hurry to get us a seat?”

"But the Empress has handled it wisely."

"It looks like he's got to be henpecked, too.”

"It must be pathetic."

"Oh, my God, oh, my God. What's a henpecked wife?”

"You don't have to know yet. By the way, when did Mimiir prepare this magic?"

"...Frey, wait a minute."Ishidore's voice went down. Freya unconsciously turned her head to follow his gaze.

Just as they were about to step out of the cathedral, a small boy was approaching the emperor couple in the unexpectedly placid duchess of Elysium.

Ludwig Mort von Elysium did what his scary father told him to do.

'Give this to your sister.’

Ludwig headed for Elizabeth in a tremble of steps as the crowd murmured.

"Sister... sister...It's... it's... it's... it's... it's...More than the bride's old...I prefer the blue one.That's... that's... that's... that's... that'

It was an unknown word, but Elizabeth could read the horrors of Duke Elysium hidden in it.

until the end

They didn't change until the end.

What was in Ludwig's hands was a blue diamond necklace.

"Send me the old one."You didn't read it after all."

Ludwig's unexpected behavior halted the ceremony and the guards all began to be on alert.

Leonhardt raised his hand and glared at Ludwig, calming the murmurs.

White silver hair and blue eyes that resemble Elizabeth.

But unlike Elizabeth, the eyes were indistinct.

"Empress, you don't have to take it."

"...this is my job."

Leonhardt stepped back half a step at the words.

Elizabeth took a deep breath and approached Ludwig.

Although he was obviously born before Ayla, his movements were indifferent.

Which means the duke didn't care that much.

Elizabeth bent her knees to meet Ludwig's eye level, closing and opening her eyes tightly.

"Noo... noo, no, Elizabeth, noo, noo...Empress, Mama!"

"Prince Ellisium."

Elizabeth decided not to be disappointed anymore when she saw her parents' expressions rapidly dimmed by the title.

"Do you have a handkerchief?”

"Yes, yes? Yes!"

Ludwig nodded wildly.

The wind knocked the blue diamond necklace down to the floor.

Elizabeth reached out her hand.

"Can I have that handkerchief?”

"Ha... but my father, his necklace...Necklace..."

"I'm sure I asked for an 'old one'. Which does Confucius think is older, diamond necklace or handkerchief?”


Elizabeth nodded her head. Ludwig rummaged through his pockets and stuck out a nasty piece of vulgarity.

People were stirred up again by things that were hard to see with a handkerchief that could be carried by the duke's successor.

Elizabeth picked up a necklace that fell to the floor and hung it around Ludwig's neck.

"For this, I've received all the old, blue, borrowed, new. I will be a happy bride.”

I don't know what the word "happy bride" means, but a beautiful person in front of me laughed.

Ludwig laughed face to face with Elizabeth and then went back to his seat.

Duke Elysium managed to resist wanting to slap his son in the face at any moment.

'Silly thing! I told you to give me the jewels and give me the mop! It's like you're...This is how you betray your family?You little...!"

Elizabeth turned a blind eye to the trembling father and his mother, who desperately tried to protect Ludwig.

The old handkerchief turned into something that cut off Elizabeth's past, not something that connects her past.

"This is what it's all about...’

Elizabeth returned without hesitation to Leonhardt's side.

That was where she would be.