Chapter - 107 Episode 108 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

The next day, the two headed to the guard's battlefield.

Instead of the group dance, which had been taking over for a long time due to his unscheduled visit, Albert and the youngest, who had just joined the Guard, gathered in a large gathering.

'It seems like yesterday that I was there....’

At the end of Leonhardt's gaze stood the youngest knight, who still had a young look.

The driver, dressed in disheveled clothes, dirty pants with wet eyes and dirt, and his sweaty hair, bowed his head to avoid his eyes.

"Your Highness, what are you doing here?”

"Is there a place I can't come?"

"I don't think so, but....”

"It's been a while since I've had an old memory. That's the seat, maybe?"

His face turned redder as people focused their eyes on the youngest knight.

"It's as vivid as it was yesterday. Who knew? The Crown Prince has never been able to grow into such a great warrior."

"And who would you have known? The article, which used to be an inspiration for all the knights and who only appeared at the banquet hall, received the hot eyes of the ladies, is now....”

Leonhardt's eyes turned to Albert's ship. Albert repeatedly coughed big time with his blatant eyes.

There was a giggle among the knights who stood neatly like toy soldier dolls.

"This is all your love!"

"Who said something?"

Albert's face turned redder. He repeatedly washed his face and made a groaning sound.

"I'm busy taking over. Your Majesty seems to be very free."

He managed to sneak a peek at the knights. Before I knew it, everyone was relaxed.

"Whenever I am I'm free.”

"Well, that's good. Could you please re-establish the discipline of the Guard for the first time in a while? Now that I'm out of the Guard, I don't care if they break their bones."

"Is it something to say in lieu of a nation's military dance?"

"Then why are you bringing out the wooden sword?”

If it was just a confrontation with the emperor, everyone would have been worried about getting a scratch on their precious bodies.

But the new emperor was the Sword Master.

Who wouldn't make their hearts pound in front of the name for a man with a sword?

Leonhardt shrugged his shoulders in an inevitable manner and took off his jacket to Elizabeth, who was next to him.

How old is the child now, how much has grown up, and while talking about it, Elizabeth and Albert climbed up the hill with a clear view of the arch.

The knights stood half curious, half worried about whether they could really do this, and half expected to show off their skills generously.

Leonhardt, who was looking at it with satisfaction, raised his eyebrows while looking at an article with a bigger head and wider shoulders than other articles.

She, who was drawing his gaze head-on, smiled and stepped forward first.

The high ponytail fluttered behind her back like a cape.

"You're... a woman?"

Elizabeth said, hiding her surprise. Albert looked aside and answered proudly.

"He was my favorite disciple. He's much better than a man, and he's looking forward to it. There are quite a few knights who followed her."

Elizabeth's eyes sparkled at the words. I thought it would be fun to be close.

"If you beat Jim, I'll grant you one thing you want. I'll give you anything but the Empress."She grinned at his slurredness. So does Her Majesty, and so does Her Majesty. Everyone felt that they were devoted.

"I do have a request."

"What is it?"

"I'll tell you after I win."

Leonhardt thought he was a friend who liked his confidence.

Her movements were huge and elaborate, like a stallion that ran faster than any wind.

Unlike her inner determination to be bigger than a man, she was only using the necessary power after thorough calculations instead of pushing for her physique.

I liked that even more. This side was more fun than just swinging a sword.

He leaned deep enough to make a thud along the vertebrae.

Just above my nose, there was a sound of air cracking.

Pretending to recoil, put weight on one foot and aim for her arm with the other.

I won't let it slide because it's a girl, be gentle because it's a girl. Tired of the sound, she was instantly moved by Leonhardt's honest attack.

He was fighting her purely unmanned versus unmanned.

Such an emperor deserves his life. She swung the sword again, thinking so.


Elizabeth was in pure admiration. It was the first time I saw Leonhardt fight with someone properly, but it was also the first time that the opponent was not pushed back at all.

"Maybe he's going to be a sodmaster like you, but there are a lot of people who are looking forward to it."

"…I think it's going to be great.

Albert nodded in sympathy at Elizabeth's words.

When he joined the Knights for the first time, he was moving calmly against the Sword Master.

It's a waste of time to be buried like this, should I suggest it to your majesty.

No, Your Majesty has eyes and he's seen the sword himself, so you know.

Albert, who was in short agony, raised his head to the sound of a tree breaking.

"The game... seems a little vague."

Leonhardt glanced at his broken wooden sword with an incredible face.

