Chapter - 105 Episode 106 of The Emperor's Return of the Needle.

Bloody winter


I don't even know how the ball ended. I laughed so hard that my face muscles almost cramped.

Leonhardt also recalled the flag hanging on the clothesline instead of laundry, where Sodmaster's physical strength went.

Elizabeth quenched her throat with lukewarm water, thinking that if it were not for her magical shoes, she would have probably run from her little toe.

" she alive?"

No matter how many times I do this, I'm tired. Leonhardt thought as he rose to his feet with difficulty.

Elizabeth brought a cup of water to his mouth. Leonhardt drank water with only his head tilted and drooped again.

But the most important thing remained for the last time.

The maidens disappeared, supporting Elizabeth, who was half exhausted. The servants also exchanged glances and guided him to the bedroom.

As the priest lay side by side in the bed watching, the insignia was hung with a prayer blessing the two.

"Then sweet dreams."

With the words, a bustling step followed, and the door finally closed.

Over the door, I heard a playful slap on the face, saying, "There is no time to dream tonight."

Elizabeth and Leonhardt had their eyes wide open.

Crazy, crazy, chimin, no. Crazy, crazy, crazy!"

How do we act? What should I say? d*mn it, me in my past life, you said you were crazy tired and just slept! No, it's gone, but it's gone anyway!

Leonhardt, take a deep breath, take a deep breath, so... oh, my god, Lizzie's an adult now, and, uh, shit!

" you want to have a drink and go to bed?"

I was so nervous that my voice eventually slipped.

Leonhardt regretted that he couldn't hit his head because he had fluffy pillows and blankets all around him.

Elizabeth nodded only.

Remove the insignia and light the fire.

On top of a salty and hard cracker, a piece of soft cheese mixed with fruit was placed on the table, and an ice wine with a sweet taste, as if to consider Elizabeth, who is not yet familiar with alcohol.

Leonhardt eventually burst into laughter in front of the perfect setting as if he had prepared it in advance.

Then all of a sudden, his eyes turned to the side. There was a guy there who gave off a presence that could not be ignored.

How did you catch an octopus that was so big that you wonder how it was caught? Can you say that the big legs and the sucker were carefully cut with scissors and made like a big leg?

"Who the hell prepared this?"

"Well, there's something stuck here!"

Leonhardt was shocked to his heart when he saw Elizabeth casually fiddling with the octopus legs.

At the end of the octopus bridge shaped like a dandelion, there was a letter with Freya's name on it.

[It's hard to prepare festival food in winter] They used to cut dried octopus and seafood. I was able to get it because there was someone who was good at it. The more peaceful and prosperous the country is, the more nervous it should be. Enjoy your meal, and if Leon doesn't listen, it's now owned by the Empress, so do it at your discretion.]

"I'm not a thing, I'm a possession..."

I felt like I was walking around the wide imperial palace after my mouth opened.

On the other hand, however, I felt solemn about the mother's sincere advice for the young empress.

Looking closely, there was also a letter on the ice wine. It was an amiable handwriting unique to my father.[I think you already know what kind of alcohol you first found, but ice wine is a wine that has increased sugar content by deliberately leaving grapes that have not withered until the end of summer and autumn until winter. I will not say whether it is a rich country or territorial expansion. Just as grapes endured the loneliness of the hot sun and autumn, and protected the sweetness of the play in the snowstorm. And be strong enough for your woman to protect. Finally, be nice to the Empress if you don't want to be kicked out.]

Leonhardt, who read the letter with his eyes, sat down in a chair, covering his face with one hand.

I felt like I could hear my dad's unique tic-tic voice in my ears.

"Your Majesty, are you all right?"

"We're not alone in your majesty.Just sing it as usual. Well, Lizzie, what about you?

Elizabeth bowed her head and said nothing. Leonhardt sneaked up courage and approached her and hugged her thin body tightly.

"Elizabeth, my Empress."

Blue, clear eyes were looking straight at him. His eyes were still filled with a strong sense of trust as they were a decade ago.

"I want you to be... happy. Not as the empress, just as a person."

"Leon, are you happy now?"

At Elizabeth's words Leonhardt nodded in a moment of conflict.

Then she smiled broadly and agreed.

"I knew it. Because I'm very happy right now."

At the same time as that, the hands of the clock, which had been turned upside down, were back in place. Leonhardt happily enjoyed the disappearance of his last memory.

The guilt towards her, which had sunk at the bottom of her memory, changed to the fact that she had to live as a sinner for the rest of her life.

Why he turned the hands of the clock back, why he claimed to be a sinner who could not be forgiven for the rest of his life, the wound healed and there was a scar on it.

"...Leon, what's wrong with your face? Are you crying?"

Elizabeth freaked out and began looking around for something to wipe.

