Chapter - 106 Episode 107 of His Majesty's Reverting the Needle of the Clock.

"Something's not right.”


Elizabeth grumbled, pulling the quilt up to the tip of her nose.

"I can't move a finger right now, but Leon is still moving. It's not fair."

Leonhardt, who was looking for clothes, eventually bit his tongue.

"So, is the same as the Sword Master and the common man?”

"I've been working out myself! I shot it!"

"That's not the same muscle as that! Are you okay?"

With a flushed face from morning, Leonhardt examined Elizabeth's complexion.

"It hurts from head to toe. Do you feel better after making it like this? Are you satisfied?"

"I don't remember biting my head... What if I wasn't satisfied? Why, satisfied, yup, Lizzy! I'm sorry!"

Receiving the flying pillow with his face, Leonhardt asked Elizabeth for forgiveness.

Until a while ago, Leonhardt, who managed to avoid flying cushions following pillows, crawled back onto the bed.

I turned my back and sat down, but even that look is pretty and lovely. Leonhardt hugged her gently.

The body temperature I encountered was warm. There were traces of flowers everywhere. Leonhardt stretched out his arms and groped over his shoulders. Bloodstraps came out under my nails.

"Let's do whatever we want for three days."

"Then the state of affairs...?”

"I'm sure he'll be nice to you. Or a revolt in three days.”

Elizabeth pinched his side painfully at the words of the immature emperor.

"Three days... Three days....”

"Is there anything you want to do?”

Elizabeth, who was sketching Leonhardt, who was lying on his back like a king of the desert across the sea, peeped out over the easel.

"…Let's go to Dorothy."

"Maybe he's on sick leave and resting by now?”

"Then, um....”

"Let's just finish what we were doing."

"Ha, what did you do?”

Can't you stand it without teasing you because you react as you poke?

Leonhardt held back his laughter and pretended not to know anything.

"The painting. You said you'd draw me."

A moment later, a piece of eraser flew to Leonhardt's forehead. Elizabeth's ears were red when she peeked.

Finishing off the finished painting, Elizabeth suggested going for a walk. Leonhardt lifted his eyebrows. At the end of the walk with her, somehow there seemed to be a clock tower.

"What are you doing in such a precious place that you can't afford to be idle in one blanket, now or forever? Your Majesty."


"Did you like my present?" I didn't know the results of the experiment to change the hair color permanently would be used like that, huh? What's wrong?"

"Oh, no, just. Mimir is still pretty as she is. And thank you for the gift! It was really cool.”

"Oh, my God, you pretty empress! How come they want to stay away from the emperor and get closer to the pretty empress? It's a strange thing to think about, isn't it?"

Let's not talk. Leonhardt opened the door of Mimi's Brunne, sticking out his tongue behind the two.


"Grandpa's not here."

Mimi-r, who was hopping in place holding Elizabeth's hand in a bright voice a while ago, said in a gloomy voice.

There was only one thing that meant that the owner of the clock tower was not in his place."Mimir, you....”

"I'm fine."

Come to think of it, Mimiir's clothes were a black dress with simple white lace decorations on the sleeves and collar.

"Mimir. Mimi's Brunne said... Don't tell me..."

Elizabeth was about to cry instead of Mimir.

Leonhardt looked around the empty room with a blank face.

It was an incredibly ordinary room for Mimi's Brunne, which changed every time to the point where I wondered if it was connected to another world.

Mimir, who had come to his back before he knew it, closed the door with a stiff look on his face.

"Sister... I mean... This... this... how can I comfort you....”



Elizabeth, who lowered her head and was at a loss, raised her head.

As soon as he ascended the throne, Leonhardt, who was depressed by the sadness of losing a big adult in the country, also turned his body around with a whoop.

"Grandpa, are you on a date these days? He left early in the morning again today.”

Mimiir shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, then why did you say it's okay!"

"What's up with the black outfit?”

"What's wrong with you...? The fact that the tower is safe without its owner means that there's someone to replace it, but who else can it be? 'I'm fine. To the point of acting as the owner of the clock tower.' Black clothes, that's....”


Mimiir's gaze moved as if fleeing from the ceiling to the floor, windows and piles of garbage scattered all over the place.

"Oh, you can just wear black or white! It's up to me. What?"

"Ha... Empress, I never imagined Jim would be the first to be crowned this way."

"I understand, Your Majesty, I didn't want to abuse power in this way....”

The two shook their heads with a grim look. Mimiir hurriedly kicked them out by making a gate behind their backs.

"Mimir, do you think you're gonna get away with that?"

"If you do something to Mimiir, I'll kill you! I'll be back next time!"

