Chapter - 108 Episode 109 of His Majesty's Return of the Clock.

Empress Tea Party

Victoria Lane, a member of the Imperial Guard, glared at the invitation in front of her name with a distraught look.

The invitation said only one sentence was invited to a tea party hosted by the Empress herself.

"Why don't you say you're absent because you have something to do that day?"’

In the midst of a crowd of beautifully grown noble ladies, the image of themselves sitting alone like mountains was depicted too clearly.

Fortunately, there is no dress code?

Victoria opened the closet, thinking she would have really refused if she had a dress code.

Except for the basic items provided by the Guard, plain clothes were only a blouse, leather pants, and a coat.

'I'll just have to go in my rightful conquest....’

And just say hello and come out. Thinking so, Victoria went to bed.

But I could hardly sleep. Eventually, Victoria, who had tossed and turned several times, sighed and stood up.

I thought I'd probably never forget what happened today.

'Come to think of it, I remember hearing at first glance that the Empress was handling a gun....’

Standing next to her teacher, who was especially strict and harsh on her, the empress was white and tender enough to fly away even with a little strong wind.

It was hard to imagine such a man dealing with a gun.

"Baetrice! Long time no see. Have you been okay?”

"I'm seeing the Empress. What's left for me to worry about."

"Empress, don't be fooled by what you say. Just yesterday, he was thinking about the perfume he'd put on his reply to the Grand Duke.”

Rose! Beatrice eventually raised her voice. Roseline pretended not to know anything.

"I'll give you back what I lent you. I hope my happiness reaches Beatrice, too."

"There is a rumor that the happiest person in the Empire is the Empress. Since it's her happiness, Beatrice will definitely be happy.”

Roseline's words carried red flowers over Beatrice's cheeks.

It was perhaps the last tea party ahead of her wedding.

Roseline felt it was not long before goodbye and became more friendly to Beatrice than usual.

Beatrice also let out a small sigh throughout the conversation whether she was worried about her beloved brother, who had to be left alone.

"Empress, please take care of Rose when I'm gone. What should I do with this immature child....”

"Hey! Some might think I'm a kid who didn't even make a debut."

Roseline glanced lightly. Elizabeth watched the two with a smile.

"Oh, it's already started? I'm sorry I'm late.”

"Mimir, come on in."

"Si, I see Mimir in the clock tower."

"It's been a while."

Beatrice's hunch kicked in when Roseline stammered.

Roseline from a family that deals with incense, and a wizard who can bloom flowers that do not exist even in the middle of winter if desired.

Somehow, I had a feeling that it would be a fun combination.

Elizabeth, whose eyes met in the air, also exchanged eye smiles with each other, apparently having similar thoughts.

"By the way, I invited one more person today. It's time to come....”

"Empress, Lord Lane of the Guards is here."

"You're just in time. Let's get him inside.”

Victoria caught her breath and finally tidied up her dress.

He never thought he'd come into the empress' garden.

When I came to my senses, I arrived in front of her greenhouse last night dressed up in a tight conquest because I couldn't sleep.'This kind of place... doesn't suit me.’

Every single piece of work that connected the large glass was gorgeous and elegant.

It was a strange place for her, who had fought with her brothers or rode horses all her life.

'Greetings only... Greetings only and come out….’

Finally, the greenhouse door opened.

The delicate scent of flowers greeted her first through the incredibly warm warmth of winter.

And Victoria hardened on the spot.

"Rose, are you going to keep acting like that?”

"Sister, will you come when I get married? Right?"

"Mimir, I heard that Ilysses stops by the clock tower a lot these days, is there something wrong?”

"What's with work, I'm just fooling around because I'm bored."

'…it feels very different from what I imagined.'

Victoria, who greeted with a restrained movement like a taeyeop doll and revealed her affiliation and identity, began to think about what expression to make in front of the empress smiling happily at her.

"Should I smile?" Is that too rude? Should I keep my mouth shut? But the tea party's... Looking at the atmosphere, I think I should smile, can I smile? Shall we laugh?'

Eventually Victoria awkwardly pulled the corners of her mouth in half. Somehow, I felt like my cheeks were going to cramp.

"Sir Lane, I was very impressed by your last confrontation with Her Majesty. So I really wanted to see you. Thank you for accepting my sudden invitation."

"Hwa, I'm so sorry."

"Is this also a knight?"

I was curious about the eyes of the two young lovers, who were as colorful as flowers in full bloom.

Victoria swallowed her saliva and blinked helplessly.

"I've never been pushed back by your majesty. Young-ae should have seen that too! Sir Lane, please have a seat."

"…as you wish."

