Chapter - 104 Episode 105 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

The oldest memory Ludwig Mort von Elysium remembers was himself crying hoarse in an old room without a stove on a cold winter day.

On the day when the mother, who was as sharp as a skewer, shook her small body back and forth, the nanny blocked her from hitting her cheek with her whole body, and her bouncy father was angry about Elysium's succession.

Perhaps it was instinctively that a child who could not even think properly cried so sadly that he knew, "I will not be loved."

At least that's what Ludwig thought.

He doesn't deserve to be loved.

That's what my father called himself. Whenever I told the story of my sister who went to the palace even before she was born, it always followed.

Mother didn't even try to look at herself at all. I've had enough of my white hair and blue eyes, and I'm still in my dreams.

On such a day when I woke up with a nightmare and crying, the old nanny told me the story of a sister who didn't even know her face instead of the old story.

The sister in the story was a sweet and friendly person just like the sun.

But the nanny's bright voice didn't last very long.

'He was such a lovely man, he listened to his master's words....’

From there the nanny's voice began to get wet little by little.

No one told me, but Ludwig could vaguely guess that she also grew up not very loved.

Ludwig urged the nanny to stop talking. And begged to hear the moment she left the mansion.

The nanny then rejuvenated herself and told Ludwig what she had seen that day.

"She left this house of her own will."

"Then where is your sister now?”

"He's in the palace."

"The Imperial Palace… Will there be many people who love you there?”

"They say you're loved."

"That's a relief..."

It was kind of a ritual or habit conversation that we've had over a dozen times already.

The nanny sighed, putting the blanket back on Ludwig, who fell asleep.

She always calls for the duchess to behave like a successor, but she only gave birth to a father who does not set an example, and a mother who does not even look at him.

He was such a kind-hearted young master that I wondered how such a child was born between the two.

He was the heir to Elysium and the small duke, but the only one who cared was the butler and the one who cared for him.

If my sister was deprived of the happiness she deserved, the young master was not even enjoying the natural things he should enjoy as an ordinary child.

At a time when other peers were busy playing and studying, he was in a hurry to survive the apathy of his parents.

I need to clean up tomorrow.’

The nanny sighed again in a place that could hardly be called the Little Duke's Room.

Not long ago, an invitation arrived in the name of Ludwig.

Maybe half of the Duke's ruse worked, and in the end Elizabeth did not completely abandon them.

The nanny said she had seen her sister so many times, but Ludwig only tilted his head every time.

It seemed that there was a existence that glistened white like a star in scattered memories like a puzzle that had lost its pieces.

And today, Ludwig finally faces a sparkling presence in his memory.

My sister was a much more beautiful person than I vaguely imagined.

The dress she wore and the crown above her head was so colorful, the blue diamond necklace that she had to deliver from now on felt like a humble bead necklace.Whether he had read his mind, his sweet sister asked for a handkerchief instead of a necklace.

It was winter, and he often caught a cold in winter, so he always carried a handkerchief in his pocket.

It was a handkerchief because it liked the horse, but it was just the edge of a soft cloth.

Even after years of use, there were stained marks and traces of loose hang everywhere.

But my sister took it preciously.

Old, I said, but Ludwig wasn't ashamed at all.

On the contrary, I thought it was fortunate that I could give you a handkerchief.

And she said she would be a happy bride.

I don't know what it means, but somehow it was a very reassuring remark.

I woke up and found myself back in my seat.

Elizabeth and Leonhardt began marching together on the path where blue petals poured down like drizzle, surrounding that it was the last surprise gift prepared by their parents.

Ludwig only looked at Elizabeth passing by him with a blank face.

Next to him, a scary father puffed up his nose, and a scary mother was pinching her side, but nothing was felt.

'I want to be by your side.’

At that moment, the only surviving heir to Elysium was the last chance to change Elysium.

Elizabeth was able to take off her dress only after she circled the capital city in a magical glass carriage to prevent steam from forming.

Every moment was like a dream.

Elizabeth closed her eyes and took a slow deep breath.

Every eye contact paid tribute to her and wished her happiness.

The only answer she could say in the pouring blessing was to smile brightly and wave her hands as hard as she could.

"Phew... I'm tired."

"Don't get tired already, Empress. We still have a long way to go.”

The lady-in-law, who was removing the heavy crown and the stumbling veil, laughed.

As she said, there was still work to be done. I have to dance all night, get congratulations, watch firecrackers....

"When are you going to sleep like this?”

"Oh, are you going to sleep?”