The two chatted endlessly until the last moment they were forced out by horsepower. Mimiir dropped into place and burst into laughter.

I was a fool to worry about what to do except for the dot!’

Even though they became emperor and empress, they were still Leonhardt and Elizabeth.

Somehow Mimir felt very fortunate about that.

"…you can come out now."

At that time, Ilysis, who was hiding under Mimiir's desk, appeared.

"He's... gone.?”

"Well done! Your majesty is still a newly married man, but the Chancellor of a nation...!”

"But Mimir liked it, too! Breathtaking, huh?"

Just in case anyone heard, Mimir hurriedly shut up Ilysses' mouth.

In fact, Leonhardt had already given his first imperial command.

Illisys Eldirjan von Perian became prime minister at the youngest age in the history of the empire.

One summer day, it was exactly what he declared.

"Ha, but it's still the end of the year… I'm not too busy because you've already done what you have to do! And…."

Illisys, who had been mumbling for a long time, expressed his sorrow with a tear in his face.

"Everyone looks like my father, and he's so cute and proud of me that he can't help it! How can you survive in a place like that!"Mimiir's budding eyes widened, and soon Pahaha, a refreshing laugh filled her room.

"Then grow a beard. Why don't we test it out?

"Mi, mi, mi, mi, mi, mi...?”

Ilysses stepped back slowly. Mimir moved forward two steps each time he stepped back.

Eventually, Illisys' back hit the wall, and Mimir grinned like a predator who was about to eat.


"Mimir, by the way, wizards... Lizzy, are you okay? Are you hurt?"

Elizabeth nodded and helped Leonhardt get up from his seat.

The white fur stuck to her black skirt was particularly bothering me.

"Is he secretly raising a cat?"’

I'll ask you later. Elizabeth added one more sentence to her to-do list.

"Do you have a favorite flower?”

"Flower? Hmm... I just like them all. Why?"

Leonhardt, who stopped at the entrance to the Empress's garden, stared at Elizabeth.

"…If I say I like seaweed in the sea, I'll make the sea look very good, Your Majesty?"

"If the empress wants, we must take away the clouds from the sky, not the sea.”

Elizabeth glanced lightly at him with a look she didn't dislike.



Elizabeth nodded her head. The garden, which turned into a white snow garden, had another beauty in its own way.

"Don't forget me?"

"More than that... that... Hmm…."

Elizabeth, who had left her stamp on the snowy field that no one had stepped on yet, looked down for a long time.

Recognizing what she was thinking belatedly, Leonhardt grinned and stamped his feet side by side next to her footprints.

"It felt like yesterday when I was scolded by my father-in-law for having too small feet."

"Did that happen?”

"You know, I was worried that I could really walk on these feet, because they were as small as two little hands attached to a child's. Well, I'm sorry."

Leonhardt apologized quickly in case he recalled her hateful memories. However, Elizabeth was calm.

"I'm fine."


"Really. I'm fine."

"…I'll leave everything to the Empress. But... please don't give up your happiness for others. Please."

Leonhardt kissed Elizabeth lightly on the back of her hand and implored her.

The last place the two stopped by was a glass pavilion.

Now, it is covered with snow and asleep, but the blue wagon chrysanthemum would remember everything about what happened that day.

The two people only looked at different places and coughed because they remembered the day for nothing.

"It's cold. Shall we go in for a while?”

"Go in and kiss me again?"

"This time, Lizzie, you have to do it. Argh! I'm sorry!"

Once again, Leonhardt, who had been tingled in the ribs, flapped and gave a big cry.

Eventually, Elizabeth found out that no one was there and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"Of course not."

"What, what?"

Leonhardt picked up his light body. Reflectively, Elizabeth, with her arms around his neck, struggled wildly, knowing where he was headed.

"It's so cold that our Empress doesn't catch a cold. You have to stay warm. Jim was mistaken. Let's go in, okay?"

"I'm only going in. I'm going to read a book. I'm going to draw!"

"Yes, yes, drawing, reading books, talking about old times....”

Elisabeth, who couldn't stand it, shouted back. The gardener, who came to see if the garden was safe in the snow that fell all night, just smiled and greeted the young emperor couple's back.Suddenly, when I looked down at my feet, I saw winter wild flowers that appeared, pushing the snowflakes tightly stuck together as hard as they could.

As if to tell you how warm the upcoming spring will be, the vivid yellow petals were lovely ice bird flowers.

Let's say the meaning of the flower is eternal happiness. The gardener lightly skimmed the snow around the ice bird flower, hoping that their happy appearance would last forever.