The other party was also rolling their eyes at the fact that they dared to aim right in front of the emperor's Adam's apple.

Although the black was broken, the winner was Leonhardt. The sword of the Sword Master replaced the broken blade.

"The Empire has another great talent.”

Leonhardt smiled first and took the sword. "I have committed a crime of death at any moment," she said, praising her for trying to kneel down.

"What's your name?"

"Victoria Lane."

"You're a knight born to win. I need you to be a guide star."

Victoria's hazelnut-colored eyes shook.

"Sir Lane, be more sincere in the future."

Victoria smiled brightly and put a sword in front of him. Leonhardt shouted in a clear voice, bringing a new wooden sword.

"Who's next!"


"Argh! Lizzie! Lizzie! Lizzie! Lizzie! Gently! Gently!"

"I know."



Ching Ching.

"You've gone too far!"


Leonhardt, who was enjoying the luxury of the Empress's nursing care, turned his head with a awkward look.

There was still a scratch on the face. Elizabeth deliberately wore a bandage and bandages as hard as she could, as if in pain.

"No... Jim must have grabbed the sword for the first time in a while, just to warm up his body and raise the morale of the knights....”

"No matter how good a sod master is! A small bowl is overflowing with water! Why don't you know?"

"A little lower, there, the… Ah! Sleep, I forgot for a second. I didn't really know this would be the way to end up with a day-to-day neglect of training, Lizzie! It hurts! It hurts!"Frowning, Leonhardt eventually turned around.

However, as soon as she saw Elizabeth full of worries and cries, her heart stopped to sulk and instead rolled on the floor.

"Your Majesty... belongs to me, so... Don't get hurt!"

Leonhardt bowed his head in an attitude that he had nothing to say.

He, too, and all the knights are burning to a fault. No matter how much he was a sod master, he played against the youngest player of the Guard with all his might.

Leonhardt, who had rarely used his body recently, had to suffer from muscle pain in return for victory.

"…If you go somewhere and tell them that the Swordmaster has muscle pain, they'll all think it's a lie, right?

Elizabeth, apparently sulking, arranged the bandages and medicine.

"I'll be careful next time. I don't have to go there any more anyway. Huh?"

He, who always acted like an adult and led Elizabeth first, became the emperor, and instead of having dignity and dignity, only young people increased.

Elizabeth grabbed him by the waist and pulled Leonhardt's nose, and eventually put her finger on it to get a promise.

"Victoria…I said Sir Victoria Lane."

"The knight?"

Leonhardt, lying down, stretched out his legs on the bed, nodded.

"I never thought of it in my father's day. She's doing a story? It would have been more realistic to tell the story in the temple that a rural girl who was exposed by God led the war to victory.”

"Sir Lane... alone?"

"No, I looked it up, and there were a few more. Everyone seems to agree on their skills.”


Before I knew it, she came up to him and lay face down on her chin.

"I mean Lord Lane."


"I've never seen such shiny black hair before."

Elizabeth wrapped her white hair around her fingers and muttered, "It's nothing."

"He cut his hair and tried to join the club dressed as a man on condition that Albert would write a recommendation letter. So what I used to grow seems to be a symbol now."

"I want to see you."

"Why don't we meet?”

Leonhardt and Elizabeth's eyes met.

"Shall we?"

"Aryeridge, it wouldn't hurt to be your escort."

"There's nothing dangerous about me in the palace...?”

"Well, something like this... Ugh! That's where the bruise is it?.”

It hurt a little bit.

Leonhardt, who was staring at Elizabeth, who was smiling with a red face, smiled again and stretched out his arms.

His fingers crept across the sheet.

"How does the emperor and husband seem to be getting more and more childish?”


"You have to speak like an adult."

"No more than a baby, Empress."

At the end of the day, she smirked at the silly joke. Leónhardt, who cuddled up Elizabeth's body as he wished, closed his eyes with his forehead against her neck.

"…I wish time would stop like this."

"I want it to flow. Happy, peaceful, and....”

Elizabeth, who had turned her back and was in his arms, turned and stroked Leonhardt's face.

She put his forehead together with a slight chuckle.

"There's a loved one next to you."

Leonhardt's laugh was heard right in my ear. Elizabeth closed her eyes a little closer under the pretext of cold.

Really. I thought I could do anything if I could be with him and be with him.

'Tomorrow... Should I have tea time with my friends for the first time in a while....’My eyes began to blink. Looking down at it, Leonhardt began to sing a lullaby in a low voice.