As she pouted her mouth and grumbled small, the maid opened her eyes wide.

Elizabeth slowly, barely understood the meaning and blushed.

"I've got a little time until the evening ball, so you should at least get some sleep. Can I get you a car?"

Elizabeth, who took off her colorful but stuffy dress and dressed comfortably, nodded only with a flushed face.

Now where she is was the newly renovated empress.

She left as much as the studio of the Empress Seon-dae in her meaning, but she lost her words for the first time when she saw it changed incredibly just yesterday that it was someone else's room.

Without eyes, Elizabeth sank down on the sofa and buried herself deeply.

My body, which had to be nervous from dawn, began to ache here and there.

'Sleep... when I fall asleep... I can't...'

Elizabeth, who had been forced to hold on to her barely closing eyelids, eventually fell asleep before the lady-in-law, who had gone to get refreshments, returned.

The maid, who returned with a lot of macaroons she liked, made a small voice, and then put a silver tray on the table and covered her with a soft blanket.

"If you're going to take a rest, don't make yourself at home..”

At the age of eight, a child who came to the palace without knowing the meaning of liking became a mature empress who said that she would become a happy bride with her mouth.Somehow, I felt a part of my heart was getting dark, so the lady-in-law put tears in her eyes with the apron and stepped away quietly so that she could rest comfortably.

Elizabeth was dreaming.

Like Mimiir's lab, it was a place where books and unknown clutter rolled around the floor.

But somehow I didn't feel scared or unfamiliar at all. Rather, I felt like I hadn't been here in a long time.

"Long time no see, huh?"

I heard a voice behind my back. Elizabeth looked back carefully.

A woman with a bracelet made of seashells stood with a cool smile.

Flames of red hair, cat-like eyes raised, and dark leaf-colored eyes glistening under the golden sunset.


Elizabeth called her name without my knowledge. Then the woman in front of me nodded.

"How... am I dreaming? No, you don't have to dream about it. You can just come. Oh, thank you so much for the blue one. I never imagined it would be such a gift....”

"I guess you liked it. That's a relief."

Somehow Elizabeth stopped talking in a tone that seemed to praise someone else's actions.



Mimiir looked at her with clear eyes.

Glow, too bright for a human being, was evidence that she had finally gone beyond human limits and became the owner of the clock tower.

Elizabeth took a step back without realizing it.

The Mimiir she knew was still human. Looking closely, he was a little taller than Mimir in his memory and seemed to have a different atmosphere.

"…who are you?"

The witch smiled bitterly at Elizabeth's question.

"I'm your friend."

Although we couldn't remember each other.

Elizabeth stared at her unrelentingly.

I've definitely seen him somewhere, but I couldn't remember him no matter how much I tried to think of him like a wet watercolor painting.


In the air where there was nothing, a well-prepared tea party table appeared. She beckoned.

Somehow Elizabeth sat down feeling guilty as if she had forgotten something she should not have forgotten.


A witch called her in a low voice filled with familiarity and tenderness.

The owner didn't even recommend it first, but his hands moved naturally. Oops, she belatedly became aware of her rude behavior, but there was already a piece of Isfahan on the plate. Elizabeth blushed and raised her head to apologize.

"Are you happy?"

But instead of berating her for her actions, the witch rather pushed her share of Isfahan and asked. When asked by the witch, the silverware fell on the table with a clear sound.

"I'm happy…happy… Do you mean it?"

"Just sing it comfortably. If you don't want to call me Mimir, you can call me a witch."

Elizabeth's silverware moved itself at the witch's gesture and began carving the Isfahan again.

Elizabeth agonized silently for a long time.

"Were you happy?"

Instead of a hint, the witch asked a simple question again.

I was able to answer this question with confidence.

"I was happy."

Then the witch showed her teeth with a satisfied look and laughed.

"You've crossed the mountain. You'll be happy in the future."

The puzzled witch's words caught a shallow crease between Elizabeth's brows.

"This is my wedding present. Lizzy, be happy. Be happy. You'll be happy. You become happy."

The witch's voice grew blurred. The Isfahan, the table and the messy room in front of us also began to move away little by little.Elizabeth grinned as if to say something. But there was no voice.

"Today's work is a secret. For you, for me."

And Elizabeth opened her eyes. My eyes met with the maid who was bringing a new cold car.

"Oh, are you awake? Empress... Mama? Wool, don't cry!"

Only then could Elizabeth feel the tears running down her cheeks.

Somehow I felt like I forgot the most precious thing.