Elizabeth, who was in a hurry to wipe Leonhardt's face by pulling on his sleeve, tilted her head and chased where his eyes were facing as he hardened like a pillar of salt.

The sleeves of the pajamas stretched out, revealing round, white shoulders and underneath them.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh!"

Later, Elizabeth turned around and sat down, picking up the clothes that had fallen below her shoulder.

Suddenly I was thirsty and hot all over. Elizabeth quickly opened the cork and forced it into Leonhardt's hands with a glass of overflowing water.

"...Uh... for our happiness..."

In a stammering, trembling voice, he shouted a random toast and brought his own glass to Leonhardt's still hardened glass.

There was a clear sound and Elizabeth tilted her glass.

Perhaps because of the dense sweetness unique to ice wine, I felt dizzy at the moment.

"It's sweet, isn't it? Leon, Leon?"

"Lizzie, uh, no, no.Nothing, nothing at all. I'm just trying too hard to drink, but don't say it, yup!"

Leonhardt's mouth brought in a canape with plenty of cheese.

Leonhardt, who unwittingly chewed what came into his mouth, rinsed his mouth with wine.

The sweetness is not bad, but it was far from his taste, so I suddenly missed the alcohol hidden under the bed of the Crown Prince.

Come to think of it, how did it go? I think there was something hidden under the desk drawer. I'll look it up later when I have time. Where do you let Bailey stay? As expected, the one in the Imperial Palace can visit you every day... Huh? Come to think of it, Bailey hasn't been seen all day.’"Lizzy, haven't you seen Bailey?”

"Huh? Bailey went with Princess Ayla?"


Elizabeth, who was chewing on the nuts that came with her, tilted her head as if there was something wrong.

" poor Bailey. Can Ayla take good care of you now that you're old?"

Leonhardt, saying so, crept down on Elizabeth's soft thighs.

As Elizabeth picked up another walnut, she smiled with her eyes closed and mouth wide open.

"Lee, yup, yup, yup, yup.

But it was not the hard, savory walnuts that came into Leonhardt's mouth.

Elizabeth's long hair cascaded over Leonhardt's arms, with her body calming and giggling for a while.

" did it first."

Elizabeth heard a growl for a momentarily. Is it an ear illusion?

It was snowing again outside the window. There was only one place that was warm like spring while the snow, moon, and newly laid silk bed sheets were all white and cold.

"Phew, I'm worried about Lizzie. Will she be able to do the empress' work safely?"

Freya sighed, leaning her head against Isidore's chest.

Isidore comforted Freya, wrapping her hair around her fingers.

"You'll do well. Leon's with you. So, my love, put down the heavy load now.”


"Oh, my God! Oh, my God!"


Isidore, who was trying to return to his honeymoon 20 years ago as if nothing had happened, pretended to soothe her.

Freya unexpectedly elbowed Isidore's face and lifted Ayla climbing onto a large bed.

"Ayla, you still awake?”

"I found it in my room. I was going to brag about it tomorrow, but I couldn't sleep..."

As soon as she opened her mouth, she was baptized with questions as if she had waited, and as a result, Ayla was now much smarter than her peers.

It was a pair of shell crafts that Ayla pulled out, pouting with tiny lips like a chick's beak.

"Oh, my God, it's pretty. Where did you find it?”

"Oh, my God, my God!"

Isidore and Freya exchanged their eyes. If it's that room, it's definitely...

Come to think of it, there were violets and blue sea coral in the shells.

"Ayla, put this back where it was."

"What? But I found it. So it's mine."

"It's a thing with an owner. But I'll buy you a prettier one tomorrow.”

"Who's the owner? Who's the owner? We'll see a dramatic settlement through dialogue and negotiations."

"...Ayla, where did you learn to say that?"


Ayla cried proudly as she climbed up in her father's acceptance of any foolishness.

"Can I sleep with my mom tonight?"

"Well, Ayla. I'll leave the palace and promise to sleep separately..."

"Maybe it's because he's still unfamiliar. When Leonhardt was born, he used to sleep on his stomach when he took a nap.

"Well, that was first!"

"Can't you, dad?"

"No, it's not. Who said no? Ayla, come here. Do you want me to make you laugh?”

"The mother said it was the mother's constellation."

Ayla shook her head wildly. A small face looked full of drowsiness.

Eventually Ayla decided to sleep between Isidore and Freya. Once I decided to lie down, I fell asleep in no time.

Freya took out memories of the emperor and empress that Ayla had held tight until then and put them on the table."Is this word happy?"

"Of course, my love. At the palace, you might be wondering if those two children are the happiest in the world.”

Yo, yo, mouth! In the end, Freya only twisted Isidore's lips to the point where they did not hurt. The early spring did not only come to the Imperial Palace.