Elizabeth opened her mouth small. Both Young-ae and Mimir, who were sitting next to her, also looked troubled by Victoria's hard and cold attitude.

"Victoria, may I call you?”

"Yes, yes?"

It's the empress's order, we should sit down, drink tea, and go again. Victoria's voice, which had been thinking that until then, was twisted.

"I don't really care what title the Empress wants..”

"Victoria, this is Beatrice, this is Roseline. And this is Mimir."

"Big, Victoria Lane. Hey, Empress?"

"It's an order. Don't be so formal here and enjoy yourself."

My head screamed that I should answer the order of the empress. However, no words came out of his open mouth.

It was a figure that could seem rude enough, but nobody pointed it out.

Suddenly Victoria felt suffocated with buttons that filled her neck.

The two young women sitting next to the empress, as well as Mimi-r, were dressed in unidentified crumbs on the skirt.

'I'm sure it's okay...?’

Victoria carefully leaned Yedo against a chair and loosened several buttons that had been strangled.

The Empress, whose eyes met, was smiling tenderly as if to praise her for her good work.

"With someone like this, I can rest assured after I go to the Principality.”

Beatrice, you said. I heard that it is the spirit of the duke, who is scheduled to be the Grand Duchess of the distant kingdom.

"Amazing! If it weren't for you, I would have learned to use a sword, not a scent."

Roseline, who had the youngest tee among Young-ae here, was shining her eyes just like when she met Mimi-r."Was it because of him that you found painkillers yesterday? Hmm, that's understandable.

And Mimir of the clock tower. Even the witch who is called the little master of the clock tower with respect and awe.

They easily accepted their existence to the extent that they felt foolish about secretly preparing for a woman's use of a sword.

"Do you have any favorite food or scent?"

When I came to my senses, Roseline's face was just around the corner. Victoria replied, "Strawberry cake"

Taller than a man, bigger than a man, powerful enough to throw Claymore like a spear with one hand.

It was all thanks to her for allowing her to come this far, but at the same time it was a love-hate thing that erased her.

People knew that she liked pungent cinnamon cookies or candy made from healthy root plants.

And when I actually saw her eat something like that, I said it was like her, it was fitting.

But what she really liked was sweet fruit candy and cake that she ate secretly after hard training as a child.

'A girl like you is a cake, it doesn't look good on you!'

On the day she found out that what she thought was just a joke and spilled was true, she decided to thoroughly erase and forget what didn't suit her appearance.

I've been hiding everything.

Roseline's sudden surprise question reminded me of a sweet taste that I had forgotten.

'…are you laughing because you don't fit in?'

But contrary to her expectations, Roseline smiled brightly and nodded.

"Cake is strawberry cake, right? The sweet and refreshing feeling that you can only eat in spring! Strawberry jeong made last year is delicious, and even if you put it between the cake sheets, it's hard to feel the unique taste and scent of strawberries in season. So…."

Roseline, who was babbling without breathing, proudly took out a round box from her arms.

"I've put the scent on the tea leaves!"

You put the scent on the tea leaves? Victoria's eyes were wide open. Elizabeth and Beatrice also had interesting faces.

Mimiir almost clapped without realizing it.

The black tea brought by Roseline really smelled like strawberry cake. Victoria now doubted whether she was enchanted by Mimir.

Others who tasted black tea had a similar reaction. At a few compliments, Roseline's nose soared without knowing the sky was high.

"By the way, Victoria loves strawberry cake.”

That's unexpected. Have you never thought about it? That's not what I heard. Victoria was nervous again.

"I thought I'd make a garden in the corner of the garden, but I'd plant strawberries there! A strawberry cake grown by the Empress would be enough to invite the Grand Duke, right?”

Plant strawberries? The empress grows it herself?

"You, relax. I'm not here for a military conference."

Mimiir, who read Victoria's subtly distorted look, patted her on the side and whispered.


"You know how to shoot, don't you?”

"I've just mastered the basics."

"Empress, wouldn't it be fun to have a shooting match with Victoria over a strawberry on the cake?”

Elizabeth smiled brightly with her eyes. Victoria was at her wits' end and all she could say was dumbfounded.

In an instant, the theme of the story changed to dozens of desserts that can be made from spring strawberries and strawberries.

Still in a difficult mood to talk to, Victoria sipped her strawberry cake-flavored black tea and only listened to them.From the moment I was appointed as a knight, I desperately ignored anything that felt so "feminine" that it was close to obsessive compulsive.

I didn't think she'd ever wear a beautiful dress, have a sweet dessert with tea, and have a lovely, bright story-blossomnever in her life.

It wasn't that I didn't like it though.

The empress seemed to be able to serve her with joy.